Prices of Barfines in the Philippines

Barfines in the Philippines can be bit confusing and vary in price (see below for Angeles, Cebu and Manila).

Interestingly the first Google hit for barfine / bar fine pertains to the Philippines. From Urban dictionary, it’s the money paid to a bar to take a girl out or home with you, as compensation for them not being there to work, waitressing or dancing. This avoids the legality issue of prostitution:

bar fine

Some bars call it an ‘early work release’ instead of a barfine to keep it even more ambiguous. Everyone knows it’s usually for the purpose of sex, but that part of the transaction (the tip) is behind closed doors.

Officially you’re only paying to take them out of the bar – for some guys that’s all they want, just some company for dinner and no sex, but the barfine is required either way.

Many girls will be happy to stay with you overnight (‘long time’) and leave in the morning, but confirm that beforehand.

How Barfines in the Philippines Work

Barfine Pricing

It is up to the girl if she will go with you or not, most will as long as she thinks you are safe.  The cost of barfines in the Philippines varies from place to place.  The cheapest are around 1200 pesos ($26), while the most might be around 4,000 ($88).

In Angeles and Manila you will usually be expected to pay a tip (the cost of sex) on top of the barfine, and how much to tip is up to you and the girl.  Some girls may negotiate this up front, but most won’t. Might range from 300 ($7) to 5000 ($110) depending on the city, time spent together (e.g. a whole 24 hours in Manila, at the high end), and how generous you feel.

In Cebu in some bars the girl keeps the whole barfine, and no tip is required as the cost of sex is included in a larger barfine (3000 – 4000). As said barfines can be really confusing.

In Angeles the girls keep a bit under half of the barfine, and all of the tip. In Manila often the bar keeps 100% of the barfine, and the tip is larger.

So working girls in the Philippines receive roughly $20 – $100 for everything, varying by by bar and area.

Barfines in Angeles

Angeles barfines mostly range from around 1500 – 3000 pesos, cheaper at Perimeter bars (e.g. Ice Bar is 1500, Blue Sapphire 1800), more on Fields Avenue (e.g. Club Atlantis 3000, Monsoon 2500).

Jspill recently wrote a full list of the Angeles walking street gogos and their barfine rates. No tip is necessary after the barfine.

With a ‘freelancer‘ met outside the bars, e.g. at HISO disco on walking street, there’s no barfine as they work for themselves. They charge 1000 pesos short time or a bit higher if they’re hot and think they can get more.

With freelancers you pay after sex, not up front. Most of the ‘massage girls’ that hand out cards on Fields will be up for sex too, for 1000 upwards. Some just do handjobs.

Often you also have to pay 500 ‘for the company’, i.e. the one-hour massage fee, regardless of whether you got a massage or not.

Some quote 2500-3000 for sex, knowing some guys will think well that’s the same as a barfine I might as well pay that. If you get their number though and walk off they’ll often text you offering a lower rate, plus 500 for the company.

barfines in the philippines cebu

Barfines in Manila

Somewhere like Burgos Street or EDSA in Manila they will expect a much higher tip and will be more likely to negotiate that before you go.  Most ask for a 3000 tip (e.g. at Kojax or Hotspot on Burgos), on top of a 2900 barfine (plus they want you buy the girl two lady drinks at 300 each before barfining, or pay 3500, but they’ll probably cave in if you protest).

The north end of P. Burgos charges 3900 barfine for some reason, e.g. Ringside bar. Also Enchanted bar two doors down.

In Manila the bars get the majority or all of the barfine (I’ve had different girls say they keep none, 200, or 900) and that’s why the tips are expected to be so much more.  Since the prices are higher with those girls you should make sure you’re clear on whether she’ll stay short time or long time, and what you’d like to do together. Some will want to leave after 1-3 hours, some will stay well into the next day hoping you’ll like them and barfine them again. It varies a lot.

Sometimes if a Burgos gogo girl likes you and / or you buy her some lady drinks, she’ll be ok with 2000 – 2500 instead of 3000. And then after the first time, that could drop even more.

