Bangkok on a Budget – Ebook Guide

In this Bangkok ebook guide I break down where to get your end away as cheaply as possible in Thailand’s capital, how to get settled in, and how to get the most out of the Gogos, massages, soapies and freelancer areas on a budget. Make your money go further in Bangkok (aka Bangers)!


I also include the $340/month apartment I usually stay in, with no long term lease required, walking distance to Soi Cowboy.

As always here’s a free 1000 word sneak preview. The rest is on Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle there’s an Amazon app to read ebooks on PC or mobile.

Bangers on a Budget

Chapter 4: Bangkok Go Go Bars

Now that we are getting back into the girl talk let me once again point out that I don’t find Thai’s all that attractive. I also am very cheap and have been living in Asia for many years and rarely pay more than $20 when going with a working girl.

So the go go’s in Bangkok are way overpriced for me. Not only would I be paying like 4x or 5x what I would normally pay for a girl, it would likely be for a girl I did not find all that attractive.

I didn’t spend to much time in go go’s but the hottest girl I saw I would probably rate a 7. She had an average face, but she had some super perky tits and she knew how to show them off well.

She was working in a bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza called ‘Billboard’ which Jmy buddy said was his favorite go go in Nana. This bar was one of the first places that impressed me in the Thailand P4P scene.

bangers-on-a-budget-bangkok-ebook-guideThere were hella girls working in the bar, quite a few cute ones, and some of them were naked in a bath tub including ms. Perky tits.

I wasn’t going to barfine her though I did get her Line, but she would never come visit me and we didn’t even get around to talking price.

Maybe if I lived there longer she may have eventually come over, I met her a week before I left. Still I probably wouldn’t have paid her more then 1500 baht and there is a good chance she would have asked for more.

I went into another go go in Nana and it was pretty good also, but nothing I would be willing to pay Nana prices for. The ones we went into on soi Cowboy did not have good lineups which is odd because many guys say it is better.

The first go go I went into in Bangkok was Crazy House and I had read about it on and heard it was probably the best go go in the city.

The girls danced fully naked on stage and there were supposedly many hot ones there.

When I was there I only thought one was hot. The rest were all pretty meh. I had heard that the upstairs could be a fun place to hang out so I checked out up there and it was even worse.

I had planned on actually buying a drink and checking out the scenery in this place for awhile before heading to a bj bar (more on the bj bars later) but I wasn’t going to pay $5 for a drink to look at 5’s and 6’s.

This is a book about doing Bangkok on a budget, go go’s are pretty much impossible to do on a budget. The moment you walk in they are going to try and extract every baht they can from you. If you can’t say no or can’t control your spending you will spend A LOT of money in a very short amount of time.

To me there is so much better value to be had at other places. If you happen to find a girl you want to barfine for her price then by all means spend your money. I saw none that would have been worth the prices they wanted.

As far as prices go they vary from bar to bar but generally the barfine is in the 600 baht range and then most girls will want something like 2k baht on top of the barfine. Maybe if you are lucky you can get one for 1500 but don’t count on it, and some may want 3k or even more.

If you want to buy a ladies drink for a girl make sure it is a single not a double, I was actually pretty impressed with how long the girls stuck around after they got a drink at these bars. I was expecting them to drink it and run off quick.

If you want to be able to not buy a drink tag along with some other guys. When I go in alone I get asked for a drink right away. When I was with a few guys I just said no thanks and they didn’t kick me out because the guys I was with would have stopped spending money there.

Go go’s aren’t really my thing, and really there aren’t all that many tips to give about them. Just head to Nana or Cowboy and poke your head into a few bars. If you see a good lineup and want to hang around sit down and buy a drink.

If you like a girl wave at her and motion for her to come over, or ask the waitress or mamasan to bring her over. They all have numbers on there bikinis so you can say number 1346 or whatever.

If you want to sit and have a chat then buy her a drink, or you can just rush into it and ask about a barfine to skip the drink. Make sure you talk out how long you want her to stay, how many rounds, and if you want any kinky shit let her know before you leave the bar.

You could also go to Patpong but this area is known to have quite a few scams and less attractive girls. It is far out of the way and really not worth going too. If you do go when you leave cross the street and walk a bit away and flag down a passing taxi, the taxis waiting there are trying to rip you off.

Also don’t go upstairs for any ping pong shows or sex shows. You will be hit with an inflated bill when you leave, overall Patpong is best to be avoided.

There’s another 6300 words in the full ebook! I’ll update it as I take future trips and you’ll receive later copies free.

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