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Some readers are interested in working online in Asia, as a way to support a location independent lifestyle – banging Asian girls and being your own boss.

Well if you’re following our Youtube channel I was recently in Angeles City with Dan. He also has a blog Bodybuilder in Thailand and a Youtube channel.

We met on some bodybuilding forums. His favorite SE Asia destination to live is Thailand but he enjoyed his first trip to the Philippines too, Angeles more so than Manila.

My Youtube game sucks so far but I filmed this short vid, has some gogo girls in it too:

Going catabolic talking to girls on Walking Street

How the Bodybuilder in Thailand Makes Money Online

These are the basic steps to working online in Asia or wherever you want to (but low cost of living countries with hot chicks are the most convenient).

#1 Know a lot about something

Dan knows a lot about working out, bodybuilding, steroids, supplements, etc. Enough to be an authority people might listen to. He has personal experience (takes PEDs) and credibility (good physique and lifts).

He moved to Bangkok from the US at 26. So that was another ‘niche’ he gained knowledge in – Asia travel.

#2 Find a sub niche

There’s a lot of money in the niches of bodybuilding and travel, but also a lot of competition. It would be hard to make money online with a generic website about bodybuilding or Asia.

Dan’s ‘sub niche’ – a narrow topic – is bodybuilding in Thailand. Hardly anyone is talking about this.

#3 Add value

The most successful internet marketers give a lot of free information away – creating ‘value’ online. For Dan that’s his WordPress blog and Youtube videos, all free to view.

He created content on men’s health, lifting, legal steroid alternatives, living in Thailand, dating Thai girls, making money online, anything he knows about.

Dan talks about finding a niche here on his channel

#4 Identify a need

The people that read that free content will already benefit from it. But they may need / want certain things to fully take action, or solve a problem.

Readers of Dan’s content might be interested in supplements for health, steroids in a country like Thailand, web hosting for their own online income ventures, dating sites to meet Thai girls, etc.

#5 Sell products

You can create your own physical products, or on a budget, just ‘information products’ (e.g. ebooks). Dan gives consultations on bodybuilding, charging a small fee. That’s an information product.

Or you can affiliate for others’ products. Dan links to companies selling supplements, SARMs, fat burners, modafinil, viagra, internet hosting, hair loss cream, acne creams, a ton of stuff.

Dan talks about sharing advice and products you’ve used

It’s always something he’s used. As long as you genuinely endorse a product, don’t link excessively and add free value Google won’t consider yours a ‘thin affiliate site’.

He also writes about products he’s used and liked that don’t have an affiliate program,which goes back to #3 adding value for free.

His main revenue sources are the various bodybuilding services and coaching. These require hard work to get started. No one would pay for advice from someone who they can’t see has a good physique, and major supplement companies only approve affiliates who have long running, in depth blogs.

The secondary content can be good for picking up search engine traffic and forms a ‘sales funnel’ – anyone searching for that info might then also be interested in fitness coaching or legal steroid-like supplements.

Talking about conservative politics, a big niche right now

#6 Get traffic

Now you just need to get the pages with affiliate links on (landing pages) in front of people. A certain % of people will buy (often less than 1%) aka ‘convert’.

Get enough interested eyes on your content and make sure links / ‘call to actions’ are clear on the page, and that conversion percentage may be enough to live off in places like Thailand.

All the blog posts will pick up some search engine traffic, but the largest source of traffic is Youtube. Dan has over 200 videos on a range of topics, including some with 200k views on Trenbolone and Clenbuterol.

This is his Youtube playlist on making money online.

Talking about PUA to get other kinds of traffic

#7 Do it all again

Rather than have all your eggs in one basket you can set up several sites. Dan also has a site about penis enlargement pumps, and another about Kratom the medicinal plant.

He approached Kratom suppliers in the US (it’s legal there, not in Thailand but ironically it’s a native plant of theirs) and asked them for an affiliate relationship.

They said yes so he created a bunch of blog posts about his use of Kratom – for productivity and focus while working online, it has a stimulant effect – and then all sales he directed to the site via his links are tracked and they pay him 20% per sale.

Affiliate marketing again – he never touches the products, a company in a different country handles orders, deliveries etc. – all he does is blog about them then those blog posts generate passive income.

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Cute waitress and meeting Sezstyle a Philippines Youtuber

15 Responses

  1. Are you guys gonna interview David Bond or Steve Mapel or whatever he calls himself these days?

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    Hey Bodybuilder in Thailand

    You bitch about why white people in the West are cucks nowadays (not disagreeing). Exactly how did they become cucks?
    Take the red pill dude-

  3. RealGuy says:

    Kratom is incense not a drug!!! SWIM burns it all the time for an uplifting scent, dont narc on us bro

    Shout out to Dan, good all around guy. Will have to do it again next time we cross paths.