In the EDSA complex in Pasay all 7 bars in the plaza have a 1950 barfine, then tips start from 2500 up depending on the girl and short time / long time. More on EDSA barfines here.

Some KTVs (karaoke bars) like Apeiro quoted me an 8000 peso barfine but no tip on top. More on KTVs here.

You can also try freelancer bars where there is no barfine, it’s just a normal bar hookers hang out at. For example LA Cafe and Cafe Havana. But the girls are lower quality.

Barfines in Cebu

The girly bars a short walk East of Mango Square typically ask for a 3000 – 4000 barfine, however in my experience it’s paid to the girl, not the bar, and they keep all of it.

Then no tip was required on top of that. Some girls would stay overnight, some short time, for the same price, so it’s not an exact science. When asking the mamasans in the bars they’ll usually reply ‘up to the girl’ and they’re reluctant to make the transaction obvious.

Sometimes the 3-4k is paid in the bar, sometimes in your room afterwards. Sometimes the girl walks out of the bar with you, sometimes they leave by a back exit and a security guard comes into the bar to give you the nod, then you’re quietly ushered into a taxi waiting out front.

The largest barfine I was quoted in Cebu was 5000 in Volvo but that quickly dropped to 4500 when I said it’s expensive, and probably could have negotiated further. More on Cebu barfines here.

Overall barfines in the Philippines are a lot less clear cut than Thailand – barfines in Bangkok Gogo bars are smaller (around 700 Baht), always paid in the bar, the girls always receive a cut from that, and an additional tip for sex is always required (around 2000 Baht short-time or 3000 Baht long-time).

Before You Go

When talking with the girl before you leave the bar and pay the barfine you should let her know what you will be wanting to do that evening.  If you want to do multiple rounds you should make sure that is ok.  You should also set a time that you expect her to stay with you until.

If you want any kinky stuff ask about that as well.  Some girls may not like to give bjs, and of course most won’t want to do anal.  Try to let her know what you are expecting so she can tell you she won’t do something and you can find another girl.

It’ll be awkward, just try to keep the mood as light as you can. Last thing you want to do is be expecting 3 rounds and have the girl be expecting 1 and then get into that awkwardness later.

That may happen anyways, it’s not that uncommon for a girl to try and pretend like she has some emergency after the first round.  Just remind her that you had agreed that she stay until a certain time and she likely will.

As pictured above sometimes I try to get girls’ numbers to meet them outside the bar, to avoid the barfine and have them end up getting paid more. Win win.

Lady Drinks

Some bars insist on you buying two lady drinks before you can barfine, if you hold your ground though they won’t refuse you though as they want the money and are keeping most of it. You paying the barfine is much more profitable for them than you just drinking solo and not having a girl sit with you, unless they can guarantee another customer will give in to their pushiness for lady drinks on top of the barfine.

Girls keep around 60 pesos for every lady drink you buy (of 180-400 pesos). If you really like the girl, don’t want her to get drunk, and hate a particular bar, you can tell her you’ll give her the cost of the lady drink.

I usually do buy one though as it feels a bit awkward otherwise, and gives the girl a chance to warm up to you while you get to know each other.

In some places you can opt to choose a ‘single’ or ‘double’ lady drink, the former being cheaper. Certain cocktails can also be expensive – if you don’t want to be surprised by a 400 peso Margarita, ask first.


Overall I think the bars are a waste of money. Freelancers (prostitutes not attached to a bar at the time) are everywhere, cheaper, and I don’t like paying a bar for doing basically nothing and taking a large cut of the girl’s money. Some bars fine girls large sums for any absences, and pay them basically slave wages of 50 – 120 pesos on the days they do turn up. Pushy mamasans and being short-changed on the bill are also not uncommon.

However if you are only on a short trip, or have money to burn then the bars can be worthwhile. As a repeat visitor you should expect to start getting some small discounts on the barfine too.

I paid a barfine in the Philippines once in my first week after arriving, then switched to mostly freelancers. Later still I just switched to mostly using dating sites like FilipinoCupid, Pinalove and AsianDating, especially outside Angeles.

