Day In The Life of a Bangkok Expat


Well so far my Bangkok trip has been a bit of a bore. I got a UTI right in the middle of it and it took me out of any action for quite some time.

Because I have no other life I am still trolling ThaiFriendly, ThaiCupid and the malls looking for future bangs once the meds do their thing. But other then that I have been doing nothing.

Finally yesterday I had a semi interesting day for a day in the life post. Nothing to earth shattering, but enough went down that I think I should share.

Not Even On the Hunt

Around noon I go up to get some lunch at a place near my condo off AirBnb. As I am sitting there waiting for them to get my take out order ready this girl with a great body walks past.

I didn’t see her face and since I wasn’t in full ‘number handout’ mode I decided to let her go. But as I was walking back to my place I caught up to her.

I took a quick walk past and noticed the face was above average for a Thai so I knew I needed to approach. Even though I had some numbers in my wallet I decided to ask for her Line ID. I actually thought she was probably a massage girl working on this soi, but apparently not.

I asked where she was going and she said ‘looking someone that pregnant.’ Wait what? ‘Looking someone that pregnant.’ Hmmm, no idea how to reply to that so I told her to have a good day because I couldn’t invite her to my place right then with the UTI.

More on her later.

Time To Meet Girls in Bangkok

Not actual work, I did some of that too but you don’t want to read about it. Work is boring. Later that night I head up to the mall to look for some girls to approach. Terminal 21 is definitely a good spot for that.

On the way I pass some girl in a purple dress and sunglasses. Body looks great in the dress so I turn around and hand her my Line ID. She smiles and thanks me and off we both go. She may have actually been Indian not Thai, not really sure, doesn’t matter hot is hot.

Get to the mall and the first girl I approach in a perfect approach spot basically ignores me and keeps walking. I try and hand her the note and she says no thanks. A cold rejection….. never fun.

No worries, 5 minutes later a prettier girl takes the number. Then I go up a floor and notice the prettier one is already up there and I am kind of boxed in. As I am walking away I am behind some school girl with her friend.

Schoolgirl quite cute so as her friend pulls some money out of the ATM I pull a gun to rob the…… wait I mean I hand the cute one my Line ID. Within 3 minutes I have a new chat request on Line and we chat all night.

I haven’t been by Nana Plaza for awhile and even though it is pretty early I decide to head that way just to check out the scene. Pro Tip: no reason to go to Nana Plaza before 9pm. It is dead dead dead before that.

On my way back I see another nice bodied girl walk past and she seems to be eyeballing a couple of foreigners. They walk past her and then she starts walking up the stairs to the BTS.

I run up and give her my note, but I get a strong ‘oh shit is this a ladyboy’ vibe even though she really doesn’t look like one. For some reason I just have this feeling……..

5 minutes later she adds me on Line. 2 insta adds in one day, fistpump. I decide to just go right ahead and make sure she isn’t a ladyboy and she wasn’t, great.

We chat for a bit and I think she may be a hooker but I am not fully sure. By that I mean she speaks awful English and her answer to ‘do you go with man for money?’ was so vague that I really don’t know. I am leaning towards yes.


Night Never Finished Til You Are Back in the Room

Now I am walking back to my room and am pretty close. Street hand outs are generally less profitable then mall hand outs so I have kind of called it a day. But a really pretty girl comes down the BTS stairs and I have no choice……

I position myself in a place where she will walk right past me so I can flash my prettiest smile before running up to her 1 minute later. When she sees me she appears to start walking faster and seems kind of jittery.

She is dressed really nice and I think she just got off work from some office job. I wait 30 seconds and then start to follow her (she was walking towards my soi anyways so it was convenient.)

She looks back and when she does she clearly looks directly at me, snap turns her head back around, and speeds up. Hmmmm. I continue to follow but after she does this a second time I realize this will never work and I turn off down a different soi to take the back way to my place.

I am pondering this quite a bit. My cute baby face and bright smile could not have scared this girl that much right? It was only 7pm, there were people on the streets, I was walking pretty slow and far away from her. There was no danger.

But still it was clear that she was looking back because of me. As I walk home I think and think and think……. and then it hits me. This is the same girl I blogged about from my first night out in Bangkok post.

I was meeting up with a buddy and she passed me. She was dressed very nice then as well, but that time it was 11pm and the street was dark and no one was around.

She claimed she was scared of me, yet she kept asking me questions and keeping the conversation going. I was trying to get a hit and run approach with her Line and she kept asking where I was from, where I stayed, how long was I here etc.

And then she said she wouldn’t give me her Line because she was scared. But she would chat with me on the dark deserted street. And now 3 weeks later she is running from me.

Too bad, I think she is probably the 4th hottest girl I’ve seen in Thailand. Yes I remember and rank them all.

