Why Live in the Philippines?!

When I was trying to decide where I wanted to move the main selling points about the Philippines were that English is widely spoken and the cost of living is low.

Why live in the Philippines

Why Live in the Philippines?!

English Ability

The English is so good here you have little need to try and learn the local language.

For one there are many different languages that are spoken, so if you move from one island to another a lot like I do you would need to constantly be learning new ones.

There have been very few times where I have even thought to myself that I wished I knew the language, and usually if I had all it could’ve saved me is 5 minutes of time.

Clearly paying a lot of money and spending a lot of time to once every 6 months save 5 minutes of your time or save $10 is not a good investment, at least not for a lazy person like myself.

If you will be working in a business setting then knowing the languages may help…… but generally the people that make it high up in the business world will probably know English, or you can hire an interpreter for very little money.  I don’t see the point for the type of life I lead.

I think English will be the main language spoken here in the future, but I am not sure how far away that is.  They are teaching English in schools now and most 20somethings you come across have a good enough grasp on the language, I don’t think we are to far away from seeing it as the main language.

Legal Gambling / Poker

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This was a personal reason as I relocated from the US to play online poker. While you can still get away with that in Thailand it’s nice to be in a country where it’s a non-issue.

Also nice to have live casinos and cardrooms around too, unlike Thailand.

Low Cost of Living in the Philippines

Another snap reply when asked ‘why live in the Philippines?!’ is that the cost of living (check Numbeo) is very cheap – I almost never spend over $1,000 in a month.  Yet it should be even cheaper because apartments are just terrible value in this country.

You could get an apartment in Thailand that is much nicer, newer, and more modern for and 66% of the price you pay in the Philippines.

Most everything else between the two countries is priced reasonably similar, but the price for apartments is really bad in the Philippines.

I know some guys in Thailand that spend around $300-$400 a month in Bangkok and their apartments are so much nicer than a $500 apartment you will find in Manila.  I have asked many people why this is the case and no one can ever come up with a good reason.

Not having to do visa runs makes up for that a little though.

Wonder how many people this viral video has incentivized to move to the Philippines

Another bad thing about the Philippines is that the internet is slower.  You will eventually be able to find a way to get pretty reliable service e.g. a PLDT line, but overall it has even worse internet then I got in Sihanoukville.  You certainly can’t just expect to have your 3g or even 4g work anywhere you go, and the WiFi at many hotels or apartment complexes are often bad as well.

But Still

I prefer the Philippines, I find the people to be much nicer and more genuine here.  Filipina girls are so easily approachable and so glad to make new friends. Online dating sites here are full of cute and friendly Pinays 🙂

You don’t have to put up with all the visa run hassle that the expats in Thailand deal with, and I can communicate with most people I see on the street.  I just wish I could get a nice apartment for a fair price and know that my internet will be reliable.  Oh well you can’t have it all. Comment below what you reply when asked ‘why live in the Philippines?‘.

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    feels super safe

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    Dante!Thanks for all the info—can you please delete my account and posts?(all comments,replies,ect)Couldnt figure out how to email you—Thanks man!

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