4 Thailand Ebooks To Read

If you visit or move to Thailand – or anywhere in South East Asia really – you’re going to be tempted with so many girls and will need to know how to handle it.  They’re easily available.

thailand ebooks

You may say to yourself that you aren’t the type of guy that would ever go with a hooker, but in Asia it’s different.  These aren’t drugged out skanks standing on a street corner.

These are girls that have little opportunity in life and just want to get ahead.  Many of them are very sweet and kind.  But many are sharks.

Thailand Ebooks

If you read these ebooks you will be much more prepared for the encounters you will have.  You still may have a problem saying no, but at least you were warned ahead of time.

Private Dancer

thailand ebooks private dancerClassic fiction that was written thirty years ago but still holds its weight today.  A young westerner meets the love of his life in a Bangkok Go-Go and everything starts out great.

Then she teaches him the lessons you’ll be hoping to avoid.  But it’s not just about 1 relationship, it’s about the whole scene in BKK.

There are many interesting side stories so it’s not only a good learning tool but a fun and entertaining read also.  I was hooked once I started reading it and finished it in two days.

Check out Private Dancer on Amazon.


Thai Hookers 101

thailand ebooks thai hooker 101Non fiction, this is more of an educational book to teach you the tricks of the trade so that you know how things will work.

It gets much more in depth on how things really work.

If you have never been here you won’t know how to barfine a girl, or what things to expect inside of a go-go.

This book will give you all the info you need so you don’t feel like a noob, and get taken advantage of like one.

Check out Thai Hookers 101 on Amazon.


The Single Man’s Guide To Thailand: Fun, Sun and Sex

thailand ebooks singlemansguideUpdate – new in 2015, this is actually cheaper than the Thai Hooker 101 ebook and since it’s done by a blogger I’m a fan of I’ll give it a shoutout. Great value for a few bucks.

Skins’ blog over at SingleMansParadise.com is hilarious, and his advice is similar to mine.

A younger guy’s perspective, about banging both normal girls and pros, and working online.

More Vietnam content than you usually find on blogs too.

Check out The Single Man’s Guide on Amazon.


Thai Stick: The Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade

thailand ebooks thai stickThis book will teach you a little bit but it’s more of a fun read than anything.   Lots of drugs pass through Thailand every year and not all of them make it out of the country.

Drug laws in Thailand are strict so you need to be very careful if that’s your thing.  This book gets in depth on the smuggling ring that was bringing the infamous ‘Thai Sticks’ to the western world.

Unrelated to StickManBangkok.com, that’s a good blog though to check out too.

Check out Thai Stick on Amazon.

If you’ve read (or written) any other good Thailand ebooks let me know in the comments.

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