Air Force One KTV Review | Flight 168 Sex Massages

Camera shy Air Force One massage girl

Air Force One in Manila has both a KTV area and a sex massage spa on-site.

I’m not a fan of KTVs (overpriced lady drinks, watching one girl dance bored on stage, renting a room to sing karaoke and burn even more money) but here you don’t need to do all that, you can just go to the massage spa if that’s you want.

The sex massages here are a good price for the Philippines. Starting from $50 equivalent if you choose one of the upstairs girls. Cheaper than a Manila escort or the gogo bars in P Burgos and EDSA.

You choose a girl from one of the two fishbowls, get taken into one of their short time rooms, shower together, then she gives you an oil massage followed by sex.

Sign in the carpark

There’s also Starfleet massage down the street a short walk from Air Force one on the same side of the road. That place has three fishbowls and even cheaper prices but a bit uglier girls.

Air Force One KTV Prices

  • 2700 pesos ($53) for sex massage with one of the upstairs girls
  • 4500 pesos ($90) for sex massage with one of the downstairs girls

Stairs up to Air Force One

Flight 168 Spa

The sex massage area is called ‘Flight 168’. It’s all in the same building so just tell your taxi ‘Air Force One’ to start with. Click for Google maps link. It’s in Parañaque district.

Once you walk into Air Force One, go up the stairs by the entrance. There’s no cover charge.

On the left you’ll see a long corridor, that leads to the KTV area. When I visited there was only one girl on stage and it was a 500 minimum consumption fee to sit and watch the show.

Entrance to KTV area

There are VIP rooms where you can take girls to sing karaoke, a bit of a waste of money as the girls don’t have sex in those rooms.

You can have sex in the massage rooms, but it’s cheaper to take one of the fishbowl massage girls and there’s not much difference in how hot they are.

So don’t go down this corridor, instead go straight and you’ll see Flight 168 spa on the left after it.

Massage area past the KTV

You’ll see a bar and a fishbowl of 30 – 40 girls in green uniforms. Note the number on their badge and tell the girls at the desk. They’ll then direct you to the massage room and the girl will arrive a few minutes later.

The upstairs rooms cost 1200 pesos paid up front (includes the barfine & massage cost), then you give the girl 1500 pesos after the sex. Total 2700 pesos ($53) all in.

If you take the escalator downstairs there’s a different fishbowl with 40 – 50 girls in blue uniforms. Here the prices are higher, 2000 room + 2500 sex. I didn’t notice much difference in how hot the girls were.

In the Room

Standard massage room

This is one of the 1200 peso rooms. Nothing luxurious but it gets the job done. Single bed, hot shower, air con, optional drinks menu.

I picked ‘F2’ she was very smiley and chatty, stripping naked to shower with me after a quick selfie together.

Would recommend ‘F2’

She was 20 years old with curvy tits and ass. We soaped each other up in the shower, plenty of GFE and DFK. Then she dried me off and took me to the bed for the massage.

After a bit of an oil massage she put a condom on me and gave a covered blowjob. Said no to BBBJ. Then the sex was pretty decent, enthusiastic bang in a bunch of positions. Then after another another shower together she let me snap some more pics.

Getting dressed

I tipped her 100 on top of the 1500. So no entrance fee, 1200 for the room, 1600 for the girl, didn’t buy a drink – total was 2800 ($55) all in.

Air Force One KTV Hours

  • Opening hours 7pm – 4am


Air Force One Review

Overall it’s pretty good value for erotic massage especially if you live in the Pasay area. If you lived somewhere like Sea Residences or Solemare Parksuites you’d be well-located for meeting dating site girls (by the Mall of Asia) and poker (by the casinos) but quite far away from the hookers on P. Burgos.

Air Force Once helps to make up for that. The quality is better than the massage freelancers around Burgos, and about the same price – Burgos massage girls want 2000 – 3000 for sex, plus 500 for their manager.

Souvenir t-shirt

Being close to the airport Air Force One is also a good stop if you have a late night flight or land in Manila in the middle of the night.

The disadvantage is not being able to take the massage girls outside to your home, and the girls are strict with condoms there. They’d probably be happy to meet a regular customer outside working hours though if you get their number.

It’s cheaper than other Manila KTVs like Apeiro, The Bay, Titans & Miss Universe, where it costs upwards of 4,500 pesos to have sex and you have to buy drinks. Also has a more relaxed vibe than those places.

Air Force One KTV Address

Taxis should know Air Force One. It’s just South of NAIA airport on Paranaque – Sucat Road.

42 Responses

  1. thibault says:

    one moment i thought it was written by dante. then i saw words like cheap, paying for sex, paying for anything in fact. ro my relief it was a j “high roller” spill article.
    good info indeed, outside of the bbbj, good value for p4p. manila is perhaps not that shitty after all

  2. -Cam says:

    Yeah it’s kind of funny how similar they are in many ways and different they are in others haha. Regardless the duo makes the blog. It’s like some Batman and Robin shit haha. Keep up the good work boys. Monge– I mean– nomads everywhere thank you for your service.

