Hottest Filipina Instagram Model? Lily Maymac

Lily Maymac

Actually the only Filipina instagram model I know of but anyway Lily Maymac is pretty hot. I’d rate 9/10 (elbows too pointy). She’s 100% Filipino.

Based in Australia

In some pics she overdoes the makeup and I don’t like the bleached blonde hair / surgical look in some pics. She denies getting surgery done though.

Blonde look

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In other pics she looks super cute though when brunette and less made up.

Brunette look

Banyan tree hotel skybar, Bangkok

I do like petite girls with small ish boobs and big butt for their size. I’d suck a fart out of her.

Pert butt

Lily Maymac ‘Racist’ Controversy

The real interesting thing about Lily Maymac though is how much hate she gets from Filipino people for harmless comments like wanting to marry a foreign guy to have a mixed race child.

2013 tweet

Nothing wrong with that, lots of Thai girls want a ‘luk kreung‘ and most famous soap opera stars there are mixed. It wouldn’t be offensive to say that in Thailand. Why is it in the Philippines?

She likes white guys and currently has an Australian boyfriend.

If you’re ever single Lily…

Thanks Lily for finally pointing out that a lot of ugly Asian girls walk around with hot western guys. We usually hear about it being the other way round but the reverse definitely happens too.


The accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘not being proud to be Pinay’ started when she went to a party and was jealous others there were half western.

Filipinos can be really, really sensitive to criticism. Like how they blacklisted the ’20 things I hate about the Philippines’ youtube guy from ever entering the country again.

Harmless teenage tweets

She was 18 at the time and didn’t have any real Twitter following.

She started trolling in response to criticism, good on her. Posting #whitepower hashtags and pics.

2014 tweet

And she just kept speaking her mind, replying ‘thank God!’ when fans would say she doesn’t look Filipino, and cracking jokes about Asian guys:

Via @lilymaymac

Her instagram pics get tons of comments like ‘why are you trying to be white’, ‘you’re racist’, etc.

Her mother defended her saying “She’s pure Pinoy, [but] not really proud ’cause of the mentality of the Pinoy. That’s why we migrated to Australia”.

Europe trip

Lots of Filipinas want to leave the Philippines and look up to western culture, nothing seems out of the ordinary there.

Some netizens found her real name – Lily Macapinlac – and posted pics of what she used to look like.

There’s a 382 page thread on ‘’ full of girls bitching about her.

Reading that takes you down the rabbit hole of how psycho and jealous some Filipina girls can be.

More Lily Maymac Pics

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Based on her badass humour and trolling she’s the hottest Filipina instagram model to me. And she’s gained a huge following because of it.

There are some funny comments on this Facebook post about the ‘racist’ controversy.


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54 Responses

  1. RumandCokeMan says:


  2. Dace says:

    oh she’s lovely. 9+ for sure

  3. uh…the self-hating angle brings her down at least 1.5 points. As long as she doesn’t have a boy, it’s probably ok. #eliotrodger

    WB still.

    • jspill says:

      Is it really self-hate though, way I see it she just wants to move up in life and looks up to more developed countries. Then Pinoys have a crab in a bucket mentality wanting to drag her back down when they see her success, so she gives them attitude back.

  4. Reader says:

    Not a big fan of fake white makeup. Without it she seems to be a 7-8. Also proof that women are traitors – always looking to date up, preferably the strongest and most savage guys if there is no patriachy in place. Ain’t got no love for these hoes worldwide…

  5. Spirit maze says:

    Nice ass, but those tattoos are lame and slutty. It’s got porn star vibes which are a turn off for me. Also, can see stretch marks on its ass in the pool pic.

    I’d fuck it, but I wouldn’t chase and beg it.

  6. AnonBro says:

    LOL, I love self-hating Asian girls with “white fever.” Great post.

  7. yellowfever says:

    Gotta love a hot Asian girl who admits to having the whitefever!

  8. Normal Nomad says:

    Some of these guys obviously have a sour grapes mentality.

    The girl is really fucking hot, no doubt. Easily the top 5 hottest PURE filipina I’ve ever seen.

