Women – Philippines vs Thailand vs Cambodia

It can be surprising how different the women in the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia are.

cambodia vs thailand vs philippines women

Actually there are two that are polar opposites and one that is kind of in the middle.

I’m not talking about looks because that’s subjective and everyone has different tastes for Asian girls.  I personally don’t find Thais that attractive, however most guys would rate Thai women the hottest of the three.

But from a willingness to hook up with foreigners in casual relationships, and overall horniness level the Philippines is a 10 and Cambodia is a 1.

The vast majority of Cambodia women are either saving themselves for marriage, or are working girls.

cambodia vs thailand vs philippines asian women

In the Philippines you have many girls that fit in both of those categories.  But you also have a very high percent of Pinays that want to be friends with foreigners, and if their foreigner friend from FilipinoCupid is interested in them they don’t say no.

The communication factor also helps.  The demographic in the Philippines that speaks the best English is definitely girls under 30 because they spend so much time on Facebook, uploading selfies to Pinalove or listening to American songs. They also are just a very horny race of people and are so much better in bed.

The majority of Cambodian girls I was with were terrible in bed, whereas you kiss a Filipina on the neck and she is instantly turned on.

cambodia vs thailand vs philippines asian girls

I have had to tell Filipina girls that I didn’t want to go any more rounds that night.  That’s how horny they are.  I doubt that would ever be the case with a girl in Cambodia, or if it is it’s a very rare thing.

Thai women are kind of inbetween.  In the major cities there will be plenty of farang hunters, or on sites like Thaifriendly.  The Thai girls I was with were somewhat into it in bed, but they seemed to be doing more acting, where as you can tell the Pinays really want it. For me as a sexpest that makes Phils the best country in Asia to live.

Thailand is known as the ‘land of smiles’ – amongst expats that becomes a sarcastic in-joke that Thais always smile to your face but talk bad about you behind your back.  I got that impression a bit when I was there.  Maybe I needed to get out of the tourist ghettos.

cambodia vs thailand vs philippines for sex

I am sure there is some of that in every country, but it seems worse in Thailand.  Filipina women seem to have a much more genuine interest in foreigners.

It should be noted that all of my experience with girls in Cambodia and Thailand was with working girls.  But even with prostitutes in the Philippines there is a different hornyness that was not in the other countries.


This is one where living in the Philippines dominates and both the other two are quite far behind.  English is widely spoken in the Philippines, particularly in the cities and with people that expats come in contact with.

In two years in the country I can really only remember a few times where knowing the local language would have been very beneficial.  I am sure there are some other times it would have been nice to know it, but it has only cost me some time or money very rarely.

cambodia vs thailand vs philippines girls

I actually thought there was a little better English in Cambodia than in Thailand.  I am judging both countries only by touristy areas, if you go to the provinces of either I am sure there would be little to no English.

When I arrived in Bangkok I had to ask three people that worked at the airport where a bathroom was.  You would think people that work in the airport around tourists would have a better grasp of the language but apparently not.

If you’re consider moving to the Philippines and never leaving it would be kind of nice to know the language but not a necessity.

By contrast if you were planning on staying in either Thailand or Cambodia long term it would definitely pay off to learn the language.

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  1. jspill jspill says:

    Looking forward to the post on STDs by country…

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    judging by the time i got it thailand has a very high chance of being where i got the mollusc

  3. Skins says:

    Yup I got it in Thailand too.

  4. John says:

    I have to reply to this i usually dont bother but its a good one.
    I also live in SE Asia and I would say your summary is very accurate.
    I have told myself to move to Phil but I am a bodybuilder and thailand has the best
    gear when it comes to Testosterone ect.
    I like Cambodia but i can only find a few choices of gear.
    Other than my concerns your summary on girls is accurate, The Cambodians seem to be more conservative with sex and relationships. So i always find my self back in Thailand for everything but my girl is Cambodian and i might move there and just bring my gear from Thailand like i always do.

