4 Annoying Things About Filipina Girls

I love Pinays (obviously) but sometimes they ask you to do the most pointless things just to inconvenience you so that you will show that you care.


I posted before about how I’m becoming more selfish and impatient the longer I’m in Asia. Back home if a girl asked me to do anything for them and it might result in me getting laid I would jump to do it. But after being spoiled living in the Philippines even simple stuff is a burden that I don’t want to deal with.

If you got laid yesterday without having to work for it and have a good chance of getting laid tomorrow without having to work for it then why work for it today? Unless the girl is really hot I will pretty much just sit back and wait for a girl on FilipinoCupid or Pinalove to come directly to my place.

Minor Pinay Annoyances

 #1 ‘Visit Me at My Work!!!’

Girls that work at the malls are some of the easiest to give your number to and get texts from. When no customers are in their store they will be standing around bored and if you go hand them your number you will likely have a new friend.

They also are some of the hardest to actually hang out with because they will likely have at most 1 day a week off, and some don’t ever have days off. Getting a girl to actually hang out after work is pretty hard, they just play around on Facebook hitting Like or counting how many Likes their recent photo got.

They also may want to use you as their way to not be bored at work. Mobile data can get expensive, texting is cheap. And eventually after all that texting they will ask you to come visit them at their work.

filipina-girls-playing-on-their-phonesThis is one of my least favorite things to do. It is the same as going on a date with a Pinay that asks to to bring her friend.

She will be really shy to talk to you in front of her workmates (so why did she invite you?) and you will have to carry the conversation.

But instead of carrying a conversation with her you are carrying it with her workmate.

This has happened with 100% of the girls that I have visited at work. It doesn’t matter how chatty they are in texts, or how chatty they are if you hang out at your place.

At their work they will be really tense around their workmates (just like they would be with their friends) and it will go awful.

You will end up awkwardly saying goodbye after the boring conversation with her workmate dries up….. and a week later she will send you another ‘Come visit me at my work!!!!!! 🙂‘ text.

#2 ‘Come Pick Me Up’

This is one that will make men still living in the Western world roll their eyes but it’s just an unnecessary annoyance. It pretty much all comes down to the girl wanting you to make an effort for her. You invite her over, she says yes, you tell her where you live, and she replys ‘Ok come pick me up’.

In the western world I would snap call for the chance to pay a $30 taxi ride (twice since there and back) to go pick up a 7 to hang out at my place. In Asia I can’t be bothered wasting that extra $3 and spending 30 minutes in a taxi. Because there is no reason for me to have to.

Me being in the taxi won’t change anything. She’ll probably be shy and quiet with the driver there anyway. I ‘ll again have to carry the conversation before it starts the whole night off awkward.

So I am forced to waste time, money, and be in an uncomfortable position just to get the same result we could accomplish without me going. If the girl is hotter than other girls I have been with recently or if I have been on a major dry spell then I may consider it.

When a 6 asks I just lol and say nevermind. You can come if you want I’ll pay your taxi but I’m not going there. Plus I’ve turned up to meet girls before and then they text to say something came up.

#3 Bad With Directions

Why are Filipina girls so terrible with directions? In Manila I was living next to a popular jeepney route that everyone knew. If girls also lived nearby and on that route I may ask them to take that jeep. Then you would get off the jeep at a very popular stop where many people would get off.

From there you got on a trike and told the trike driver the name of my place and he would take you there. It could not be simpler. At best there was a 50% success rate on this. Some girls would get off in the wrong place. Others would not be able to find the trikes (they were right at the stop waiting for people to give rides to.)

annoying-pinaysOthers would hop in a taxi at the stop because they thought it would be easier, but taxi drivers didn’t know the place. I would specifically tell them to take the trikes because those were the guys that knew it.

And they would still get in a taxi.

Some tried to walk and find it and get lost. If I was asking them to do something even remotely difficult then I would always go up there to meet them.

But there weren’t always trikes waiting by my place, and it was so easy that there was no reason they couldn’t make it there if they followed my simple directions.

One time I was in a mall that I had been in a hundred times. I am with a girl from the province and we are going to the taxi line.

She tells me to go left here but I know there are no taxis that way. I politely say the taxi line is the other way and she tells me I am wrong.

I again try and she just starts walking left and says I can go the other way if I don’t trust her. Ten minutes later after she leads me on a tour around the mall we end up at the taxi line that would have taken a minute to get to had we turned right.

