Which Sexpat Travel Blogs Should You Believe?


Recently a new Philippines sexpat blog popped up by a guy who has had a Thailand red light blog for awhile. I have read some of his Thai stuff before and never found anything that I thought was too off base, but maybe I just don’t know Thailand well enough to notice.

While this post will seem like ‘attacking’ this new blog, it is more using it as an example of how you can tell if you should trust a blog or website or not. This site doesn’t have a copyright on blogging in the Philippines, there were sites doing it before us and there will no doubt be many more in the future.

Competition is fine, sure we would love to corner the market, but we get plenty of traffic and are fine with it. The point of this post is to talk about how to know when a blog is bullshit so you don’t make plans around what it says and then feel disappointed.

The Philippines is a long way away from where many readers of the site live. You don’t wanna travel for 15 hours and show up somewhere and then find out the place isn’t what you expected.

If A Site Is Overly Positive It Might Just Be Selling

Anyone who had read this site for a long time knows I am a glass half empty guy. I post far more negative experiences than positive ones.

That is for a few reasons, the main one is that is just how I am wired. Secondly, I don’t think people want to read ‘met girl, she came over, had sex’ over and over. Writing (bragging) about that gets old pretty quick.

If you hop on any travel blog and all you read about is marshmallows and lollipops then that person is probably just trying to sell you stuff. Sure, we want you to sign up for Filipino Cupid through our links also, but I am not going to lie to make it happen.

It would probably be a lot more profitable to find pictures of the hottest Pinays on the site, claim I banged them all night for the price of a C3 at Jollibee, and not mention how flaky and aggravating the girls can be.

Not my style, so if any blog is overly positive and only saying things like that then you shouldn’t fully trust what they are telling you. I have only read 3 posts on his new Philippines red light blog, and I found major flaws in all 3 of them.

1. Subic Bargirls

The first one is the overly positive stuff I was just talking about. I have written before how Subic has the ugliest bargirls of any place I have been to in Southeast Asia.

He does a write up of best bars in Subic and gives these scores for the overall selection of girls in each bar: 8/10, 8/10, 9/10, 7/10, 6/10.

I have had 3 lengthy stays in Subic totaling close to 3 months combined. I have seen 2 bargirls in that city that I would rate above a 7/10. No, I don’t hang out in bars, but I have probably walked into bars there and checked out a lineup 50 times, and seen two girls above 7/10.

So now some aspiring sexpat reading that and planning a 1 week vacation to the Philippines may think ‘Wow! The girls in Subic are so hot! I should spend my vacation there!’

Then he gets there and is like WTF is this crap? Welp, next year when he has another week vacation hopefully it will go better.


They won’t look like this in Subic

Total Misinformation In The Other Two Posts

Now looks can be subjective and maybe when he was in town the bars were filled with stunners. Or maybe he is just writing it from a weighted scale perspective, and the 9/10 is just a 9/10 when compared to other Subic bars.

That is probably the case, it is still giving bad info, but if that is he wants to do it then fine. Next comes the total misinformation part.

2. Cafe Havana Girls

He is listing the best malls in Manila for picking up girls and the first one he mentions is Greenbelt 3 because of Cafe Havana. He says there are lots of pinays just hanging out there to play on their phones and its a good pickup spot.

What he doesn’t ever mention are the words ‘hooker’ or ‘prostitute’ and that this is one of the main freelancer pick up spots in Manila. 90% of the girls there (if not more) are working girls looking bored on their phone waiting for a customer.

3. Robinson’s Malate

Then in the same post he writes ‘You will no doubt visit the Robinson in Malate sooner or later during your stay in Manila, and that’s because it is right in the center of the red light district of the same name.’

So if I have never been to Manila before I would assume this means that Robinson’s mall is right in the center of the Robinson’s red light district. That is what that has to mean right?

Robinson’s is one of the bigger companies in the Philippines, they have malls all over the country. They do not put their malls in the middle of red light districts, and there is no Robinson’s red light district.

Manila Bay Cafe is nearby, and there are some bars with girls available in the area, but this is certainly not a red light district. And more certainly not the ‘Robinson’s red light district.’

Maybe because the Robinson’s logo is red he got confused. Lastly he has a post about getting a happy ending massage in Angeles City.

He says you can find happy ending massages on ‘Teodoro Street’ and then has a map of the area below with pins on all happy ending massage parlors. He must have 15-20 pins on this one little tiny street, I am pretty sure there are not even 10 massage parlors on this street.

More then that, I know for sure that many of them do not give happy endings. Do some? Sure, a handjob, yet he makes it look like you are walking down Soi 6 in Pattaya and the whole street is lined with girls ready to give all kinds of extras.


Don’t expect a Thailand style massage experience

I know this street well, the massage parlors that do not give happy endings are right next to Norma’s Money Changer. The best internet cafe around town is Sinsu Internet Cafe right in the middle of many of the parlors, when the internet at my place went out for a month I was in that internet cafe every day.