  5. John says:

    Been in the Phillipines now for over seven months and have been with no girls. I could live in this place for ten years and not get one single hook up. Oh, you can’t say things like that, very, very bad, no good. If you want to meet a girl, you must be sure that you want to marry her, but the reality is that all just ignore you, and all can be seen walking around with their seventeen year old looking boyfriends. Had I been in Thailand for the same duration, I would have been with around 130 different girls ( no joke!) . The Fillipinos are brainwashed with Christian fundamentalism and sex is a vary, vary, vary bad thing that you should not talk about, because it is very, very, very bad. Also, the spoken English in zthsiland is quite good, despite almost half the world saying the contrary. Correct English is spoken, not trashy stupid Hollywood film American slang. As far as Cambodia is concerned, forget that also. The so called ” girly bars ” in Sahnoukville are left with virtually no customers.nof you ask an attractive girl over the age of consent ( about 19 ) to go with you it is almost 100 percent guaranteed that she will say no, and point you in the direction of her 35 year old Aunt.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Try dating sites, the ones that are into foreigners tend to go online. They can be shy out in public.

    • kick2dante kick2dante says:

      lol you dont talk about sex, you just do it

    • jspill jspill says:

      The thing with Asian girls (and guys) is they’re totally different in private and public, they’re hyper image / status conscious. They want to ‘save face’ and look good to others, not like sluts / mongers so they’ll act like sex is a taboo thing, that they’re faithful, pious, etc., because they’re terrified what others will think. And because they look up to their elders way too much – the older generation are more conservative.

      But then secretly, in private, they’ll release that repression by being really promsicuous, cheating a lot, banging around or using whores. Look at all the short time hotels around, karaoke places with private rooms, sideline girls, teen pregnancy rates, and so on.

      I agree Thailand is better, way more hot girls around. But you should be getting laid very easily in the Philippines as well. Just ignore them when they say sex is a bad thing, get them in your room somehow, and the sex happens.

      Also agree on Cambodia.

  6. John says:

    You asked for a “bathroom”. Wrong. You probably needed a toilet? Then they could have helped you.

  7. Shouldaseenitcoming says:

    I can only speak of my experience with pinays. I married a filipina, didn’t realize how money hungry she was. She had sex with her boss because he said he would give her a raise. She got a raise just not in salary. She is terrified of telling her mom, friends because of fear of being labeled. She thinks I should just forget about it because she only did it for the money. I only found out because the bosses wife saw the texts and confronted my soon to be ex. Moral of the story..pinays are not all pious and faithful because of their faith. Most owe loyalty to currency and social status.

    • Spirit maze says:

      The worst thing about filipinas is how emotionally flaky they are. One day they love you and want to have your babies, within 24 hours they’ve moved on. They are very ‘in the moment.’

      Yes, they are very sweet and nice. But it is often understated how fickle these women are. I’ve found some to be quite clingy, but more often than not if I stop paying attention to a filipina after I’ve banged her then she’ll move on with light speed. I kind of admire their resilience, but it’s also a bit creepy too.

  8. Eric says:

    for non-pro girls easy dating, filipinas are easier than thai girls, correct?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Once they’re in your room, yes, but with flakiness / the infrastructure it can be harder to get girls there

    • Spirit maze says:

      I dunno about that. My friend is in Bangkok and he’s smashing it. He finds it much easier to meet girls logistically than the Philippines (because of infrastructure). He also says girls are much less flaky and more responsive online.

      The flakiness of Filipinas cannot be understated. It is off the charts and extremely annoying and unavoidable. Be prepared to book a lot of dates that fall through and have plans canceled on you. I’ve been here for 6 months now and I’m fed up with the flakiness of girls in Manila. I’m leaving next week.

      • jack says:

        spirit maze, do u live in makati and most of these girls who flake on u also live/work there? because if they live in other areas of manila (e.g. quezon) it’s understandable they flake, as transportation there sucks.

        • Spirit maze says:

          I live in Makati. There’s no pattern to flakiness. I have had women come from as far as laguna and cavite just to meet me, and women who live blocks away from me flake. It has nothing to do with location, if a filipina wants to meet you then she’ll make it happen. I would say that women who live in Makati probably have more options (closer to the expat hubs), so would tend to be more flaky.

