Tried out Smooci | $70 Bangkok Escort Girl Review

Smooci mobile site

You may have noticed a lot of sexpat sites writing about recently. It’s a mobile-friendly website where you check out pics of escorts, book online and she makes her way to your condo or hotel.

Stickman did a weekly column about how the service works, and other sites have put up banner ads. AFarangAbroad, SMP, LivingThai, ThaiRedcat, Stickboy, basically every Thailand sex blog.

$86 short time

Escort services aren’t allowed to advertise via Adsense or Facebook so their only option is ask bloggers to promote it. NomadPhils got asked to do a post too.

I liked the concept – an Uber for hookers – but thought rather than just writing about it let me actually try it out. I told them ok give me a free hooker and I’ll do a proper Smooci review for you. They agreed.

Smooci Review

The Girls

$94 short time

The most Bangkok girls I have seen on the site at one time is about 50 when I check early evenings around 7pm ish. Smooci tell me they have 150 girls so far though and that it depends what days the girls work – apparently the ads update in realtime based on who’s available.

I keep seeing the same faces though, and so far I’ve only seen about four girls so far that I’d pay. I hope more girls get added over time, which is their plan.

I’m quite picky though and my type is 18-20 year old cute girl next door, fresh off the farm and not many customers yet. I don’t mind if they aren’t that freaky in bed.

Younger petite type

Escort girls tend to be a little bit older (mid 20s and up), more experienced and professional. In theory they give a PSE (porn star experience), can take a pounding in any position and agree to special requests with no complaints – anal, cum in mouth, cum on face, couples, etc.

So if that’s your type or you have a certain fetish you might prefer Smooci. Or if you want a discreet ladyboy escort delivered to your door.


Ordering an escort

You can filter by age and height. Two thirds of girls are in the 24-29 range, then a handful 18-23, 30-35 or 35+. I like petite, short <150cm spinners but there weren’t many of those. Lots of tall curvy girls.

Then by services – A Level (anal), BBBJ, CIM, COF, COB, rimming, and couples.

Melon lol

And you can filter by agency – Bangkok Dreams, Pure Bangkok Escorts,, My Princess Bangkok, EliteBangkokEscorts, Thai Escorts Bangkok, and more.

Basically what Smooci has done is combine all the existing agency girls onto one convenient site with cheaper rates. Which is great but they still need to add more girls.

Eventually they’ll let random freelancers sign up to the site without being attached to an agency.


$58 to pound this ass for an hour

You can also sort by price. The lowest short time (1 hour) price I’ve seen is the 2000 baht one above, not really my type. If this is your type though (mature, sturdy unit, big tits and ass) there are lots like that.

A lot are charging around 2400 – 3000, some 3200 – 3600, and the highest I’ve seen so far 4000.

You can book long time of up to 24 hours… which starts at around 7000 for example:

$200 for 24 hours

Unlike a gogo bar there’s no barfine, lady drinks, etc. and you don’t have to pay for the girls’ taxi. No hidden costs or scams.

Unless you take them out on a date or something, which is another reason some guys hire escorts girls – they handle themselves well and can be your personal tour guide and holiday companion.

For the sex though you only pay the price shown. If at some point in the future girls are able to post an ad for 1000 baht at 3am or something when they’re drunk and horny and haven’t had a customer yet that day…  that would be awesome.

Booking an Escort Online

Easy booking process

How it works after you’ve made your choice of escort is you put in your name, telephone, condo, and room number so she can come to your door. Plus any ‘special requests’.

I wrote just call me when you’re downstairs, don’t talk to my condo reception, and the girl did. So it doesn’t really matter about your name and room number you could make something up.

My booking was with MetBangkokEscorts and they have a Pinay manning the phones 😀 She calls you to confirm the booking. I could immediately tell she was Filipina from her accent and ‘Hello Sirrrr…..’

Live tracking

Then you can track where the girl is on a map, and upload a review and rating after the bang. The girl comes alone, not with some male chaperone which sometimes happens in Philippines & Vietnam.

