Best Manila Gogo Bar – Kojax

Special pole dancing or costume shows, midnight Fri & Sat

The hottest bargirls I’ve found in Manila were at Kojax bar on Badajos Street, in the P Burgos red light district of Makati. Open Fri-Sun, and Mon-Thu the downstairs bar ‘XOXO’ is open, same owner, same girls.

Kojax & XOXO used to both be open 7 days, now they split the week. More dancers work weekends, so Kojax is better. XOXO is still good though. 2nd best gogo bar in Manila. Both open 8.30pm – 5am. Best to go early.

Kojax girls waiting for a customer

To take a dancer home from either bar costs 2900 peso barfine paid upfront in the gogo, then you pay the girl in your hotel after sex, usually 3000 pesos, 2500 possible if you negotiate or are a repeat customer.

This is different to Angeles City where you pay upfront 2500-3500, or Cebu where you pay upfront 3500-4000, and then do not pay the girl after sex. Manila is two payments, Thailand style, and is more expensive.

Main stage

Usually you’ll need to buy at least one lady drink to make the girl feel comfortable, these cost 300, 350 or 400 depending on the type. Sometimes the mamasans might insist you buy two. Plus your drink, 150-200.

So in total approx. 6500 pesos, which is 120 USD, or 4000 baht, slightly more than a Bangkok gogo bar (700 baht barfine, 2500-3000 to the girl, 170-200 per lady drink, 150 a beer).

Was hard to take pics, sorry for low quality

It’s 2-3x the cost of Angeles City gogo bars, and in Manila there are places to find cheaper prostitutes – on the street around P Burgos, Royal disco, ZZYZX disco, the EDSA gogo bars, etc.

In general I do prefer Angeles City. However some of the hottest Filipinas I have ever seen with were working at Kojax, so I begrudgingly paid the $120 at Kojax / XOXO, ten times.

Tell the staff which girl you want to sit and drink with

Four times I was able to get the girl’s contact info and avoid the barfine. They’re not allowed to be seen doing this so be discreet. I should’ve tried this more often, the barfine is a ripoff.

One time staff were watching so my girl went to the CR, wrote her number on a piece of paper, hid it in her bra, then slipped it to me mid lap-dance. Another girl spelt out her Facebook name for me to memorize.

Leaving with the girl after paying 2900 barfine

The third girl memorized my room number in the condotel opposite Kojax (Bel Air Soho Suites, some of the bargirls live there) and came knocking after work.

Some girls will be scared to get fired, but if you reassure them no one will find out, it’s doable because greedy Manila bars don’t usually give the girls any cut of the barfine.

A skinny Kojax girl

Their daily salary is low too, as is the cut from each lady drink, many Filipina bargirls barely breakeven on the taxi fares to and from work if they aren’t barfined. They depend on customers to barfine them for sex.

So with a sneakout you end up only paying 3000 ($60) plus drinks. The fourth girl I did this with needed extra convincing, she did it when I said I’d give her half the savings from not paying the barfine, so 4500.

A slim Kojax girl

Even if you have to barfine the first time, most girls will be ok to meet you privately after that. One Kojax girl would come to my room before work or on her off days for 1500-2000.

Filipina bargirls will sometimes stay with you long time for the same price, so you can have sex 2+ times, whereas Thai bargirls charge more for that. They’re also happy to bareback even more than Thailand.

Happy to pose for pics

I find around 30% of Manila gogo girls are happy to hang out and bang again, especially if you stay in a nice Airbnb ($35 off link) e.g. Gramercy, and 80% are ok with not using a condom. 40% / 90% in Angeles City.

So when you factor in that you might be able to bang more than once, probably rawdog, and can set up cheaper follow up meets, the high Manila mongering prices start to look better.

Threesome, 2500 each, no condom with each

Filipinas working girls are usually good in bed, I was never disappointed with a Kojax girl even the times it was one shot with condom. All do DFK and BBBJ.

I was never robbed in my apartment or anything like that. The only scams come from the gogo bar staff – sometimes they’re slow to bring back change, add a drink to the bill, etc.

Kojax bar entrance up a staircase, above XOXO bar

It’s easy to hook up with Filipinas for free on online dating sites like Filipino Cupid and Pinalove or apps like Tinder etc., I use those too, but I find the hottest girls in the Philippines are often working girls, or not single.

Apart from Kojax and XOXO, other P Burgos gogo bars worth checking out Plan B, and Tickles – there you can get a blowjob in the bar in a back room. Ringside bar for boxing shows.