  3. thibault says:

    dante s aversion for spending makes him a useful source of cheapstake plans. jspill total lack of shame when calling himself a sexpat makes him a useful source of mongering plans. too much blogs beat around the bush when it comes to spending and buying sex, less hypocrisy is welcome in a world of virtue signaling swpl.

  4. thibault says:

    but the best thing are, of course, the little stories. the anecdotal thin gs that make it lively, if a bit unproffessional. which aint a bad thing. the little things like “oh i wake up a 5 pm and i need to book a slut tonight” , the ” security men are laughing out louder each time i bring another slut in the same 24 hrs periiod” , ” shz flaked on me for the third time so i avenged on a blowjob bar girl with a 2 liter load” , ” i walked two hours under the blistering sun to avoid paying a one dollar ride in a cab, and ended up being flaked on” and so on.

  5. jspill says:

    ^ Cheers guys the fans in the comments make it all worthwhile

  6. guy says:

    with the great exchange rate 2800 aint too bad anymore

  7. Jellybean says:

    I tried tried the Wet Massage in Wilderness Spa in Quezon Ave. and it was wonderful. Girl lies you down in a small inflatable bed in a large shower and starts soaping you down with nice warm water with hand hose/nozzle. Than proceeds to start oiling you down and then goes about a “massage”. First your toes/feet and then with your foot in between her tits she goes for the calf’s. Then she tells you to flip and then starts massaging your ass with more oil and then she sits on the small of your back and starts grinding. Oh my, the feeling of an oily bush grinding against my ass and lower back almost made me come right there. So after some more sexy oily rubdown, we got to a nice oily BBBJ and then CD full service.

    If you’ve ever watched Japanese “Soapland” porn, it’s the same thing. I try it at least once every time I visit the Philippines. Yeah, skip the KTV and go straight to the Message Parlor side of the building

  8. Nicki says:

    Thanks spill, you’re spot on, the only place I go whenever I’m horny and that’s pretty much everyday if I can I afford it. About going to Clubs, dating etc. No thank you, I want to just get on to business and get it on!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What time the massage open?

    • jspill says:

      The massage (Flight 168) is open 12 noon until 4am

      Cheapest price is 1.30am – 4am, 1500 upstairs & 2000 downstairs between those times. ‘Special promo hours’

      7pm – 1.30am is most expensive, 2500 upstairs & 3000 downstairs. ‘Regular hours’

      12 noon – 7pm it’s 2000 upstairs & 2500 downstairs. ‘Promo hours’

      There’s also Starfleet massage down the road to the South, a minute’s walk, similar opening times

  10. david says:

    when is af1 open to the public

    • jspill says:

      it’s closed for covid? not sure when it’ll reopen if that’s what you mean, probably when the country opens back up to tourists, which they haven’t set a date for

  11. Maxpower says:

    Yeah….I am currently in Manila. It’s still a clusterfuck here. Most of the bars are still closed and there still is a curfew at midnight. Nothing Is open on Burgos. Most of the action has moved to online.

    AC is a bit better where a handful of bars have opened back up. However, the AC government is trying to clean up the walking street so the girly bars have to be certified as sports bar to reopen. They are trying to rebrand AC as the culinary capital of Philippines…..😹😹😹….good luck to them.

    I don’t see PI opening its borders to general tourism until spring of 2021 or later.

    • jspill says:

      thanks for the info, i remember they opened a coffee shop on one end of walking street AC the last time i was there, and hollywood bar had turned into a chicken burger place, sad to hear it’s getting even worse

      • Maxpower says:

        Yeah….they seem to come up with crazy ideas out of left field…..I would think they would have done some research and interview some expats and we all know NO EXPAT would have told them that. also high society is closed. 😭😭😭.

  12. Marcus says:

    just found this site – recognise your screen-name from “single mans paradise blog” forum…..what happened to the site and skins????!
    ive been stuck in the UK for months…:(

  13. Marcus says:

    Its not too bad in the UK, but of course going into summer would be far better…im hoping i can get a shot of the vaccine in Q1 next year and then head back to Asia, but no doubt the draconian governments around the world will make it very difficult.
    Im surprised he went back the US; Asia seemed made for him….like all us bachelors; but life aint so straight forward..

  14. David says:

    Any update yet on the status of flight 168? When will it be open ?

  15. Ains says:

    Is flight 168 open now?

  16. Maxpower says:

    99% of night life is Manila is closed. You have to really look to find anything open after 11 pm. AC is better. Around 15 or so bars are open on the walking street but they have to be closed by midnight. Subic is the best bet with bars open until 2 am or later with minimum restrictions.

    • GuidoSexMachine says:

      @Maxpower – I’d like to get back to Angeles City soon. It’s good to know at least some bars and GoGos are open on Walkin Street in Angeles City. I would have never guessed that Subic has even more action. I wonder how monger prices are in Angeles right now? You’d think prices would be cheap as ever right now. Maybe 500 pp for a shag? Lol 😄

      • Maxpower says:

        Hi Guido –

        I was in AC past weekend and it was great time. I mean if you are a decent looking guy with some walking around money, you can go mad there. Prices are almost as same as pre scamdemic level but as always it depends. Around dozen bars are open and a few after hours spots if you know where to look.