          The issue is these women have options and being a white dude in Manila is nothing special. Market saturation is painfully obvious, but there’s so much ‘groupthink’ when it comes to the Philippines being a pussy paradise, expats are in denial about it. Expats are too scared to admit that the Philippines actually isn’t a cake walk, because they think it will reflect badly on their sexual prowess. ‘If you can fog a mirror, you can get laid in the Philippines’ is the usual mantra. The reality is if you can fog a mirror, you can bang a single mom in the Philippines. Try messaging a cute 19 year old honey from Makati and you’ll get aloof responses, if you even get a reply at all.

          I’m a good looking 29 year old white guy and I don’t find it easy in Manila for quality notches, I am very skeptical of other guys who claim that Manila is a pussy paradise. It’s not. Lots of grinding for pussy has been my life here. I have had some great lays, I have had some awful lays. Practically none of it come easily and I had to work for pretty much every single one of them.

          • Diane says:

            Dude why are you so focused in manila? If you really want to bang a hot girl that bad you should go to angeles or subic, money doesn’t matter to the girls there mostly I suppose if what you mentioned earlier that you’re young and good looking is right then getting laid by a hot chick wouldn’t be much of a problem for you ’cause based on my observation looks is what matters the most for the girls there😁😂

            • jspill jspill says:

              Well hello there Diane thanks for the comment and welcome

            • Spirit maze says:

              i do bang hot girls in Manila. I’m countering the internet propaganda that it’s easy to bang beautiful women in the Philippines. All I’m saying is it takes work and can be quite challenging. Yeah, I could move out to the jungle and bang the farmer’s daughters there, but that’s not really my vibe. I’m a city boy.

              It’s always good to get a woman’s perspective, but I’m assuming you don’t bang hot girls in the Philippines so I struggle to see where your opinion/point of reference comes from.

              • Diane says:

                Both places are city 😂 anyway do as you please i’m just giving ya an advice as a filipina 👌😁 have a nice day!

    • jspill jspill says:

      Yeah Thai girls all have smartphones and mobile 3G there is often better than Philippines wifi 😀

      So there’s more girls online on dating sites / apps and more responsive once they’re on there.

      Even with texts in Philippines sometimes they don’t get delivered by the network or a girl won’t have load to reply, or she can only reply to Globe but not Smart, or some other BS

      Then in BKK they have the air conditioned skytrain and subway, air conditioned buses, traffic still bad but a bit better. Overall much easier and nicer for girls to come over to your place versus sitting in a jeepney

  9. Eric says:

    One thing I am unable to understand is if its easy to lay regular girls in phils, why bother spend money on girls in the pro scene….jspill, you mentioned somewhere half of your lays in phils are paid…I know you need to try some pros to review for your website…but how come 150+ are pros…..if its really easy to get laid regular girls on a regular basis….

    • Spirit maze says:

      it’s actually not easy to bang hot girls in the Philippines. Their expectations for what they want in a guy are much higher than you’d expect. The easy sex in the Philippines is with the fatties and the single moms.

      I actually bumped into Jspill down at burgos yesterday and had a very good P4P experience with him. P4P is more convenient and less of a headache. It’s not something I do much of, but I can definitely understand the appeal.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Depends what ‘regular’ and ‘easy’ are. You should be able to get laid 2-10x more than back home, where some guys might have sex once a month, or once a year, some guys only have half a dozen sexual partners before getting married and having kids.

      Let’s say 3 – 5 girls a month, my friend here in Manila just happened to mention he had 4 Tinder girls in the last month, regular looking guy, 33 years old. And I met a guy the other day who said 30 or so girls in the last year, he was in his mid 40s. Both don’t like to pay. That’s still a lot more than at home.

      But if you want say 15+ girls a month, it’s going to be really time consuming and some aren’t going to be that hot. I notice once guys go above that threshold and aren’t paying then a lot of the girls aren’t that hot, it’s more about just getting notches, and they end up spending all day on it.

      Which is fun for a while, a nice challenge you should do it when you first move here and I did too, but get back to me after your first year or so…

      Some hookers are really hot and cool to be with, great in bed, nice people etc. Sure some are awful but they’re easily avoided and in the minority. SE Asia overall has friendly girls and that doesn’t suddenly change when they become hookers. The pros here aren’t like western ones.

      Yeah lol yesterday I’m leaving a restaurant and bump into Spirit maze, he’s on his way to meet a hooker he negotiated a good price with on a dating app, 1500 php ($30).

