Are Filipinas Liars? (Example Date Gone Wrong)

Started a new blog area for all the random life updates and ‘story time’ posts that aren’t too informative.


Long time readers may remember ‘girl A’ from my two days in the life post a while back. She insisted on bringing a friend to my place if she came over, or would make me go somewhere to meet then stop texting.

This is a bit of an update and an excuse to target ‘are Filipinas liars’ in Google 🙂 That gets searched quite often, and I’m often wondering it myself. Although Pinay blog fans tell me the problem is I’m just meeting the wrong type of girl.


Well after she didn’t show up that night she was going to her province for the next 2 weeks.

Since she had actually made it over to my apartment once with her friend I thought there was a good shot she’d come back alone. I texted her every few days while she was out of town, she told me she missed me and that she would see me when she got back.

Eventually she returned and when I invited her over she didn’t reply. This is standard for her because we have different cell networks and she doesn’t have load for the other network (true third world problems… why are the networks so retarded about that stuff?)

Not this Shit Again

Few days later I get a text from her saying she isn’t busy and asking if we can come over. I say of course and ask her what time. She says 7 and I confirm that she won’t bring a friend this time right?

She says she has to bring a friend because her aunt won’t let her go out alone. I remind her that the last time she came over she pinky promised that she would come alone the next time (I don’t throw in the part about her promise was to come over that night weeks ago… let the past stay in the past.)

are-filipina-girls-all-liarsShe says that she knows but her cousin is at home alone and she can’t leave her cousin alone.

I thought it was her aunt that was making her bring a friend, suddenly now its her a cousin that can’t stay home alone. Seems like lie after lie after lie.

I tell her I know that she is shy to speak English but remind her I am not her boss or teacher and that I won’t care if she doesn’t speak perfectly.

I know that’s the main reason she doesn’t want to come alone. She says thanks but she just wants to bring a friend one more time because she doesn’t know me yet, like where I’m from or why I’m here.

That was the extent of my conversation with her friend last time while she sat on the couch next to me not saying a word. I tell her we already did that and she begs just one more time with a friend.

I tell her no thanks, if she isn’t comfortable with me then its better that we don’t hang out. She says she is comfortable with me but she is sick and her aunt won’t let her go out alone when she is sick………

Couple Weeks Later

I didn’t hear from her for awhile after that and thought there was a decent chance I would never hear from her again. I confronted her pretty hard about all her lies and games and Asians hate to lose face.

Then I saw her at the disco at 3am (time is important here) and told her she was looking very sexy in her pink top and she texted me back and we made plans to hang out the next day.

She is super flaky so I had no hopes for this, but to my surprise she texts me during the day and says we can hang out at 11pm (time is important.)

I say OK but again she is so flaky my hopes are not up. She texts me around 6:30 saying she is near my apartment and I tell her to hop on a motor and come over but she wants me to go to her.

I ask who she is with and she says alone. It is about time for me to go out and get food anyways and she is very near in between my apartment and the mall so I say OK.

Her reply: bring some pizza I am with my friends.

I say she told me that she was alone and she said her friends just got there. Sure. I tell her I won’t bring pizza but I will come pick her up and then just me and her go to my place and she says OK.

When I arrive she is sitting at KFC with three friends. Chatting with a bunch of Pinays is one of my least favorite things so I have no plans to stay for a long time.

It goes the same way as it always goes, the girl I am meeting is dead silent while her friends interrogate me with standard boring where am I from why am I in the Philippines type questions.

I am answering them but also teasing girl A trying to get her to be more uncomfortable around her friends than even I am. After 5 minutes I ask her if we can go and she ignores it.

She does however hint that her and her friends are hungry which I ignore right back. After 10 minutes she looks right at at me and says my friends are hungry and I reply ‘OK are you coming with me or not?’

She says no and I get up and walk off. She texts me saying she’s so sorry and asks me to come back to talk. I’m sick of all her shit and tell her that there’s no point because she won’t talk, only her friends will.

lying-pinaysA couple hours later she texts me saying that she wants us to hang out and will come to my place. I say by yourself and she says yes. Then she says well her cousin needs to come.

I tell her that isn’t happening and she says fine she will go alone but she has a 10:30 curfew.

I met this girl near a disco at 2am. She came over to my apartment at 6am. I saw her the night before at the disco at 3am.

But now she has a 10:30 curfew? It’s already 9:30 so basically she wants me to pay for a taxi for her to come over, stay for 15 mins and go home. I’m not rushing home and throwing off my night for 15 mins.

I tell her its to late but ask if she can stay out til midnight. Obviously I know there is no curfew but I play her silly little games. The latest she will agree to is 11:30.

At this point I am just fed up and not in the mood to hang out with her and pretend that I am not sick of all her BS. I speak her own language and say ‘maybe next time’ so that maybe she will finally understand me.

One Last Chance

But I am crazy and decide that if I can get her over to my apartment for an hour thats better than nothing. I text her and ask her where she is and tell her to go meet me where we were before on the way back to my apartment.

She says OK and asks where we will hang out. I say my apartment which she just agreed to and she says we don’t have time for that so lets just hang out where we met.

Now I just get pissed and ask her why the F she is playing so many games and is making up some curfew when we both know she doesn’t have one.

She says she can’t believe I would call her a liar. In the time I have known here she has said more lies to me than truths. From now on my only contact with her will be inviting her to my apartment.

My next question will be to make sure she is alone. If she doesn’t want to come then whatever…. I am done playing her silly games.

What do you guys think, are Filipinas liars? This girl is almost as bad as the girl who told me she was in Starbucks and made me walk up to a girl in a purple top to prank me.

