The two main writers at Nomad Philippines are Dante and Jspill.


Thanks for checking out NP. I had been living in the US my whole life and really hated my job.  I was ready for a change and thought there must be ways to make money online.

I had heard good things about living in Asia as a ‘digital nomad’, the dating and mongering scene over there. One day I just hit breaking point with the job, decided enough is enough and jumped head first into the idea of becoming location independent.

For 6 months I researched any forum or information I could get on living in the Philippines or working remotely, asking tons of questions to get started then just got on a plane. #YOLO.

Shortly after I was living by the beach supporting myself working online, all the time keeping my expenses under $1,000/month. Some hotels were so cheap I just lived in those month to month.

I had basically no travel experience at all so knew there would be some ups and downs but overall it has gone pretty smoothly.  I have made some mistakes along the way but so far none of them have cost me too much. I ended up living in Cambodia and Thailand for a year too, and recently am liking Indonesia a lot.

Now I am just trying to enjoy my life and be happy I found a way out of the 9 to 5 trap so many people fall into.  I have told so many friends back home about how great day to day life here is yet none of them listen.

So now I write articles on this site to help others moving to the Philippines. Ask me anything about living in the Philippines or Filipina girls in the comments on any post and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you’d like to support the blog consider making use of the dating site or other referral links dotted around the blog. I also put together some ebooks.


I moved to Thailand from the UK in 2009 and since then have spent lots of time in the Philippines too, plus some time in Laos, CambodiaVietnam and Indonesia.

I work remotely doing SEO and content writing for websites and Dante asked me to build this website for him. So I did and over time started adding my own posts. We first met via the 2+2 poker and travel forum.

We were already both answering a lot of questions on forums to help other guys thinking of moving to Asia, so starting a blog of our own was the next logical step.

My favorite SE Asia destinations are Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta and Saigon, big capital cities with tons of options as far as girls, nightlife, apartments and infrastructure.

Like Dante I do a mixture of dating and mongering, about 50/50. I think that’s the best balance.

Working girls are really cool people and contrary to popular opinion are not being exploited or trafficked, often they enjoy the job, work freelance, and being with them is like renting the ‘girlfriend experience’ without any of the downsides. Win win. Like giving to charity.

That then frees up more time to focus on working online, fitness, self improvement, alongside regular dating on sites like FilipinoCupid and ThaiCupid.

What this site is all about is basically a mixture of both dating and P4P (pay for play), alongside travel, food, fitness, personal development, and being a digital nomad (working online around the world). SE Asia is the best spot for those things thanks to the low cost of living and lack of third wave feminism.

So we are ‘sexpats’ but also respectful of women and thankful of the opportunity to have so much fun here. We both moved out here in our mid 20s.

Ask any questions you have in the comments on any post and like Dante I’ll get back to you.

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  1. I88888I says:

    good to see you finally got a blog set up k2d

  2. Colin says:

    Great site. How old are you?
    I’m sure there are lots of guys like me, 47 wondering how relevant your experiences would be to them.
    Keep up the good work😀

  3. Guy says:

    Colin, may I ask how in shape you are? What kind of money you have to throw around? Have you been to the Philippines before? I knew a guy in his early 50s who pulled good looking Pinays even at his age. He was in good shape and had a good income, though. Either way, you’re gonna do much better in Phil than any Anglo country, quality wise.

  4. kick2dante says:

    30ish, like guy said either way you will have better success here, and don’t forget about the hookers………. they arent the nasty crack whores from the western world, they are the same as the rest of the girls here

    its definitely worth it to head over

  5. Ahzek says:

    Just curious, but how well can a guy who is 5’7 260 ( and all that comes with that kind of weight on a shoet frame) 29yr old ? Been thinking about going down there, but always stopped cause of doubts and worries.

  6. Guy says:

    Ahzek, why not just lose the weight? Switch to low carb and hit the weights, easy as.

  7. jspill says:

    All ages / weights are fine IMO. I found I lost weight on an Asian diet and look younger after all the banging.