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  1. -Cam says:

    Good intel and great to have you back! Looking forward to the next one!

  2. mister_makati says:

    This was a great read. It’s on my to do list when I get there in August.

  3. realteruchan says:

    A girl once casually said to me, “If I have a black baby, I’ll know it was you.” Apparently, due to a strong religious influence there, they are taught that contraception is bad, and procreation is good.

  4. Maxpower says:

    Totally agree with the best looking girls on Burgos. Plan B isn’t bad either but owned by same owners. Was there last night at Xoxo. Just remember that it’s cash only. No credit cards.

    • jspill says:

      Good point yeah only cash.

      On my last trip Plan B said 3500 barfine which was strange, I said it’s been 2900 for ages like Kojax, they said it’s increased now ‘but you can pay 3000’

      • LockMaster says:

        I was in Manila this past weekend. Funny I didn’t read this article until now. I quickly realized on my own that Plan B and Kojax were the 2 best bars there. I actually preferred Plan B over Kojax. I was able to get the number of a Plan B girl. She came over after work and never even quoted me a price. I offered her 1500 and she said that the minimum is normally 3000. It honestly was my last night there and I was running low on cash and I wasn’t going to go to the ATM at 5am. Like she wanted. lol So I upped my offer to 1600 and she accepted because…..’she liked me”. I should also note that I was quoted 3000 for the barfine while i was in the bar. As your article states she was nervous about giving me her number and coming over after work. Not from me obviously but because of the bar. So be careful guys. The mamasans are definitely watching. Make sure you don’t talk too loud about things with your girl because she really is doing you a favor if you can make such an arrangement.

  5. Maxpower says:

    Yeah. Pretty expensive. If I’m with a buddy and we want to take out two girls, we would barfine one girl and the other one can “meet” her friend at Royal when she is done. My buddy and I split the barfine on the first girl to keep the cost down. Or just trying to have the girls meet us, if possible. Anything to make my buck go little further……

    • NormalNomad says:

      If you want your buck to go far for sex in Asia, here’s what you do:

      1. Be white.
      2. Show up.
      3. Don’t be desperate.
      4. Fuck normal girls.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Went there one day and the security told me it’s closed for a private party. I knew my kind wasn’t welcomed so fuck them I will spend my money somewhere else.

    • jspill says:

      Might’ve been true, most customers are Japanese and they do throw money around. Often see them barfine more than one girl at a time. I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of work colleagues barfined every girl for a private party. I haven’t seen anyone get refused entry and I’ve been there with Indian and Black friends.

  7. RealTalk says:

    Jspill is right about one thing:

    Most hot girls in the PH (8+ girls, it’s worth noting that most pinays foreigners end up banging are in the 5-6 range.) are “sponsored” girls. Not prostitutes directly, but definitely having a guy or guys buying them shit and sending them gifts, going on all expense paid vacations, etc.

    Any guy who tells you he’s banging 7’s and 8s in the PH regularly without paying is full of shit. There simply aren’t that many 7+ girls around in the first place.

  8. anon says:

    Seems to be getting strict. When I visited Angeles on Feb, every girls saw on Tinder were ok for rawdog, but bargirls were not. They said “not allowed”. Didn’t happen last year.

    • jspill says:

      If you ask in the bar I can imagine most saying that, afraid a mamasan will overhear somehow and they get in trouble, but if you don’t say anything and once in the bedroom just stick it in, they don’t mind.

  9. Jj says:

    I went to Thailand and philippines last week for the first time in my life and boy was I disappointed in the quality of the gogo girls. I went to about 5-6 bars and literally none of them were above 7 in my standard. Have you been to Osaka or seoul? You are banging the wrong types of Asian girls bro… Korean/Japanese girls are much prettier than them.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah most bars are bad, you have to go to the right ones, and around opening time before the hot girls have all been barfined. I like around 1 in 50 Filipina bargirls and 1 in 30 Thai bargirls, some bars only have half a dozen girls so it’s definitely possible to visit 5-6 bars and not see anyone I like.

      Especially Manila since there aren’t even 5-6 good bars, just a few, Kojax / Plan B / then all the other P Burgos bars together count as about one bar, between popping my head in all of them I might see one girl I like. At the Edsa complex bars I’ve never seen a girl I liked.

      Angeles has tons of bars, many are bad, I could certainly go to 5-6 bars and see only ugly girls – e.g. Shooters, Lancelot, Owl’s Nest, Bamboo, BarNana, Champagne.

