Getting a HIV Test In Bangkok

Bangkok HIV test

For a 200 baht ($6), anonymous, 60 min HIV test in Bangkok head to Silom MRT or Ratchadamri BTS station, then it’s a 5 min walk to the Thai Red Cross clinic, no appointment required.

I wasn’t that worried as it’s difficult to get HIV from heterosexual sex, something like 1 in 1000 – 2000 odds of female to male transmission, if the girl is HIV positive, per unprotected exposure (no condom).

However I’ve slept with around 500 girls, mostly bareback and sex workers from around Southeast Asia. Thais, Filipinas, Indonesians, Viets, a handful from Cambodia / China / Africa. A few anal.

No ladyboys or sharing needles with drug users, which is where most AIDS happens, but counting the times I repeated girls the number of unprotected exposures with prostitutes is in the thousands.

The presence of other STDs can increase the odds of HIV transmission too. Chlamydia is fairly common, I’ve had that and most guys I know have too.

There’s also Syphilis and Hepatitis B, which you can catch and sometimes not have any symptoms. I also tested for those at the Thai Red Cross clinic. Total cost 800 baht, plus 20 baht paperwork fee.

I tested negative for HIV, Hep B, and Syphilis

Thai Red Cross Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday 7.30am – 3pm

It’s best to go early in the morning as the queues can get long and there’s a long lunch break in the middle of the day, if you hit that you’ll be waiting for longer than one hour.

It’s next to Bangkok’s largest green space Lumpini Park, you can walk around that for 60 mins while you wait for the results, there’s a 50 baht outdoor gym, or Patpong market is 15 mins walk.

At 10am the blowjob bar Star of Light on Patpong Soi 2 opens, you could quickly get a BJ there.

Star of Light Blowjob bar

4th Generation HIV Test

The Thai Red Cross test is a CMIA 4th generation blood test, which has the shortest window period. Doctors’ opinions vary but it’s said to be able to detect HIV within 2 weeks, or certainly within 6 weeks.

At any rate, a much shorter window period than the usual 3 months for HIV testing.

The syphilis and hep B is also a blood test, the same sample, you get one injection.

Lumpini park gym, free for Thais, 50 baht for foreigners

How it Works

As you walk you get a ticket from the machine by the door, wait for your number to be called to go over to a computer. There you enter your initials, you can make up fake ones if you want.

Then you select what STD tests you want, as well as the HIV test you can get tested for Syphilis, Hep B, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, anal cancer, and you can buy PrEp drugs for 630 baht / month.

You then enter your number into the computer, sit back down, and when your number is called again walk upstairs and to the left where the injection happens.

An hour later you come back and walk upstairs to the right, where your number gets called to receive the test results privately in an office.

Home HIV Test

If you don’t like injections or want to test a girl before you sleep with her, Oraquick home HIV test kits are FDA approved and you can order on Amazon.

Oraquick HIV test

42 Responses

  1. Dace says:

    Congrats bro

    • IvanPUAhasASmallPenis says:

      As a heterosexual, catching HIV should be the least of your worries.

      Can I just remind everybody that HIV can ONLY be transmitted through blood to blood or semen/vaginal fluid to blood.

      The reason there are incredibly low transmission rates of HIV in the straight world is because a vagina is designed to be fucked by a penis and will not spontaneously rupture and start bleeding like an anus.

      And even if it did you would need an open wound on your own penis for transmission to occur.

      The reason transmission rates are so high among gays and 3rd world countries is because of ANAL SEX (gays for pleasure/3rd world countries for contraceptive reason – they rarely have access to The Pill and condoms are expensive if you’r earning $1 a day)

      And anus often burst and bleeds when being fucked and even in the gay world it’s known that the “socket” is at far higher risk of catching HIV that the “plug.

      The chances of a girl from even contracting AIDS from vaginal sex is virtually zero.

      The point is if you’re not being bareback fucked in the arse by another man or using shared needles your odds of getting HIV and not even worth thinking about…


      Whore mongers should be FAR MORE concerned about these super strains of gonorrhea , syphilis that are now antibiotic resistant.

      These can even be caught through bareback blowjobs and going down on a whore (why you’d even lick a whore’s cunt out is another question)

      These super strains of VD are becoming increasingly prevalent in the West and will eventually move East soon.