  8. Guy says:

    jspill, you make it sound like southeast Asia is some paradise where a white guy can just land and start banging hot chicks. It’s not always tha- nevermind.. I love this place!

  9. Ahzek says:

    Guy, Thats the plan atm. I want to head down there in Sept. for a month. So plenty of time to lose weight, and hopefully hit my savings goal to go down there. But the reason i asked is cause my cousin is going next month and wants me to go with him. So not much time hahaha.

  10. kick2dante says:

    just smile and be friendly and they will smile back 🙂

  11. Guy says:

    Do it man. You’ll have a blast. You’re gonna have a better time than wherever you’re coming from, at least. It might even help you realize how many girls can appreciate what you bring to the table, and give you extra motivation. If you’re reading Dante’s wisdom, you’re already ahead of the game compared to most people.

  12. Goyer says:

    Great great GREAT blog I must say. I pretty much agree with the general posts here with Dante. Thai girls can ‘appear’ to be friendly but alot of it is fake due to keeping up with social norms in the ‘save face’ culture. Thats why Thai girls will change their voice when ordering food or at a public place. They will drop their voice almost into a hush, overly use the word ‘Ka’ and clasp their hands together while overblinking, nodding and a half ass fake smile.

    Filipinas are alot more genuine (although im not sure if they are as classy as Thais…but i prefer a genuine Filipina girl.

    With that being said, alot of people slam Angeles city for being a hell hole. Its true that its a shit hole, kids begging you for money, pot holes, scams…etc, but you adjust to it after awhile and get ‘institutionalized’ (stealing a quote from the Morgan Freeman movie where he was sent to prison)

    Once you can make the adjustment period (give or take a few weeks to a month)…then this is the best place to be in. Better than Cebu and Manila. It can get boring but I love the anticipation when you have a list of several girls you gathered over a month waiting to jump on your bone later that evening.

    My ONLY concern is internet access and i need halfway decent internet. I used to think Angeles was out of the question and had to resort the empty/cold life of Pattaya..but from what ive been reading, it seems that Dante stayed at a place close to SM??

    Dante…is there a way I can contact you for more info? I really need at the least some decent internet. Right now I have 30Down/up 5 in Bangkok…..but if I can get 10 down/1 up or even a tad lower, ill be the happiest man alive.

    I stayed at Tiger Hotel 2 years ago exactly to this date and the internet was so-so. Maybe they have improved since then?

    It looks like Ill be buying a book from Dante even though Ive been to AC before. Why? All of the forums and expats really say to only deal with bar/gogo girls and not Freelancers as they can be ‘dirty’ or most likely…a setup. Though Dante has actually lived there and knows the game better than some 80 year old man on his last leg who is visiting for a week.

  13. kick2dante says:

    haha awesome post man

    don’t be scared of set ups in AC, use a minimal amount of common sense and don’t go with a girl that has obvious red flags and you will be fine

    i used to use the wifi in tiger hotels lobby when the wifi at my place was down and tiger’s was very good from the lobby, may not be as good from the rooms

    there is a really good internet cafe (and by that i mean they actually clean the CR so you dont have to go stand in a puddle any time you need to piss) called sinsu over by natalia apartelle, take a right at manson drug if walking from tiger to walking street and its on your left just past the massage place with the green paint

    send a PM to the nomad philippines facebook page if you need more info

  14. Clit Eastwood says:

    Just want to say love this blog man. Now dreaming of the PI as my next trip. Was considering the DR but u may have pointed me elsewhere, buy need to stare at fluffy white girls till vacation time.

  15. kick2dante says:

    i have heard good and bad things about DR, if you go please try and remember to come back and let me know how it went

    thanks for the kind words and keep reading 🙂

  16. Clit Eastwood says:

    Will do my man. I can’t get vacation until the end of year so have time to decide but will get three weeks to visit a place so can’t wait.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. kick2dante says:

    three weeks is a nice amount of time for an AC vacation 🙂

  18. DonCruise says:

    Hey Dante,
    is there another way than facebook to contact you? I dont have facebook, so maybe you can send me your Email address?

