Looking Back On 6 Months in Cebu

Six months ago I came back to Cebu and had HUGE expectations for this stay.  My first stay in Cebu was rough (with some great times mixed in) while my second was really good, but I knew better was possible.

nomad philippines cebu

View from La Guardia Flats 1

That second stay mostly consisted of having any dating site girl come straight to my apartment that was game, and banging (or getting blown by) 90% of them.  It was just a revolving door of girls in and out, but most of them weren’t that hot.

However over my last 6 weeks all the numbers I had handed out at the mall had really started to pay off and I had a nice rush.  But my money was running out quick and I needed to head back to Luzon where there’s reliable internet and grind up some money playing poker again.

And that’s what I did for the next 6 months.  I worked ~50 hours/week to build my bankroll up.  I only had girls over 1-3 times a week and was totally focused on getting back to Cebu with more money to work harder on getting hot girls instead of any random girl that would blow me.

I was even prepared to do things I really didn’t want to do like A) buying nicer clothes and B) taking girls out.  I wasn’t sure if these would be necessary, but I was willing to try.

I really wanted to focus on quality instead of quantity.  Instead of trying to do the 11 straight days of dating site strange like the last year I wanted 2 or 3 hot girls a week.  I had my number written on hundreds of pieces of paper and was ready to hand out 5+ every day.

Sometimes Plans Work, Sometimes They Don’t

I had accomplished my goal of getting my finances in order and this time I even had a way to earn money outside of poker while I was in Cebu.  I was just hoping to tread water through the March to September time this year, where as over the last 2 years I have basically earned no money at all and lost all my expenses.

I was able to actually earn more than I spent which was a huge plus…. however my true goal didn’t work out as well.  Things started great with the girls, I had a lot of numbers from my previous stay, and had done pre-work on Pinalove, Asian Dating, and even Facebook.

I booked an apartment through AirBNB that had internet already installed and was in a nice location.  Life was good and I was as confident as I had ever been that good things were coming.

One girl I had given my number to at the mall last year only texted me the day after I gave it to her to give me her Facebook.  She barely ever replied on Facebook either, but she was cute so I saved her number.

Well she’d been working every day when I first met her so we never hung out.  This time she didn’t have a job and within 3 days of me being in town she came over to my place.

We had texted A LOT in my last months in Angeles and I thought she might even be a virgin.  She would sometimes say things that made me think I was wasting my time with her…… but she was really cute so I continued on.

Luckily she wasn’t a virgin and came to visit me 4 times before getting a job and once again forgetting that I exist.  Still I am happy I kept her number even though there really was no reason for me not to delete her after 2 months of no responding…. let alone the 9 months she went without responding.

My next memorable hook up was a girl I met at SM.  She worked there and really didn’t even appear to be that hot in clothes, just a 6 who was standing around by herself looking bored….. in other words such a perfect approach spot I couldn’t pass it up.

A couple weeks after handing her my number she had me pick her up after work to go back to my place.  When her bra came off I was in for a great surprise as she had perfect boobs.  She visited me 3 times.

One of the 2 best nights of my 6 months came a week later with an 18 year old from FilipinoCupid.  She had a great personality and a really nice body.

The hi-light was when we got into bed and I asked her to get on top and she said she didn’t know how.  What commenced was her ‘learning how’ and that was quite an experience.  She visited me 4 times.

That was all in the first 6 weeks (well some of their visits came later) and with 2 other 7s I had met in person and other 6s and 7s online things had started just as planned.

I was also putting in major work walking the malls 2ish hours a day and had tons of numbers in my phone.  A few of them had already visited me and I had many seeds planted.

Add in cherry picking only the hottest dating site girls and things were looking up.

six months in cebu

La Guardia Flats 1 again

Something I was Already Noticing

Remember I was thinking of dressing better and actually ‘dating’ some of the girls. But where were these hot girls? I’d walk the malls for hours a day and not see an 8 for a week.

There is one that stands out as a girl I may have messed up by not splurging some money.  I met her at Ayala as she was riding up the escalators with her cousins.

I actually wasn’t even sure which girl to give my number to because I had only seen them from behind, but by the time we had reached the top of the escalator she had turned back and I saw her very pretty face (and already had been admiring the rear view.)

As they were just about to get off the escalator I gave her my number and said I am shy so I run away now and turned to go back down the other escalator.  I never say I am shy….. but for some reason I did that time.

She thought this was the cutest approach and even posted about it on her Facebook.  She insta texted me and we texted a lot for 2 weeks.