    Also, while she is certainly far more westernized than the average Pinay, her love of white men is nothing unique. Any Filipina who had a chance to move to Australia by herself would act the same way. She’s fucking hot, of course she wants a guy who’s her equal, and most Asian guys aren’t turning heads like some white dudes are. It’s just reality.

    That said, I do agree there’s little reason to elevate her pussy above others. She’s gorgeous but “sucking a fart out of her” is taking it way to far, even in jest. That kind of thirst is why women in the west are so unbearable to spend time around—far too many men think and act just as you stated, putting a womans beauty above all else, including her personality.

    For me, I’ll take a 7.5 pinay with an amazing personality and sweet and kind demeanor over this hot 9 with a snarky sarcastic attitude everyday of the week.

    • jspill says:

      IRL I wouldn’t let my fart sucking desire be known or telegraph it through actions

      • Normal Nomad says:

        I don’t doubt the truth of what you say but you have to remember, you have an ever growing audience, many of whom are incels. When these men visit countries and bring their thirsty attitude with them, it does no good for anyone. Like it or not, you’re a man of influence now, and the words and thoughts you write do have an effect on those who read them.

        Perhaps you don’t give a shit, it’s just a blog about fucking women that makes a little passive income, sure, but I just thought I’d point out something you might find worth considering.

        We all love these countries and their women, let’s not encourage behavior that would see them change.

        • jspill says:

          It was one joke sentence about sucking a fart out of her let’s not overthink it.

        • kick2dante says:

          writing that a model is hot isnt gonna make guys fly over and shower pinays with praise / buy them expensive gifts

        • jspill says:

          Yeah we definitely never write about putting the pussy on a pedestal or anything like that.

        • Henry says:

          luckily Spirit Maze is not yet a “man of influence” in SEA, even though he said he was “monopolizing the market in Manila” on the RooshV forum 😀

          • Spirit maze says:

            Henry – you’d be right at home at the Roosh V forum with the rest of the gammas. I highly recommend you join the party. Alphas are not welcome and get banned, so I can assure you that your ego will be safe there

        • Spirit maze says:

          Yep, there’s a huge issue with an oversupply incels, betas and gammas in Philippines now.

          The main issue is this: A filipina has no filter. She will entertain almost any guy via chat (won’t necessarily meet and fuck them). So, the more she is approached the harder she gets because they have lesser-evolved beta repellants than, say, white women. The more a filipina is approached, the more her ego and perceived self-worth inflates.

          Here’s an extreme example of destructive incels: I found a filipina online who I couldn’t get to meet me because she was in a Skype relationship with an Indian guy who she had never met before! (Indian for fuck’s sake). That’s literally how easily a filipina can be taken off of the market.

          Incels are a terrible blight. They don’t get laid here, they just beta orbit. But they stroke filipina ego and make it harder for everyone as you say. That is exactly why the West became so difficult. Weak men enabled shitty female behavior to proliferate.

          • AnonBro says:

            A Skype relationship! Hahaha. You make some great points. Facebook is another thing contributing to inflated egos and self-worth. Some of these girls have literally thousands of loser guys giving them complements on their FB pics every single day. It really does fuck things up for those of us that are actually here and can meet these girls in real life. They’re constantly getting tons of validation from guys that don’t even live here.

            Oh, and Indians are some of the worst orbiters, BTW.

        • jspill says:

          Yes there are tons of guys like that coming to Asia but you can’t really stop that, it’s just the internet, ease of travel, the world becoming smaller etc. The people that complain about it the loudest are usually not too far above the calibre of those guys coming over, so their presence is a big threat to them. They aren’t working on improving themselves, which is all you can do, self-improve as much as you can. Even amongst guys paying for it you get the ones who get super triggered about other guys ‘overpaying’ or splashing cash around because it might cause them to lose out. Usually those guys again, aren’t improving themselves (in money terms).

