Best Condo in Bangkok / Living in Lower Sukhumvit?

The Trendy condominium

I like to do a 50/50 mix of dating and red light nightlife, so the best area of Bangkok for me to live at is around Asok / Nana, somewhere on lower Sukhumvit between Soi 4 to 23.

I recently finished a year lease at the Trendy Condominium on Soi 13. Next door are Hyde condo and 15 Residences which are more upscale.

Studio room

Trendy is cheaper and still pretty nice especially the pool and gym. I paid 15000 baht rent ($440) a month for a ~40sqm studio with a washing machine. I got all of my 2 month deposit back the day I left.

For the price, gym, central location and things to do it’s one of the best condos in Bangkok to live IMO.

Swimming pool

Where to Live in Bangkok

Some Bangkok expats dislike lower Sukhumvit because of the prostitutes on the streets, transgenders grabbing you, Africans selling drugs, other touts, sexpats, taxis refusing the meter more often, etc.

Sukhumvit view

They prefer to live in Phrom Phong or Thong Lo a few km to the East, 1 or 2 skytrain (BTS) stops away.

It’s like Makati vs the BGC in Manila, suddenly it becomes a cleaner, more hipster area with fancier bars and clubs and little mongering when you move 15 – 20 mins out.

Double bed / desk

I understand why some expats like it in those places, but for me Thong Lo and the Fort would be a bit dull as a single guy. Although Thong Lo at least has some soapies.

If I had a live-in girlfriend I might stay in those suburbs.

Nice view

Around Soi 13 – 15 is equidistant from Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, so you can walk to two red light districts full of gogo bars and beer bars.

Then Soi 11 – 12 is hooker disco central (Levels, Insanity, Climax recently closed but is looking for a new location). Also Thermae freelancer bar is on the corner of 15.

Cardio machines

I could walk to most places I wanted to go, the BTS and MRT (underground) are right there for going further, and no need to use taxis anyway as it’s easy to get an Uber.

For dating, as long as you aren’t right on Soi 4 or 23 Thai girls aren’t going to wonder what you’re doing living in Sukhumvit in this area.


There are plenty of non P4P nightlife spots (they love Oskar on Soi 11) there’s Terminal 21 mall, the huge Benjakiti park and lake, Above Eleven sky bar, fancy international restaurants etc.

Just come off as a nice guy, not your stereotypical sexpat, which is what this blog is all about. Perhaps say you like all the western food in the area. They won’t suspect a thing!

Washing machine / kitchen

It’s very easy for AsianDating, ThaiCupid or Thaifriendly girls to come to your place as the BTS and MRT interlink at Asoke BTS (= Sukhumvit MRT). It’s arguably the centre of Bangkok.

They also interlink at Siam and Silom but those are more like shopping and business centres.


Best Condo in Bangkok

Trendy is the best condo in Bangkok I’ve stayed in so far, although does have some drawbacks. The year before Trendy I stayed in Lat Phrao at Supalai Park condo for 10k, best gym and sports facilities I’ve seen, but far from red light districts.

Pull ups / cable crossover

My theory living there was to occasionally go to the Thai gogo scene around Soi Inthamara in Saphan Khwai.

I didn’t realise you could live bang smack in the middle of Sukhumvit for ~15k baht in a modern apartment but then I found Trendy. Actually cheaper than you’ll usually pay in Thong Lo (20k+).


Trendy Condominium Review

Rent Price

It’s a condo not an apartment so each room has a different owner and the price varies.


It depending on the furnishings and floor (Trendy has 17 floors). I saw listings online for 13000 but they were a few years old.

The five rooms an agent showed me were all 15k or 16k. Maybe you can find 14k.

Exhausted walking from Soi 4

You can find listings and agents by Googling Trendy condo Soi 13. Here’s an example.

Usually one month rent is paid in advance with two months deposit, and you pay the utility bills at 7/11 or the room owner adds it to rent. They get sent to your mailbox.

Outside area to hang clothes but no real balcony

It’s government rate electricity so it’s cheap, about 4 baht / unit. Not like apartments that set their own rate of 6b / unit or worse.

I use air con all the time when I’m in the room and averaged about 2000 baht a month.

Lots of space


There are some units on Airbnb for daily / weekly / monthly rental, around $40 / day.

Sign up via this blog if you’re new for $35 off then Google Trendy Condo Soi 13.

There are signs in the lifts saying no rentals under 30 days are allowed by law but friends have still stayed there a few days, no ones going to ask you any questions.

It’s possible to find 3 – 6 month contracts on Prakard if you shop around and ask agents but they will increase the rent cost a bit more than a one year contract.