You can also add a rating out of 5 and review for the girl afterwards. Smooci warns and removes girls that always get bad ratings. Individual photos can be rated and commented on too.

Users can hit yes or no to as to whether each of a girl’s 6 photos look like her or not. If photoshop is suspected pics get removed.

My Smooci Experience


I booked a 20 year old for 2450 baht ($70). She looked my type, cute, the fact that she’d set quite a low price also made me think she’d be more relaxed.

I made a 7.30pm booking and everything went smoothly, ‘Oli’ (actually Oil) turned up on time.

Only problem was she looked a lot older. I asked and she said she was 24. Not sure if she realises the ad is wrong, I blame MetBangkokEscorts for that.

Ready to shower

The service was great though, she was smiley and chatty and jumped in the shower with me. No awkwardness. But there rarely is with Thai hookers.

She got a condom out, that’s either a negative if you like rawdog or a positive if you worry about STDs – escort agency girls are less likely to go bareback.

She also had a bit of a belly. The ad did say 57kg but I thought that might be wrong as her pics didn’t look like an undercover fatty.

It turned out they have her weight right but her age wrong, she was probably 20 in the pics but they never updated the age.

Good job this is free

The BBBJ was great – another plus for escorts. Sucked me off for ages deepthroat with a finger up my bum.

Her body was also decent, no stretchmarks, scars, weird growths, etc. and a cleanly shaven pussy. I did her in doggy and she thrust back into my dick with all her weight. Decent enthusiastic bang, no complaints.

Overall I’m excited for Smooci and hope they succeed but at the moment it’s still very much ‘in beta’ phase, not that many girls.

Off to her next booking

The price is in the right ballpark, before Smooci came along Bangkok Escort sites were charging 4000 – 6000 short time. Smooci has halved that.

It could be cheaper though, hopefully in the future prices get even lower as girls compete with each other. Supply and demand.

I’ll be trying out the other hot girls on there to show my support for the concept. I like using Uber as it’s a bit cheaper than normal taxis and I never have to deal with bad service or leave the house.

An escorts app that helps me get hookers delivered to my door cheaply and not have to deal with mamasans & bars / discos has my support too.

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  1. JongeHeer says:

    Sawasdee Kumusta?!

    When this also would get info Europ; let me know!

    Specially here in The Netherlands where I live
    (oo; original gwapo dutch!)

    Oh, and btw: maybe if here also a pinay is, to have a date with me; send me a P.M.!
    (age/looks unimp)

    let me know! and let’s meef heds in Holland!

    My compliments about this sulite
    I am reading a lot
    one day i want to visit The Phils.
    (plannjjg to builx an orphanage in AC)

    that is for lafer

    For now salamat & ingat!

    xxx Hugs from Holland xxx 🌹

  2. -Cam says:

    Great write up. I’ll have to try it out next time! It is important that we support services like this that give the power back to the people, and that lower the price of sex. The world would be a lot happier place if guys have cheap access to sex and girls had an easy way to fund their shopping sprees.

    • jspill says:

      Thanks man couldn’t agree more, bars fine girls for being late to work, underpay them, overwork them, this app gives them freedom from mamasans, police raids, etc.

  3. yellowfever says:

    Looks like they have a special request box if you want to write in creampie.

  4. Storytime says:

    Yet Facebook bombards you with ads for dating sites, I have tried the odd escort’s agency in BKK can’t wait to try these.

  5. WesBang says:

    Definitely going to try this out a few times while in BKK… also pretty good to have this as a backup in case a getting a lost cause….

    JC and Whitney are high on my list….

  6. Joe says:

    Nice write up — I will be in Bangkok for 4 days on my own, starting Saturday and have been studying the girls on Smooci — and am going to try 3 or 4. There are about 5 or 6 that I have on my list, and hopefully they will be available when I am ready….nice review….and it confirms my findings and research as well

  7. jspill says:

    Thanks for the feedback let us know how it goes

  8. Anonymous says:

    24, lol. She’s a pig but for free why the f not.

  9. Reader says:

    Your place has a nice view. In which area is it and how much do you pay?