          Normal nomad is telling me not to ‘encourage behavior that would change the girls’ based on one joke sentence about an instagram model, and mentions ‘elevating her pussy above others’. I wasn’t doing that at all, but if he saw that in what I wrote it means it’s really weighing on his mind. I’d advise not worrying about it and just focusing on upping your game, it’s fun anyway to always be working on yourself and not taking anything for granted.

          Spirit maze you claim to be a filipina’s wet dream so those guys should not be any threat at all. There might be some very minor spots like you describe where an online girl delays meeting you because she’s a lot of other online attention that she can’t filter out, but it seems like a stretch. Just message more or go out and easily pick them up in person if you’re that appealing.

          And ‘making it harder for everyone’ – isn’t what you do for everyone including yourself by lying to girls, saying you love them / meeting parents etc. That’s going to damage you and the rest of us more than anything incels (had to Google that) are doing. Not that I mind because I always assumed tons of guys did that, and I just worry about doing the best I can, but just saying. Appreciate all the comments.

          TL:DR people worry too much, it’s paranoia and confirmation bias, ‘oh things used to be easier / better etc.’ you read it all over forums in many different topics, then 5 years later people are saying how the current time used to be so much better, etc. Invariably those people are at a plateau and not working on themselves, and just jaded. They remember all the bad experiences vividly and take the good ones for granted. Best to take some time off, maybe even visit a new country if you find these thoughts affecting you. We’re still in one of the best parts of the world to get laid in guys.

          Besides like you say those guys are walking around with 5s. I don’t want to bang 5s. Debatably there are tons of ugly girls all over online dating that these guys can scoop up and get rid of, because they’ll take the first girl they can get. Leaving a higher concentration of hot ones for us. People do say that the hottest girls often don’t get hit on that much:

          I just completely speculated that last paragraph but it’s what you guys are doing too… except mine is optimistic yours pessimistic.

          • Normal Nomad says:


            Yup, we’re the ones overthinking it but you wrote a multi-paragraph reply to my few sentences.

            I’m not “worried” about getting laid here. I’m not worried about it becoming “harder”. I’m doing fine and will continue to do so as a non-needy, young white male who lives here will always be a demographic in demand in SEA.

            You can and will write whatever you desire. It’s your choice. Just recognize that as your viewership gets larger and your blog more popular, more and more men will look up to you as a man to emulate. “Sucking the fart out of her ass” is already a well-known meme from Instagram, sure. But it’s also well known that the men who say it are among the most thirsty and beta of them all. Many men will read this blog, see your stories, and presume you to be “Alpha”. It may or may not be accurate, but for many, perception is reality. Encouraging the mentality of “pussy on a pedestal” is not helpful to anyone, that’s my only point. It’s not good for America, for the UK, for Australia, Canada, the Philippines, anywhere.

            My point is that you have a large degree of influence (relative to the average traveler in SEA, the vast majority of which have no social media/blog viewership worth discussing) and thus, as such, the views you portray matter.

            And for the record, since you mention it, it IS weird that you p4p in the Philippines of all places….the worlds easiest place to get laid. I presume based on your writing you’re a youngish guy (less than 30). Being in that demographic myself (and not looking anything close to the blonde-hair blue eyed tall god Pinays adore) I can state unequivocally that there is no situation since I’ve been here outside of my first week where it was either “pay up or don’t get laid tonight at all”. What’s up with the prostitute usage? I’ve speculated that it’s just of blog hits (it’s well known many men come to SEA for p4p), but I’m not sure. Blog post suggestion: “Why I pay for sex in the Philippines” (Vietnam being obvious given the conservative nature of many of the women).

            Totally serious BTW, I am curious.

            And for the record, I like your writing. I’m not a hater. But my comment reflects my opinion on the subject.

          • jspill says:

            Well I wrote one liners at first. People kept replying so I wrote more.

            If you’re really not worried then great but it does seem that way. If you read back you have imagined that some guys who aren’t already ‘thirsty and beta’ will read a one line meme in this post and suddenly become that, or become even worse / get encouraged. It’s silly. I haven’t ever ‘put the pussy on a pedestal’ in any post. Unless you count being a normal level of nice and respectful to girls, as doing that…

            If guys are going to be thirsty betas they will be anyway, that is a product of their upbringing / personality, you can’t stop that. You warning me not to type something you imagine as a threat does seem indicative of you being worried. And like you say your perception becomes your reality.