      Be careful out there and ,if you have normal vaginal sex, stop worrying about HIV…it ain’t ever going to happen.

      • Guy says:

        Yup, but too much propaganda in the 80’s and 90’s that still hasn’t been (and will never be, thanks to the LGBTQFAG lobbists) corrected will mean 80% of straights still fear this more than any other STD. Honestly Herpes and Hep B are the average guys biggest probable STD issues, followed by the super Gonnareha and Syphilis.

      • MongerMan says:

        This is all good info! As a nasty whore monger myself I have eaten a whores pussy in a filthy panamanian whore house which was fucking amazing. Not something I do often though. 100% disease free here.

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    Glad to hear your tests went good.

    Do you think you’ll check out Latin America or Eastern Europe in depth (and travel blog about it)?

    Is Dante posting here anymore or is he done working with this site?

  3. RealGuy says:

    I hate to break it to you but youve got full blown aids bro. The test is fake. But Ive got this miracle cure only 10k baht.

  4. flying_postman says:

    Hi, I’m currently planning for a 12 day trip to Thailand next year, regarding going bareback, do you have to negotiate that before hand in the bar/gogo or does she just “rolls with it” in the moment?
    Money is not a problem so I wouldn’t mind paying extra for bareback, and thanks for the oraquick suggestion I’ll definitely stock up on that for my trip.

    • jspill says:

      Roll with it in the moment, sometimes they mention a condom (to ‘save face’) or even get one out then still don’t use it. Many don’t like condoms but they care about their image, they don’t want to look dirty. So asking about it in advance is usually a bad idea, just do it in the moment.

      Then usually it just goes ahead and they act like condoms don’t exist, or at some point they remind you to finish outside, for some girls only pregnancy exists but STDs don’t. So you can just assure them that you’ll finish outside and they’re ok with it.

      Maybe they’ll playfully scold you afterwards ‘oh why didn’t you use a condom’, again to save face, but then let you bareback again if you see them again. Usually they just won’t say anything though, they’re used to barebacking with Thai guys.

      Usually it’s the same price but a few times I’ve been asked for ~1000 extra to not use a condom.

      It helps a lot if they like you, see you as a potential repeat customer, and you look ‘clean’ in appearance, shower, good grooming, clean room, etc. And if you go down on her. Give her the whole BFE. Usually I’ll do DATY for a bit, flip her over onto her stomach, rimjob for a bit, then slip it in to start off in prone bone position.

      Or if you know that you’re going to bang a girl several times, she seems into you and happy to stay over long time, you can use a condom the first time, then bareback after that.

      • flying_postman says:

        “Usually they just won’t say anything though, they’re used to barebacking with Thai guys.”

        This is what concerns me though, I’ve been reading that their “thai boyfriends” back in the rural provenience’s are often engaged in riskier behavior i.e needle sharing, fucking BB in the low end whorehouses in the countryside where there’s a higher prevalence of HIV.

        Another Question I have is there any truth that some of the really attractive thai girls on the outside of some beerbars/gogos are there to attract customers only and cannot be barfined?


        • jspill says:

          Not as a general rule, no, I’ve barfined doorgirls before. Some dancers inside can’t be barfined, in a few bars, but it’s rare. Sometimes it’s more pricey to do so but they can go. ‘Coyotes’ they call them.

          The scammy ‘Arab bars’ (owned by some Arab guy) on Soi Cowboy have some coyotes that don’t go – Kiss, Sahara, Spice Girls, Deja Vu, Midnight and Rio, also more expensive drinks and known for padding the bill. Avoid those. And some will be standing outside, but it isnt exclusively a doorgirl thing.

          It’s doesn’t happen anywhere I like going (Billboard, Butterflies, Baccara, Crazy House, Baccara, Dollhouse, etc.) Except dollhouse has coyotes that are 1000 barfine instead of 700, but they still bang. Lighthouse charges 1200 and 700.

          Isn’t gonna happen in beer bars. There’ll be a % girls that don’t go, everywhere, but it’s not like places deliberately put those ones on the door to trick guys. Some are the ‘cashier’, many beer bars have one cashier girl.

          Girls not going is more common in Philippines, so called ‘cherry girls’.