  19. Joe says:

    Hey Dante,
    I tried to post and am getting a Java script add cookies message. Are you having technical difficulties?

  20. Roger says:

    Same situation for me. Impossible to post messages.


  21. CannabisTourist says:

    Happy to find your site ! Great real life info ! But when did you live in Cambodia ? Before Phils ?

  22. kick2dante says:

    yes a few years ago

  23. Jacques says:


    I am reading your blog with fascination. How old are you if I may ask?

    Your blog is the motivation for me to get a break from my decent and professional life at least for a few weeks and follow in your footsteps… Just want to make sure that me being in mid 40s (but still decent looking and slim) I would be able to make the connections you did and hence the age question above…

    • jspill says:

      Mid 40s is fine, that won’t hold you back. Check the 2nd comment on this page

      • Jacques says:

        Thank you. I cannot wait to get away from women I can date in the west (cold, sexless, and full of trivial problems or possessed by feminist issues that overwhelm their lives… ). I am happy just to get a break from that…

        Will be in Cebu in August and my idea is to offer a girl I may like to be my guide to nice places around Cebu. Would that be a good idea? I have made contact with a few women already via FC and moved to viber with a few select and some seem to be OK with the idea.

        I would even consider flying the best looking ones from Mindanao or Manila (again no objection to that from two out of four with whom I raised the idea and they gave me already their full name and DOB for flight booking) but it seems to me a bit too easy. What is your view be on this jspill, Dante?

        • jspill says:

          It really is that easy. I’ve had dating site girls offer to pick me up at the airport, let me stay at their place (not that I would but nice of them to offer), and show me the sights. And yes lots of guys fly girls to places. They jump at the chance to travel. Even after 6 years in Asia I’m still amazed how easy it usually is. Not always but most of the time.

  24. kick2dante says:

    I would be hesitant to fly a girl from Manila or Davao out because of how flaky pinays are…….. they have trouble keeping plans for later that day let alone months from now

    imo your best bet is to target a few in cebu but don’t book any flights for them until you have met them and are sure they are really going to follow through

    you can go ahead and book your own flights early to save some money, but hold off on booking the girls…….. there should be plenty of girls in cebu that you dont need to be flying in girls from other cities on a short trip, of course if you meet the girl of your dreams and think it is worth the risk of her not showing up then go for it

    also i think you already know this because you mentioned you got their name and DOB but don’t send money to the girl for her to pay for the flight, book it yourself to avoid a scam

  25. Jacques says:

    Dante you are absolutely right. I am discovering the full extent of how flaky and tricky to deal with these girls are… Was in a long conversation with a nice looking girl from Manila talking and planning dates, flights and details… when she asked: “And how will I get to Cebu? I am in Manila. Cebu is far from Manila.” I do not think many are capable of comprehending a plan let alone planning anything. They just live from one minute to the next… Possibly even the DOB or name they give may not be right as they probably do not see any need to be accurate about such things. So no I will not buy any flights before I meet anyone in person.

  26. kick2dante says:

    ya man just keep it simple and stick with cebu, find a few that you like and try to go on a date or two with them in cebu before you bring them elsewhere

  27. Jhowayne says:

    I was searching in the internet on how to become a digital nomad and digital nomad here in PH then i came to your site.. Haha. I read all the comments, it was interesting on how you give advices to those guys.

  28. Paul says:

    hey are you in cebu at the moment or spent time there? I would like to ask you about a girl if you know her or been with her! 😛

    And if you do know her , perhaps give me some info!?

    thanks a lot

  29. guy says:

    hey Dante! thanks for this great interview you gave our site here http://guysnightlife.com/interview-dante-nomad-philippines/

    look forward to sharing more posts with you in the future

  30. thibault says:

    just explain me why dafuck you didnt tell before about guysnightlife (GNL)??
    obviously its strongly tied with nomadphils(NP), if its not the exacts same authors. i mean, some dante guy sells ebook both for NP and GNL….
    i strongly suspect GNL is a way for NP to expand to a wider market, after realising too late having the name of a precise location in the title will just limit your potential audience.
    well, “nomad SEA” would not have the same SEO value, but who knows how to write phil.. philip… phils anyway?

    but there is a clue that makes me think otherwise: GNL is very develloped for a new site. highly improbable dante would have written all this in stealth mode before pushing it. he would have trumpeted (no pun intended, but i like trump, so…) it sooner. if only for not mising on those affiliate links.