      However if I go to 6 marginally better ones, around opening time – e.g. Red, Centauro, Atlantis, Lollipop, Shipwrecked – I will probably find something. Sometimes not, but luckily Angeles has way more bars than Manila – I can quickly check out 5 more – e.g. Apple, Camelot, Arcadia, Cosplay, Monsoon – and find one.

      In Bangkok it’s hard to not find one between Billboard, Butterflies, Dollhouse, Crazy House, Baccara, Lighthouse. There are lots of bad bars but those are 6 of the best.

      In Pattaya it’s harder, but there’s Baccara, Beach Club, Windmill, Dollhouse, and I’d count all of Soi 6 as one bar, between those can usually find something. Sometimes not.

      Haven’t been to Japan / Korea, I’d agree they’re prettier facially, but Thais & Filipinas are sluttier / sexier. And judging by the huge numbers of Jap and Korean guys that fly to Thailand and Philippines, there aren’t any gogo bars in Korea / Japan where you can get great sex for ~$100 or less.

      I did a 10/10 Chinese girl in one the cheaper Macau spas (Golden Sauna) for $200, haven’t blogged about that yet. They had Japanese and Viet girls too. Saw a really hot Japanese at another spa (Familia Nobre) for $300, didn’t end up doing it. Because with the Chinese girl the sex wasn’t as warm and enthusiastic as with a Thai / Filipina, figured it’d be the same with the Jap.

      As for normal girls, I’m sure if I lived in Japan / Korea long term I could eventually get a hot girlfriend, but I couldn’t get casual hookups as often as I want, Jap/Korean girls are a lot harder to have one night stands with. In general I hear they just have a lower libido too, not as interested in sex, especially with a foreigner – they tend to be into Asian guys.

    • Neo says:

      It’s not just the gogo girls. Thais and Filipinas just aren’t as hot as Japanese and Koreans (hottest Asian women imo).

      Vietnam is gonna be your best bet in SEA if you like that north Asian look. The pros are terrible in Vietnam though. But the good girls are much easier to bang than Koreans/Japanese. Harder than Thailand/Philippines though.

    • anon says:

      In my experience:

      appearance: JP, KR > CH (incl. MO, HK) > TH > PH
      slut: PH > TH >> JP, KR > CH
      price: PH < TH << CH <= KR <= JP

  10. jj says:

    Trust me.. I did enough research to avoid the bad bars especially when I was in Thailand (both Bangkok & Pattaya). Many of the bars I went to are the ones you’ve mentioned and I did find a few average girls at Baccara and crazy house but there was no way I’m going to pay $100-$150 to have sex with these girls. They just weren’t attractive enough especially when I’m used to seeing much prettier girls in Korea and Japan although I definitely agree with you on Korean/Japanese girls having lower libido and Thai/filipina being sluttier.

    If you ever go to Osaka, check out Tobita Shinchi. It’s more expensive (~$160 for 20-30 minutes) than banging a gogo bar girl but the physical appearance is honestly incomparable. I’ve never been to Macau but I heard there are hot girls there as well just like you mentioned although price is very expensive.

    Some people might not be able to tell the difference but even Vietnamese girls, in general, are prettier than Thai/Filipina for me.

  11. Heinrich Cu says:

    I see you like doing it raw na bro. Good for you .I love the feeling of fucking with no condoms . Feels more thrilling .. but the question is , do they let you pop inside them ?

    • jspill says:

      Most will say ‘cum outside ok?’ mid-sex, but yes some are ok with creampie. Some have told me to cum inside saying ‘it’s ok I take pills’, a few wanted me to cum inside not on any pills, either not caring or because their period was about to come so it’s safer and they prefer being creampied.

  12. Heinrich Cu says:

    Would it be possible to just get one drink then take the girl out

  13. Love you long time says:

    The prettiest working girls in the Pines do not work in bars or walks the streets of touristy areas. They prefer sitting around waiting in air conditioned rooms watching TV, establishments that mostly cater to locals. Kremlin, Flight 168…and ‘extra service’ spas.

    • jspill says:

      Maybe I was unlucky but at Flight 168 they were all worse than Kojax quality, older and fatter, even the VIP fishbowl downstairs. Starfleet too.

      KTVs like Miss Universe, Apeiro, Pegasus, I was disappointed. Haven’t been to Kremlin, thanks for the tip. I did get lucky and met two hot girls freelancing at ZZYZX who said they worked at Miss Universe. Did a 3some with them for 2.5k each, no condom double dipping.

