Sexy Filipinas!

So I was playing around with Google keyword planner and apparently ‘sexy Filipinas‘ gets searched in Google thousands of times a month. ‘Filipinas‘ over a hundred thousand.


What is it that makes Filipinas so sexy?  Why are they known around the world as such great lovers?  They really aren’t any more attractive than other races of women. Some say they aren’t particularly pretty at all compared to other Asian girls.

Yet they still have a great reputation from many men that have been with them.

Why The ‘Sexy Filipinas’ Rep?

They’re Hornier

There are a few reasons, but the main one is quite simple.  At its simplest form the easiest way to say it is that Filipina women are really horny.

Kiss a sexy Filipina on the neck and she is instantly turned on and ready for anything.  They seem to love sex more than any other race of women I have ever been with.

It’s not that they are just a little more horny, they are way hornier.  There have been many girls here who wanted to do more rounds in one night than I wanted to.  If you told me something like that was possible before I moved to Asia I would have thought you were crazy.  But it’s true.

When I first got back to the Philippines after my hiatus in Cambodia and Thailand I messaged a girl on Pinalove who came right to my room.  Within 3 minutes she was blowing me, I didn’t even know her name.  She was on her period so we couldn’t bang, instead she gave me 3 blowjobs and said she would be back in a few days.

When she came back she said she wanted to do it 10 times.  I thought she was kidding.  4 hours later after our 6th round luckily she said that was enough.  I probably would have had to put a stop to it if she didn’t.  Two days later she came back over for 4 more rounds.

She told me that she hadn’t had sex in 10 months.  That usually she doesn’t need sex but about once a year she gets the craving and has to let it all out.  She doesn’t like Filipino men and I just happened to be the lucky foreigner in the right place at the right time.  The advantage of living here is you have more opportunities for that right place at right time moment.

Curvier Bodies

This is another thing that sets sexy Filipinas apart from other Asians.  Many of them have rounder softer asses and fuller breasts.  There are still quite a few tiny bodies, but not as many as in other Asian countries.

It is nice to have some variation in bodies and you really get that with Filipinas.

I prefer a nice soft body to hold onto and they are much easier to find here.  In Thailand I had a hard time finding a nice soft booty.  Living in the Philippines you find them all over.  They also have rounder eyes and some look Hispanic which is sexy as hell.

Check out pictures of some real Filipinas – call girls – on my interview with Smooci, the Uber for escorts.

Personalities and Language

English is so widely spoken in the Philippines that it isn’t hard to get a conversation going with a sexy Filipina.  In the major cities most will have at least enough to have an introductory convo.  Then you just crack a few jokes and stay polite and that’s all you need to do.

Or if you’re meeting them on a dating site like FilipinoCupid life is easier too. No need to use Google translate.

They have very welcoming and open personalities and are so easily approachable.  You can tell within a few seconds whether a sexy Filipina wants to talk to you or not, and if you are getting positive signals you have a very good chance of closing if you stay a gentleman.

So sexy bodies, easy to talk to, and horny.  What more could you want?

Couple good Facebook pages for pics are Super Sexy Filipinas and Cute Filipina Girls.

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  1. jspill jspill says:

    how many of those sexy filipinas google searches are you though lol

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    seventeen (typing 17 was to short according to word press)

  3. Carl says:

    You mean by soft that they have more curves and you mean Thais are so skinny they dont feel that great good riding you? I hate boney skinny girls riding me-the chicks with juicy butts and wide hips like a Brazilian or Colombian are way better riders IMO. Whats your opinion?

  4. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    yes i definitely like some soft spots to hold onto, and there are much curvier hips (on average) in phils than in thailand

  5. wo weyburn says:

    I think you will like ‘just for hot sex’ on barnes and noble, a sexy book written by a sexy Filipina (perla cruz)

  6. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    thanks for the tip will try and find that

  7. John Gruber says:

    The photo up top is of a Chinese girl, not of a Filipina! 🙂

  8. kabeer says:

    Hi I m kabir I want to hot sexy girl

    I m waiting your answer

  9. Brian says:

    This story leaves me to believe that a ladyboy was blowing you the whole time. They like to say they’re on their period so that they can keep it a secret. Some will even say it’s ok to fuck their ass.