  17. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @Maxpower – Thanks for the field report. Good to hear that Angeles City is open again. But surprised prices are up again to pre-scamdemic levels. You would think it would be much cheaper since less mongers around. But if Filipinos are anything like Thai’s then prices go up when it’s slow (backwards logic). So much for my 500 pp shag at a GoGo. haha…Good to know there are some after hours spots open too. I want to go to AC again as soon as they lift the quarantine requirements, etc. I also wouldn’t mind going back to Manila. Have you been there at all lately. Wonder how Burgos Street scene is lately?

    • Maxpower says:

      Guido –

      Pretty much same mentality as Thais.

      Yes. I live in Manila. Burgos scene is pretty much dead due to 11 pm curfew and health regulations. There were some after hours open but last round of lockdowns pretty much crushed them. The government had a huge hard-on to shut all the night life down.

      I’ve heard that they are opening night life scene starting on Jul 1 via my friend who works at QC mayors office. But who knows. I think it will be many years before Manila night scene recovers.

      • Vito bravo says:

        I don’t think it will take a long time for nightlife to recover there. Once it opens it will bounce back because people like to go out there. It just depends on when the government gets their butts in gear and fixes things and gets the good vaccines rolling in. These third world Asian countries don’t have the infrastructure to get things resolved quickly

        • GuidoSexMachine says:

          @Vito bravo – I agree. It shouldn’t take long for the nightlife in Manila and Angeles City to recover once things get opened up again and more people are vaccinated. As soon as bars and GoGos open up and people can travel there again, I bet it will be packed again in no time. There is too many horn dogs out there waiting to get back in there. I’m one of them Lol 😆

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Maxpower – Thanks for the updated field report on Burgos Street in Manila. Did the bars and GoGos open up as expected on July 1st? Hopefully things are opening up so the nightlife gets going again. A lot of expats and traveling mongers have heavy nut sacks to drain. Lol 😋

        • MaxPower says:

          I have been spending time between AC and Manila. AC is pretty much 100% open except for marks mandate. Things are opening up in Manila. Bars and night clubs are allowed to operate now. I’ve even heard that Plan B will be opening back soon. Will keep you posted.

          • jspill says:

            Thanks for the update. Shame they won’t let tourists in unless they’re double vaxxed? According to the news, hopefully that changes next year. Thailand is letting people in now.

            • NormalNomad says:


              If anyone wants to be a Guinea pig and test it LMK I’m not taking any shots unless they’re tequila lol

              • jspill says:

                Yeah not taking any either

                I think eventually they’ll change their mind on vaccinations now the West seems to be backpedalling

                • NormalNomad says:

                  Glad to hear I’m not the only one. One day our sperm will be worth more than Bitcoin LOL!

                  On a serious note, if you hear of anyone who does do the Cebu loop-hole and is successful, please let me know. I wouldn’t mind the 5 day jail time, I’d stay for a few months like usual.

                  BTW been hitting your Amazon affiliate link probably 3-4 times a month (every time I remember, it’s saved in my bookmarks). So that one customer ID that keeps giving you random affiliate cash, it’s me. lol

                  • JustAguy says:

                    They’re doubling down.

                    Just took a trip with a Filipina girl to Thailand. Shes vaxxed, but no booster. She was required to take a neg covid test before she could return to the PH. That’s insane.

                    Obviously this applies to foreigners as well. Good news is, if you have a paper vax card, thats all you need. Wink wink. There is no digital certification’s….

  18. Paul says:

    How much is for drinks menu? Also I heard there is a shop for sound massage without sex in the same building, right?

    • jspill says:

      The ktv was a bit overpriced as they all are, but it included the cost of watching the show, it was something like 1000 pesos for a beer. Cheaper to have a beer outside the ktv / delivered to your massage room

      The cost of the sex (1500 pesos when I was there) was given to the girl after paying the ktv for the massage (1200 pesos) so I guess what you could do is just not upgrade to sex, just tell the girl you only want the massage, and only tip her 100 pesos or whatever if it’s good.

      And pick a girl who looks better at giving massages from the fishbowl, give one of the older fatties a chance to be picked, they’d be better at the actual massage

      Not sure what you mean by sound massage but I didn’t see any separate massage shop, just the two main sex massage areas, but you don’t have to get the sex, i’m sure plenty of guys just want to talk to the girl or at most finish the massage with a handjob

  19. CJ says:

    Hey, been a while. Not missing SEA at all. After Covid hit the place, I forced myself for something different. Asian cunts are an after thought. Spending time in eastern Europe and Spain. Flights are cheaper and the pussy is hands down better. These women just enjoy it. FKKs are great but walking around here is better than BKK or MNL. Nice weather, better quality chicks and no weird virus from the neighbor north (if in SEA). I am going to go crazy here. My last report for a while. Balls up guys!

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