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Debates over the best country in Asia to live are fun. The Philippines vs Cambodia vs Thailand.

best country in asia to live

Best Country in Asia to Live?

Summing up my other posts comparing which is the best country in Asia to live. South East Asia that is, assuming you want to get away from boring westernized developed countries. Overall those three are pretty similar and all great fun, but there are some major differences that make each different. Choosing which one is best for you can’t really be done with research, you need to visit them yourself and then decide.  I hope to visit Vietnam soon to add some content on that. Best...

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Women – Philippines vs Thailand vs Cambodia

It can be surprising how different the women in the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia are. Actually there are two that are polar opposites and one that is kind of in the middle. I’m not talking about looks because that’s subjective and everyone has different tastes for Asian girls.  I personally don’t find Thais that attractive, however most guys would rate Thai women the hottest of the three. But from a willingness to hook up with foreigners in casual relationships, and overall horniness level the Philippines is a 10 and Cambodia is a...

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Facilities – Philippines vs Thailand vs Cambodia

Third article comparing the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand – let’s talk infrastucture. Transport Transportation is cheap in all three countries and they are pretty similar. Then again I try to live in the thick of the action and walk most places so I’m not the person to ask. Thailand has better public transportation so it should probably get the nod… Bangkok is great for cheap metered taxis, that are a bit less sketchy than Philippines taxis. The BTS and MRT (skytrain and underground subway) there...

visas in the philippines vs thailand vs cambodia

Visas – Philippines vs Thailand vs Cambodia

Continuing the series on comparing the Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand, let’s talk visas. While Thailand stood out for infrastructure and internet, it lags behind Cambodia and the Philippines on the visa front, which are about the same. Philippines Visas In the Philippines you only need to leave the country once every 3 years (recently that was increased from 18 months). Overall it costs me a little over $40/month on average on visas to stay in the Philippines. There are some minor annoyances like having to go into...

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Costs – Philippines vs Thailand vs Cambodia

I know more about the cost of living in the Philippines having spent most of my time there, but I also lived in Cambodia and Thailand for a while. On top of that I have asked 5000 questions on forums about the three as research so I will try to compare some of the differences. Three of the essentials: Cost of Living – Breakdown If I was living long term in each of these three countries my cost of living would be around $800 in Cambodia,...