  31. thibault says:

    like dr blowjob and wood bar. wink wink…

  32. stupid falang says:

    How do you earn money? I have been trying to find ways to earn money online but haven’t found anything that earns a significant amount of money. I would be interested in finding a way to earn money online/remotely as well but just don’t know how.

    • jspill says:

      I started with freelance writing gigs then got one company to take me on full time as a content writer & manager for their site, doesn’t pay much but enough to live in Asia

  33. It’s Beer O’Clock says:

    How many hours do you guys (JSpill, Dante) have to work online/week as digital nomads/entrepreneurs to sustain this fun party and girls travel lifestyle in Asia?

    • jspill says:

      Depends what kind of online work you can find, if you can make $20/hr and only work part time, 20 hours/week, that’s almost $20k/year and there’s no tax to pay living abroad working online, so you keep all of it, and it’s enough to live ok, you can have a decent amount of fun on 600k baht or a million pesos per year, nothing overly crazy but still lots of girls and partying and rents are cheap. Some people live on half that if they rarely pay for hookers or pop bottles in clubs, maybe once a month then the rest of the time they get a girlfriend and eat streetfood

      If you still worked 40 hrs/week on $20/hr, plus a bit of overtime and made almost $50k/year, because you enjoyed what you were doing, then you’d be doing very well for Asia and saving a lot of your money to invest and retire early. It’s hard to spend more than $40k/year here even if you’re partying every other night. Again there’s no taxes

      Some people will only make $10/hr because they’re doing something basic like freelance writing or crowdwork tasks, Dante was doing that for a while, then it’d be a bit of a boring 9 to 5 but you still get lots of girls and get to work from home, no commute, and there are lots of girls who’ll come straight to your place. So it’s still a good lifestyle. Then he started making other websites though for passive income so is doing a lot better. Passive income is obviously way better as it earns you money while you’re sleeping. Whether that’s blogs, selling products, investments, or property rentals

      • ThrowawayGuy says:

        Can you go into specifics when you say “Online Work”. Been looking to go to the phillippines, but dont know how I can earn money there. Any options?

      • jspill says:

        – Learning to trade financial markets, forex / crypto etc. Very hard
        – Online poker. Very hard
        – Start an online business selling products. Hard
        – Start a blog with affiliate marketing links / ads / sell ebooks on kindle. Easy but doesn’t pay much. That’s what I did with this blog as a 2nd job
        – Freelance writing. Easy to find low paid, boring work that Indians and Filipinos would normally do but you can do better being a native English speaker. Transcription, forum moderation, ‘clickwork’ like surveys, crowdworking tasks on e.g. Amazon mechanical turk
        – Content writing, find one regular job writing about something you know about. That’s what I do as my main job, for a poker and casino site
        – Teach Chinese students English over Skype, there are lots of websites and apps for that e.g. Nicetalk and you can get work by charging not very much per hour as you don’t need much to live in Asia
        – Telemarketing / customer service over the phone via Skype
        – Live off rental income. Easy but obviously need the money to buy property in the first place and have someone rent it out back home or buy a few condos in Asia and rent them out on Airbnb
        – Live off investments / pension
        – Buy a gogo bar with some expats you meet here and lose all your money, don’t do that. Not online work but a lot of people do that
        – Open a restaurant or small business with an Asian girl and again probably lose money
        – Find some job in Asia that needs foreigners, a software company or managing a call centre / hotel / or something. Quite rare
        – Get a rich Filipina GF. Very rare
        – Work 6 months a year in the West then live off the money the rest of the year in Asia, repeat

        Check out the reddit subforums about working online https://www.reddit.com/r/WorkOnline/

        • Adrian says:

          Hey, somehow your comment ended up as the most pertinent info on the web for me atm in regards to the Philippines. I have a few k saved up, an airbnb and a plane ticket for Philippines in January 2020. I want to be a digital nomad and I am fine with being a relatively broke one if that means I can live somewhere like the Philippines long-term.