      I tag along and she has two friends, I ended up doing a 3some with the other two, and one had a great body the pics are on instagram at the mo. So I invested literally zero time, was a good price (gave each girl 1500 php) and pretty hilarious.

      • Spirit maze says:

        It’s really worth emphasizing that it is extremely easy to get laid in the Philippines, just not with the quality ones. That’s where the confusion comes in. Expats jump onto forums and talk about how easy the Philippines is….yeah, depends on your target demographic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though so some guys may be genuinely happy with the abundance of available and easy troglodytes in the Philippines.

        Jspill, hopefully our price negotiation skillz encourages the rest of the hookers to start lowering their asking price. 1500 seems far more reasonable than the usual 3500.

        • thibault says:

          who cares about quality. the only question is: can you get it hard? as long as ypu got an erection, she s good enough. admittedly, you ve more difgiculty fucking uglies , and getting it hard, as you agr. too bad it goes together with the lowering of the qyality of women available to you.

  10. Eric says:

    lol…so for 2 week tourist regular guy like me….looks like the probability is low to get some 7 or 8 girls from FC/PinaLove or Mall Game…:))) …all the girls I will contact in manila online or mall might already be contacted by the expats there….sounds not easy then..:) By the way my friend above average looking Indian guy is coming along with me..what are his chances assuming all other things equal to regular white guy..we are 32

    • jspill jspill says:

      Start messaging a dozen or so girls about a week before you arrive, line up dates for each day, use every dating site and app you can, FC, Pinalove, Asiandating, DIA, with Tinder paid version you can set your location as Manila, and Skout lets you set a new location temporarily

      This is a guest post by an Indian guy he did fine – http://nomadphilippines.com/indian-guys I have indian mates they did fine too they got laid free in Royal disco and with online girls. Philippines is quite Indian-friendly

      Some of it is just down to luck but give yourself as many options as possible

    • Spirit maze says:

      Yeah as Jspill said, maximize your opportunities by spreading yourself out on all the dating apps. It’s a numbers game. The more girls you contact, the more you increase your changes of finding a hot one who’s up for it.

      Generate lots of leads and don’t just focus on one girl. Filipinas can ditch plans at the last minute, so you always want to have a back-up plan.

      Unfortunately it doesn’t just fall into your lap in Manila. You have to put effort in.

  11. Spirit maze says:

    tinder, okcupid, filipino cupid, skout. I’ve done day game and i have some success with it, but it’s often soooo slow to move to a bang. I’m not patient enough for it. Online is far more efficient for quick lays. Night game is good too, but i’m not really into the smoky club environment and loud music.

    • Seth says:

      How many girls you´d say do you swipe right out of like a 100? I have spent days going without swiping anyone right, then also in Cebu there aren´t too many girls on tinder anyways. I might be really picky but as you said it´s really tough to get a quality one. Annoying flaking of girls that aren´t even too hot made me only go for quality now.

  12. Eric says:

    whats the deal with separated girls on FC? they might be not legally divorced and its a risk to engage with them as per filipina laws

  13. Rafael Ferrer says:

    I’m here in Thailand now
    And my god
    The girl in the airport concierge was so pretty

    Where can I get young girls who accepts doing it live without condoms ? Any tips dude ?

    • Eric says:

      are you fine with potential STDs from working girls if you dont use condoms?

    • ElMoreno809 says:

      I met a 20-something girl at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall near Asoke. Later that day, I took her to Hooters in Nana. Then we went to the club and danced for a bit. Afterwards we went back to my Airbnb rental on Soi 12. WHEW LAWD. CIM with her three times that night. I stayed 5 days in Bangkok and she chilled with me 3 of them.

      Go to the mall. There are plenty there!

      • Eric says:

        was she a pro or semi working type girl? how is it that one can meet and fuck immediately?

        • jspill jspill says:

          Plenty of horny university students out there who’ll bang you on the first night. Not a daily or weekly occurrence, but it’ll happen, doesn’t have to be a pro or semi pro.

          He might have meant he met up with her at Terminal 21 after chatting on a dating site / app, it’s a common first date spot. Very easy for girls to get to, right next to the BTS and MRT intersection. You see lots of couples there that look like Thaifriendly dates.