Another Bangkok Surprise

Remember the girl from the street who was looking for someone that is pregnant? Well we started chatting later when I got home. She asked me if I had ThaiFriendly because she thought we chatted there before.

I said I had it but hadn’t used it much (hehe) and she says she remembers me. That she had to delete me because I was always talking so naughty to her.

That’s odd because one of my biggest rules for dealing with Asian girls is NEVER talk about sex. Just be a gentleman, crack jokes, and go in for an out of the blue kiss. I must have written that 50 times on this blog, and I practice what I preach.

So I have to go into scramble mode and try to convince her that she has me confused with ‘the other man’ and that I’d never disrespect her like that. I’m not really sure if it worked, but she hasn’t blocked me yet.

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  1. -Cam says:

    How much money a month would you two need to retire in Thailand/PI (you could still work but the extra money would not affect your lifestyle because it was already 9.5/10. Sure more money would allow for a slightly nicer/bigger place, first class tickets, ect. that might make you a little happier but once you got used to it your happiness would return to normal. In America they say that the level is around $75k a year. After that there seem to be little/no benefits to making more money. What do you think the number is in Thailand/PI or at least for you personally?

  2. jspill says:

    If you mean at retirement visa age (over 50), then $15k a year or so. I ‘m assuming by then I’d be less interested in hookers and live on around $1k a month. With the retirement visa you don’t need to do border runs for a new visa outside Thailand, so that saves a lot of money on flights and hotels.

    If you mean retire right now, at an age where I still have to do visa runs, still have a high entertainment budget, etc., then maybe $20k a year. No more than $25k/year. I spend about $1.5k – $2k a month.

    For Thailand’s retirement visa one of the ways to get it is to show proof of 40,000 baht a month income, that’s $14k a year. So that’s the amount Thailand considers would be enough to live on. Dante could probably do it on less. And you’ll spend much less if you have a girlfriend.

    • -Cam says:

      That’s mind boggling, so much so that it is scary. I literally feel afraid of trying to aim for such a low income number. That’s less half the us median and probably less than 1/3 the median income city. We americans have been brainwashed to think that making 75-100k and working 70-100 hours a week is what it takes to be successful and have a good life. All the business people that I know are hoping to make millions of dollars a year. For me to make a business and shoot for a 25k y/r… I’d be the laughing stock of my city. It’s going to take me a few years to build up that kind of remote income as well as get over my brainwashing but if 25k is all you need, I know I can do it. I was expecting to hear something like $3k a month or even 5k a month. That’s no joke, but 1.5-2k. I can do it. That’s just 30 hours a week at $15/hr. I’m going to learn programming and get a nice remote job. If I can work for $30/hr then I only have to work 3 hours a day and I’m basically retired. Thanks guys you’ve changed my life!

  3. kick2dante says:

    i generally spent about 850 a month or 10k a year over my first few years in asia and it was fine

    recently bumped it up to 1100ish a month and it really isnt that much different

    i think it comes down to if you want a girlfriend or to go with hookers (i dont see retired guys getting lots of free casual sex hehe) and if you go with hookers are you going to meet them in a girly bar or meet freelancers online

    with a girlfriend i would say 1k a month minimum, with freelancers maybe 1200 a month, with bargirls maybe 1500 a month depending on how much ‘entertainment’ you need

    pretty similar to jspills 15k a year

  4. Dace says:

    a day in the life where nothing happens

    btw how does this UTI thing happen all the time? what are the symptoms? dont think i ever had that. yet you seem to get it once every 2 months

    • kick2dante says:

      i pee and half of it goes sideways and i wipe up the floor and head to the drug store

      you are forgetting that most people reading this dont live in SEA, so of course to someone who lives this ‘nothing happens’

    • Dace says:

      isn’t sideways piss super common i get that once in a while but other than that nothing happens. not really sideways but you know two streams kinda thing

      i actually read online that its nothing by itself

      happens only with a 100% erection for me though

    • Dace says:

      I just asked 3 guys at dinner they all have that. sure you aren’t paranoid for no reason?

      • kick2dante says:

        theres a bit more to it then that, it progressively gets worse and worse, the main tipoff is that when i got a bj it doesnt feel good and when the girl does the little tongue around the tip thingy it feels really weird sometimes bad

        generally i spend a week in a ‘do i have it or do i not’ when i am pretty sure i do but dont like taking the meds so hold out…….. on the other hand i also don’t like hooking up with girls when i may or may not have it either

        its a tough spot, but im quite certain ive never taken the meds when i didnt need to…. also the longer you wait the longer you need to take the meds, if i dont do anything it will get really bad and may take 10 days to get rid of, if you get in on it early then 5 days is usually enough

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