            Why not just decide to perceive things as great and betas to not be a threat (that’s why they’re betas)… we’re here banging hot girls, so they are pretty great. You seem to be conjuring up some apocalyptic scenario in your head where SE Asia becomes like the West. I can’t see it happening in the near future so just enjoy it and focus on becoming better at picking up girls in case it does, because that’s all you can do.

            Using P4P is unrelated not sure why you bring that up. But basically I have no ego whatsoever about it because I’ve banged more than enough non p4p girls here and back home. I just want hot girls, some hookers are stunning and really good at sex, with non p4p you sometimes get flakes, games, bad bangs, freakouts when you don’t become their BF, etc. But sometimes you don’t and sometimes p4p sucks… this blog is all about doing both, trying to get the best of both sides of the coin.

            Yes it’s the easiest place to get laid but that’s a static thing, for someone who wants to get laid with stunners several times a week it’s harder than for someone who’s happy with several times a month… I want to get laid a lot with stunners so I mix in some p4p.

            P4p frees up time to chase the really high quality non p4p ones, and lowers life stress. Time is money. It’s not just for SEO, it’s the entire focus of the blog. Doesn’t sound like you’ve read much of it yet hence you thinking I elevate girls to a pedestal. I don’t. Basically we are not stereotypical mongers (ugly, can’t get laid back home etc.) and we are not RooshV types either (super anti p4p, get banned for even mentioning it). Somewhere in the middle. Regular guys that get great experiences with p4p girls because we’re not what they expect, and who still do ok with regular girls.

            As well as SE asia being the best place to get laid free, it’s also has the best p4p. Be a crime to not partake in moderation. Like a 50/50 split. But I can’t post too much about non p4p girls I see, out of respect.

            Thanks for the comments.

            • Normal Nomad says:

              You’re right. I am blowing it out of proportion. Some time a few years ago someone made a compilation of cringe-worthy instagram comments on some chicks who were literally being paid to fly to Dubai and get SHAT UPON (as in feces on their faces and bodies) and the types of comments left on their photos. One of them was from some black guy saying “I’d suck the fart out of her asshole” and it just stuck with me. Just how pathetic and retarded the guy/comment was in context…..

              But context IS key, I just got #triggered by your use of the same comment haha. You’re right, not really a big deal. My bad.

              As for your comment on RooshV and p4p, funny you should mention it, I was a member for a short time but got quickly banned. I pointed out that some of the members visiting the Phils and bragging about how hot the girls they bagged had posted photos of LB’s. That didn’t go over well.

              I really don’t understand the p4p argument….are you suggesting you only fuck each girl one time? Isn’t it easier to have a FWB relationship with a couple girls at a time while you work on the “higher quality” girls? I do that and have had no drama or major issues.

              Also, what constitutes “higher quality”? You mean they take more work? Or they are hotter? Because I’ve fucked several 8s on the first date with just buying a cup of coffee and conversation. You mean they require more effort? Who fucking wants that? Like Spirit said below, when guys (and I’m not calling you out, just saying in general) pay more for sex (talking about “normal” not prostitutes, payment meaning time/effort/energy AND money) they increase the price of pussy.

              Like him, I have NO trouble getting laid, however, I’ve seen some girls (many of whom are mere 7’s) act like I should put in effort to meet her, going someplace convenient for her, or asking how much money I make (as if I were going to spend any on her). Girls born into poverty aren’t learning this shit in a book, they’re getting it from guys paying wayyyyy to much for basic pussy.

              Honestly every girl in the Phils should be begging to fuck a decent looking white guy, because if they don’t, there are literally 50 other girls who will.

              Obviously the hottest women (like your model) are an exception (somewhat) but the attitudes of some girls who are average at best is astounding. The thirsty betas acting thirsty in a sexual ocean is mind-blowing.