  14. Eric says:

    is it reasonable to assume most of us are people with average or below average career/business prospects in the west either due to lack of skills or interest 🙂

    • jspill jspill says:

      Lack of interest, certainly.

    • Spirit maze says:

      generally, with a few exceptions, the dregs of the West end up in the Philippines

    • jspill jspill says:

      Sure you get all the dregs, pedos, foreign criminals etc. but the West is going so far downhill, especially Europe, that you get a lot of normal people too

      There’s the whole sexodus / MGTOW / redpill scene, a lot of those guys move to Asia, then all the digital nomads working remotely. Although you could argue the classier ones end up in East Asia

      • Spirit maze says:

        I have never met a guy who is into Asian women who could be even remotely considered normal. Myself included.

        • Eric says:

          haha…but some of the well educated and beautiful east asian women…china, korea, japan…or top class….they make great wife for LTR

        • Eric says:

          yes someone who is into south east asian women for more than sex is usually not normal :)….even the ones who go after chasing easy sex with low class south east asian girls often uneducated and sex workers…obviously not normal 🙂

      • Eric says:

        most western guys in east asia are english teachers :)…..only a small percentage of people have good jobs or business

        • Mark says:

          Then there are all the other foreign criminals hiding out in SE Asia that are wanted by INTERPOL and the FBI. They can freely walk around and continue their scams by paying off corrupt officials.

  15. Eric says:

    most of FC girls are poor from provinces, ugly, single moms or low level call center, office workers…..

    • Spirit maze says:

      welcome to the Philippines

    • Mark says:

      Well, somewhere among these girls, you’ll find at least a few gems. What surprised me though, is why foreign guys start a relationship with these girls? i meant, try and have a decent intelligent conversation with them and seriously, it’s like talking to a 10 year old. Totally world apart. They have as much knowledge as Hello fucking Kitty. I just don’t get it. That’s why i just stick to the boom boom and tell them to leave before they start a karaoke in my fucking bed.

      I seriously admire these guys that have been in relationship with these type of girls for more than a couple of months. I mean, how do they put up with having dumb and silly conversations for that long? this only leads me to think that, perhaps these guys are just as dumb.

      • sled mobiles says:

        Maybe I’m an outlier, but I can throw in my .02. Been with a filipina for almost 3 years. For a while I was concerned that she wasn’t going to be able to engage me in topics I like talking about, general global current events, history, science etc. Her math is at times lolbad as well. But over time I made it clear I need a little bit of intellectual convo here and there, and she’s been happy to oblige. She pays attention to whats going on there, tiny bits of stuff going on om US, and seems genuinely engaged when I start talking about any random topic, will ask questions, seems to enjoy learning something from me, doesn’t feel talked down to at all. So I get to feel smart (which always makes a guy feel good) she learns something new and is attracted by my intelligence (not a genius just know a little bit about a lot of things)

        And her lack of knowledge about WW1 or climate change is more than made up for by her funny, warm, loving personality, her devotion to me, her appreciation for me, great in bed. It seems guys want it all, an 8 with a grasp on string theory, acts like a virgin but a dynamo in bed. If you ever meet a chick like that, I promise you, she won’t be interested in the likes of you or me anyway.

        Like I said, maybe I’m lucky and my gf is an outlier, that’s totally possible. Or maybe I am just a realist unlike so many who obsess over what a girl doesn’t offer instead of the multitude of things a girl can or does offer.

        When I was in my early 20’s I used to think my dream girl was super smart, looks not as important. Now in my 30’s I realize looks are nice, intelligence is overrated (assuming not an absolute idiot), and personality is everything.

        • Spirit maze says:

          it’s useless trying to pretend that filipina pussy is anything else but the most basic pussy out there.

          • sled mobiles says:

            Didn’t say anything to the contrary. In fact I said my case is probably unique in the filipina dating world.

            Having read some of your comments here I know that we are vastly different types of humans with different outlooks and goals in life.

            Just curious, why does everyone feel the need to trash filipina intelligence? Does it make people feel smart? If guys want to date high IQ women, why are they in SE Asia? If most are there just to have as much sex as possible, as is obviously the case, why are we sitting here criticizing things about the women that have nothing to do with the goal of sex?