      I’d agree the hottest girls of course don’t walk the streets. But ‘bars’ is a vague descriptor – there are of course some terrible, tiny bars with one fat chick on a pole, but then there are well managed businesses with 100 girls across 3 bars.

  14. heinrich cu says:

    im going to thailand. any sex place near Central world?

    • jspill says:

      It’s 1 mile West of Nana Plaza, you could walk or take skytrain attached to centralworld 2nd floor via walkway

      1 mile North of Patpong too, I think Nana is better but some Patpong gogos are ok, like King’s Corner

      Technically nearest place is Lumpini park, after dark some freelancers stand around the park circumference (park itself closed at night) and go for cheap, 1000 baht, but the quality is bad and some are ladyboys

  15. Dylan says:

    Hi, it’s my first time coming to Philippines so Manila first then angeles. I’m 23 but look like I’m 14 (not kidding) so do these bars ask for ID and if they do should I bring my passport with me? (Though I’m scared doing that cause don’t want to lose it). I don’t know anything about Philippines and reading these blogs do help but I have so many questions. Thanks

    • jspill says:

      Just take a pic of the photo page of your passport and show it on your phone. I doubt they ask though, never seen gogo bars ask foreign men for ID

  16. Dylan says:

    Oh thanks! I’ll definitely do that. But will it work for me as I’m Indian? Though I hope that won’t matter (not from US, am from NZ). If it’s okay with you could you email me: as I have so many questions..thanks for your reply btw

    • jspill says:

      Stay nearby, then even if you get refused with a picture, you can just quickly walk back to your place and get your passport

      For example Bel Air Soho Suites hotel is directly opposite Kojax, you’d be back in your room in 30 seconds. Or an Airbnb condo at Gramercy, few minutes walk

      Any nationality should be fine. Sometimes gogo bar bouncers don’t like Indians, I’ve seen them refused entry at Crazy House in Bangkok, or charged an entry fee. And someone commented above about Kojax not letting him in

      But if you are dressed smartly, clean shaven, etc. and show a pic of NZ passport, saying look I have a Western passport, it should be fine, they should understand there’s a difference when you grew up in the West

      Worst comes to worst, you’ll have to show your actual passport and tip the bouncers a dollar or so. The Kojax bouncers are kinda dicks, they ask everyone for tips on their way out

      Most bars don’t have any bouncers, only Kojax, Plan B, couple others. You could also go to Angeles City it’s much cheaper, has way more bars, and a more welcoming atmosphere

      P Burgos is full of Arabs though so I think it’ll be fine. Although I never seem to see them inside the gogos, they usually go for the street hookers

      You can message me on my instagram or facebook pages, linked on here, easier than email

  17. Guy says:

    I heard a story of a guy that got really drunk, went into a bar on Burgos that he can’t remember the name of, bought 5 lady drinks + 1500 to get blown in the corner.

    • jspill says:

      Yeah that’s Tickles bar.

      They have a little room behind glass in the corner, girl took me in there and explained it was 5 lady drinks + 1500 for BJ (‘smoking’ she called it lol), she agreed with me it’s a lot when I said at 300 per drink that’s 3000 total, and I can find a street girl on Burgos for 2000 full sex. She said sorry it’s the bar’s policy

      But she played with my dick, gave a lapdance, kissed and let me play with her boobs for 1 lady drink. When I said I’d just give her 2000 if she came to my room after work, she put her number in my phone while the mamasan wasn’t looking and I texted my room number. Came over at 5am for BJ, full sex, bareback, for 2000. I was staying at Bel Air hotel so just a few seconds walk for her.

      I guess you can’t blame the bars because some tourists will still think that’s a good deal, $60 for a blowjob and a fun time, I guess compared to the West it is. Try to get the girls’ number because the bars are very greedy, only giving girls 50-100 pesos per lady drink you buy (for 300) and wanting 2900-3900 barfine to take a girl home, lowering the number of customers she gets. Often they dislike the bar for that and are very happy to discreetly set up a meeting after work.

    • Gih says:

      More than one bar has that. High Heels has a whole VIP room in the back that looks like a dirty copy of the bar out front. Buy some drinks and you can get sucked and fucked back there, complete with waitress service! Not a place to save money, but a good place to have fun.

  18. Robert says:

    i heard kojak or plan b, which do you prefer and why?

