10 Types of Girls For Sex in Bangkok | Prices & Locations

Jailbirdz (now Butterflies) Gogo, Soi Nana

If you’re a single guy in Bangkok and want to have a good time with some Thai girls, here are 9 easy ways you can bust a nut and where to find them. Try them all and you can really call yourself a sexpat.

#1  Escort Girls

If you’re on holiday with a bit more cash to burn and short on time you can hire an escort girl. There are quite a few websites, Bangkok Escorts being the main one. Only the best girls got recruited by that agency. My mate gave a glowing review to a girl to one from there. He paid 5000 baht for the session though.

Luckily there’s a new site Smooci.com which has rates about half that. It combines all the agencies onto one platform and lets freelancers sign up. So far they have around 150 girls on their roster depending on the time of day you book and they’re planning to expand to Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur & Manila.

  • Cost – 2000 – 4000 baht short time ($70 – $100)

#2  Blowjob Bar Girls

This is one of the cheapest options and a good way to ease yourself into the Bangkok red light scene. You pick a girl, go up to a private room and get your knob sucked dry in a private room. Bareback blowjob and cum in mouth. For a tip they may take their top off and let you play with their tits. Some do full sex.

Kasalong Blowjob Bar, Soi 6

Go down Sukhumvit Soi 6, hang a left at the end and you’ll see Kasalong blowjob bar. A few metres around the corner to the left is Lolitas, another blowjob bar. Between the two you should find someone you like. Girls working in BJ bars don’t tend to be very pretty but they have some legit skills. A must-do experience.

  • Cost – 800 baht blowjob ($22) , optional tip 50 – 100. Sex 1300 – 1700
  • Kasalong on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Som’s Haven, Wood Bar, Afterskool, Star of Light

#3  Street Girls

This is also a cheap and easy option, just walk up to a freelance prostitute on the street, say hi and off you go to your hotel. Almost all Bangkok hotels are girl friendly or you can get an Airbnb condo. Or there are 300 baht short time hotels in the side alleys of Soi Nana (e.g. White Orchard Inn 2). The girls will know them.

Checking into short time hotel

Walk down Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Soi Nana) at night and you’ll see the Nana Hotel sign to your right, with girls standing in around in front of the car park. Next to Hooters. There are freelancers all up and down this street, but mostly they line up there. Many ladyboys on this soi, just ask their gender, they won’t get angry.

  • Cost – 1500 baht ($43) for sex
  • Here on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Sukhumvit Road, Lumpini park

#4  Gogo Girls

This is one of the more expensive options, but these are some of the hottest girls in Bangkok. A gogo is like a strip club, with poles, naked or near-naked dancing, lap dances, lady drinks, etc. The girls have numbers, tell the staff which number you want and she’ll come to your table once her time to dance is over.

Billboard Gogo, Nana Plaza

Go into Billboard top floor of Nana Plaza, I deal with the papasan ‘oo’ instead of the mamasans, tell him the girl I want, get her a lady drink and have a chat, if you like her pay the barfine to oo and take her back to my room. I usually don’t discuss the price and just hand the girls 2000 as they leave and most are fine with that.

  • Cost – 170 lady drink, 700 barfine, 2000 – 2500 sex (total $80 – $100)
  • Nana Plaza on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Baccara & Crazy House on Soi Cowboy (add 500 to cost of sex)

Hopefully over time more and more of these Gogo girls will sign up to Smooci. It could be game changer for the Bangkok red light scene if the app (when it comes out) really takes off – no barfines, the ability to search 100s of girls, make instant bookings, and GPS track them just like booking an Uber.

#5  Massage Girls

Try a Thai massage (no oil, stretches your body out), oil massage, naked body to body massage, or this nuru massage, and many more types. Ask outside if they have ‘special’ massage which means afterwards it leads to a happy ending, whether handjob, blowjob or full sex. Or ask to see the menu.

Inside a Soi 23 massage shop

For full sex head down Soi 23 past the entrance to Soi Cowboy. Just past the Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill are 3 massage shops on the right in a row, and one on the left. A couple more on the right too if you walk up a bit. You should girls standing outside with flyers. All of these places do full sex being right next to Cowboy.

  • Cost – 300 – 400 massage, 1500 – 2000 sex (total $50 – $70)
  • Here on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Soi 4, Soi 22, Soi 24, Soi 33 (nuru), alley between Soi 11 and Soi 13 by Villa Market

#6  Soapy Massage Girls

A soapy massage place is a large brothel where you can’t just get a massage even if you wanted to, you have to get full sex. Girls tend to be hotter but more expensive, and it includes a hot tub bath with the girls. You get a massage too but they aren’t really trained masseuses like in massage shops.

