Working Girls By City: Angeles, Cebu & Manila

Been getting some excellent questions on the Facebook page about finding Filipina girls for sex if you’re only in town for one night or a few hours and don’t have time to wine and dine a date.


Luckily there’s plenty of P4P (pay for play) options in the major Philippines cities.

I go into the finer details of the red light scene for each city in my ebooks and maps, and a lot of other topics, but here’s a brief rundown if you just want to know where the most prostitutes are.

Where To Find Girls For Sex In Angeles

Lucky for you finding Filipinas for sex in Angeles City is as easy as it gets. You have certainly come to the right place and will not be disappointed. It’s a city based on foreigners flying in and having a sex vacation so many prostitutes from all over the Philippines go there. There have to be more girls for sex in that one small area than anywhere else in the Philippines, and probably one of the top in the world as well.

Fields Avenue

Head out to the main strip, Walking Street, and there will be many freelance prostitutes all along the sidewalks. They will call out to you and let you know they are available. Go into any bar and there will be hundreds of bargirls waiting for you. On all the streets around Walking street there are some bars also.

HISO / Skytrax

More freelancers will be located at High Society and Skytrax discos. You can also try down on Perimeter road where there are some cheaper options for finding girls for sex in Angeles City. The girls at the walking street bars are generally a bit more attractive than the ones in the perimeter bars, but you never really know.

Dating Sites

You can also try to set up some dates before you go on PinaLove. There are a few freelancers on there and they should be fairly obvious. Not all working girls want to work in a bar or troll up and down Walking Street every night. They just want to find customers from home and then go visit them at their hotel.


Where to Find Girls for Sex in Cebu

Finding Pinays for the night in Cebu City really isn’t hard but it’s not as easy as somewhere like Angeles. It takes a bit of time to get the lay of the land and to get enough contacts.

Mango Square

If you were in Cebu for one night and wanted to find a girl for P4P my recommendation would just be to head to Mango Square and there will be hundreds of freelancers every night in the nightclubs there, e.g. J Ave and Alcohology. There are also some streetwalkers around Fuente Circle and the road by Vacation hotel. Also you’ll find some girly bars right next to Mango – more on the Cebu bikini bars here.


Colon is another area of Cebu with loads of Filipinas ranging from good college girls to freelancers. Also has a few upstairs bars where there’ll be one or two girls dancing, and others you can sit with and go into a back room for a blowjob. It’s in a pretty poor area and is very crowded so be careful for pickpockets.

Ayala Mall

If you have a bit more time, for hookups with regular girls I spend lots of times at the various malls around the city. Ayala is probably the most popular mall and has loads of girls there every day. Some will be freelancers out during the day to enjoy the free air con in the mall. Then there’s SM mall and JY Square.

IT Park

Or as a backup plan you could go to IT Park and try to hit on some call center chicks. This is pretty much the nicest place in the city so have some respect of course, but there are many sexy Pinays there. For a clean nightclub date to take them too, head to MO2 Restobar, has food options and a large dancefloor, indoor and outdoor seating. Some regular girls there party on the weekends.

Dating Sites

For me Cebu City is much more about finding non-hookers than it is about hookers. If I want hookers I will just go to Angeles City where they are cheaper and easier to find. Overall the pay for play scene in Cebu is just not that great. It’s overpriced, the hottest freelancers at Mango have an attitude, and some of the girls from the girly bars have reputations as being bad performers.

Filipina women are really flaky when it comes to dating though so even though you may have lined up half a dozen Cebu girls on FilipinoCupid that is not near enough. You need a few dozen to build up your harem of hookups and booty calls.


My city guide ebooks

Where to Find Girls For Sex In Manila

Finding girls for sex in Manila is not hard at all. Getting to them through heavy traffic is the only real problem. Manila is a massive city with 20 million people and Filipina women are naturally horny. You really won’t have any problems finding girls for sex in Manila whether you want hookers or dating.

P. Burgos Street

If you are willing to pay for their time then the main place that most tourists go would be P. Burgos Street in Makati. It’s relatively expensive and really not good value, but if you bring a girl home from there you know sex is guaranteed. There are many gogo bars on Burgos Street as well lots of freelancers.


Cafe Havana bar/restaurant is nearby in Greenbelt mall and will have lots of working girls hanging out to choose from. Food, drinks and freelancers galore. Some of the girls here can be quite hot, but they come with a price (just like anything else in Greenbelt.)


If you want to find some cheaper options you can head down to the Ermita/Malate area where there are some more hooker bars, KTVs and discos. LA Cafe is probably the most famous in the area and there will be lots of freelancers there. The quality is generally not as high as in Cafe Havana, but neither are the prices. In that area there are also many girly bars around and discos full of freelancers like ZZYZX club (open til 6am) and Exclusiv. Just be careful as it’s not a super safe area.

Dating Sites

Online dating is great in Manila and you will be able to pipeline many Filipina girls on either PinaLove or FilipinoCupid. Some may be freelancers, others may just be regular girls looking for a romp with a foreigner. I generally like to confirm whether the girl wants money or not before we meet.

First ask if it’s ok if you ask her a question that is a bit rude. Then when she says yes you can say you don’t mean to offend but do you go with guys for money? You will find out your answer and know how to proceed. Overall finding girls for sex in Manila is not that hard but you just need to have some patience as Manila is not the easiest place on the planet to navigate.

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  1. Lenwayne says:

    Contact Me I want a woman for sex two times a week in my condo in Makati for me and my girlfriend for sex if you are nice you can be my permanent in-house mustress

  2. Ed says:

    Who’s that Pinalove girl, did u bang her? great rack…

  3. roy mori says:

    hello , im a foreigner and looking for a very petite girl in cebu.. under 5′ and slim to skinny built…non pro is best, im easy going, generous. and respect the girls wishes….thank you

  4. Ricardo says:

    Hi did you know speak tagalog?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Check this post –

      I half agree with Dante there, that learning Tagalog is not really necessary to do anything, but on the other hand I think it helps with joking around with chicks and makes it (even) easier to bang certain girls, if you can speak a bit of conversational ‘Taglish’.

      There’s a huge torrent on ThePirateBay, with various ebooks and audio courses like ‘Teach yourself Tagalog’, I’m trying to get through that slowly. Search for ‘Tagalog language pack’ on TPB.

      And also search ‘Pimsleur Tagalog’, that audio course is good too. I listen to that a bit on the plane when I go over there.

      It’s like Thailand where even if you only know a little bit of the lingo, girls are super impressed and appreciative

  5. Maanav says:

    Should I be visiting Angeles city first or should Manila be my first choice to find a good looking girl for sex.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Manila has better looking ones on but they’re more expensive, Angeles is easier to walk around with lots of girls and bars concentrated in one area, so you can still find a good looking one.

      Kojax bar on P. Burgos street in Manila for best looking ones but it’s 6000 pesos, then ZZYZX disco afterhours (2am+). In Angeles check out the Walking street gogos about 7pm ish before the Koreans take the hottest girls. Then HISO disco afterhours (2am+)

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