          I am trying Freelance writing because I am good at writing but no bites yet.

          I am trying to do content writing/freelance writing but dunno where to start besides something live Fiverr.

          I think I could manage a call center or work under the table for a call center easy. But, you say that it is quite rare.

          I can’t stand my surburban hell hole anymore in the USA to work any number of months and live elsewhere for any number of months (or my city in general its either surburban boring death of leftist disgusting death).

          I am willing to pay for a more in depth answer to this dilemma. Too many people say such and such is easy and I don’t see the path.

        • jspill says:

          Upwork is a site for freelance writing work, odesk and elance merged to form that one site. It’s not great, they take a % of your earnings and it takes a while to build up a good feedback score, but some people make it work and earn good money on there. Ideally you get lucky and find one client on there that hires you longterm and pays you directly to save you both the fees. There’s some other sites too, e.g. freelancer.com, freelancewritinggigs.com

          Also go on all the different craiglists and look in the two sections jobs -> writing/editing and gigs/temp jobs->writing. There’s a different craigslist for each US state / major city in the world and the job listings are different on each. Since you can do online writing from anywhere in the world they usually don’t care where you are based, you might find a good job on some random craiglist, there’s a lot of spam too though

          For example New York


          There are some sites that claim to let you search every craigslist at once, try searching ‘writer’ / ‘writing’ on here https://www.searchcraigslist.org/

          Gives a lot of results, 32000, but it’s also worth browsing the different craiglists yourself in case it misses any, at least the 50 US state ones

          Also ask on the freelance writing reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/freelanceWriters/. Like I said above there’s a ‘work online’ reddit and some others, a digital nomad one – https://www.reddit.com/r/digitalnomad/

          Join expat facebook groups and ask in there, sometimes people are looking for writers, and maybe you can network and meet people to find out more about call centres or other lines of work, but be careful of scammers. For example these Angeles City facebook groups


          This guy I hung out with a few times has a youtube channel and did some videos about working in the Philippines https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2OCih0E2yiBjDgubzuJz4A/search?query=jobs

          Search travel forums, RooshV has a lot of threads about working online

          There are lots of websites about it, like sidehustleschool, try googling passive income. Websites never helped me that much though and usually just try to sell you stuff

          It’s not easy, people who say making money online is easy are usually trying to sell some scammy online course. Paying the bills is the hardest thing about living in Asia, even though it’s cheap, some people manage on $700/month, and the average is probably $1500/month, but you still need some way to earn an income, many people go broke and have to go home to work then come back

          Happy to answer questions anytime, no need to pay just get a month’s filipinocupid or pinalove membership through this site’s links then it pays me at no extra cost to you, and you get something out of it. Or use my airbnb link, it gives you a discount on your first accommodation booking


          • Adrian says:

            Wow thanks for such a quick reply! Unfortunately I bought a 3 month platinum for Filipinocupid AND I already have like 6 stays on my Airbnb account. Perhaps I will get a short pinalove subscription through your link as I do owe you one :p. (Or you can post a btc address!)

        • ThrowawayGuy says:

          How much does it cost to stay in the phillippines fora week?
          Food, Accommodation, transport. etc Looking to be rather frugal nothing upscale. Somewhere between frugal and middle income. What is there to do in manila?

        • jspill says:

          $300 – 500

          For me the main things to do are just bang chicks, go to the mall, eat, swim, gym and sunbathe at gramercy residences, walk over to the p burgos street gogo bars in the evenings. I like the lebanese food there, at Pasha / argos minibar. Then I do the same thing in Angeles city on walking street, you can take a bus there for a few dollars.