  10. Brian says:

    Also, your experience of FIlipinas being hornier is because you’re a foreigner. A friend of mine went to England and she was the “horny American girl.” When foreigners come to the USA, the girls start spreading to them too. However, you are actually correct because Filipinos are islanders who were cut off from the rest of the world until about the 1500s when the Spanish came. So they had no religion prior to that making sex a sin. And so they were free to have all the sex they wanted. Women were also appreciated more so than men, so sex was even more prevalent than you’d think.

    So yes, they are hornier but you still think that because you’re a foreigner and they are obsessed with white men because of the Americanization of the Philippines. When it comes to Filipinos, their keep their pants on for religious reasons, although once married they are pumping out 10+ babies for a reason.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just came back from Thailand and will never go again.
    Filipina women have better personalities, sexy,better in bed and aren’t hookers like 99% in Thailand.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I had a few pinay girls
    Omg. Very good fuck.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I went to Angeles City in the philippines on my own for a holiday last year and it was the best decision i ever made in my life. It’s a really great place with lots of good and the pinay girls are 10 / 10, they’re all so beautiful and i never saw an ugly one, i met my current partner over there through a mutual friend and she’s much older than me but looks so much younger than her actual age. She is absolutely in personality, looks and in bed & we’ve been together for almost 2 years. Our sex just gets more and more intense every time, word of advice: if you want a pinay as a girlfriend, i highly recommend you do date one, they’re, kind, loyal and sexy,y ou can’t go wrong.

    • NormalNomad says:

      This reads like a sales pitch for someones product, lol.

      Pinays have a lot of great qualities, but their looks aren’t one of them.

      On average thery’re UGLY. Most are 4-6s. A few 7s and VERY RARELY 8+

  14. CMorgan says:

    You are an idiot NormalNomad. What a stupid comment. Obvious that u have zero experience with Filipinas

    • NormalNomad says:

      Says the noobie commenter to the guy who’s been living here for over a year lol.

      Pinays are U-G-L-Y.

      I’m sorry if that hurts your feelings, but they are just not, on average, very attractive.

      They also almost NEVER use makeup, making whatever flaws they do have all the more obvious.

      Still a great country and still lots of very nice women here. They just aren’t beautiful.

      • Marco says:

        I can only judge by Tinder, so take this with a grain of salt.
        But yea I got sore a sore thumb basically since 90% of the girls on there are fugly as sin or otherwise chubby/fat, stocky, unkempt, with those awful pig-gorilla weird noses to boot.
        It takes like a piffleing hour to go through your daily swiping quota.
        There are some decent ones and even a few actual cuties yes, but generally I agree with NormalNomad, at least based off my limited experience(hopefully that’ll change boots on the ground).

        • NormalNomad says:

          The girls on Tinder are the hottest girls the Phils has to offer.

          Sadly, the truth is that the feminine ladyboys are actually prettier than 99% of the real women here. (This is due mostly to the fact that ladyboys make very good use of makeup where I’ve only met 1 woman here who regularly uses it)

          • Marco says:

            Funny you should say that about ladiboys. I took some screenies, out of my matches, of girls i’d actually go out with/genuinely could like aesthetically, and only 2 out of 6 were actual females.
            And that’s after allegely pinoy trannies are generally considered ugly as hell esp. compared to Thai ones.

            But yea i’m obviously not gonna since they possess or used to at some point a d**k, still really made me think.

            • NormalNomad says:

              What’s really fucked up is most of the time, they actually have better stomachs and asses than the real girls too. lol.

              At the end of the day, looks can deceive, but DNA doesn’t lie. I don’t care if he has a pussy that’s tighter than a virgins asshole and could suck the skin off a dick, he’s got a Y chromosome and he’ll always be a fucking dude no matter what or how many surgeries he gets.

              Also, something about rawdogging a chick and knowing she could get pregnant is just a huge turn on for me. Seeing as how dudes can’t carry babies, not interested.