I was inviting her to hang out but she worked 6 days a week and always spent the 7th with the two girls I first saw her with (her cousins that would be moving a month later.)  My plan was to try and make that off day be my day once the cousins were gone.

I asked if I could come meet her at her work on her break and we hang out (she worked at a mall) and she said sure.  For some reason I was in uber talkative mode that day….. I get like that at times and girls usually love it.

I just ramble saying lots of stupid stuff and it can be highly entertaining for them.  Since every other time I had been like that around a girl I always got multiple visits from them I left our meet up thinking everything went great and I would surely be hanging out with her in the future.

I basically never heard from her again.  She never responded to any more of my texts, she only responded once on FB to say that she was out of load (after I was semi stalking her with lots of messages.)  It was clear she had no interest in me anymore.

She was always posting photos of ‘gifts’ guys had given her.  Showing up after her work giving her boxes of donuts to bring home, one guy bought her a necklace…. I was not her only suitor, and I wouldn’t have gotten into a bidding war just to (maybe) get to bang her a few times.

Maybe she judged my cheap clothes, maybe she was the rare girl that thought I was a dork when in uber talkative mode, maybe she started dating another guy… either way this is the one that stands out as a missed opportunity. More on this later.

A Week To Good To be True

Dealing with casual hook ups is a lot like poker in one way: variance.  A normal job has you getting paid every day, and a girlfriend has you getting consistent sex.

Poker has its up and downs and casual hook ups are the same.  About 2 months into my time in Cebu I had one of those great rushes that make it all worth it.  It started with a rarity: a hook up from a girl I met that night.

That basically never happens with my hand them my number strat – it’s usually a slow process of building trust.  This was just one of those cases of being in the right place at the right time.

I walked past a hiso looking girl who I thought would have no interest in me.  It took about 20 seconds to talk myself into ‘you have nothing to lose so why not’ and I ran up behind her and gave her my number.

She called me 2 minutes later and invited me to join her for a drink (she was buying.)  I declined the drink but had a chat with her and realized she was hotter then I thought and resembled CJ Miles whose Youtube vids I have rubbed on out to on more than one occasion.

With very little effort at all we were back at her hotel room an hour later (that her European husband was paying for) and went many rounds for what was the best night I had this time in Cebu.  Doing her doggy was one of the hi-lights of my life.

The next day I woke up and spam texted my phone book wishing all of my ‘friends’ a great weekend.  I got a reply from a girl who had come over once before on my first stay in Cebu.

She was a solid 7.5ish (great for Phils standards) and said she wasn’t busy.  She only replied to like 1/100 of my texts so obviously I invited her right over and that was a fun time.

Two days later I hooked up with another 7 who I had given my number to on the same night I met the CJ Miles girl.  She was your standard call center worker that had never hooked up with a foreigner and was curious.

Two days after that was one of the hottest girls I had ever been with.  I met her at the small mall near my place where I rarely hand out numbers.

She had just found out she was pregnant with her ex’s baby and I was there for emotional support.  She came to hang out one night and it didn’t take long before we were in bed.

She was visually stunning, probably 8.5 on my rating scale.  Great butt, great boobs, and pretty face.  But she wasn’t skilled at all in bed and sadly her body looked better than it felt.

She looked great naked, but just wasn’t as nice on the hands as it was on the eyes.  Still I am sad that I never got another visit out of her, but she has made things work with her ex-boyfriend so that’s a plus (for them, not me.)

All Down Hill From There

A couple weeks before my awesome week I started having some health issues/personal problems that I don’t like to vent about on this blog.  They carried on for the next few months and really held me back.

When they are going on I just can’t be the happy jovial friendly guy that it takes to run the type of ‘game’ that I use here.  Whether it was on my approaches, or in being a good textmate, or actually closing when back at my place I was always on my C or D game.

At first I was just forcing myself to go try anyways but after my rate of return on texts from number hand outs was plummeting and some girls were showing up at my place and (GASP) not putting out on the first meet my confidence was totally shaken.

I started going to Mango to look for hotter girls even though I am awful at discos.  I never once went in a disco, instead I just handed out my number to girls on their way to and from.

I also would ask girls for their number there because they are less shy to give it out in front of people at Mango than they are in a mall.  I was able to score one really cute 19 year old…. but after the first time she came over she said she would only return if I would be her boyfriend.

One girl who I gave my number to had a boyfriend but passed mine on to her friend.  Her friend was a semi-pro and became my go to bj girl through this tough time.  Once a week she came over…. she had the right lips for the job.