Addict massage, Soi 24

I like a new spot that’s opened up on Sukhumvit Soi 24 called Addict Massage, it’s easier to get to than making the trip up to Ratchada where the more Asian guy oriented soapies are (by Huay Khwang MRT). Addict has about 30 -40 girls, and has both soapy and non-soapy options.

  • Cost – Starts at 2000 baht for Thai massage + sex , more for soapy jacuzzi
  • Addict Massage on Google Maps
  • Other venues – The Lord, Emanuelle (Nataree girls have moved here), La Belle

#7  Beer Bar Girls

In a beer bar you just sit and chat to the barmaids, play pool, Connect 4, Jenga, etc. and buy them lady drinks, which cost more and girls make about 60 baht for every drink you buy them. Most (not all) can be taken home for sex, after you pay the bar a ‘barfine’ to compensate for their staff not working.

Playing pool in Queens Park Plaza

I like the Queen’s Park Plaza of beer bars on Sukhumvit Soi 22, although recently lady drinks have gone up to 200 which is a bit weird as most Gogos are cheaper. It’s pretty easy to get girls’ Line though and meet them outside work to avoid the barfine and buying too many drinks. A bit harder to do that in Gogo bars.

  • Cost – 500 barfine, 2000 sex
  • Queen’s Park Plaza on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Soi Nana, Twins on Soi 23

#8  Bar Freelancers

In some bars there isn’t a barfine, and you don’t need to buy lady drinks. Freelance prostitutes just hang out in the bars and guys know to go there and just walk up to the girls and pick them. The best example is the Thermae, . I wrote more in detail about it here.

Inside Thermae at 3 mins in, Nana street girls at the end

Thermae is in the basement underneath the Ruamchitt hotel, you can take a girl there for 2 hours short time as well as it being a normal 3 star hotel. Walk in and just grab a girl and go. Beers are cheap (100 baht). Watch out for the ladyboys outside.

  • Cost – 2500 baht short time
  • Thermae on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Soi 7 Beergarden, Spasso’s in the Grand Hyatt, LA Cafe in the Philippines

#9  Disco Girls

Same as bar freelancers, except in certain hooker discos. There’s no need to pay a barfine to the disco or buy them overpriced lady drinks, just approach these disco girls and they’ll make it quite clear if they’re interested in going home with you. They might approach you or make strong eye contact.

Insanity Nightclub, Soi 12

The highest % of hookers of any club would probably be Insanity on Sukhumvit Soi 11 (used to be Soi 12, now moved). Now that the club ‘Climax’ has closed.

Then there’s Mixx club in Chit Lom, which people tend to go to a bit later on (open til 5am). It has some Russian hookers as well as Thais. Taxis to Insanity and Mixx are free because the club pays the taxi driver a commission to take you.

While you’re on Soi 11 there’s also two other clubs, Levels and Sugar, which have some hookers, especially Levels.

  • Cost – 2000 sex (should be, but some disco girls try to overcharge)
  • Insanity on Google Maps
  • Other venues – for normal girls there are non-hooker clubs like Route 66 & Onyx (on RCA street), Ce La Vi (in Silom, formerly called Ku De Ta), Demo & Goldy (formerly Funky Villa), Thonglor clubs being the hardest to pull at (rich local Thais)

#10  Dating Site Girls

Online dating is huge in Bangkok so it pays to set up profiles at ThaiCupid and Thaifriendly. For $500 a month you can live in a high-rise apartment with a swimming pool or use Airbnb if you’re on a short holiday – send girls pics of the pool and invite them over. Or use Eatigo app to get discounts at restaurants.

Rooftop of Marriott Thong Lo

I like to take girls to the Marriott Thong Lo buffet with up to 50% off, then afterwards head to the rooftop sky bar ‘Octave’ which has a 360 degree view of the city and a DJ.

  • Cost – $30 dating site membership
  • Octave on Google Maps
  • Other venues – Moom Muum Park restaurant, 5th floor Terminal 21 mall

Bangkok Girls Hitlist

  • Kasalong / Lolitas, Soi Nana, Billboard, massages past Soi Cowboy, Addict massage, Queen’s park plaza, Thermae, Insanity. Also Som’s Haven, Baccara, Crazy house, Soi 33 massages, Soi 7 beergarden.

For more on Bangkok girls check out my list of tips for Thailand sexpats here.

19 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    Gotta bang ’em all!

  2. kick2dante says:

    blowjob bar girls for the win (unless you are talking about looks)

  3. -Cam says:

    I think the type of the girl matters far less than her personality and her compatibility. A girl that you have great chemistry with can make you like things that you wouldn’t normally like. Likewise a girl that you have bad chemistry with can ruin your favorite restaurant, bar, and/or hobby, just ask your average married man in the west haha. So I’d recommend that guys try to find where the type of girls that they prefer like to hang out and get their line. Or save yourself some trouble and just ask JSPILL. He is pretty knowledgable about this kinda stuff haha.