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  1. I88888I says:

    in manila i did 2.6k barfine and 3k for her

  2. kick2dante says:

    where at? there are hundreds (thousands?) of bars in manila, couldnt really cover em all i just know burgos is a rip off and edsa is becoming the same

  3. BubbaJoe says:

    You say you are paying a bar fine when the bars do nothing. You could not be further from actual facts.

    I have been to the Philippines so many times I’ve lost count and the bar fines are totally worth it for the following reasons:
    1. It’s a hassle free environment. You sit and chat with a girl for a while (try to remember these are people not just fuck machines or animated sex dolls) and while you are chatting this is a good time to feel the girl out to see if she’s going to be what you are looking for. It’s not a problem to go to another girl if you’re not into the one your chatting with. This helps ensure that you are far less likely to have problems once you get back to your hotel.

    2. The bars are far safer than the streetwalkers for a multitude of reasons. First off, getting work at a bar is a good gig for the girls because it means they have other people to watch their back. The creepers and freaks avoid these places due to all the attention they get, and that attention is a bit of a safety net for the girls. Second, to keep their job in the bar they are required to submit to WEEKLY health exams. If they fail they are instantly fired AND the bar will alert all the other ones in town that the girl failed her health check. This means she has lost out on massive income.

    3. The bar system also helps cover you as far as getting what you want. You take a girl back to your place, she’s really bitchy, whiny and non-compliant with most everything. You just return to the bar WITH HER and you tell the mamasan all about the experience. Make a fuss and tell them you’ll be sure to tell everybody you meet about the terrible service. They will almost always set you up with another girl at a discount (which comes out of the problem girl’s pocket) and this one will be one of their most compliant girls on site. Try complaining to a pimp about your streetwalker and for a true freelancer you can just cry about bad service in your shower as you masturbate once she is gone.

    4. Johnny Law. By this of course I mean the cops. Prostitution, despite it’s open availability, is 100% illegal in the Philippines. The authorities love to bust tourists and fleece them of easy cash when the illusion is not respected. In Angeles, about 1 in 8 “streetwalkers” are working with the cops to bust tourists. They get paid well for it without having to actually fuck anyone. The bars are tolerated because they give the illusion of casual sex hookups instead of prostitution. The illegal act isn’t being flaunted in public the no one is openly thumbing their noses at the law in plain site, so the institution is allowed. Also, they cops get a bit of a cut from the bars so when you use a streetwalker you’re helping lighten the pockets of the police. Is saving a few hundred pesos really worth spitting in the eye of such a system?

    It can seem really confusing as to what you are paying a bar fine for, but just take 4 seconds and do a little research and you will see that the bars are in fact doing quite a lot for you and the fine system is a good setup for all involved.

    • jack says:

      You are spot on. The best way I found to keep out of trouble is to hire an off-duty cop as a bodyguard. You pay him 300 pesos and he will be happy to watch your back, he is also armed and knows the riff raff. His friends in the police force will of course, leave you alone. The only way to get in trouble is to try to game their system. I lived in the Philippines for 7 years so I know. There also is streetwalkers who are underage. They will get you in a hotel room then call the police. You do not want to pay your way ouf to that one because it is expensive.

  4. kick2dante says:

    1. it’s not a hassle free environment, the waitresses are like vultures hounding you about ladies drinks and double ladies drinks from the moment you walk in the door

    2. i have been with 100+ ‘freelancers’ and like 300+ occasions, i take them directly to my own home, i let them text….. i have had zero problems outside of maybe $10 total being stolen (and that was going to be money used to pay them, so they stole their own money lol) everyone knows the health checks are pretty lol…. they will catch a herpes outbreak….. but so would I

    3. you pay freelancers after the fact, if they don’t perform they dont get paid, and read any sexpat board and you will hear about countless bargirls having an ’emergency’ after the first round….. the term runner is more for bar girls than for freelancers

    4. you probably have a higher chance of getting arrested in one of the many raids in angeles (still unlikely to get arrested) than you do from going with a freelancer…….. and if you get caught in a freelancer set up you pay $200 and you are out of it……. over 3 years I have saved probably 5k by not paying barfines, a $200 ‘fine’ from a freelancer every few years is a bit cheaper than 5k

  5. jspill says:

    where’s your bar bubbajoe seems to be well run 🙂

  6. In Angeles City the women get half of the bar fine and so no tip is expected. They might ask for one but that’s bad form and no veterans would stand for that, let alone Korean or Japanese guys who never tip anyone anywhere for anything.

