Addicted to Chaturbate

Last week I stopped by a blog I follow, ‘mysexpedition‘ and he had a list of sites to check out for Asian webcam shows. I hadn’t been to a cam site in probably 5 years, the last time I tried them I didn’t think they were anything special and preferred standard porn.


I wish I had never read that article. I should have just gone on my ignorant path through life thinking these cam sites still sucked. Instead Chaturbate took over my life for a bit.

I used to watch porn back before I moved to Asia. I’d watch 4 – 5 times a week but it was almost like scheduled viewing. I’ve never been the type to just casually throw on a porn… sometimes on movies you see a few guys sitting around watching porn, does anyone really do that?

Not me: if I am watching I load up a few vids of xvideos or tube8, watch for 45 minutes, then rub one out. I did this often, but it was never an addiction. I wasn’t rushing to the sites to see what new videos popped up and forgetting about other things to do.

Chaturbate Got me Good

chaturbate-meaningMy first night on Chaturbate I was just checking out a few shows but there was nothing great going on. It was cool to see be able to watch some girls giving live shows in their room and all, but I wasn’t to impressed.

Most of the girls weren’t that hot, and when I looked over at the ‘couples cams’ (basically live sex shows) it was more of the same.

I watched one cam where there was a thick Pinay laying on a bed with a white guy and whenever she got enough tips she gave him a quick BJ, but then she would stop and wait for more tips until she would start again.

That was pretty lame, but there was a second girl on the bed behind her who appeared to also be doing a show of her own with a different lap top, I kept watching to see if they would ever do any ‘sharing’ with his dick but that never came.

chaturbate couples cam

Overall I was not impressed and thought this was the same old cam site from 5 years ago. A few hours later I checked back and my life changed. There was a hot blond giving one of the best BJs I ‘ve seen.

I had no plans of rubbing one out that night……. but those plans quickly went out the window. The next day when I started working my mind started wandering and I checked out the site and saw my new dream girl.

Hi Princess Yasmine

Oh dear Lord those boobies – I’d definitely recommend searching for her cam. She has a ridiculous body and has no problems shaking it for us for hours. They have these special panties that vibrate at the sound of her tips (tokens) coming in. I had to have watched her for like 6 hours over the next 5 days. I was totally hooked.

The tokens are worth 5 cents to the ‘performers’ and I bet she made $300 a day 5 cents at a time. I got my buddy addicted to this site also and he told me to check out ‘Lilemma’ who also is quite stacked up top. Actually hers are even bigger than Yasmine’s but not as nice imo.

It’s Like a Drug

There are hot boobies dancing around on here 24/7. I know I know, there are boobs all over the internet but this is different cuz its live and well…. I am just making excuses :).

I’e been able to control myself since the initial 5 day binge. I’m not near as addicted as I once was, but I still do stop by every day (or a few times a day) and see just who is on display.

chaturbate philippines camsOverall it is a pretty cool site, if you register a username you can open as many cams up at a time as you want and also chat with the girls. If you give them tips (even small tips) they will do things for you on request.

Scroll to the bottom to filter for Filipina girls, Asian girls, and Latina chicks. There’s a section for transgender cams too if that’s your thing.

The thing that sets Chaturbate apart from the other cam sites is that each time you refresh the ‘girls’ or ‘couples’ page it shows a thumbnail of what is actually going on at that time.

That way you don’t have to click on 20 girls to finally find one that is naked at the moment. When I try sites like MyFreeCams I keep on seeing clothed girls talking to their webcam…… obv not interested in that. With Chaturbate you know what is going on before you click.

21 Responses

  1. jspill says:

    ‘Urnaughtygrl’ is one of the better Filipinas on there, worth a follow

  2. Has says:

    You think some women in Angeles would be up for a webcam act with a Western guy…if the guy they are with has a decent body…. A bit of extra money for her and him

  3. kick2dante says:

    yes of course lots of girls in angeles do cam shows

  4. kick2dante says:

    porn is highly illegal in asia

    i wont even snap a naked pic for my own viewing let alone do that

  5. Clit Eastwood says:

    ^ Lol, wut?