    PS Where can I find street girls like that haha?

  4. yellowfever says:

    All venues are good with me as long as she goes bareback!

    • jspill says:

      In my experience gogo girls and dating site girls are best for that, maybe just sample size though

      • Flying_postman says:

        I would have thought with gogos being so high in the thai hooker “hierarchy” they would balk at any mention of BB sex, but this raises a couple of questions.

        1. Do the bar girls/gogos charge extra for bareback and creampie?
        2. If so; how much and does this have to be negotiated before hand or do they let it happen “in the heat of the moment”

        • jspill says:

          You’d think that but IME about 50% or more are fine with BB, no they don’t usually charge more. If so maybe 500 – 1k more. It doesn’t really matter if they’re gogo girls or not it just depends on the girl. There isn’t really a hierarchy. Look more at whether the girl is the anything goes Issan countryside type or the princess type who holds out for Japanese guys. I’d avoid Cowboy with your plans, probably avoid BKK altogether and go to Pattaya or the Philippines.

          Usually it’s just in the heat of the moment you say oh I’ll finish outside and they go with it. A lot of them don’t actually like condoms cos they hurt / dry up the pussy, some are allergic too.

          If you have patience then using a condom the first time can go a long way, some girls will be ok with it on follow up times once they see you used it the first time, and treated them ok. They’d much rather have repeat customers than a random guy each time

  5. Crystal Luminescence says:

    Hi, I’ve tried all of them, apart #5 and #4 was twice in my room for free from a massage girl. My last two visits to BKK I was using the apps for hookers, WeChat and Badoo, although many of the girls have fake or doctored photos, not good at 3am, but I shagged them anyway 555

  6. Cobol Ong says:

    Hey guys I will arrive late at don muang airport late at about 11pm, any problem to get a cab to Nana hotel? If things go right I will reach there after 12 midnight , what venue do I have to bang the girl?

    • jspill says:

      The public taxi rank is 24 hours, no problems. Follow the signs

      After you’ve checked into your room come out and there’ll be street girls by the car park, and gogo girls in Nana plaza which is directly opposite your hotel. Three floors of bars

      Billboard gogo top floor is best. Then try Thermae the next day about 9pm – 10pm is best

  7. Ketan says:

    Nice ✌️

  8. JimBob says:

    Iam getting ready to fly over for my first visit to Thailand in a couple of days.

    Just wanted to say Thank You for this great site! Very informative, well written articles, and really fun.

    You guys rock! I plan to put some your advice from these pages to work. I’ll be sure to leave some comments post-vacation.

    Thanks again!

  9. Abby says:

    Does smooci really offers services that are mentioned on their website like BBBJ, CIM, COB, A Level, Rimming, DFK, Full service, etc.
    Also, are these services offered by go go girls as well?

    • jspill says:

      With a gogo girl the only guarantee is full service, rest depends how comfortable they feel with you. COB / DFK / BBBJ are pretty common, CIM a bit rare, anal / rimming (receiving) much rarer. Either have to guess, ask them, or ask the mamasan.

      With an escort girl you have a better chance, a girl that advertises something then doesn’t do it wouldn’t last long at the job, they’d be more likely to be fired or at least have their list of services edited, because they’re accountable to an agency. Assuming customers complain.

      Whereas a gogo girl isn’t as accountable, you only really pay the gogo for her time off work – the ‘barfine’ – then everything is between you and the girl. Some gogos might listen to complaints, take action, refund etc. but many will say it’s not their responsibility.

      I’ve read a few bad reports online like X escort from Y agency didn’t do Z service, that’s not Smooci’s fault though, there are many agencies on the app. But more good reports than bad ones.

      And with a bad report you never know what the customer was like, if he refused to shower before a rimjob, or something like that. Some Muslim customers are really rude – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1G3q2IF73g

  10. SSS says:

    Can i find something near impact convention center

    • jspill says:

      That’s quite far from nightlife so the most convenient would be a girl that comes to your place, so above option #1 escorts, or option #10 online dating

      If you’re happy to travel though best bet would be grabtaxi to Mo Chit BTS (nearest skytrain), get off at Nana BTS, and hit Billboard gogo bar at 9pm opening time. Some girls will be a bit reluctant to go home with you that far but there are short time rooms right there in Nana plaza.

      Then a short walk away is Kasalong and Lolita’s, two blowjob bars.

  11. HDJdbd says:

    Me and my frnds r planning to visit Bangkok in some time not so soon
    So I just need to know which hotel will be best to stay so that it is easy to visit Gogo girls and take them back to the room

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