    In Manila they don’t get any of the bar fine so a tip is expected. The standard is 1500 pesos and up. With higher bar fines and an expected tip obviously Manila is the more expensive option.

  7. kick2dante says:

    lol @ no tip in Angeles, you probably don’t tip after a massage either

  8. tony says:

    whats the go if i want to take a bar girl island hopping with me for say 10 days or so , what costs am i up for

  9. kick2dante says:

    i believe you would technically ‘have’ to pay a barfine every day

    though if i were going to try such a thing i would certainly be negotiating with the girl and not the bar…. maybe she just has to ‘go home to the province’ at the same time you are going island hopping (insert wink emoticon)

  10. Bags says:

    I’m planning a trip to the Philippines for March 2016. I heard it’s not a good time to visit there during the Easter holidays. Keeping in mind this will be a pleasure vacation for me and some friends, does anyone know why it might be a bad time to go?

  11. Marc says:

    You are engaging in prostitution which is illegal in that country. If you need a prostitute why not just do to Nevada?

  12. jspill says:

    Isn’t enforced in reality and they skirt around it by the transaction being a payment to get the bargirl off work, i.e. a ‘fine’ for her being out of the bar. Then what happens behind closed doors at your place is up to you and the girl.

  13. kick2dante says:

    prostitution is illegal in clark county

  14. Marc says:

    You folks should check out what happened to Doug Allen, Poughkeepsie NY.. He ran a tour to that place, and was convicted of promoting prostitution. Any person who is doing as you folks are, is guilty of promoting prostitution. The new law in the Philippines make it illegal for you to give any girl and money or compensation for her time in exchange for any type of sex…. even looking while the both of you please yourselves…. illegal…!

  15. Marc says:

    He has been accused of saying because the girls there have licenses that is a license to do what they want. Not so. I can not track down what the license really is, my guess to make sure the girls are of age and healthy, but not sure. But not a license to bang. Why don’t you folks just get a lady in your area? Why go all that way for a bang or what ever?

  16. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the comment mark, i will scratch my ‘kick2dante tours’ idea and have to come up with something else to replace it

  17. Brockstar says:

    As far as barfines go in AC, the girls on Fields (some, but not all) go to the discos after their bars close. These girls, in most cases are glad to go home with a guy for a 1000P and I would go as far as to say that freebies aren’t out of the question either. Personally, I always ask them if they need money come morning and always give em a 1000. There have been a few times where I have met a looker on Perimeter in the early evening and met up with them at the disco (always High Society).

  18. kick2dante says:

    ya paying barfines is always a pretty big waste of money imo, but some guys just like the ease of the bars

    if you are a tourist it makes sense (or is at least more understandable) , if you live here it really is just overpaying when you have no need to

  19. jeff Brociek says:

    I am going to AC for 3 weeks in Feb.. I haven’t been their since 1978. I plan to retire there in 2 years, probably AC area the first year. I mostly appreciate the freelance to bargirl comparisons. I was hoping to be with the same girl for at least half the trip. Any comments about that will be helpful. I will be getting there 4 hours before the superbowl starts. I am sure it will be televised. Thanks

  20. kick2dante says:

    yes you will be able to find the super bowl at many places around fields, that wont be a problem

    i guess just meet as many girls as you can when you first get there, and you will know when you find that right one that you want to spend the most time with, wont be hard at all

  21. Ahzek says:

    Figured i would ask the pros. In Sept i’m planning to head to the Philippines for a month on vacation. 1 of the stops i wanted to make and like most was to A/C. The goal is to stay there for a week or 2 and just have the best time i can. Dont mind blowing some cash here and there and dont mind paying bar fines just to make things easier and make a few dreams come true 😉 The only thing is i’ve been reading on some other sites/forums. That A/C is dead, and that there is no more bar fines or fun to have. That bars are being raided and shut down. Theres no more over night stays or gfe ( girlfriend experience) ect. So figured i would ask yall and see what yall think or any tips yall wouod give. Any help is always greatly appreciated! An glad there is such an awesome site like this 1 out there!