              • jspill says:

                I do have FWB with couple girls at a time, yeah, and a GF (scumbag I know), and P4P on the side, I like to do everything. Some P4P girls are awesome and I get a semi FWB situation with some over time, still paying a bit but less. Some I’ve known for years.

                Yes you can get 8s on first dates but it’s not an every day occurrence, and it’s still time consuming sometimes I’d rather just hang out with mates or listen to a podcast rather than go on one date.

                I didn’t use P4P for the first 2 years in SE Asia and didn’t before I moved here. No interest in it outside SE Asia, I find SE asian hookers really cool though. If you treat them as you would a date and you’re about their age it can be just like renting a girlfriend experience. Some non P4P girls in SE Asia will be P4P girls at some point in their life, the lines are very blurred here. I’ve taken office workers from places like Thermae, university students from off the street, etc.

                It increased over time, I think everyone hits a limit with patience and girls, it happens faster if you move to Asia so in a sense you become a 60 year old in a younger guy’s body, or whatever stereotypical age guys tend to go for hookers. Not that my numbers are that high, maybe 200 non P4P girls lifetime, I’m 30, left the UK at 23. That’s enough for me. I repeat girls a lot.

                Some of those RooshV guys are ‘accidentally’ banging hookers it’s funny. I wrote about that here with an example – They’re very anti P4P yet they come to countries like Phils / Thai where the lines are super blurred, 50 shades of grey between mercenary hardcore hooker (rare) and conservative ‘good girl’, and go to afterhours clubs full of hookers, go figure. I think many are actually banging hookers but in denial. King epic did a good video on this.


                I’ll prob get banned too, I just joined 🙂

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  What countries specifically are you tired of going out with the women? I find conversations with many of SEA women boring, but Pinays are wonderful for me. Excellent English, highly intelligent (relative to average American girls) very clever, good sense of humor (again, I’m averaging the women I’ve spent time with….some of the girls are obviously worse than even American girls). I love dating new Pinays when it works out, and since my time/energy/money investment is so low, I don’t care about it.

                  Then again, I’m younger than you (27) and have only lived here 6 months, so I’m probably going to get bitter and jaded over time as well.

                  Another blog post idea: “How living in SEA changes you”. It would be really interesting to read a YOUNG guys perspective of living in SEA for years. Many old guys hate it after a period of time but obviously a lot of that has to do with being old and not having much to offer (other than $$$)

                  Another thing I’d love to read more about is the “blurred lines” you talk about, how to spot the “gray” girls, etc. How to tell whether the girl genuinely likes you or likes your citizenship/money (i.e. if she would still be dating you if you were of her own nationality).

                  Some girls are super obvious gold-diggers, but there are some that, if I weren’t already a jaded fuck from years in the USA, I’d probably be monogamous with.

                  And how do you keep your GF from knowing you’re banging other chicks? The Pinays I fuck notice every detail, like when there’s less water in the jug than when they last saw me (I don’t drink water). These chicks notice EVERYTHING, and even though I’m not committing, they still talk about this shit, just letting me know they know lol.

                  • jspill says:

                    I enjoyed the dating when I was 6 months in too, I’d spend hundreds of hours talking to girls and go on dozens of dates, some I didn’t even sleep with. I wouldn’t say I became jaded, I just don’t feel the need to do it anymore, it’s like finishing a video game and moving onto another one. I’d rather learn new skills / earn money / listen to podcasts / work out / hang out with mates, than talk to girls.

                    Pretty much all countries.

                    It’s just experience the longer you stay the more you can spot them. P4P helps with that a lot, a useful side benefit.

                    I’ve been caught before quite a few times but they usually just forgive you.

          • Spirit maze says:

            Jspill – My annoyance with beta orbiters in the Philippines is simple. It heightens a girl’s expectations and can increase the number of hoops you need to jump through to get laid. That’s a perfectly legitimate concern as we have all traveled to Asia for easier sex, and have escaped the West for that exact reason – Western women’s expectations don’t align with the amount of work we are prepared to put in.