              • Marco says:

                I know what you mean about physiques. I guess it’s both because they tend to be taller/more slender, and because they actually make an effort, unlike your average fat greasy pinay.
                What’s nicer is they seem to be more friendly and eager too, and I guess earnest in their relating to you.

                But yea, dick.

                • NormalNomad says:

                  lol doesn’t matter how many pros there are, if he has an Y chromosome, no thanks.

                  On an unrelated note, I just videochated with a girl I met on Tinder….her photos on Tinder she was a 6.5….on video, a 4.5. Funny thing is, after our 2 min video chat, SHE UNMATCHED ME! I mean, it was a basic “Hi how are you” and then I told her I had to go do something, went to unmatch her and she was already gone….lol this fugly bitch thought she could do better…..having 100 matches on Tinder doesn’t mean much if you don’t look like your photos girl….damn.

                  • Marco says:

                    Well I’m used to the cherry picked pics and am good at extrapolating so I can usually tell when that’s the case but yea.
                    The unmatching thing could be for other reasons, i noticed they are kinda shy really (even though extrovert) and moody and generally dumb(er than normal roasties).
                    Never forget it’s not simply a “meat market” even though the temptation to think in those simplistic terms is strong. A common motif around these parts, sometimes oddly (but only superficially so) coupled with extremely naive romantic leaps (the one etc.), all symptoms of a deep seated extraniation towards reality, especially 21st century western one.

                  • Mikey Johnson says:


  15. CMorgan says:

    NormalNomad I may be a newbie to this site but I live in the PI and States and have had a lot of fine Filipina 8 9s and 10s. Obviously you are looking in the wrong places. There a lot of hot Filipinas especially on Cebu. Just go to Seaside, SM or one of the other malls. Tinder is not the place to meet them. And Filipinas can look good without makeup unlike most western women.

    • jspill jspill says:

      An instagram follower asked if I was in Cebu and wanted to do daygame, I’d just left but I introduced him to normalnomad, who I’d met while I was there, and another mate who was still there.

      Anyway this guy turns out to be an absolute machine at picking up hot chicks, he number closes and bangs 8s from Cebu malls. So yeah, they are out there. But on dating sites the average girl is a 6.

      I wouldn’t say there are lots if we’re comparing it to say, Thailand or Vietnam, but if comparing it to Western women then yeah almost all Filipinas could be considered hot simply for being feminine, tanned, and not obese.

      • NormalNomad says:

        He’s exaggerating lol but I do appraoch girls I find attractive.

        And I’ve seen a total of about a dozen 8’s in a years time. And 2 of them were Ladyboys.

        If you have really low standards you can find “8’s” but not 7’s are uncommon here, 9’s are unicorns, There are no Pinay 10s, not pure pinays anyways.

        This myth that the PH is full of 7’s 8’s and 9s is about the most silly thing I’ve ever heard. There’s a reason there are so many Thailand Expats who are young, and 90% of western Expats in the PH are 40+, despite the visa being way easier to get here.

        • NormalNomad says:

          There are a lot of girls who are thin and there are a lot of nice bodies but when you have to put a paper bag on her face just to get hard you can’t call her an 8. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a girls face has to be factored in. It’s a lot easier for fat girls to lose weight than ugly girls to become pretty. One takes a diet, the other takes thousands of dollars in plastic surgery.

          Real talk.

    • Mikey Johnson says:

      Cebuanas that are 8s and 9s at SM Seaside? Thats bullshit.

  16. will murray says:

    I met a 23 year old Pinay girl the other day who is visiting Oz and staying with a host family. Met and an hour later we were banging. 3 hours later I was exhausted. God she was hot for it and fairly pretty. I’ll keep banging her for as long as she is here!

  17. Brainiac Jones says:

    astounding generalizations. Filipinas are so varied, so unique unto themselves, so NOT able to be put into a box as ‘horniest’, ‘most loving’, etc. It’s nice to hear it, but my experience of Filipina women is that they are as varied as any individual can be. Sure, they might ‘tend’ toward a certain type or direction, but ultimately…everyone’s mileage is gonna vary. A lot.

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