    I will be in Makati my first and have $ 500.00 a spend per night


    • jspill says:

      Girls tend to be hotter in Kojax, and there’s more girls. I prefer there

      But Plan B is only 30 seconds walk away, might as well take a look at both. You can play Jenga with the girls at Plan B, that’s kinda fun

  19. Mikey Johnson says:

    Didn’t like the vibe at Kojax. Some alright talent but they’ve got some weird ass princess complex for being low life whores.

    Better atmosphere at rogues rascals etc just to chill for a drink.

  20. Dick Johnson says:


    Which bars are the best to buy maybe one or two lady drinks and then get a blowjob for free in the bar?

    • jspill says:

      I posted above about Tickles bar they’ll unzip you and play with your dick in a back room for 1 or 2 lady drinks and a lap dance / let you feel under bra / kiss.

      I’ve done similar in the smaller bars with less girls too, like Enchanted bar, it has big booth seating which gives a little privacy, and in the upstairs Rogue’s bar, in the booths with curtains on the right side

      But no bar will give a blowjob for free, you’d need to tip a bit, Tickles wanted 5 lady drinks plus $60 on top, half the cost of the barfine, which isn’t great value. I didn’t ask in Rogue’s but I’d think about that same. Haven’t heard of any other bars doing it, in general they want you to take the girl out and do everything back at your hotel room, that’s how they stay legal

      In the smaller bars with uglier chicks if there aren’t many customers that night it might be doable for 1000 plus a couple drinks, or 500 plus a couple drinks in Angeles city bars, I had a mate who paid about that or less in Angeles from a not very hot chick

      It’s definitely not gonna be possible in the bigger busier bars like Kojax and Plan B though, or ones with no kind of private seating

      • Dick Johnson says:

        Thanks for letting me know the reality , was reading online that after a few lady drinks you get offered it for free or very little and it seemed too good to be true.

  21. Jdon says:

    I just came back from that area, youll need money to play you must pay.. i did not indulge, got lucky was talking to a girl working at the mall bought stretchy jeans kept making her smile, asked her if she was hungry gave her my number she grabbed my phone gave me her number she called spent 3 of the best weeks with this great girl. did not write her number down after i got home and my phone needed to be reset now i dont have her number im going back in 4 weeks hopefully i can find her again.

  22. Jdon says:

    i wont go back to ringside, i was just standing there, talking to my one of my party mates, drunk! One of the little people wrestlers punched me in the nuts with those big gloves lol just for shits and giggles.. you can keep that place lol.

  23. Jim says:

    Best bars in angeles (determined by pretty girls not vibe). Dragon (above club asia which closed but uses the same girls) atlantis, xs. The rest are terrible and require too much effort to find anything bangeable. If you get to any bar late (past 8) it will be slim pickings no matter the bar.

    Hottest girls however are at Hammer (night club). No questions about that and u can get there late. However alot of the girls want to be gamed like a real girl before prostituting themselves out which may annoy many.

    Manila – kojax. No need to go anywhere else, maybe go to plan b if u get sick of kojax and want to play jenga or connect 4. Seems there is less east asians in plan b. Which to me signals girls are more open to banging non koreans/japanese.

    Pattaya – Baccara (though one may get rejected at the door if its busy as they will prioritize east asians. Its busy often to get there early). If i was indian or black i wouldnt waste my time as baccara seems to be very strict on letting darker skinned fellows in.

    Bkk – baccara again. They have the winning formula. But another caveat is if busy they might not let non koreans and japanese in, and baccara is usually pretty busy.

  24. Jason blake says:

    Used to love raw dogging the kojax girls until i got chlamydia/gonorrhea 3 times from different girls.

  25. Heinrich Cu says:

    So how much is total spend here with sex?
    can i just buy 1 LD and take the girl out?

    • jspill says:

      6400 peso total

      2900 to the bar, 3000 to the girl after sex
      150 for your beer
      300-400 per LD

      Yeah I usually only buy one LD, and that was always fine in Kojax

      In some gogo bars they say oh can you buy her 2 drinks before you go, which is just a way to get more money, if you say you’re in a hurry and you’ll leave alone if you can’t barfine here, they will probably back down, they want the 2900

  26. heinrich cu says:

    Ill be going this january 2020
    is the bar fine still 2900?

    I heard from some people that in some places. bar fines already includes the sex

    is that true?

    • jspill says:

      Might have gone up slightly to 3500 by now

      In Manila the barfine doesn’t include the sex, in Angeles it does. And Cebu.