            This may not bother you – You are a guy who is happy to take non-p4p girls on multiple dates before banging them. The first comment I ever posted on Nomad Philippines was a comment expressing my surprise that you took a Vietnamese girl on 4 or 5 dates before banging her. If it takes me more than 1 date to bang a girl I view that as hard work.

            I am having no problems getting laid in the Philippines. But I have noticed a trend in expectations that are increasingly common with the girls here. For example, there is an increasing expectation that you will travel to fetch the girl from a place convenient for the them (e.g. Quezon City), rather than the girl traveling to meet you at a place of your choosing (Makati). I have strategies to navigate these types of shit tests, but rookie players in Manila are going to find themselves taking a lot of taxis to meet girls in far-flung areas if they aren’t careful. This is a direct consequence of Betas in Manila increasing a girl’s expectation for the amount of effort a guy should put in for a date.

            I don’t find betas a threat personally because they fuck 1 or 2 girls a month tops, and I’d average 1-a-day. What I am finding tedious is filipinas telling me about the last guy who traveled to her slum to meet her, and had a one year Skype relationship with her and never fucked her, and expecting the same from me. I am able to quickly establish myself as not her next beta-orbiter, but it’s tiresome.

            I think my pump-and-dump behavior here is helpful for other guys following in my wake. You’re more likely to get an easy rebound fuck from one of my damaged conquests, than fucking a beta-pampered princess. You’re welcome 😉

            • jspill says:

              It’s an interesting way of looking at it. Most of my experience so far has been in Thailand which gets 10x the guys coming over, and I feel it’s still easy to separate yourself and they’re not an issue. Maybe in Philippines it’s different

              Yeah the point of p4p for me is to kill the time while I’m waiting 4 or 5 dates if necessary for a non p4p girl

              • Spirit maze says:

                I suspect you’re a guy who is happy with 1 or 2 non-p4p bangs a month. In my world, that is a sex famine. If I go 2 days without sex then I think my world has ended.

                You’ll always be happier than greedy sex addicts like me, because you’re happy with less. I get laid every day and still moan. But I recognize my lack of satisfaction and complacency is precisely what keeps getting me a huge rate of notches. I have a drive to fuck women that is, from I have thus far seen, unmatched. I fuck women in industrial quantities and it is still NEVER enough.

                I am the white boogyman virgin destroyer that all Asian father’s fear.

              • Normal Nomad says:

                Are these girls virgins? Are we talking about the Philippines here? Because I’ve fucked 4 virgins unwittingly here, all but 1 on the first date!

                I cannot imagine regularly waiting more than 1 date to fuck a Filippina, especially if I just want the ass and not a relationship. What’s the point?

                Hell even in BKK I don’t bother with girls who won’t put out on the first date. Are they all 9’s? Nope. But I don’t give a shit, I’ll fuck a five new 7s a week vs one 9 every two everytime.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  We have the same mind, Normal Nomad. You seem to be one of the only other guys who takes a sensible and realistic approach to the Philippines.

                  Like you, I am astounded by the attitudes of mediocre filipinas in Manila. It is definitely a result of beta orbiting and pampering and it wasn’t learnt in a book, as you say.

                  Guys like you and me will keep getting laid easily here. The problem with the easy lays is, when you suddenly encounter a beta-pampered filipina princess, the difference in attitude is staggering. I am encountering these princesses more and more between my easy lays, and I figured it was worth mentioning on Nomad Philippines. It seems you and me are the only guys actually getting laid in Manila, and therefore we are the only guys qualified to comment on this issue.

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  I agree with have the same philosophy/point of view, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near the “we’re the only ones getting laid/qualified to discuss” mentality.

                  There are a TON of guys in Manila getting laid with non p4p. Many of them are probably banging hotter girls on average than myself, and thats fine.

                  My mentality is get the most sex for the least effort and least money and energy. That means meeting girls online and doing as many “0 date bangs” as possible.