  22. kick2dante says:

    don’t believe everything you read on the internet unless its on here 🙂

    there are still barfines, its just a tad more discreet, dont walk into a bar and loudly ask for a barfine and make a scene……. just sit with a girl you like and ask if she is able to do early release with you, if she says yes buy her a drink and let her know you want her to stay overnight with you and ask if thats ok, you should be able to figure out then if she is going to have a good attitude or not

    the raids are very few and very far between and when they do raid they are trying to get the bar in trouble not the customers so you dont really have anything to worry about in that regard

    no reason at all to skip your trip, just pick a girl that looks like she has a good attitude and be friendly to her and she will be friendly to you in return

  23. Ahzek says:

    Of course if its on the interweb it must be true 😉 hahaha. But yea i know what yea mean. Just gotta do a little double tap, specifically since its a ppace i never been. But thats why i come to yall. Better to ask people who live there then ” well on my last trip” haha. Thanks for the help man. And keep up the good work. Love the site.

  24. kick2dante says:

    thanks for the kind words, i was actually thinking if you are worried about a girl pulling a ‘runner’ (saying she will stay all night then trying to leave early) then try and pick out a more shy girl, not the one thats worked there a long time and has lots of confidence/knows the game

    should be pretty easy to tell the difference

  25. Sun tze says:

    I have been to AC many, basicaly is a very nice place to be, having fun,
    But on 1 occasion, 1 of my friend was scam, he barfine a lady, she say that she was over 18,
    So he took her to the hotel, 45 min later the police knock on his door, and says that she is underage, he has to buy his way out $45,000 PESO. I think you should have a list of bars in AC, that scam tourist, it happens very often
    Tourist just want to have a few beer,and some fun, tq
    Like ur forum, keep up the good work

  26. Has says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong Dante but tipping don’t seem to be a norm done by the local Philippines people….. To me it sounds like an American thing. I remember being told by my friends before I went America how waitresses are expected to be given tips….. Somthing that rarely happens in the UK.

    Might sound like a cheap Charlie but giving tips sounds kinda unnecessary to the bargirls especially as the locals don’t even give it to each other. Your opinion?

    • kick2dante says:

      in general you are right that there is not a tipping culture in asia, being american i may still tip a (very) small amount at a restaurant or to a taxi (meaning like 10-20 pesos)

      with a bar girl its different, you dont tip a freelancer, but if you pay a barfine the girl will likely be expecting a tip

      at burgos street in makati you are expected to tip a huge amount and this will be negotiated before hand, something like 2k-4k pesos, in angeles 500 is considered a pretty good tip

      i dont pay barfines so i am giving you what seems to be the general consensus from the guys on the sexpat boards like, there are some guys that say dont tip, the overwhelming majority say do tip and max it out at 500

  27. nomad says:

    are the prices/ setup similar in boracay?

  28. Canfre says:

    How to identify those freelancers dude? On the website all for “serious relationship”…….

  29. kick2dante says:

    dont waste time reading dating site profiles

    sexy pics are a good sign that she is freelancer, i always just ask to make it easier

    ‘i dont mean to be rude but if you meet a man from here do you ask him for money? i am not judging you but there are many girls on here that do that and i want to take care’

  30. Stevie says:

    Is it wise and or safe to go to sleep with a pinay in the hotel room ?

  31. Jay88 says:

    Dante, man you seem to be the go 2 guy bro can you help me out with something ? this question is opened to everyone else to. I’m planning on going to AC soon and never have been my question is for the freelancing women what would be the pay scale for both sexy & average looking?? From what I’m getting 1000 is more for average looking chicks & 1500 for hot??? how long is that for overnite? how many pops ??? is a bj always included ?? has anybody got anal with that, if not how much extra?? and what would a good ladyboy pay scale be to work with I would assume much lower like say 500 average looking 1000 hot (if that exist there)

  32. Jay88 says:

    is that right ?