#4 Mass Texts

Full disclosure: I spam text my full phone book weekly with happy ‘have a great day!’ messages which I am sure some girls here find highly annoying.

I don’t care that I am being a giant hypocrite: I hate the mass texts the Filipina women here send out. When you have 200 numbers in your phone and hope to fuck one of them on that day the last thing you need is to receive a totally pointless text.

I don’t need to be told that God has blessed all of us to enjoy this precious day ahead. I don’t need to see the #eatinglunch #feelinggreat hashtags that they put at the end of them.

When I receive a text I want to see ‘I’m on my way over’ not ‘hindi ako God wala po blah blah blah.’ Even worse I had a girl put #Warriorsin6!! after the Warriors won the NBA title just as I’m downloading the game.

A girl I never had met, and probably never will, spoiler’d me at the end of some message in a language I don’t speak. Only words I understood and my eyes went right to ’em.

24 Responses

  1. Ash says:

    For all the shit you have to deal with over in Asia, I’d happily deal with that shit everyday in exchange for my situation in Amerikka. I envy you, LOL

  2. kick2dante says:

    haha just hop on a plane its not that hard 🙂

    • Ash says:

      I know but when I leave I want to just live out there same way you made your mind up, but I’m having trouble getting cashflow to be able to do it, of course the only hard part of the equation

      • kick2dante says:

        my suggestion would be bust ass for a year, try and save up as much as you can, and then head over and study up on doing online work, if you have any writing skills at all you could probably survive using a site like odesk, goodluck

  3. Brockstar says:

    Two things ALL women are typically horrible with; SAVING money and directions. It’s just one of those things you have to put up with if you want the poon. And yes, it is amazing how much LESS you put up with in Asia, in regards to getting laid. There have plenty of times I’ve driven 20, 30, 40 miles to meet up with a 6 (even) back in the US. When I was in BKK my decisions were “Do I really want to travel 8 BTS stops to meet a chick or should I just hit up one of the “university students” I know who’ll come over to my place for a 1000 baht?” It really is that easy. 😀

  4. kick2dante says:

    yup, and there is no going back to the old way of living after this

  5. iamforeverteen says:

    Oh my god with the # (hashtag) lol on a regular message hahahaha this blogging site cracks me up all the time 😂👏👍 i’ll share this to my fellow pinay friends.

  6. kick2dante says:

    oh you are a pinay? how you doin? ^_^

  7. kick2dante says:

    thats so nice to hear hehehehe

    so where do you live?

  8. iamforeverteen says:

    Idk. Because before here in ph its iflix and chill 😂 but i love the netflix&chill memes lmao.

  9. Kumar says:

    Ah. I wish that I meet and befriend a Filipina some day soon. I would make her life emotionally and materially good.

  10. kick2dante says:

    just head on over kumar you can do it

  11. Phineasgage069 says:

    I actually like to visit them at work. unannounced of course. easier to see if worth wile. Most Ive met on these dating sites don’t ask you to do this, at least in my xp, because I believe they think you may be an arab. No offense but here in Kuwait/Qatar, well there’s a lot of animals here. Anyhow, i went to see this woman who worked at a little shop in a mall in Qatar. She paid me more attention than Ive gotten in this country, even apologized wen she had customers!. 8 days later she is at my apt. Finally! That was tonight.She couldnt wait to fuck. I was takin it slow, want to drink a bit etc. But, she had her way w me.She had misgivings about spending the night due to her work accomadations, so we arranged 530 am pick up to come back and sleep.I have 30 minutes now to get the taxi. Shes 39. I can defenately say she will make the young girls cry. Game ON! Lets see what the Pina game is w this one! P.S she said I love you………

  12. Phineasgage069 says:

    All true. cept I visited this one at here little kiosk store in a Qatar mall. Took a few days, due to Egyptian management, short staffed, no time off. But she was great during my work visit. Had her here finally tonight and I couldnt keep her off me. Pick ups really suck here in Qatar, the great looking ones are either P4P or are queens for a year.

  13. Jiyasanoop says:

    I need on friend 👫👫👫👫

  14. Vincent says:

    what a pack Jerks here I find Philippino Girls Same as all others ,perhaps as you are such jerks that what you go for the same type as yourself You sound like Trash to me w

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