                  I also don’t put up with flakiness or rude behavior. At all. If a girl flakes, or acts disrespectful, “NEXT!”. I don’t care whether I’ve banged her already or not. This is the PHILIPPINES, not the USA. Young, decent looking white guys are in FAR higher demand than young decent looking Pinays here. I’m not going to put up with bullshit. There’s just no reason to since there are so many girls offering the same wares for cheaper. When I can have a SWEET, KIND Pinay who will travel to me and give sex with no bullshit, why would I put up with an entitled one who wants me to go to her? Fuck that.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  I don’t mean we are the only guys getting laid in the Philippines, I meant commenters on this blog. I’m not seeing many other commenters here who appear to be having much success beyond your average 1 sympathy beta lay a month.

                  I’m with you on not indulging snarky behavior from Filipinas. Filipinas should never be rewarded for non-compliance. I was with a Filipinas today and I told her to address me as ‘Mr. King Dick.’ She complied and that’s the type of Filipina that makes my heart melt.

  9. Akog says:

    Lips are fake.

    And damn that bitch additude wow. I honestly won’t not even try buy her a drink. Looks are nice and I’m not saying she is not a 10 in my eyes she is she is a solid 10. But damn she acts like any girl i find here in states i can’t deal with that not even for a minute.

  10. kick2dante says:

    9 but in person could be better can never tell with asians in pics

    why do you hate boobs, hard to be a 10 without them

  11. Midgets of Wall street says:

    She’s a midget. Midgets are relegated to the 7 and below. Her insecurity bleeds through for some good rough sex and dump.

    Seriously I have seen plenty of girls hotter then her daily. Good troll hustle though.

    • jspill says:

      Where do you hangout daily? 🙂

      • Midgets of Wall street says:

        SM Aura / BGC High Street were my favorite spots. But Tinder is a gold mine if your well put. Just gotta swipe 10 nos for every yes. There are some legitimate hotties but your not gonna match unless your already pulling decent caliber in the 1st world.

    • Normal Nomad says:

      Guys like this crack me up. Post photo of a hot 9.

      “Girl is ugly. To short/boobs not DDD’s/Too much makeup/has a birth mark on her left foot/etc.”


      These people are the OPPOSITE of what you post, and probably even worst. They KNOW the girl is hot (just like you and I do) but because they can’t access this caliber of pussy, the go the opposite route and say “oh she’s ugly WNB”. (For the record, I’m not banging girls this hot either)

      Hot girls are hot girls, height really doesn’t matter. I mean, if a girl is a GIANT, yeah, I don’t really find that attractive. And likewise, actual MIDGETS (Defined as those whose height are less than 4 feet 10 inches (58 in; 147 cm). However, this girl is neither.

      BOTH points of view are unhealthy and unrealistic. Let’s be frank: This girl is VERY attractive. However, her looks don’t place her at the level of ignoring her flaws (her shit literally still stinks, as does her ass and farts…

      That’s what I’m trying to say.

      • jspill says:

        The post was just about whether she’s a hot model or not though, it’s not like I met her and now plan to marry her or hand her my life savings, all her many flaws were irrelevant in a post about her looks. If anything I’m degrading her with the tone I took, focusing on her ass, negging the make up / nose / hair / possible surgery, using elbow and fart memes etc. A girl reading this post (and whole site) would think I’m terrible, the opposite of ‘elevating her’. I even call Filipina girls psychos.

        Making a mountain of a molehill here.

      • thibault says:

        (not gonna jump on the topic of hotness, so pointless as its the ultimate subjective view, i mean , numbers? scale? good lord, this is an anglosaxon thing to do to give numvers to rhing that cznt mesure, like IQ. worldwide they woyld pass for idiots if they did not dominate)
        you give a precise definition, wuth numvers, of midgets. i thi k thats beyond preposterous. especially as the numberf is very high. for me actual midgets are peiple suffering from an hormonal illness that reduce growth, affects their bone structure. this aint a number. SEA is full of short chicks that are defnitely well proportioned( is it a word?) and still below 147. they aint medical midgets, are deginitely bangable, and i m pretty sure its much more interesting than oversized girls. i mean, you are there to shake her, not the opposite. i want to be ablz to lift her ( beware, good way to break your dick btw). i even seek them actively and it gives me an edge, they are more discreet so get less attention in a crowd ( night game). but they definiitely arouse men, dont think there s no competition once men find them. ultimate proif that this height thing is a bullshitc and not a real attractiveness factor. just a bullkshit promoted by pedowood to make us pedestalize “strong independent women”