You can even find a monkey (yes, you read that correctly, a monkey) living behind the green gate just to the left of the first massage parlor on the street (the massage parlor is on the left hand side, on the corner at your first left, painted green.)

Know Who To Trust And Who Not To

A lot of people reading this don’t live in the Philippines and only have a short time here. They can’t waste their time based on things people write, because their time is limited.

If you are reading some sexpat travel blog and the guy is saying that every chick he bangs is an 8 or better and that everything is always perfect then you need to be careful trusting them.

Is it nice being in the Philippines or in Southeast Asia? Yes. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But you aren’t going to bars in Subic and walking out thinking the girls inside were 9/10 quality.

You aren’t going to the Robinson’s red light district to the Robinson’s mall to pick up chicks. You aren’t picking up non pros at Cafe Havana, and there aren’t 20 massage parlors on one street in Angeles that all give happy endings.


15 Responses

  1. thibault says:

    i know you dont want to rat him, but can you give at least a hint to what we should be seeking? on his thailand blog at least? a play of words with the name of the blog?

  2. thibault says:

    ok found it. its the name of a feline animal that ol ladies use as a pet and the color of blood.
    yes, those two words together, afer phillipines or thailand.
    for the robinson thingy, he is talking about malate redlight district. which i dont know if it is relevant or not, but dante must .
    havanna he really does not have a clue.
    teodoro he says there are a dozen massage parlor…
    god. hum.

  3. kick2dante says:

    after looking around some of his posts on the thai one its almost just as bad

    in bold he puts ‘ko samui has the best beach nightlife in thailand’ then follows it up with in parenthesis (if you don’t count phuket)

    why wouldnt you count phuket?

    also has 8/10 and 9/10 grades for blowjob bar girls, it doesnt say for their skills so it appears he is probably talking about their looks…. anyone who has ever been to one knows how laughable that is

    careful who ya trust guys

  4. thibault says:

    well, letssayhe is enthusiastic. he is german, i mean, they are very orderly and all (refrain from godwyn point, thank you), let him enjoy this freedom.

    the numeric notation is preposterous anyway.
    travel bloggers fel obliged to do his useless thing, when feelings and conveying emotions are much more efficient in arousing interest.
    plus, seriously ,you cant note the girls of a bar. they come and go as fast as you can say “barfine”.
    suffice to come after some koreans have monopolised all the best talents, and it changes radically. or some flood in the province has left a lot of girls homeless, and you have a batch of “fresh from the farm”newcomers.

  5. kick2dante says:

    but if you spend 3 separate lengthy stays in subic and every time you are there the girl quality is very low it is pretty safe to assume that you arent going to go back there the next time and think the girls in some bars rank 9/10 8/10 8/10

    the hottest girls in subic move on to angeles or manila where there is more money to be made

  6. rowdyone says:

    you da best kid

  7. SouthernAdventurer says:

    I don’t take the word of any single blog/person on anything so before deciding to go I looked around the internet at people who weren’t monetizing the idea. Everyone (even the non-sexpats) says that Filipinas are some of the friendliest and horniest women alive.

  8. ChonChem says:

    I’ve had half a dozen massages in that street in AC, massage wasn’t too great but they all gave a happy ending without asking, also there is one particular rooftop bar in Barretto that has 3 or 4 stunners.

  9. -Cam says:

    I’d trust Dante and Jspill with my social security number: 048-32-4296

  10. Squish says:

    anything beats that basement dweller who runs “guysnightlife” He cuts and pastes all of his shit on cities hes never even been too. saw some posts ripped from sites like livingthai rockit and ISG posted on his blog with barely a change made. comment there with a question and youll see that he knows jack shit

  11. Cjester says:

    Sure glad I found this site. Planning my trip to Manila and Angeles in a few weeks. I was thinking of going to Subic or spending an extra few nights somewhere else. Anyone try Boracay? If not, maybe an extra few nights in Angeles or Manila?

    • jspill says:

      Boracay is ok for a few days, busier over weekends. I went recently but haven’t written about it yet, check back soon. If you like beaches and want to have a crack at tourist girls, or take your own girl there, I’d go.

      If you’re mostly after P4P it’s a hassle to fly to Cataclan then get transport to the ferry, take the ferry, then transport again to your hotel / airbnb, then do it all over again on the way back.

      Then once you’re there the nightlife is limited. It’s possible to get unlucky and not have a fun time. I got lucky and met two hot freelancers at Galaxy disco but they weren’t from Boracay, they were from Luzon. The native Boracay freelancers aren’t hot, and there are no gogo bars like Manila/Angeles. A moto taxi took me to one brothel with 17 girls none of which I’d bang for free, let alone the 2000 pesos they wanted.

      I’d keep your options open for extending Manila/Angeles in case you’re having a great time there, rather than booking Boracay flights and hotels (pricey) in advance. Or add on a short Subic trip.

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