Blacklisted from the Philippines by a Pinay?

Hot vs Crazy Matrix needed

Most Filipina girls are fine of course. We have some super cool Pinays that follow this blog.

But I have noticed a vindictive streak in some Filipinas, more so than other Asian girls. More jealousy than average too. Perhaps more in line with fiery Latina girls?

Let’s say you upset a Thai girl in some way, whether you’re in the wrong or not. It’s quite rare in my experience for them to ‘report you to immigration’, make up a false rape allegation, get the police involved in some way, or want you deported.

Usually they’ll just block you and move onto the next guy, if all you did is get caught being a ‘player’ or something like that.

Mates have had their clothes cut up with scissors or laptop thrown out the window in Thailand, but that’s about it. Nothing that’s going to see you jailed or blacklisted from the country for no good reason.

I haven’t heard of a Thai girl threatening ‘I’ll say you raped me’ or anything.

It might just be variance, expats including myself can have a tendency to get confirmation bias, remember all the bad experiences vividly and forget the good ones / make up their mind too quickly.

And there are two sides to every story you read online. But I’ll share a couple stories.

‘I’ll report you all to police and TV local news’

I covered the faces

Yesterday a Filipina girl found the blog and decided to create a Facebook group (update – got it deleted) trying to doxx commenters here because she found them ‘arrogant’.

Now we do have some douchebag commenters for sure 😀 But it’s locker room talk, nothing that requires police attention.

The Facebook group hasn’t got any traction, but go check if she’s posted your pic if you’re a FilipinoCupid member.

I don’t know why she thinks the 9 random guys she posted pics of comment here. Nice six pack if that is a reader here… she probably isn’t getting attention from hot guys like that!

This is pretty rare from my experience in Thailand. Of course Thai girls can’t read English as well, but I definitely find them more docile, laid back etc.

She is referring to the comments on the Lily Maymac post the other day. Apparently it’s a crime to get laid a lot or trash talk.


Blacklisted by a Filipina?

My friend got blacklisted from the Philippines. Super nice guy, only crime was believing a crazy Filipina girl’s stories and not leaving her sooner.

His psycho girlfriend claimed to be pregnant with his baby, eventually he noticed her stomach didn’t really look that way. I hear there are some drugs girls can take to distend their stomach.

He broke the toilet in their condo so he could get a sample of her urine after she took a leak. He then confronted her with the negative pregnancy test result.

She destroyed all his stuff, stole money in the room and tried to get him deported. Disillusioned with Filipina girls, he went home for a break.

On his return he was denied entry and told he was blacklisted from the Philippines. This was his post on some travel forums Dante and I post on.

His Story

OK so I guess I owe it to explain the story [why I’m back home]. And yes, I had gotten numbers and was setting up dates with really hot girls from online…FFS!!! If you followed this thread a couple years back, you’d know I had a girl that got “pregnant”. I knew that this was a somewhat famous way of scamming, and she wasn’t scamming me because I didn’t give her jack **** and made it clear I’m not marrying.

She looked pregnant, lots of people were asking how many months, my nurse friend was convinced, she had no periods, she was growing, taking pills, she had all the distinct symptoms, we were discussing kid names, she wanted me to start buying baby clothes and getting a crib, etc. So yeah, it was compelling – WTF – I still have no clue how she did it and she’s refusing to tell me the truth.

Anyway, this girl was a total mess in general and we were having very loud fights all the time, she was quite violent at times and destroyed my stuff – I couldn’t lay a hand on her because she’s got my kid – I am not being an ******* and leaving a pregnant poor woman with no place to stay behind, no matter how ****ed up the girl is. I can’t live with that…

So yeah, I put up with everything and it completely destroyed me – I’ve had depression for 2 years just staying alone in a room not talking to anyone and only going out for food. Anyway, here’s how I found out. I was getting suspicious as in my opinion her stomach should be a little bit bigger at 8 months even though she’s a tiny girl. She had always refused getting tests, because 1) It’s obvious, I know I’m pregnant and you know it 2) It’s bad luck and something might happen to the baby. Superstition, OK, I’m not drugging her down and forcing her.

A morning I got up at like 4AM. I shut off the water-flow really tight, flushed, emptied the toilet bowl as much as I could and waited for her to wake up and take the morning pee. She did and I discretely went ahead and got a couple good samples. Went to the pharmacy, bought the 2 most expensive tests and went to a public bathroom. Negative.

I went back, showed them to her.  She freaked out obviously. I just said “You know what this means right”. -“Yes…I know”. So that was the break-up right there. From there onwards, all hell broke loose. I don’t wanna go through all of this as it’s very emotional for me and still triggers, but she made my life a living hell. Well, it already kinda was so more like complete inferno or whatever.

Pinays be cray

She stole 50K, destroyed my laptop and tried to destroy my PS3, called the cops on me, tried to get me deported, I got a court order (or invitation to a trial, not sure the correct word), she tried to get my family and friends against me, etc.

She called everyone on my phone list (how the hell had she gotten this?). I decided to leave in Nov 2011 because I was totally messed up and only capable of drinking liquor all day. Needed time for healing.

So I came back. Immigration stopped me, we went in an office and they searched to figure out I was blacklisted. She had filed a complaint sometime in 2012. I have no idea what it says, will be an interesting read if I ever find out. And the commissioner had believed whatever crazy insane story she’s made up and banned me based on it.

WTF can it be? Gotta be pretty damn bad. Yeah, she’s good at making stuff up. To lift this required the authority of the same guy who had banned me, and he’s higher up and in another office. Requires a written letter, probably a week+ to get a reply.

I considered trying a bribe but the office was packed with workers and it really didn’t seem like a great idea. Plus I only had like 7K which might not cut it. There were like old sweaty sex tourists in the office as well getting deported and they didn’t seem to be bribing either. And it’s really not my thing, being a super honest guy it’s way out of my comfort zone.

So yeah, they sent me back through my airline. It was a fun day there though, I got interviewed by some hot journalists from some paper that were just giggling and flirting “