  33. kick2dante says:

    there is never a set price in angeles it is all negotiable, most of the prices you mentioned seem about right but you never know

    just remember there are far more girls then guys, let the girl know what you want to happen before you go to the room and try and get her for a price you are ok with, if one won’t go for your price move on to the next until you find one that will, shouldnt be hard

  34. bhavdip says:

    hi kick2dante, i have read all your reply above.
    i am coming to manila in next month almost for a week as of my company meeting.
    my stay is at hotel New World Manila Bay
    1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar Manila, Philippines,

    can you suggest me a area near my hotel for a good freelancer girl to make fun at night,
    i is ok if she charges upto 2000 peso

    and please give some guidance how to approach her.

    and it seems that u have a lot of experience, so it will be best if u send me mob. no of these girls.

  35. kick2dante says:

    i can’t give out any mobile numbers sorry

    the best places to go for freelancers would be at manila bay cafe (be careful in this area late at night, but inside manila bay cafe is safe). or cafe havana in greenbelt mall, there are tons sitting around.

    or there will be many standing around on burgos street

    • jspill says:

      manila bay cafe has gone back to being called ‘LA Cafe’ now

      his hotel is actually 200 metres from LA Cafe, very nicely located for freelancers

      i was gonna put up an article soon about that place, check back to this blog soon

  36. kick2dante says:

    always manila bay cafe to me, bhadvip your staying in one of the few not safe areas in phils, definitely be cautious at night

  37. bipas5 says:

    what about amazonia?

  38. Ronald says:

    I DONT agree a bar is the best environment.
    First it is UP TO THE GIRL what she does for the barfine. She can prommis al she want but after one blow she can go away (happen me in Angeles). Remember you pay BEFORE she does anything. In the bar they are so nice and when you get them out they start to say this no good that no good (I like Pinoy foodstalls, they think all go to foreighners reastaurant eg) . And they have so manny regular clients, happened me often that they quickley finish their ladydrink and go on stage for a younger (or korean) costomer. I HATE BARS i only go there to get drunk if i have no girl!
    Second the weekly test is complete bulshit! You need to HAVE 6 MONTH NO SEX WITH OTHERS before a HIV test is fuly garanteed. so if you have a girl who had a good test result she can have HIV she got eg 2 month ago. The best test is to ask if she fuck without condom. If she does she does that with everybody so she is a safety risk. SO DREAM ON BOYS!
    The streetwalkers you pay AFTERWARDS and if you give them respect they do so much for you lik a girlfriend experience. They are already happy with 200P tip. They bring their friends next time to you so you have even more girlfriend experience. However I think in manila and Cebu and in Davao and in Cagayan de oro its all controlled by mamasans. Only in Angeles i get the real free experience. I always wear condom!

    NEVER TRUST WHAT A PINAY SAIS , do you realy think you are the first when she jumps the first day with you in bed. They all make up lies , they all live only for today, they all forget you if they find a better tomorrow. Or even worse, if they dont need money tomorrow (because you gave to much today) they dont come back at all!

  39. Ronald says:

    LA cafe and Amazonia and Gpoint are the wors i ever see.( i spent 3.5 year in the Philippines)
    I hink those freellancers or streetwalkers (they have NO BOND with the bar) are band in Angeles and now want 2000P from tourist who dont know better.
    Go to a karakoke bar 100 meter south of LA cafe (low black door) and you dont pay an idiot 120P for your beer but just 60P and just 180P for a ladyfrink and you have real fun!
    I think if you actual hate the Philippines and want to feel like in a western country (including older and to fat girls and beer at the price like at home) you go to LA cafe.