Safe in the wardrobe


You can install your own private wifi at Trendy condo. Go to the True shop on the 6th floor of Terminal 21, take your passport and address and book an installation date. $20-30 / month.

Mobile 3G (before installing wifi)

Then a technician turns up 1 – 2 days later and installs your wifi. Before that put unlimited 3G on your cellphone and tether it to laptop.

Girl Friendly

Trendy is attached to the UK visa centre, where Brits renew their passports in Bangkok. So there’s a few restaurants and coffee shops as part of the same complex, like a mini mall.

Guests allowed

You can take girls to your condo through that mall, up the escalator to floor 1A then find the lifts. No security, open 8am to 10pm.

Just like Gramercy Residences in Manila with the Century City mall entrance.

Main entrance

Even if you walk through the ground floor entrance usually they don’t say anything, or at most just ask for the girls ID and your room number.

Sometimes you can still get through to floor 1A after 10pm via the other entrance if the security guards are asleep or not there.

Couch broke after a year of this

If you have a vehicle there’s no checks if you come in through the car park with a girl on the 2nd floor.


The rooms aren’t amazing, it’s a bit of an old building so there are flakes in the paintwork, some old furnishings, but it was comfortable enough for me.


Some rooms have those small cockroaches you get across Asia, it depends if your neighbours cook.

There’s also two Indian restaurants downstairs of Trendy and the smell wafts through to the lobby. If you don’t leave food out and use bug spray it’s ok. I also put my trash in the freezer.

Thai girls think it’s funny

They’re pretty big studios, some one bedroom units too. They usually have LCD TV, washing machine, microwave, fridge, desk etc depending on the owner.

All have hot shower, bathtub, air con, double bed.


Mine didn’t have an oven, stove or extractor fan, most won’t that’s quite rare in Thailand condos because streetfood is so good. But you could buy one.

It just had a small kitchenette with sink.

Dresser / wardrobe


It’s one of those condos where you need a keycard to use the lift. CCTV on each floor.

Up to 50lb

Annoyingly you have to use the keycard to go the ground floor so have to walk girls to the lift, unless it’s during the day when they can use floor 1A which doesn’t require it. Makes no sense.


Not quite as good as Supalai Park but Trendy gym is better than most condo gyms. Open 7am – 9pm.


There’s a bench press, barbell, 300lb in weight plates up to 45lb, dumbbells up to 50lb, pull up bar, cable crossover, lat pulldown.

Some hotties doing cardio on the treadmill / cycle / step machines or using the Zumba ball, it’s air conditioned and you can perve on girls in the pool while working out.

She squats


Very big, not that deep though. Separate kids pool area and lots of sun loungers. Open 7am – 9pm.

Some garden spaces to either side. Free water machine. Both pool and gym are often empty.

Kids pool area


There’s a cheap food court in the attached visa centre / mall (‘Trendy building’ it’s called), for the office workers but anyone can go in.

Then there’s Terminal 21 food court on the 5th floor (‘Pier 21’), some pics of the food on Dante’s living in Bangkok a month for $980 post here.

Can see Hyde condo across the street

Topsmarket nearby has a 24 hr food court. The supermarket is 24 hrs too, some ladyboys hang out there and followed me in the toilets to offer me a blowjob once.

Foodland on Soi 5 also has both a 24 hr supermarket and restaurant.

Night swim

The Great Punjab downstairs has an unlimited Indian buffet for 250 baht, amazing value. Or Charcoal Tandoor at the Fraser Suites Hotel is one of the best Indian restaurants in BKK.

There’s also an omelette lady who sets up a stall outside Trendy condo. 10 baht per omelette.

Dating Spots

As well as Charcoal Tandoor restaurant, Oskar, Above Eleven skybar and Benjakiti park, I also like Moom Muum Park restaurant 5th floor of Terminal 21. Try to book the sofa booths by the window.

There’s a cinema on the 6th floor of Terminal 21 too.

Trendy (left) and Hyde (right)

On Benjakiti lake you can hire duck loveboats or rowboats for about a dollar. Or bike around the ~1 mile cycle track on rented cycles. Some pull up bars, dip bars and outdoor gym equipment there too.

Emporium mall, EmQuartier, and Benjasiri park are just one BTS stop away.

Cardio machines


As well as Nana, Cowboy and Thermae right outside Trendy is a strip of massage parlors linking Soi 13 to Soi 11. All those do special massage, you can walk in and bang sometimes for 1000 baht if you get lucky.

Or 1000 plus 300 for the room, or a few girls only do handjobs. You can walk past them everytime you go to Villa Market, another supermarket nearby. There’s a legit massage place in Trendy itself.


