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I’m hoping to meet Elly Tran

I’m a big fan of Skins’ blog and saw he’s planning a trip to the Philippines.

Since it’s his first time, and I’m thinking of making my first trip to some countries he’s lived in, I thought it’d be good for us to pick each other’s brains about the countries we haven’t banged in yet.

For me that’s Vietnam, and I didn’t see much of Thailand my first time there. Read my answers to his Philippines questions on his site.

I’ll link some of Skins’ blogs and location reviews in his answers below.

SingleMansParadise Interview

You’ve read how I like to cold approach girls and hand them my number, do you think this will work well in Vietnam / Thailand?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsIt’s worked for me in Thailand many times. In Vietnam it’s a bit more tricky but it can work anywhere. Keep in mind there’s often a language barrier here in Vietnam. They might not know what the hell is going on so I always try to chat them up a bit before going for the number.

Maybe if you write the note in Vietnamese it’d work but if she doesn’t speak english you won’t get far. I wouldn’t just hand a chick a note cold… but that’s just me. You should interact with her a bit so she knows you. I think the number would end up in the trash if you don’t build some comfort with her first. Just my advice. Please try it and report back.

I’ve seen your posts about style game –  I don’t like to dress up and have heard Thais are quite materialistic, will this hurt my game more in Thailand or Vietnam? Or will it be about the same?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsYou don’t have to ‘dress up’ but I suggest wearing long pants and proper shoes (not sandals). Unless you’re hanging out by the beach then do whatever you want. I think big city centers are less casual. Especially on a date. Of course, many foreign guys get girls while dressing down but why put yourself at a disadvantage? If you want to dress down just live by the beach.

What’s your favorite city to live? If you visa run hassles out of the equation would that change it?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsFavorite place in the world? Man that is tough… Money and visa issues aside I’d probably live in Ko Samui, Thailand. It really does have it all… beautiful beaches, decent nightlife, enough good girls to keep me happy, good mongering. It’s safe, it’s laid back but still has enough action to keep me busy. The expensive flights in / out plus the visa issues puts me off living there long term. Thailand is just for holidays for me now.

I like Vietnam at the moment. It’s a good balance and I’m happy here. The longer I stay here I realize that the language barrier is a real issue. I think you must learn Vietnamese to stay here long term or your quality of life would suffer. For this reason I am looking forward to trying the Philippines.

Now that you have been to Snooky how does it compare to Vung Tau?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsThey’re both small cities on the beach. That’s about all they have in common. Vung Tau is cleaner and more developed. Snooky is far more ‘wild west.’ Yes they both have girly bars but Snooky has a much more gritty outlaw vibe. The beach in Snooky is better, in Vung Tau it isn’t anything special really… but it’s still nice to be close to the water.

The mongering in Snooky is far better. There are freelancers, brothels and several beer bar areas. Vung Tau only has one small street where there are maybe a dozen little beer bars… nothing that impressive. But this is unique for Vietnam which doesn’t have much to offer the western monger.

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to drink cheap booze and party on the beach with a bunch of hookers I’d say Snooky is the spot. Vung Tau is a nice little city but it’s boring. The saving grace is that it’s an hour boat ride from Saigon which has everything you could ever want.

I like that Vung Tau isn’t crawling with drugged out back packers. It’s pretty much a Vietnamese city with random oil workers and retired expats hanging around some places. I prefer Vietnamese food and coffee so that’s a factor too. Very few options for western food in VT.

You have read my blog, where do you think I would enjoy living the most?

single-mans-paradise-blog-skinsHere’s what I know about you… You enjoy peace and quiet, decent mongering and you want to dress casual. I recommend trying Ko Samui in Thailand or Vung Tau in Vietnam. I also like Nha Trang and Da Nang but they are bigger cities and the mongering is awful. Saigon is the best for dating and nightlife but it’s intense living there long term. You will either love it or hate it so check it out for yourself!


Skins recently start an online messageboard for readers to discuss the minutia of travel, women, and lifestyle in Vietnam and across the world. Check it out here:

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