Best Restaurant in Saigon Right Now – Hàu Chóp Chép

Oysters are an aphrodisiac

This was my favorite restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City that some Vietnamese girls took me to.

Hàu Chóp Chép

Yes I eat tomorrow

Hàu Chóp Chép is the first oyster hot pot place in Saigon. Delicious and surprisingly cheap.

No idea but it was delicious

The restaurant is nothing fancy, just basic surroundings good for a casual date. No need to dress up or make a girl feel shy. The food looks stunning though.


You order a la carte and most menu items are $1 – $2. Most expensive thing is $9 which is a huge hotpot.

Hau = oyster, I think it’s saying 16k VND (70 cents) per oyster, and the 66k dish ($3) is 5 oysters.

Hau song mu tat, Oysters with mustard, 66k

The girls wouldn’t let me even see the bill just paid it for me.

Hot pot

The restaurant was full of young university students, relaxed and chatty atmosphere.


Lots of dips, sauces, breads, different types of oysters, plus vegetables and cuts of meats which you cook on the table in the hot pot.

Vietnamese Iced tea with daisies in it

These are the pics I snapped see more on the restaurant’s Facebook and here’s the map location, it’s at 220/118 Le Van Sy just over the river slightly out of District 1.

Uploading food pics to Facebook

May or may not be the best restaurant in Saigon and not really Vietnamese food per se but it was pretty awesome and great value. Would eat again/10.

Post dinner selfies

10 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    PG13 food topic for a change of pace, normal mongering service will resume shortly

  2. Reader says:

    Looks like a qt.

    Did you ever consider heading to China btw. ? Would recommend it if you can deal with VPN hassles and learn some words of basic Chinese.

    • jspill says:

      I do want to go, heard good things. Maybe middle of this year. I went to Mongkok in Hong Kong once, that was funny. I’ve been meaning to do a post on that

      • Reader says:

        I was asking cause the pics kinda remind me of China. Even though they hate the Chinese they share a lot of food and blood.

        Chinese visas in BKK are kind of a hassle these days, it’s easiest to get a no questions asked one in HK, takes 4 days which you can use to see the city and ball out of control 😉

        After that Guangzhou and Shanghai if you’re new to China. You can get monthly AirBnBs around 1k.

        P4P for non Chinese speakers is expensive and mercenary, but you can realistically bed 6-7s in places where expats go.

        These cities are bit more expensive than BKK and HCM rent wise, but they feel much less 3rd world as well.

    • -Cam says:

      If you are young, live in a good place, and have a decent job you can get some nice poon China! However, I’d treat more as a career opportunity place than a mongering place

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        If you are fun, interesting, and MOST IMPORTANTLY know u DESERVE the girl, you can actually get ANY girl. That’s why if you look at it (non-P4P) when it comes to getting girls, you WONT get what you want, you will get that which you know you DESERVE. 😊✨👸🏻
        (Apologies for my emoji fetish)

  3. Gary says:

    Vietnamese love to put cheese on nearly all of the seafood they serve here in Vietnam when they bbq it. You should check out the cheese crabs they sell. Its pretty good and there are buffets that you can visit that have all you can eat shrimp and crab with cheese on top for like 500-600k vnd. Also right now in Vietnam, one of the latest trends is to eat raw shrimp mixed in with some sauce “tôm sống sốt Thái”.

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