      So you pay about 3000-3500 in the bars on walking street Angeles and that’s it, don’t have to pay the girl anything more. Off the main walking street there are smaller ‘Perimeter’ bars that charge about 2000 – 2500. In Cebu it’s about 4000 including everything.

  27. Anonymous says:

    True Kojax and Plan B have the best looking girls..just don’t be obvious about asking the girls their number. Last time I was there 2019 bar fine was 3000 Pesos but the choices are great for all. Lots of Koreans and Japanese but so what your all there for the same thing.

  28. Jasper Laguitao says:

    I went here. there girls are butt ugly. what time is the best time to go here

    • jspill says:

      8.30-9pm just after opening, nowadays Korean and Jap guys get to bars right as they open and instantly barfine the hottest ones, sadly

      • Latecomer says:

        How about freelancers elsewhere in the city? LA cafe and other similar places? And same question for Angeles? Decent ones for a competitive prices, around 3000?

        • GuidoSexMachine says:

          @Latecomer – I’ve been hearing from expats who live in Manila and Angeles City that during this pandemic that you can find decent looking freelancers for about 1,000 to 1,500 pesos ($20-$30 USD). But there is a lot less of a selection and most of the super hot girls are no where to be found. Mostly 6s and 7s but still very bangable for $25- USD). I’ve been told that most girls are desperate for customers and have lowered prices way down. But also there are a lot of them who are afraid to have sex with foreigners right now too. But Filipina’s are very horny women so they must be desperate for some hard white cock anyway. 😆😆😆

          • Bvito says:

            It would really suck to be stuck in a harem during a pandemic wouldn’t it bro ???? Haha 😂😂😂😂

            • GuidoSexMachine says:

              Yea wish I was stuck in a harem locked down during pandemic… and get sucked off 10 times a day and go Rocco Siffredi on some tight snappers and booty bungholes. 😆😆😆

        • jspill says:

          A mate there is saying manila isn’t great now especially with Kojax closed for the lockdown and Angeles got a lot worse

          A mate in Pattaya is saying gogo girls who used to charge 5k LT are now going for 1-2k or even less, just for food and some aircon

          • Maxpower says:

            Yeah…I am in Manila now…things are slow and it was much tougher earlier when they took away public transportation. They are looking to open bars in July but there is still 11pm to 5 am curfew. Things are beginning to pick up a bit especially at the malls. Just been laying low until they open bars and take away the curfew.

            • GuidoSexMachine says:

              Hope Manila opens up again soon and bars and GoGo’s can return to normal. The question is when will they open back up to tourists? The next questions is when will they open up to Americans again? Might not be until summer 2021 😧

              • joe true says:

                fun fact – go to google image and type in “filth squalor poverty” the first picture dat comes up is of Manila. It’s a shithole country. even worse now. glad i got tha fuck outta there if im being honest

          • GuidoSexMachine says:

            @jspill- Wow! Phillipines doesn’t sound like a very good place to be right now during lockdown. Not much action around… but guess still better than being shut down in most places in the west.

            According to your friend’s recent forum comment, I’m glad to hear bitches in Pattaya have drastically lowered their prices for white cocks. 1,200 to 1,500- baht LongTime is a great deal. That is like prices in the 1990s. Short-Time must be 400 baht again 😋 So guess there is always an upside to every crisis. So I’m sure the expats are enjoying all the cheap sexxx. I also wonder if more Thai girls are now more open to anal sexxx and maybe even tossing your salad? haha 😆😆😆

            • joe true says:

              its never a good place to be. its literally one of the worst countries on earth. y u think filipinos go to every other country in the world 2 clean toilets? now it is even worse.

              thais have retreated into hardcore nationalism. they hate foreigners more than ever and want them out of their country. watch the news my nig

              • jspill says:

                the military govt controls the news, they’re nationalist but quite a few normal thais are protesting for the borders to be reopened

                i saw the news claimed most thais want the borders closed to foreigners, but i’d take that with a pinch of salt

                they let in some Egyptian pilot a month or so ago who then tested positive for covid, some will be angry over that but i’d say they still like other nationalities. a mate in pattaya says the action is really good and the girls are keen

                • joe true says:

                  Nah they don’t control the news. It’s not Vietnam my nigga. It’s Thailand.

                  They ban what Thai ppl can read. But they don’t fuck with what the real world does in English.

                  I stopped taking Thai lessons ’cause I could understand what they was saying and it was lots of bad shit about foreigners.

                  Thais hate us dude. Thais r the nazis of Asia. Start reading some of their history my nog

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