          There’s not much sightseeing or cultural stuff, unlike Thailand and it isn’t as nice to just walk around taking in the atmosphere, because the cities are laid out badly and run down. But the islands are nice, e.g. Boracay, flights are cheap on cebu pacific. You can also go hiking up a mountain / volcano in Angeles

          Apart from girls and beaches another main reason people like it is for the casinos and poker rooms, lots of those, unlike other Asian countries it’s legal

          This is the cheapest room in central manila, I stayed here before, it’s perfectly located right by the gogo bars for only $20/night, hotels are expensive in manila for what you get so airbnb is better. $20 wouldn’t even get you a hotel it’d be hostel a long walk away on the edge of makati, at makati apartelle or san agustin residences https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8557694

          Gramercy airbnb rooms are about $35-50 a day and much nicer than the hotel you’d get for that price. This is the cheapest one I’ve seen but it gets booked up fast https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2687882

          • throwaway says:

            I have a couple of question I want addressed before I commit to anything. How much for a week in thailand? Which destination do you think its easier to get laid in and why?
            Do the locals ever challenge you when you hit/flirt with the women? Are the police lazy? i.e If you are white westerner will the police go easy on you with crimes etc.

          • jspill says:

            $200 – 400

            A bit lower than Philippines because short term accommodation and local food options are cheaper in Thailand

            About the same, on the one hand you’ll see more girls on dating sites and out and about in malls etc. in Thailand, however Filipinas speak better English so are more approachable, and like foreign guys a lot. It evens out. I’d say Philippines for people who aren’t that good looking and aren’t picky about the girl, and Thailand for a good looking guy who is also picky

            Some people hate one and love the other so you might as well try both, fly into one country and fly home from the other. Flying between is cheap

            No on the locals, yes on the police, no on going easy on you for drugs or underage sex, but for other things it’s relaxed, it’s not a nanny state

            • throwaway says:

              Do you need to speak thai in thailand or can you manage to get by with speaking english?
              Just curious as to why you say thailands cheaper when most forum sites say otherwise.
              Also where do the koreans hang out in the phillippines? Are they easy to bed?

          • jspill says:

            You can get by in English.

            It’s cheaper for hotels & food. Those posters are prob Brit or Aussie, the exchange rate has become bad for GBP and AUD lately, making Thailand expensive for them. USD is not doing as bad. More Philippines expats are American where the USD is doing well vs PHP, making there cheap for Americans. But if you don’t use Airbnb and you don’t like Filipino food which many don’t, hotels and restaurants still add up

            Long term Philippines gets cheaper because it lets you extend your stay inside the country, Thailand makes you fly out often to get a new visa. Forum posters are usually living long term so they will be right to say Thailand’s expensive if they’re thinking of visas, and they rent an apartment in the Philippines on a yearly lease and have managed to find some cheap restaurants / cook at home, but you’re just on a week’s trip

            Malls, tinder, korean restos, tourist spots, beaches. Hard to get

  34. ronald says:

    Haha i had 1 moth ago a large french fries at Mcdonalds Pattaya for about 100Baht
    I was shocked when i calculated to euro (3 euro!!! I get almost a family bag for that in holland).
    1 euro just 33 Baht
    In the philippines I have often a “Junior Menu” at KFC or Burger king, about 90p (less then 2 euro) for a fishburger and little french fries and a drink,
    Last nite in Thailand (after Chiang Mai) At 9.30 PM I wanted to put my Pinay in a chair to listen to life music in Soy Cowboy, a drink was mimumum 180 Baht each (5.50 euro, 6 dollar) . I even dont pay those prices in Holland! Whole soy cowboy was so expensive after 9PM… Excuse me but such prices I have never seen in Philippines. For lower priced sex its maybe better to go to Amsterdam haha ….For me Pattaya is the best cause i just want to take a drink and look to dancing girls and go in bed with my own young Pinay….