  10. Cobol Ong says:

    Like your review. If you opt for two hours and wait longer time there will be mores girls available. I once observed there were 72 girls online.
    Definitely your write up is an eye opener. Thanks

  11. harley says:

    Does this work in other countries around Asia? I been using BeeTalk and Skout for a while now… lots of hookers there as well.

    The 3250$ seems fresh as fuck. You won’t find that in Nana or in the clubs, well at least not ready to go home immediately. They would start charging 5000$ or something.

    They seem to be on the Ratchada kind of rich-Thai hooker level, which are pretty expensive however 3250$ seems like a great deal for a milky white Thai-China doll.

    • jspill says:

      So far only Bangkok, with Singapore and Hong Kong ‘coming soon’, then they plan Kuala Lumpur and I asked about Manila they said eventually

  12. says:

    Is it possible to message the person after the booking has been made but before she arrives?

    Such as make a booking to arrive at 8pm, and then message around 730pm the room number?

  13. Marc says:

    I think your review needs some objective update. It looks like Smooci is suddenly advertised on the websites of the participated agencies which strangely have a very similar look and functionality. It smells like one business owner. Also girls apear out of nowhere with 5.0 rating. A girl is 34 one day and 27 the next day.

    • jspill says:

      The look is similar because some are connected companies, e.g. Pure Bangkok escorts and Bangkok Escorts. Then Smooci offers exclusive rates for all of them now so that’s why you see it advertised.

      They just added the ability to rate individual photos which is a new thing. Haven’t noticed that age glitch.

      I’d like to think this is the most objective Smooci review online since I actually tried it out, I haven’t seen any other bloggers with a writeup like this yet.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What is specific uniform meant here…Is it something that v can choose…Like western outfit , tradition etc etc

    • jspill says:

      Some of them might have a nurse uniform, or something like that, which you can try to request and they’ll see what they can do. Or you can ask for a certain colour of underwear. I just left that blank

  15. Anonymous says:

    Took Juli and Diana from Absolute Angels on 23May. Totally felt cheated. This was by far the worst experience I had in Bangkok. Paid 12k each for 10hrs plus a lesbian show. Total paid 24k and all I got was a blowjob from both girls. 1 time sex from Juli and that was it. 2shots for 24k baht. This is a scam. The girls are pro cheaters. They arrive hotel at 6pm but left at 230am. No lesbian show. I demanded an explanation from Angie but no response. This kind of agency is total rip off and I strongly recommend that people viral this to help others not to be cheated like I did.

  16. Viju says:

    Hi jspill very helpful review I just want to know about your dfk experice with oil.
    And which hotel you booked.

  17. Herpes4life says:

    Damn. Only 2000 baht to bang JC for an hour. Talk about value for your money!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    My experience was dissapointing.Ordered a girl for 2 hrs and she came on time albeit with sniffles.She had a cold and couldnt even speak English.So here we are using the translation app though she had a calm disposition.
    Onto the bed antics and thats where even her moans seemed fake.She didnt stop moaning even after I tried to shush her!!Come the doggie and she ended up moaning with pain and refused to continue in that position claiming “too deep,hurting”!!Her bj with a condom was pathetic-up,down motion without any sensuality..That was when i told her to dress up and leave without me attaining climax.
    The girl was obviously not into sex and had no experience on how to please a man.
    Ill go back to shopping at nana it looks like.

  19. Farang Kwai says:

    Tried five different girls here over a one year period. Not one was good. Terrible blowjobs, mediocre sex that they weren’t into, all older and fatter than pics, condoms for everything. I wanted to like it but it’s just another Bangkok escort scam aiming to separate foreigners from their money. I’ll stick to 1300 baht blow job bar girls and 1500 baht oily massage girls. They’re all fun and lovely and you see what you get before paying.

  20. If you are looking for some relaxing time with Independent Russian Female Escort. Get Jaipur Escorts For All at very affordable prices with Book My Models-

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nice article. Is it safe to get BBBJ and DFK?