Granted I still had enough good times that if I was living in the western world I would have cut off my left nut to live like that…… but I had extremely high hopes for this stop in Cebu and it didn’t go anywhere near as planned.

What I Take Away From These 6 Months

I really love the Philippines but the hot girls are just so hard to find here.  I was out at the malls for probably 200-300 hours over this time and think I saw 1 ten (who is now pregnant and engaged,) two 9s, and maybe 15-20 8s.

Not that finding hot girls is easy anywhere, but with all of that effort putting myself at the nicest malls and even going to Mango on the weekends I should be seeing more 8s in half a year.

I gave almost every one of those girls my number and got texts from six of the 8s (I knew the 10 wouldn’t reply because she had a serious bf that I knew about, but I tried anyway).

Luckily I was able to actually get two of the six 8s into bed but two 8s in half a year for someone whose whole life revolves around meeting and banging as many hot girls as possible is just bad.

I was very willing to treat a hot girl nice, take her to dinner etc.  I had allowed for extra in my budget just for ‘girl’ costs on this stay….. but basically found no girls worth doing that for.

What’s the point of spending so much time and money and energy on a 7 when another 7 or 6.5 will come right over and be down to fuck for some Jolibee and taxi money.

Or go with a pro who will come over for 20 minutes, blow me, and leave for 500 pesos.  That’s so much better value than spending the same amount plus hours of my time to only maybe get the same result.

The few truly hot girls here still don’t have the ‘feminist attitude’ that western women have.  They are still generally kind and friendly.

But they also have tons of guys after them (since they are so rare) and can get their ‘needs’ met by guys that are actually interested in dating them, not just casual hook ups.

If you see 5 9s or better in a year 4 of them probably are already dating someone.  They may cheat on their guy….. but they may not.  They also get hit on a lot and don’t seem to be as keen on cold approaches as other girls.

Telling a 7 who doesn’t get complimented that she is so cute can really make her day.  Telling a 9 who has guys telling her how hot she is all the time does nothing to her other than annoy her.

Honestly I don’t even know what I am getting at…… I just feel like this 6 months was a major let down.  It was partially my own doing (with some things I can control, and some things I can’t.)

It was also just the fact that hot girls are so damn hard to find here.  I used to want to just get as much as I could and be happy when some of them were hot.

Now I don’t care about volume, I just want quality.  I am willing to work for it, I am willing to pay for it.  But I am no longer sure that this is the right place to be looking for it.

I will now head back to Luzon where the internet is reliable and put in 6 months of hard work again.  And then its off to travel Asia to see if there is a better place.

Maybe I will find this mythical land that is loaded with easy (or cheap) 8s.  More likely I will just end up back in the Phils and find something new to complain about.

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  1. Ash says:

    Great blog man! Random question – did you get laid at all before the Phils or not at all?

  2. kick2dante says:

    well at all = yes, often = no

  3. Skins says:

    Yeah man quality over quantity is my new strategy as well. After a few beers that usually goes out the window… But it’s a waste of time dealing with most of these skanks.

    I’m looking for a solid 10 to date for a while. Preferably not too high maintenance. Does such a creature exist?

  4. kick2dante says:

    i could have had a date with the only 10 i have seen in asia… and i cancelled cuz i was full on crazy at the time and would have had no chance at entertaining her, i woulda just rambled about how much i hated cebu and how terrible the internet was….. by the time i moved back she was already with a serious boyfriend

    thanks for reminding me of that btw

  5. Skins says:

    Is the internet that bad? Fuck man isn’t Cebu a major city? That’s kind of a deal breaker… How did you do in Snooky? I got absolutely nothing done there. Had to try several different cafes until I could finally do a little banking. Please tell me how you manage?

    I’m not doing anything intense, but I need a somewhat reliable signal.

  6. kick2dante says:

    in cebu you cant rely on mobile data or hotel wifi at all, i mean i guess there is a chance you can find a hotel or apartment off airbnb with good wifi but dont bet on it, and maybe you are able to get a good signal in the place you are with your mobile data but definitely dont count on that either

    my first time in cebu i basically just didnt work (lol) the second time i didnt work for 6 months (lol) and the third time i got my own internet connection which was fine but since u have to sign a long contract it took some manuevering since i wasnt staying a year

    in snooky i found my metfone 3g to be plenty reliable, very rare that i had days where it wasnt working well enough for me to play poker with, not fast download speeds but i dont care about fast just reliable (assume you are the same way)

    and i was staying right on serendipity road so if my metfone wasnt working and my hotels wifi wasnt working well that day there were 20 other hotels walking distance away that i could go use and buy a $1 watermelon shake

    there are lots of internet cafes in cebu fwiw if you really need to get something done

  7. jspill says:

    What contract length and speed did you have/negotiate? PLDT website doesn’t give much info other than ’30 month lock in period’ or ’24 month lock in’ for the Lite plan http://pldthome.com/fibr

    Do you have to pay the whole contract length upfront? In Thailand you don’t, then if you have to move on and cancel your contract you just pay a relatively small fine $100-$150 ish, basically covering the cost of the router and installation.