    • Monger Man says:

      Just slip the rubber off when she ain’t looking. Called Stealthing..

  5. 8rysh says:

    Dude, your content is fucking fantastic.

    I rely on your information on 2+2, Instagram, and here, and it’s all gold. Just wanted to take the time to say thanks. Seriously.

  6. Jasper Laguitao says:

    No wonder you went MIA
    you got the scare
    Thank god
    Your negative. Back to the old sex cabins again hahaha

    Anyway , awaiting your future sexcapades

    I’m actually deciding if I should go to LA CAFE later or Native Spa

    Bro , just a question
    If you turn positive in Thailand
    What do they do to you ? Do they require you to register ?

    • jspill says:

      Since it’s all anonymous I assume they don’t require you to. They just give you the post exposure meds, arrange follow up tests in case it was a false positive, counselling etc. Don’t think they’d require you to register.

      I didn’t get the scare haha I’ve just been travelling a lot lately, been active over on IG.

      Never been to native spa, have you done full service there? Some say it’s only hj / bj?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great post jspill. Did you catch the herp yet? I caught it a while back 🙁

    • jspill says:

      Couple mates got it they say it’s no big deal, an outbreak once a year for a couple days, and nothing like you see on Google images. I’ll prob get it eventually

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why dont you do HPV test as well?

  9. Guy says:

    What’s a good place in Cebu City to get STD testing? I usually go to Chung Hua but damn they’re more expensive than the USA….which is crazy. I want a place that gives results within 72 hours and tests for everything. Tips are appreciated.

    • jspill says:

      Haven’t ever got an STD test in the Philippines before, maybe someone who reads this will know or try asking on Philippines addicts forum. I was put off doing it in the Philippines, Makati Medical Centre kinda gave my friend a false positive on a HIV test. Well they didn’t call him to give him the result (wasn’t a 1 day test), kept stalling when he called saying ‘wait Sir’, then finally saying ‘oh when the first test is positive the doctor has to send it for a 2nd test maybe that’s what happened’, just incompetent and he was worried for days. Finally he went elsewhere and tested negative.

  10. Heinrich Cu says:

    I have a skin abrasion that won’t heal . And it’s been almost 3 weeks . My gulay . It has pus too

    I think I have STD or hiv

  11. Alfred Dichaves says:

    You’ve been in the Philippines for a long time
    Have you seen the Gen Gabionza Scandal

    • jspill says:

      I haven’t but I Googled and it seems relevant to my interests! Thanks. Now to find a link that isn’t going to give me a virus… 😀

      ‘Gen Gabionza anal scandal

      Cute chinese-filipina nursing student from a prestigious Philippine University fucked anal. She is supposedly unaware that their sex video was leaked onto the internet by her “bf” after they broke up.’

      That’s what I read so far.

  12. Kendrick Sinfuego says:

    I might have HIV . BUt having Sex with prostitutes is so addicting

  13. Chris says:

    So I posted a similar comment in another post, just want to make sure readers are aware. I really do think that this blog has some awesome info, but this post is underplaying the risks of HIV. First of all, the risk is very real and doing bareback with pros or random one night stands is just asking for trouble. Those that got “lucky” should not be leading by example.

    Here are some interesting facts about HIV that are not too well known:
    -Those who have recently acquired HIV, are 26x more likely to transmit it (and if you add the presence of other STDs than the transmission # goes up even higher). This makes those unlikely numbers suddenly seem a lot more likely
    -Don’t discount the risk by looking at the country’s overall HIV rate as that includes everyone. If you engage in risky behavior, it means you are looking at much higher numbers for that riskier group (can be anywhere from 1.5x-10x higher than the general population)
    -Lastly, for those that are unaware, if you have a condom break or a high risk exposure (Anal, BB /w pro, etc), you’re able to take something called PEP within the first few days which if taken early enough is nearly 100% effective in preventing a possible HIV infection

    Please do not think you are immune and use your brains. Play safe boys.

    • NormalNomad says:

      98% of transmissions still occur from Anal sex with men and drug use.

      If you’re not banging dudes and you’re not injecting drugs your risks are pretty low.

      Pros obviously increase the risk, as do any category with significant #’s of partners, but it’s still lower than the fag fuckers.

  14. john doe says:

    this is a test

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