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  1. jspill says:

    Probably texting 5 guys at once and you’re at the bottom of the options list 🙂

  2. jspill says:

    Goes to discos at 3am though? You’re probably getting beaten to the punch by a guy who sends her pics of pizzas on his Calyx Residences balcony and says sorry I miss you too but I’m too busy working to come out, followed up a pic of himself on his laptop by the condo pool. Totally superficial stuff that disco girls respond to.

    • Yomomatho says:

      “Laptop by the condo pool”
      Wow girls these days live in fantasy land.
      Busy working? Probably busy fucking her best friend while she’s sending her pics of him and the pizza.
      This dude just wrote this whole post, you don’t even know him and yet you say he’s probably bottom of the options list? Do you actually spend time reading blogs and then reply some fucked up hatefull shit?
      People like that end up getting hit by a buss or some shit that’s some bad carma

  3. kick2dante says:

    naw, this is one of those times where ‘she isn’t that type of girl’ was true…… which is why it hurts to have missed out 🙁

  4. kick2dante says:

    she doesnt really go to discos, she goes and stands around on the periphery with her same 3 friends each week and occasionally pops her head into the non hooker ones, pretty sure she doesnt drink

    never seen her talking to a foreigner, have seen her talking to a couple pinoys

    im not saying she is a virgin or has never been with a foreigner, just saying she isnt same the girl you think and you should not judge her to the other girl, i’d prop bet she wasnt doing that and i dont prop bet lightly

  5. James says:

    When a Filipina says “I want serious relationship” = I want a sucker to pay for all my fuckups in life and to take care of my worthless family.

    • James says:

      Actually I find its better to lie to them and pretend your after serious relationship and marriage as it makes there legs open faster, and besides they always lie so scam the scammer I say!

      • kick2dante says:

        in a country where you can get a hooker for $15 there is no need to lie to girls to get laid

      • Normal Nomad says:

        You’re a loser if you need to lie to a Pinay to get her to sleep with you.

        I never lie to a girl and tell her I’m interested in commitment and I still get laid easily, on the first “date”.

  6. If everyone is allowed to post memes on this article Im pretty sure they will post PATIENCE LEVEL: 9999 lol

  7. MK says:

    >my friends are hungry
    It shouldn’t be beyond you why she invited you, as in if she even texted to bring pizzas beforehand, I think dispels any myth one could conjure up about her intentions. Am I missing something or this is the most obvious “pay for my and my friends’meal” type of thing? I was there recently there with some foreign cuties, now I’m set back $200 I’m not gonna see again, and you most certainly have been there, too. Your dick is playing tricks on you, mate. Also I’m trying to register to your website, but can’t. I used the e-mail with which I’m posting now, what gives?

  8. Maris says:

    I met my current GF on Filipinocupid. She works at the air force in manila and supports herself. Didnt ask me for money even once in the past 18 months and this year in October when her Visa is arranged she will move to my country. When I first visit her there was blood on the bed so her claim to be a virgin is true. Ofcourse I didnt even know she was still a virgin, she told me after a few weeks of chatting/skyping.
    My point is, even though there are golddiggers out there, theres also real, true filipinas who realise that having childen in the phillippines is not a very good idea, so they just want to start their families in wealthy countries where their kids have a good future. I feel blessed with my sweet caring loving and sexy gf. Sorry for bad English

    • ItsNotRapeItsSupriseSex says:

      Yep. She was DEFINITELY a virgin. Not having her period LMFAO. But I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. When you fucked her was it very painful? Did it involve tears and grimaces? If not; You’ve either got a tiny cock or she’s lying to ya buddy.

  9. kick2dante says:

    great story hope it all works out for you

  10. BontaKun03 says:

    Lol was thinking they should make up a show with people reenacting the skits from your articles into live shows….where someone tells the story anf at tge end the person as if this wad bs and people vote yes or no.. would make a killing hete in the US lol. Thanks fir tge helpful info and laughts. Maris how did you meet your gf again?

  11. NONAME says:

    Maris – blood stains on the sheets does not mean she was a virgin. She just had a period. The only time a woman bleeds for the first time is if her vagina tears (which only happens if you have a 4 inch wide cock). Do some research on how to tell is a woman is a virgin. Also the Hymen is the biggest myth of all time (there is no skin covering the opening).

    • ItsNotRapeItsSupriseSex says:

      I like you. Well done for saying what few will say; Catholic girls know that virginity is highly prized and will use their period as the perfect cover up to snare a gullible muppet.

    • NormalNomad says:

      Uh, bro? Hymens aren’t a myth. The myth of what a hymen actually IS does exist (as you said, there’s no skin covering the opening, the hymen is actually a small pouch located INSIDE the vagina).

      And yes, Hymens do rupture during sex. lol. Do your own research bud, might need go retake your 6th grade sex ed course.

  12. ItsNotRapeItsSupriseSex says:

    BTW Dante I enjoy your blog but this is a bullshit article (although TBF you admitted it was just catfishing for SEO hits – fair play) she was obviously dicking you around and you still gave her enough rope to hang you with. That, or Little Dante was doing the thinking 🙂

    • kick2dante says:

      she was hot, she seemed to be in a bit of a real debate on whether to go through with it or not, and then she came over with her friend which made me believe i still had a shot

      she is in my top 5 ‘what if’s’ list in SEA so cant say i wouldnt try again in the future

  13. zukura says:

    some of them but majority when work as bargirl , full of drama liar chicken shit whatch out

  14. NormalNomad says:

    The thirst is real.

    White men paying for sex, and still, even with cheap hookers (when sex is abundant and free) guys will basically beg for pussy from some girl he met at a bar. As Trump would say: “SAD!”

    I pass on pussy all the time. If a girl gives me the slightest bullshit, the flake, whatever, I next them, even if I’ve already fucked them. Too many willing girls to bother with games and bullshit. And I have a few regulars who know better, so I never go without anyways.

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