There’s the five Bangkok blowjob bars all a short walk from Trendy, and Soi 7 beergarden has some freelancers, as does the whole road between Soi 4 and 23.

Soi 22 beer bars and massages nearby too, and Soi 33 nuru massage places like MITU.

Step machines


Laundry downstairs if you don’t have a washing machine, three hairdressers (Zahara salon opposite is the best), and lots of random shops, coffee, etc.

There’s Sportsman Bar too right next door which shows all UFC fights and major sports events, opens early if necessary. Tons of large TV screens and pool tables.

Free barbell

The friendly African guys hang out at the start of Soi 13 selling weed and crack but I never used those guys they charge too much. It’s nice to hear hello bro how are you everytime I walk past them though.

There’s a rooftop of Trendy where you can go up through the fire exit stairs, not sure you’re supposed to but it’s cool to chill on and take pics.

Cute korean girl

Overall it’s one of the best condos in Bangkok if you’re looking for cheap, central, mix of dating and hookers, and a pretty decent room.

If you want even fancier there’s 15 residences or Hyde on the same street, rooms go for 20 – 25k baht there, and they’re on Airbnb too.

Zumba / mats

No bargirls minded the short walk to Trendy from Nana or Cowboy and dating site girls were happy to meet at Terminal 21.

The area might not be for you, some other good Bangkok condos friends stayed at are Noble Remix, Keyne, Ivy Thonglor, Rhythm Ratchada, Blocs 77, The Base On Nut, and I used to stay at Symphony Bang Chak.

Couch finally broke


Nana Plaza top left on the map 800m away, Soi Cowboy bottom right about the same.

Also near Kasalong, Som’s Haven, Dr BJ’s (Wood Bar), Levels, Sugar, Insanity, two BTS stations, an MRT station, Foodland, Topsmarket, Robinson’s, Health Land (massage), and Terminal 21.

Middle – top

21 Responses

  1. Reader says:

    The view is nice but I wouldn’t want to live in the area. Too many sketchy people in and around the building most likely (not likely to be dangerous but giving me bad vibes).

    Did you have issues with other tenant being noisy etc. ? I only heard bad stuff about Trendy so I’m surprised you decided to live there, although I take thaivisa and the like with a grain of salt. I think Harald Baldr owned a condo there as well and had horror stories to tell.

    I personally prefer more quiet areas where other tenants aren’t likely to be sketchy.

    • jspill says:

      It was ok for me, but my friend living there had noisy neighbours. I read that thread too. Some old granddads on there like to have their doors ajar with window open to get a breeze flowing through and save on air con costs.

      There are definitely more sketchy tenants than average, some guys would take 7 foot ladyboys home and I’d hear them screaming mid-sex a few times, but not that loud and I always have some youtube playing and air con on full blast, it drowns most things out.

    • -Cam says:

      I’ve lived in both Thong Lo and Trendy area. Each have their positives and negatives. The Trendy area certainly will give a newbie a stimuli overload. On the other hand Thong lo is far, expensive, and kind of tame. It’s like J said. All the massage places near trendy are down for extras. In Thong lo you need to go to the right one. I think it is best to try both for a few months each and see which one you prefer.

      • thibault says:

        lol stimuli overload. describes what you feel walking around in pattaya patong or sukhumvit.
        but after all it depends what you re there for. if its fo a sex vacation you can put up with that shit because what it provides you ( unlimited sex) is so powerful that you will accept any situation. à our brain will filter out, overloaded woth lust.
        but living there? god. i would put all that crap in concentration camps. once youre out of sarge mode, you want a decent life, you want to be able to get out of your condo without being raped by ladyboys, to walk on a pavement without being in constant danger avoidance mode. you want this area to be razed by nuclear fire,nothing short of that could restore the situation.
        this said, given the visa situation i cant see myself investing in a year lease in a condo, much less buying one( ultimate scam) . i cant imagine having my stuff, my girlfriend, what i consider a stable life in thailand and being stopped at theborder during a goid old visa run. so for me the only rational tbing to do withthailand is short, less than 3 month, sex overdose u sing airbnb or hotel. less than one month using visa xemption and rotating between countries if needed.
        so, sketchy area all the way.
        sleaze 1, stability 0

        • jspill says:

          It’s not that bad, maybe if you lived right on Sukhumvit Soi 4, Pattaya walking street, Bangla Road Patong, or Angeles walking street…

          Some Sukhumvit Sois are quiet, like 13 where Trendy condo is. Lots of back roads you can take to avoid ladyboys, they hunt in packs in a few specific spots. Soi 14 is very quiet too and right next to the park.