            In my experience, which admittedly is quite limited compared to most here, I’ve chatted with seriously maybe half a dozen girls there. I went out of my way to screen for good english, a degree, not looking for a meal ticket, etc. And the girls I got weren’t dumb. Perhaps when the only thing you screen for is looks and 18-24 year olds, you may get dumb girls. Shocking…

            How many hot 18-24 year olds in the US could explain global warming or tell you who the vice president are?

            • Mark says:

              Anyway, you are right, it’s not fair to pinpoint the women because the men are no more different. Hell, majority of locals in PH are simple-minded.

              I’ve meet 100s of girls over a few months period and i don’t screen girls, just take them out for a meal and have a banter. If the mood is right, it’s boom boom time. Otherwise, it’s a pleasant meal but mediocre chat.

              Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate Filipinas. just stating a fact and something that becomes tedious and annoying over time.

              One positive note i can say is that most of the PH girls i’ve met may not have any academic achievements but they were certainly very street-wise. They sure can out smart you with their lies and scams. I’ve falling for some of it too, hehe. I say that in a positive light because at least they have a worthy talent to be a sales person to survive successfully.

              No idea what US girls are like but i’m pretty sure you’ll find dumb ass anywhere but on different levels.

              And you are wrong, not all hot girls are stupid. You just need to visit East Asia or (Western and Eastern) Europe, imo.

              • sled mobiles says:

                Maybe there in lies your problem. You don’t screen girls. I’d guess (if you’re finding girls online) you find someone with a cute pic, 18+, and the rest is meaningless, which is probably why most of the girls you meet are vapid. If you’re meeting chicks live in malls, then for sure you’re going purely off looks.

                I’d think if you’re getting tired of the boring level 1 chat, you would start screening and selecting for things that would make the convo better, considering you seem to want that.

                I can speak first hand for US chicks, if I were going by looks only and 18-24, picking up at malls, you’d be able to put laugh tracks in the background of any attempt at a deep convo. Shit would be absolutely unbearable.

            • Spirit maze says:

              because men consciously and subconsciously are resentful of easy women. We want the easy sex, but we simultaneously hate the sluts

        • Mark says:

          Don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking for a genius or whiz kid. Just someone with some basic general knowledge of world affairs. Most of them didn’t even know who Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos is. But they certainly know a lot about reality stars and celeb gossips.

          When i was in my early 20’s i used to think my dream girl was super beautiful, intelligence not as important. Now in my 30’s i realise beauty doesn’t last and intelligence and personality can sustain a good long term relationship.

          • sled mobiles says:

            My gf certainly knew about Marcos, she actually taught me about some of that history early on.

            What age range girls are you dating/banging? If 18-early 20’s, I’d ask you to imagine the types of replies you’d get if you were in a mall in SoCal going up to random cute 20 year olds and asking when the Civil war was, who Jimmy Carter is, etc.

            You act like we don’t have a celeb worship culture in the US (I’m assuming that’s where you’re from, please correct me if I’m wrong). Maybe you forgot which country invented the Kardashians, Real Housewives of xyz, etc. What demographic do you think watches that shit?

            • Mark says:

              Well, you are lucky to find a pretty one with a brain. That is quite rare so hang on to that precious.

              I’m from the UK. And yes, I agree the US are importing and broadcasting a lot of dumb ass entertainment and media shite to the world. Ironically though, many locals i met in PH don’t really like the US (because they tried to colonised PH. At least that’s what they think?) but they have no problem digesting their US celeb worshiping culture more so than anywhere in Asia.

              Hell, its’ the only Asian country where basketball is hugely popular.

              Oddly, Ph feels like Mexico though not as dangerous? unless you go down to Mindanao.

  16. Eric says:

    Some of the FC girls initiated messages with me and asking my number and want to meet me in the first few messages…I mean without developing any sort of knowhow…Lol….does it mean they are scammers or hookers or trying to get a free meal :)…I am treading cautiously….

  17. Bella says:

    I don’t know if my comment isn’t late but one thing for sure that Filipina are
    most understanding , willing to give everything to the Man that they love.

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