  4. expat333 says:

    Re: the Australian guy who sent money to a girl on DIA (mentioned in 1st vid). That really sucks. I met my girl on DIA when she first signed up (I’d been on it for a while), and we hit it off online for a bit before I decided to come over here, but she had a decent job and she never asked for money. Moreover, she seemed incredibly intelligent (into programming and stuff), confident, loving, etc., and she wasn’t needy. And she was (and is) hot! Now we have a baby and we both work from home, bringing in money online. And it kicks ass. She’s 22 now; I’m in my early 30s.

    When I landed in Manila, though, I hated the Philippines. I even said it: “This place is a shithole!” Now I love it, and it’s pretty relaxed out here where we live. I mean, there are people everywhere and the damn roosters next door wake me up every morning, but in comparison to Manila, it’s nice and chill. It’s pretty safe, too. I go jogging at 2 or 3 a.m. a lot of times, and all that ever happens is that I have to wave “hi” to a few ladyboys and street pros as I jog by ’em on the main road.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah there are plenty of decent ones that try online dating but they don’t last long on the sites so you have to get lucky

      • expat333 says:

        Speaking of street pros, I went jogging after I posted and I saw what had to be one of the hottest ones I’ve seen in a while (if she was even a working girl, which I think she was)…perfect body, awesome face. I’m not in the game, though; my chick is too awesome.

    • Reader says:

      So where are you living? Sounds like Angeles?

  5. Reader says:

    Affiliate marketing is arguably the most unstable, unreliable stuff you can do.

    Now if you have a blog anyway and you want to monetize it, it’s better than nothing, but as a business you really want to own the product and not make someone else most of the money who’ll compete against you if they see where the traffic is coming from when you’re doing good numbers.

    I did it a decade ago, when one could still make money as a porn affiliate and wouldn’t do it again. The time is much better spent running a “real” business and this leaves one much more employable as well if shit should hit the fan.

  6. DJ Tommy says:

    jspill, I remember you talking about ordering Modafinil to Thailand somewhere. Would be interested in how you use it (how often, stacked with something else) and which brand you prefer (e.g. Wakalert, Modalert, Modavigil, etc.)

    • jspill says:

      Yeah ship to Thailand, they don’t ship to Philippines so I ordered some for a friend and took them over, no issues at the airport. And I tried it at the same time. It didn’t do much for me. Some people can be nonresponders.

      Started with modafinil (modalert brand), not stacked with anything. It was like having several strong coffees, but came with side effects like dry mouth, you have to make sure to stay very hydrated. Then after a few days the effectiveness wore off a bit.

      Moved onto armodafinil (waklert) which is supposed to be better / no side effects, I’d agree, no dry mouth. But again I didn’t feel amazing or anything, didn’t seem better than coffee.

      And I started to feel a bit weird after a week or so (this is right after a few days of modafinil), so I stopped. Like feeling down / strange, which from reading online can happen to some people. But my friend has taken waklert for months and raves about it so your mileage may vary.

      What I take is Pulse preworkout from, when I wake up, whether or not I’m going to the gym. It has 350mg caffeine per serving (2 scoops) and L-Theanine, supposed to be good for focus and mood, which is my experience too.

      $10 off link

      It’s awesome, I feel focused for work, slight euphoria, and no weird feeling like on waklert, plus get a good gym workout too when I go.

      3200 amazon reviews 4.4/5 stars – Been trying NoXplode lately in Philippines when my Pulse ran out, but it’s not quite as good

      And I stack it with yohimbine for fat loss, that works well with caffeine on an empty stomach, and has a slight erection boosting effect

      • DJ Tommy says:

        Thanks for the suggestions!

        Never thought about using a preworkout outside of the gym. Are you sure the reason they work isn’t just because of the very high caffeine content? The NoXplode has slightly less caffeine in it – might explain why it’s “not quite as good”?

        I have only ever tried the Modvigil brand and works quite well – allows me to focus for 6h+ with easy but I had to go through almost 10 tablets before I noticed anything. It’s weird and the only way I can explain this would be that due to the many reviews, I was looking for something else. Tunnel vision and all these things people mention when talking about Modafinil. I find the effects are subtle but the difference in terms of productivity is massive.

        Anything you’ve found “working” for you in terms of socializing as alternative to alcohol?

        I’ve tried Phenibut but didn’t notice much (might need to increase dosage), but besides that, I can’t think of an alternative supplement/nootropic/non-hardcore-legal drug.

        • jspill says:

          I drink a lot of caffeine and tried extra scoops of noxplode, pretty sure it’s the l-theanine that makes pulse stand out, you get a mild euphoria and pleasant mood that caffeine alone doesnt give.

          I feel good being super hydrated which I end up being drinking only water all night, plus I drink a lot at home. It’s supposed to boost brain activity a bit. Like a gallon a day. Makes you look more ripped apparently too cos your body holds less water. And good for the skin / pores, less acne.

          You can bring over thc wax in checked luggage inside wax pens, then get high in gogo bars with no odor, indistinguishable from tobacco. Only did that once though. Sometimes I’ll just smoke a bong before going out.

          • -Cam says:

            Sometimes in college I used l-theanine and caffeine pills to write papers. I think it works pretty well

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