Awkward Moments Dealing With Filipina Girls


If you spend too much time in one city eventually you will be handing your number out to girls you have already tried in the past. Even in a city of millions of people if you frequent the same places it is bound to happen.

Recently I have had a few awkward moments in this situation and since its always fun to laugh at a dork I will let you guys laugh at me now.


As I am walking past a call center office that I walk past all the time (and always have a number in my hand when I do, call center chicks are the main target) I notice a girl in a tight dress with a sexy body walking out.

She is holding her friends hand and when I turn around to follow them I can tell they start walking a bit faster than normal. It was odd, but she was hot so I continued to follow.

She was wearing some high heels and as she was walking on the standard beat up Asian sidewalk the heel got stuck. Her friend had gone up about 5 feet and I took this opportunity to pounce on the trapped girl trying to free her heel.

After I give her my number she says one word only: ‘Again?’ and we both walk our separate ways. Pretty easy to figure out that the reason that she was walking faster than normal is cuz she spotted me as I walked past.


Hey I Know You!

Again in the same area one night I hand out my number to a girl who is totally staring at me as I walk past. She is not that hot, maybe a 6, but she is 20’s, not fat, and staring at me like a piece of cake so why not?

I go back and give her my number and she texts me but says she is married so we can’t hang out. However she has a cousin who she wants me to text with and when I check out the Facebook the cousin is hot as well.

I text with the cousin a bit but she doesn’t reply much and won’t hang out with me. Eventually I just give up as I’ve never even met her, she isn’t that hot, and she doesn’t seem very interested.

The day after I tell her I guess I give up (trying to guilt her hehehe) and delete her number I am walking through the same area and see 2 girls standing outside of an office building while one smokes a cigarette.

I only notice the darker haired girl and 2 minutes after walking by come back and give her my number. She is so shy she completely turns away from me and can’t look at me.

‘Hey! I know you!’ I hear and look at the other girl. Guess who it is? Not only is it the Filipina girl who was staring at me….. but the girl I am trying to give my number to is the girl whose number I just deleted.

The married one isn’t shy at all and tells me that I am now attempting to give my number to the girl whose number she gave me. I again try to talk with the shy one but she can’t even speak.

So I have an awkward chat with the married one and she keeps saying ‘so you always giving your number to pretty girls huh?’ I’m like well ya I have to try cuz it takes quite a few attempts to get one to really hang out.

I tease the shy one and keep asking why she said she hated me and I should delete her number (she never said that) but she has now walked like 5 feet away and eavesdrops on me and the married one’s chat.

After a few minutes I just say bye and head on my merry way.


The Epitome of Pinay Lies

Girls like this just drive me nuts. So I meet her at the mall like 2 months before. Very sexy body, pretty face, works at a kiosk in the middle of the walkway. I gave her my number and she insta texts me that night.

I stop by once or twice a week and say hi cuz she never has load (so she claims at least) and try to get her to hang out with me. She never will, however she did say she was going to a disco one night and asked me to come…. not even once.

She disappears for a few weeks and then comes back and tells me she lives in another city and went home. She changed her number in that time and gave me the new number when she returned. Then over the holidays she disappears again and this time I call her up.

She doesn’t answer or respond to my texts, but an hour later she calls me and asks who I am. I tell her who I am and she asks me to please stop contacting her because she is back in the province with her husband and I can hear him in the background.

So I give up on her and assume I will never hang out with her. This sucks cuz she just has ‘the look’ like if she ever comes over it is gonna be a great night.

So then I am walking through the mall on the floor above where she works and she looks up and we make eye contact. She waves me down and I go down and apologize.

Her reply to my saying I am sorry and didn’t want her to get in trouble with her husband: ‘I’m not married that was just my friend.’

What? I don’t know which is the lie, but clearly she either lied on the phone or (more likely) just lied then. Why? Why can’t she just freaking be straight with me!!!

I try one more time to invite her to hang out, she says maybe and then doesn’t reply and I give up. Trying to figure out what is going through some of these Pinays’ heads is impossible.

16 Responses

  1. streamer says:

    The last story is maddening. I guess it’s their twisted version of “game”, some get off on mind fucking, whether it’s calculated or not.

    • kick2dante says:

      ya it really was, particularly if you saw the look in this girls eyes and never capitalized on it (no, I don’t think I see that look often, I almost never do, but if we were in bed she woulda been wild)

  2. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Grow a beard. I doubt they recognize a westerner they hardly know if you have one and didn’t before.

  3. guy says:

    do you ever hook up with any of these girls or just make a fool of yourself daily?

  4. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Well guys have all my stuff sold and bought the tickets yesterday. Turns out you don’t have much that you really need when you start condensing your life. I’m flying into Cebu Nov 18th if you guys ever get together holler at me I’ll buy the first round.

    • jspill says:

      Awesome! Yeah I may be there, Vietnam 10-14th or so then was planning Philippines after

      • SouthernAdventurer says:

        Sweet. Speaking of what’s your favorite beer there and do they have Jack Daniels?

        • jspill says:

          Yeah they have JD. I drink soda water usually, one day after a dozen years heavy drinking it stopped giving me a buzz, so I cut down. I divert all money saved into hookers.

          • SouthernAdventurer says:

            Trading one vice for another. Which one does more damage is debatable.

            • thibault says:

              debate is clickly closed.
              fucking is natural, alcohol not.
              all your genes scream for transmission. your body rejects alcohol.
              sex is good for health. acohol, well…
              you can still drink after too much sex if you want. the opposite aint really true.
              seriously, this is just societal programming. sex is not a vice, its just taht society must contain it for the well being of future generations. now that children are taken care by single mothers with the help of the state, this is utterly outdated.

    • thibault says:

      congrats. its so hard psychologically, socially to make that move, that the real limitations (money and visa, to cite the most important ones) don t seem to be the limiting factor.
      i cant see someone doing it easily if he still has a life here. i mean, family, job and all that useless shit that stopped being positive to you generations ago.
      i cant even see how to sell my stuff, thats work, and i mean, i cant officially sell things in parents garage with them knowing, they would try to sabotage everything if they understand that i intend to let them grow old by only seeing them once a year. even if we dont really see them more often. they wont look at it rationnally.
      i cant even imagine what it would be for some divorced father that need to abandon his kids that he aint allowed to see anyway. thank god i avoided a bullet by never commiting to anything.

      • jspill says:

        Yeah I’m lucky in a way I left almost straight after uni at 23, nothing was tying me down

      • SouthernAdventurer says:

        My job sucks, all my friends are married and having kids (I turn 30 this year) no real relationships trying me down, and my Family has been surprisingly supportive of it. Even my dad who is the single most conservative person I know (didn’t talk to me for a year when he found out I smoked weed) is cool with it.

  5. thibault says:

    your dad has abandoned all hope in our society then. thats good. hope is for weaklings. truth needs strength.
    mine still dont want face the truth. no future here. grass is not greener elsewhere, its just there aint grass anymore here. (except that you smoke and they incite us to do so we dont revolt)

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