Amazon delivers to the Philippines!

Certain things can be hard to find in Asia and if you can’t find them here then there is another alternative. You can hop on and get them delivered.

Amazon has a huge selection of things and shopping from home is always easier. If you are living in Manila why would you want to put up with that nasty traffic instead of just clicking a mouse?

Many things are a lot cheaper in Asia but others are not. Electronics can be quite expensive here and good ones are hard to find.

On top of that there are many rumors that shops will trade out good parts for knock off parts and then still charge you full price. If you want to get a new laptop or phone ordering one through Amazon is not a bad idea.

The local condoms in Asia are tiny and really poor quality. Finding the right size or style that you prefer can take a long time and they may end up being quite costly.

Maybe you have a live in girlfriend that you go rubberless with but only pull out the c’s with the hookers? Well Amazon has a huge variety of condoms and will ship them to your door in a discrete package.

That way your girlfriend won’t wonder why you just order 200 strawberry flavored extra large ribbed Trojans. That would not be a fun argument to get into.

Maybe you like to read but can’t find the books you want at the local National Bookstore. Don’t worry the Kindle store will have them for download or delivery.

Living in Asia is great but sometimes you want something from back home and can’t find it. Luckily you can get Amazon to ship you what you can’t live without.