          • thibault says:

            lets say its mid term acceptable.
            for short , one week sex binge ivwoykdnt mind staying in horrible areas . i was in a short time hotel onc right on xalking street that advertised as standard hotel on’ booking. my friends were horrified but i only see that we were right at the action. the girls of the gogo underneath changed in our corridor.
            otoh, for tral livong, you should not have to avoid ladyboys, they shouldnt be there at all. i would pay a duterte death squad to get tid of tjhose freaks. if the way they sexually assault you is not enough, their robbing activity should convince you.

  2. Reader says:

    Also I’m surprised you got your deposit back hassle free. Maybe because you speak thai or did you rent from a company? I never had any issues getting deposits back from company owned / run condos but I’m a bit weary handing a random thai condo owner a two month deposit. May or may not work out.

    Where are you moving now? Same area?

    • jspill says:

      It was a random Thai owner but I found it through an agent who works with many Trendy condos. She helped with everything. They didn’t know I speak Thai, their English was good. Super nice guy he messaged to say if I ever came back he’d give me a special price. There are some good landlords out there.

      Traveling Asia for a while then back to same area, even closer to Nana! Cowboy has gone downhill a bit, not going there as much nowadays.

  3. RumandCokeMan says:

    What are they charging for a 1/4oz of tree in BKK?
    Are their any Cities in your travel that aren’t 420 friendly?

    • jspill says:

      I know a guy that delivers by the ounce for 1000 baht ($30) to your street. So 250 baht. So cheap. Don’t use the Africans they way overcharge.

      Obviously in Philippines and Indonesia I avoid any drugs.

      • RumandCokeMan says:

        Glad to hear they don’t act like draconian pigs over the 420-I lose a lot of respect for places that have reefer madness syndrome.

        Cannabis Sativa/MJ is a natural occurring lifeform that has medicinal properties not some kind of rogue monster the man tried to paint it as to all the sheep and cucks to oppress them for Big Pharma. I know people who have been cured from cancer via that plant-it is a viable product of nature.

  4. Herpes4life says:

    Many of those girls seem pretty average looking. no hating.

    • jspill says:

      Can’t see most of their faces… bodies were all decent imo but you can’t tell much from clothed pics

    • -Cam says:

      Jspill is a Connoisseur so trust that he knows how to pick them

    • thibault says:

      admittedly thats what i tbought.
      swarthy skin color makes you think they re isan imports. face you can see in one has , well, how to put it, very typical features. they are racially marked.
      this said bodies are thin and well put together, no jolly b bellies here. fir the amateur of skinny skanks ( tatoos and shit) or gnd.
      perhaps not enough meat to touch, no boobs may be a problem. we all lke a good boob, but a nice ass to pound in doggy trumps everything once you re inside.
      never a bad choice to choose an isan girl for ons. for ltr it may be.. who cares abput ltr?

  5. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Nice breakdown J. Have thought of staying there myself. LOL at the thought of:
    “Why u stay near Nana? Area bad…”
    “Uh, I just luv all the great food choices down here.” 😀

  6. RumandCokeMan says:

    I’d have to dig it up but my memory bank doesn’t recall you or Dante having that much coverage of Phuket. Are you guys fans of the place or are the people there such asshole scammers to Western tourists that it makes you dislike visiting there?

    I’m from a place with lots of green forestry so Chaing Mai would be the last thing that would excite me- Ive always liked places like Miami, LA, San Diego (awesome beaches and varied night life options). You guys offer a lot of insight to SEA newbies don’t have so if you two say Phuket sucks ass I’m inclined to listen.

    • jspill says:

      Not a fan, more scammy vibe, not much nightlife variety, more expensive, bargirls uglier on average, taxi mafia, not a beach person so didn’t go (stayed in Patong) but the beaches look nice from pics. If you’re gonna get on a plane might as well fly elsewhere is how I see it. But I’m sure you can still have fun there

  7. Oliver says:

    I’m trying to rent an apartment at this condo searching on Prakard as you suggested but all the listings are agents that tell me it’s for a 1 year contract.

    Can you point me to the right direction on how to find one that is short term? Thank you.

    • jspill says:

      I can’t find the one prakard advert I saw, it may have been deleted. It offered 1 – 6 month contracts, 1 month was 26k, one year 15k, and 2-6 months were something in-between.

      Yeah pretty much all of them write that they want 1 year, but some will agree to shorter in return for a higher rate. You can try to negotiate something like 18k for a room that’d normally be 15k, for 6 months, or 20k for 3 months, or 25k for 1 month, something like that.

      This Airbnb listing is 32k for 1 month –

      With that Airbnb you wouldn’t have any electricity / water / internet fees to pay, so it’s effectively about 28k, and no need to give a 2 month deposit either.

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