  35. Monaco23 says:

    I like this page.. unfortunately i am 45 now…to old to have this kind of fun.. 10 year younger would be great 😁…

  36. Vito bravo says:

    I just keep getting younger 😄

  37. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @Vito bravo – Yea ya know how da saying goes, “We keep gettin older but da bitches keep gettin younger…” Just be sure to check their ID’s to make sure they’re at least 18. 😋
    I’m in my 40s now but most of the girls I date are in their 20s. Of course I lie about my age and say I’m 35. Lol. Some of my friend’s tell me, “Hey Guido, we have a pretty lady for you to meet who is young and looking to date an older man.” I then ask how old she is and when they say 35, I say, “No way pal she’s too old for me….I’m lookin for some fresh poon from bitches in their 20s.” ….But these days, especially during this pandemic, free poon from girls in their early 20s is hard to come by so most of the time lately , I’ve had to P4P and monger to get that age range. But I still do get some free snapper from 21 or 22 year olds every now and again (happens mostly in Miami or Hawaii for me– I’ve banged a lot of native indigenous Hawaiian’s too).

    I can’t wait to get back to Asia so I can drain my ball sack with barely legal 18 and 19 year olds in Pattaya and Angeles City. I’m sure they’re desperate for some Western cock right about now. I also bet the barfines and short-time prices have really gone down. Hopefully short-time rates are back down to 1990s rates or 500 Baht. 😋

    • Vito bravo says:

      Yeah well I’m just a few years older than you but it don’t matter to me because I still be rocking like Rocco. I don’t look my age, I don’t act it, and I don’t care. Most people think I’m in my 30s. That’s why I laugh at these guys who are 35 or 40 or 45 saying they are over the hill. I’m not even close to it and there’s plenty more fun to be had yo !! I don’t even think about age. As long as I’m capable of doing what I got to do that’s all that matters. I don’t wake up in the morning and say ah crap I’m 50 and My best days are behind me haha. Hell no !!!!

      Most these guys complaining they are over the hill certainly aren’t Italian and they’ve been watching too many commercials about being 40 and over the hill. I like the 20 years olds too yo !! There’s plenty of that to be had

      • GuidoSexMachine says:

        @Vito bravo – Yea Paesano, I agree. I’m now in my late 40s only a few years from 50 and I dont feel over the hill at all. I still wake up with rock hard boners every morning and still want to screw like an 18 year old. Most people think I’m in my 30s too and I still have most of my hair on my head (Thanks to Rogaine haha). I know some guys in their 40s and 50s who are already bald, with beer bellies and a mot of wrinkles who look like Teradactyl dinosaurs. They’re my age or younger and look like complete crap and can no longer get it up very well. I hope that’s never me 😆

        Like you say, Rocco Siffredi is 58 or 59 years old and he’s still a porn star “putting them away like there’s no tomorrow.”

        I think the key to staying younger and being able to bang until your 70s and 80s is living a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise is a must. Also important to get enough sleep and reduce stress. It’s easier said than done but it can be done with some dedication.

        I know this Italian lawyer in Chicago who is in his 90s who still bangs escorts and bitches at massage parlors (his wife passed away 10 years ot so ago). He’s still sexually active in his 90s and his son told us he’s still a total perv who watches porn every day….Could that be us in 45 years? 😆😋

        • Vito bravo says:

          That could be us in 80 years haha. I never talk down about myself because of age and I never make age an issue or complain about being older. I don’t wear my age on my sleeve. I don’t feel it I don’t think it and I don’t care 😌😌😌.

          I feel the same as I did when I was 18 except for i weigh a little more due to a busy life. When I was going into a club in Indonesia the door man was saying he’s a really beeg guy. My pant size is 38 but I’m trying to get to 36 if I can’t get some more exercise in.

          If you look up a list online about the most horny countries in the world I believe Italy is in the top 10. It don’t surprise me. They say people in their 70s and up are sexually busy there. I’m not surprised. When I was in Italy a couple years ago with my ex gf one the Italian maids at the hotel was blowing me kisses. She had to be about 65 haha . I was surprised in a way.

          It makes you understand why the Roman Empire was so decadent haha

      • jspill says:

        The Med master race 🙂 .

        Mediterranean diet is the best

  38. GuidoSexMachine says:

    @Jspill – I agree. Since I’m Mediterranean, I’ve been eating Med diet most of my life. The problem is that I’ve been eatin too much of it lately. Got a bit of a belly now but back on diet again. I consume so much olive oil that women have told me that my jizz tastes like olives 😆😆

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