    Couldn’t find anything in the T&Cs. Seems the internet needs a dedicated blog post all about this? Lol at using internet cafes with noisy kids playing Warcraft and ladyboys on Skype webcam with dudes jacking off.

  8. kick2dante says:

    i was able to get the person i rented from to put the internet in their name, to the best of my knowledge its a 1 year contract and there is no breaking it, you have to pay it all to get out of it (though i have heard many foreigners just dont pay and then use a different company next time)

    i got the cheapest one (nit) and it was slow but for the most part reliable, couple days shaky, one day completely down, good enough for all my needs except hd youtube vids wouldnt really work

  9. ontheway says:

    Hey Dante . .. I fell into your blogs when I Google an off-the-wall search about Cambodia. I’m actually into the PI but was checking out Cambodia because of the cool visa and cost – of – living scene. I’ve bought both your Amazon books and will send you comments if you have a private email address. I’ve tried twice to sign up to your PI blog but I still haven’t gotten an email. Will you check your server . … you may be loosing a lot potential eyes.

  10. ontheway says:

    PS… the avatar assigned me is way lame … how do I get my own assigned?

  11. kick2dante says:

    Hey man that’s awesome, happy you’re enjoying the blog and books! Can email me anytime info@nomadphilippines.com. I tested the signup just now and it’s working for me, got the confirmation email. It went to spam folder though so maybe that’s what’s happening for you. Anyway soon I’ll be replacing that log in thing with a mailing list instead, and giving the free ebook out that way. I’ll email you a link to it so you’re not missing anything. Thanks.

  12. ontheway says:

    PS again . .. and BTW all your sites/blogs are AWESOME !

  13. ontheway says:

    Yep… the email came in with “WORDPRESS” as the header and went straight to the SPAM folder (which I always forget to check )…. anyway , I’m signed – up and password protected and everything is jewel … Except how do I change that avatar ? And, do I need to register on all the “nomad” sites or is one enough?

  14. ontheway says:

    Oops… just saw the note on the avatar . .. sorry, I’m using 7″ tablet and things are a bit awkward . .. when I get to my desktop I’ll do better

  15. kick2dante says:

    No worries, yeah it’s under the profile tab. And yeah just the one registration

  16. ontheway says:

    …. everything is cool not “jewel” (damn – all automatic spell check)

  17. kick2dante says:

    Haha. By the way if you bought an ebook leaving a review on the Amazon page would be awesome if you have a minute 🙂 http://amzn.to/1F5qdF6

  18. ontheway says:

    Thanks for changing the Avatar… that’s a clip from me at the helm of my 36′ Sparhawk cat-ketch (if you’re into sailing) in the Newport to Bermuda race some years ago (when I was sort-of rich and a bunch younger)…. i started using it to remind me that it was a twist of fate that crashed my world and another twist csn bring it all back … like falling into your blog which has really stoked me ! Thanks for the great high energy blogging !

  19. kick2dante says:

    you will get it back man, and the good thing about asia is you dont need that much to live the life

  20. randomguy says:

    it sounds like you’re wasting your life away chasing pussy lol..you still live hand-to-mouth with poker? why not invest those winnings properly and be a true baller?

  21. kick2dante says:

    think there are worse ways to waste your life away…… and i know cuz ive lived em

  22. Bishop says:

    Would you elborate on these P500 BJ girls you have mentioned before? Where did you meet them and what is the typical encounter like?

  23. kick2dante says:

    just freelancers that you come across from time to time, of course they dont offer 500p for a bj at first, but many girls here will accept that for a short time, i lived near one in cebu and she could walk to my place, do the deed, and be back home in 30 minutes….. better value for her than staying all night with some guy she doesnt know for 1500

    another one first quoted me 2500, i lol’ed and said nevermind, then i decided to just say thats too much but if u wanna stop by for 20 minutes for a quick bj ill give you 500 and she said ok

    no reason not to ask

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