    • jspill says:

      Yes it’s pretty safe. You can still get chlamydia/gonorrhea from BBBJ but it’s rare, and easily cured with 1g of Azithromycin from a pharmacy, it’s just bacteria.

  22. Schobbejak says:

    LOL! I booked Oli twice myself during my last time in Thailand, and used Smoochi 7 times (8 if my botched first booking is included) in total over a period of six weeks (basically everytime I went back to Bangkok to go somewhere else but always like to stay a night or two-three in Bangkok). Also looked for petite type which are indeed, and still are judging by a quick look just now, are in short supply. Can confirm she was older (said 29 to me IIRC). And the fact that I booked her twice says enough about my experience with her.

    Now Oli barely spoke English, but the other three girls I booked, only one was of the advertised age. The other two said their agency bumped their age lower. Fortunally none were the case that there was suddenly a grandma at my door, a few years older only.

    My first booking went bad though, a girl who did not speak English at all and did not want to provide FS because she was having her monthly lady issues :/. She called the agency and they cancelled the booking while they were already there, nothing paid.

    Overal though, with Smoochi I had no longer felt the urge to even walk through Soi Cowboy anymore, let alone visit a bar there with nagging Mamasan’s, pressured into buying lady drinks and then pay a barfine for an experience the like of humping a dead body like the last time I did a take away from Soi Cowboy (might have had to do it was from the Crazy House though).

  23. adam says:

    Hi jspill. does the escort dressed discreetly ? can a hotel/condo management refuse their entry? thanks.

  24. Ben says:

    Hi I been doing some research browsing this smooci and realize most of the girls will do bbbj. The Escort sites I looked into claim they do regular health checks on the girls but bbbj is definitely unsafe.Since you been staying here for long.Is it really safer to use expensive escorts? Condom will not protect all your wand so damn I am scared but yet so tempting.

  25. Max says:

    Hi, i used this site 3 times already and was never disappointed.
    1 girl was ok, the other 2 great.
    Ask Them for her private number and you can have it much cheaper, bareback was no problem with all of them.

  26. Moreno Monger 92 says:

    My last time in Bangkok, I booked the girl Bee via Smooci. She showed up on time and gave me the best BBBJ that I’ve ever had. She let me CIM three times in two hours. That was the best $90 (3000 baht) that I ever spent. Too bad I had to leave Bangkok or I would have easily repeated my explosive pleasures with her the next day. SMOOCI rocks!

  27. Golddigger says:

    I think the blogger here is pure Filipino man,,(rude & disrespectful) there’s nothing wrong in making a review, you can say the good and bad side of getting an escort online. But why do you have to post the photo of imperfections of the lady, who just worked to fulfill your fantasy, and to earn money for a living. Regardless of her flaws, you ended happy with her service, beside there’s a cancelation fee in smooci, in the event that you don’t like, the lady that comes to you. This is the reason why I myself as an escort don’t want to accept Filipino clients, aside from there attitude, there budget is for 1single meal only yet they are looking for 5star quality!!

  28. David says:

    Tried Smooci few weeks ago on business trip.
    Girl (Sonya) was fantastic, had her on two ocassions, first thru official Smooci website booking (3000 BHT, 2 hrs), second via private booking as she freely gave me her phone number, this time for 2000 BHT. 2hrs with 2 shots for little over $55 is a winner in my books.
    Amazing experience, both times came twice. She did rimming and BJ with finger up my bum both times, second time we met we did greek (she offers A-level) at no extra charge.

    I am a tall guy, 6′.5″ she was 5.5″ so I requested high heels and sexy underwear. I also asked during booking to wear a make up as msny of them don’t as default. She looked like a model or high-end porn star…gave me a stiffy in 10 seconds when she undid the robe ater having taken a shower.
    She spent far too long in the bathroom, I even caught her using my toothpaste and spare hotel-provided toothbrush, but thst was quickly forgotten.

    Anyway, more than happy with Smooci and will definitelly try again next time I’m there. I’ve been told trying a sensual girl-like ladyboy in ‘versatile style’ is all the rage at the moment on Smooci 😉 I’m not gay but definitelly keen to give this a go.

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