        • jspill says:

          I love little spinners under 150cm, can throw them around, bang them upside down standing up

          • thibault says:

            just one limit: like all women they love tall guys, this on the contrary is universal. no love for us ” midgets”( less than 175, 5″9′) cries cries . at least in SEA we aint shorter than locals.

  12. Midgets of Wall street says:

    So many bitter posters or manlets. Must be banging pretty subpar women if they are all defensive over some internet wannabe model troll. Not to mention any native woman has dark skin, which is instant minus points for me.

    A 7 is still quite hot in the Phils and I’m sure I’d give chase if I saw her. But wouldn’t be fucking be thirsty like some of you guys.

    Honestly you can see similar girls after a few minutes on tinder. Just gotta weed through the trash that’s on there, I’d say average there is 3-4.

    It’s obvious she wants to be a model but she’s a hot spinner / midget at best, dime in a dozen. Certainly no 9. I have banged similar looking girls but wouldn’t call it the highlight of my banging career. Just another good day in the Phils.

  13. Midgets of Wall street says:

    Also for future reference a better way to gauge is look at the all those rich local fuckers with their trophy wife / sponsored girlfriend (real 9s). You know exactly the type I’m talking about. Look at their arm candy, and think would they ever be bothered to have this girl as their trophy girlfriend.

    Best I can see her do is marry some beta rich white guy with yellow fever. But most top tier men prefer girls who don’t look like they could be their arm rest. They’d probably bang her on the side till their bored of her and throw her off to the next guy. Guaranteed Alpha Widow.

    Lets be real guys, who here actually had a serious relationship with a girl under 150 cm. We don’t want midget children.

    Self hate always seems to be prevalent among girls who feel “left out” of the club in any society.

    • jspill says:

      *Raises hand* didn’t ever intend to have kids though 😀

      • thibault says:

        in fact maybe its the problem. you dont havevthe same requirements oncz you thinkbof her as the morher if your children. any skank can gzt a goid fucking from a guy that jusr want to empty its liquid tanks, but real relationship commitment? plus, whem you sure you dobt want chikdren, how can one see women as anything else than an advanced inflatable doll? but chosing a sex toy and a reoroductive matrix for the future if your genes is not the same. my friend lkes only tatooed drug addicts anorexic party tramps, woulld he marry such trash? that s what women , and men too but its not as important for them, will never understand. and thats why you cant trust someone who diesnt want kid to take decusuons that are important foir the future. they live in that “no future” pernanent present time. eg macron, merkel…

  14. Jasper Laguitao says:

    I suggest you view Loren Burgos
    I jack off 10 times a day just looking at her photos

  15. -Cam says:

    Wow the comment section is getting rowdy as of late. Everyone needs to chill out. Poosy Paradise is just a marketing ploy. There is no such thing as paradise. The closest thing there is to Poosy Paradise is for celebrities who have girls throwing themselves at them, but even that has its downsides. The real core of the idea is that Poosy Paradises are places that feel like paradise compared to the western countries that most of us are used. SEA is always going to better than the west. Maybe it won’t be as good as before, but like Jspill said as long as you improve yourself enough to stay in the top 20% of men in the area you’ll be fine. Being in the top 20% of SEA is not hard. Arguably being white puts you in the top 20% already, if not its pretty close. So everyone needs to chill out. Maybe shit has been easier before, but your bitching isn’t going to stop any of the changes that are happening. Plus, it is still great. So chill out and take the wisdom of legend Zyzz (who overdosed in Thailand IRC) once said “We’re all going to make it brah”

  16. puaabroad says:

    Wow smokeshow, seriously hot.

    Making me jealous being back in the West for a while where i haven’t seen a thin girl since i touched down in London last week…

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