  40. sakis says:

    Hi guys my name is sakis and I want to informe me about the sex with freelancers in Angeles Philippines because I go the September I listen before for scum and police I think if is better to change my sextravel and go in vietnam is my first travel in asia I want any travel tips

  41. kick2dante says:

    angeles > vietnam for what you want, dont be scared of scams just be nice to the girls and you are unlikely to have any problems

  42. Marty_bet says:

    I have a few questions…..for the text game do you just take your US phone with you and give that number to girls? Or do you need a country code or prefixes etc? Or do I buy a phone there? And to get their number to text do I need codes or prefixes for their number? And also I am thinking either Cebu or Manila for my trip….are there UPSCALE hotels there for me to stay in with larger rooms like suites and are there safes in rooms like that there? Thanks in advance for the help

    • jspill says:

      Buy a philippines sim card from the airport when you land, there are booths set up for that in arrivals, it’s quick and easy they insert it into your phone and get it set up. Then no need to input the country code with girls. You can still keep your US number for Whatsapp / Viber to stay in touch with friends and then add the country code to the girl’s number (replace the first 0 with +63) if girls use those. But most girls communicate in texts.

      Plenty of upscale hotels, filter Agoda to show 5 star results first –

    • kick2dante says:

      buy a local sim card, if you are going to be there for awhile the smart mega 250 package is the best (imo)

      buy a smart sim, put it in your phone, buy 250 pesos worth of ‘load’ then text ‘mega 250’ to the number 2477

  43. Rambo says:

    Anyone know what the girlie bar scene in davao is like?

  44. Mark says:

    I have been living in the Philippines since I retired in 1999. Its not for everyone but I ain’t complaining. The gals treat you well and I have a lot of fun. Be respectful to all and you’ll have very few problems. Meeting girls is easy. I party like a rock star and wake up every morning with a smile on my face. The BEST place to meet girls if you act right are the malls. I pass out a “calling card” with my name and cellphone number. I’m 57 and take care of myself. I receive about a 35% call back from the cards I hand out to both workers at the mall as well shoppers/freelancers. C’mon over and have fun. I’ll die here but its better the a nursing home in OZ.

  45. Castinstone says:

    Hi guys. Let me add my experiences to those above. I spent 9 months in AC over the last 2 years and I will go again in the winter.
    1. Koreans dominate many of the bars. They own many, also, and most of the restaurants on Fields are Korean. They are generally uncouth and ignorant.
    2.There are very few freelancers on Fields but there are plenty of faggots. Some of the bars have them dancing on the stage.
    3. The Koreans always seem to pull the best looking girls. While you are thinking about that cute little girlie on stage she is barfined by a Korean.
    4. I agree about the medicals that the girls have. Not comprehensive enough.
    5. Don’t tip the waitresses.
    6. The girls are not to be trusted or believed.
    7. The girls in High Society are not up to much.
    8. Guys, don’t be upset but look in the mirror. If you are a fat, ugly old git not many girls will go out with you.

  46. Roxx says:

    I’ll add some thoughts.

    So far I’ve had 2 above average skinny ex bar girls from High Society. They both only wanted to stay short time. I only pay 1k. I’m told Koreans are popular because they pay 3k, last 3 minutes and are only 3 inches, who knows but they are aholes. Also the girls watch korean soap operas. Overall Koreans are fugly as hell and the old ones are down right pitiful but i see the girls interact with these idiots all the time.

    btw, most of the restaurants on Fields are NOT korean owned and they do own a few bars on walking street.

    I’ve ask many girls in the bar and all they’re looking for is an exit with someone who will support them. Looks or whatever isn’t an issue.

  47. kick2dante says:

    we here at NP don’t hate koreans 😛

  48. Maanav says:

    Which Bars in Manila have the hottest girls

  49. Christopher M Contreras says:

    When I lived in Cebu, I tried to stay out of the bars… The regular girls fuck too… BE respectful a decent meal and some cloths….. Done deal…. Make sure she’s clean… No condom if you want to roll the dice😃😃… If she has cute friends you can tuck them all…. on different nights of course…. Sisters cousins or a cute aunt if your lucky?

  50. Christopher M Contreras says:

    Hope to go back soon! The Thai girls are too professional… Except the province girls

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