  6. kick2dante says:

    i dont think third world prisons sound like a fun place, would prefer never to go

  7. Has says:

    Prostution is also illegal in the philippines but you still do it ( seeing them not actaully selling your body ) lool

    I’m wondering how much money could women make on webcam in the Phil’s….. I guess its not that good as if it was then most wouldn’t be on the street or bars…..don’t you think ?

    • jspill says:

      A really hot girl with a good camera presence could make a lot, as there aren’t that many hot pinays to compete with chaturbate. There’s a Thai girl on chaturbate who I watch, miathaigirl, saw her make $100 in a few hours before.

      • Has says:

        A really hot girl…..? Out of 10

        Webcam sounds look a good opportunity to make money if a show is put on the is not so common. Do you agree???

        • jspill says:

          Yeah unusual stuff will make money too, even if the girl isn’t hot. One of the most successful girls on chaturbate is a gymnast, she hangs from the ceiling naked and does stretches and stuff. And good camera, lighting and audio is important.

    • kick2dante says:

      there are people in prison here for webcam/porn stuff

      there arent for prostitution

  8. Peter the pedobear setup a not so common live stream is now facing a lifetime imprisonment, mind you its on the deep dark web but the local intellegence unit was able to track him down what more if its on the surface web? (Not worth it.)

  9. jspill says:

    I take naked pics and make sex tapes all the time with Thai chicks. Dante is overly paranoid. Then again laws are a bit more relaxed here (or police are more lazy), and you can’t get locked up for banging someone’s wife here either, like in Phils.

  10. Joshua Yosef says:

    Many people have been locked up for shooting nude pics in the philippines. The girl gets mad or her family finds out she did it and she runs to the cops. Also illegal to do a married lady or pay for a girl to have abortion. Some guys even pick up obviously adult women in the streets only for their partners in the local police to show up claiming the girl is underage and demanding money. A lot of guys get locked up for these things. More have been extorted or forced to pay huge bribes. The new Filipino president prefers to kill people rather than lock them up or even take them to trial so it’s a pretty horrifying time to be there. I got out and moved to Thailand after 18 years over there. The catalyst was a friend being kidnapped by muslim rebels.

  11. Joshua Yosef says:

    BTW google Cuba Dave. He’s been in prison for over a year for just writing about whore mongering, in costa rica of all places where prostitution is legal!!

  12. jspill says:

    Nothing’s really changed for a foreigner in e.g. Makati since Duterte came in, feels the same. Im there at the moment. Just stay in the rich expat areas and it’s safe imho.

    Did hear about Cuba Dave, but he was (obv) writing under his real name. Was a public figure and presumably pissed someone off (he wrote that he’s a ‘political prisoner’).

    There’s much worse sites than this online. Philippines Addicts forum has much more mongering info on it and tons of nude pics of real girls and specific names/places. We don’t do that. And that forum is linked to a prominent expat bar owner. If anyone were to be in danger it’d be him. This site is two anonymous digital nomads.

    It’s all relative some people are getting out of Thailand now because of the military dictatorship, and the King being close to passing away (I still think it’s safe too though).

    In 2002-3 Thaksin in Thailand was doing the same thing Duterte was – killing hundreds of randomly suspected drug dealers / users on the street. It was still safe for a foreigner in central Bangkok mongering.

    And the Muslim rebel kidnappings… well just avoid Mindanao / Samal Island. It’s like saying don’t go to Thailand because there are Muslim bombings in the deep South. Just avoid Pattani (no reason to ever go there anyway).

    As for the underage freelancers on the street scam… never experienced it or known anyone it happened to. Only ever heard about it from anonymous forum posters. And you’ll hear of it on Thailand forums too.

  13. Ray in Bangers says:

    Bro if you think the Philippines has anywhere near the level of development or safety as thailand I have to question if you’ve been to either. The Philippines is a fourth world shit hole.

  14. Atomik says:

    guys, how to buy tokens in chaturbate now? 2019. Philippines. any method i can use?

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