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I have mentioned before how before I go anywhere new I ask question after question on forums to be as prepared as I can be before I arrive. All of this ‘research’ has helped me save a whole lot of both time and money over the years.

The problems with forums though is that people are assholes when they are behind a keyboard and you have to sift through piles of shit to find the few good nuggets of information that you need. Think of it as a heroin smuggler trying to find the balloon after a long flight.

Generally it is best to ignore the trolls, but I am not that smart and usually get in a back and forth with them. They are often wrong and I like pointing that out. I can’t help it.

Over the years I have got a bit of a ‘bad reputation’ on a few boards and have even been banned from one. IMO it was a case of message board mods being on a power trip (happens often) and me being an immature baby. Hey at least I can admit my fault in the matter.

Bye Bye PiatNight

This was one of the 2 main forums I posted on before I moved to Asia. I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the ‘Philippines Nightlife’ scene and wanted to know as much as I could before I arrived.

There was also decent info about other aspects of living in the Philippines here, and if you asked a question it would generally get answered. Though like always you had to put up with some trolling.

Well when I first moved over I started a thread titled ‘Here is where I overreact….’ about my first few hours in the country. This became my ‘trip report’ thread and it went on for maybe a month and a half.

The main themes of the trolls were that I would be locked up, dead, or broke within a few months. The broke part I totally understood as I moved with a little over $5k and no one ever wants to believe that I can make money at poker.

The other parts I thought were pretty silly. I don’t drink, I don’t party, I was going to smoke some weed in Cambodia but everyone smokes weed in Cambodia and unless you are selling you won’t have a problem.

I had to have been more prepared than 99% of people that made the trip over since I had been reading up for 7 months before I went. And most importantly I was a loner who spent 95% of his time at home doing nothing but working or watching TV.

When I did go out I quickly grabbed the hottest girl I could find, brought her to my room, and then when she left spent more time in my home. Kinda hard to get locked up when just watching TV in your room.

One of the girls that I met there in Snooky was M3thie who you can read about here. She was definitely a bit of a risky character, but she was also one of the hottest girls in Snooky (I still remember that ass!)

After she pulled out a pipe and started smoking m3th in my room the first time she came over I freaked out and instituted a ‘no bringing her bag in my room’ rule that lasted the entire time I dealt with her.

If she came over she had to leave her bag outside no matter what. She hated the rule but put up with it. I was writing about her a lot and since I am pretty paranoid about any chance of getting locked up and cuz I thought it looked cool I called her M3thie.

For some reason the mods on the board didn’t like this. So sorry that you don’t like it…… and as I mentioned they were quite power hungry mods and abused that power all the time on the board.

They went into the forum software and made it so anytime I or anyone posted m3thie it would automatically change to methie. Like they actually took time out of their day to do that.

They said it’s forum rules that you aren’t allow to misspell things or some nonsense like that as their reasoning. Cuz we all know messageboards are very serious things and misspellings can not be allowed. What made it even more hypocritical is that they have a section ‘nekkid womenz.’ Nice proper spelling there.

As I mentioned I handled this like a brat and did a take my ball and go home stance. I was feeling pretty big time with the most viewed thread on their board (and I believe it still stands as their most viewed thread of all time….. superstar.)

I said if they don’t take out the edits I will stop posting. More out of principle then anything else, freedom of speech and all. They said they would ban me if I didn’t take back my declaration in the next 5 days.

LOL at threatening to ban me after I said I would quit posting. That was the end of my time on Piatnight. I moved over to PI Addicts forum where the mods don’t abuse their power and have lived happily ever after.

Everyone Trolls a Bit From Time to Time

There are different levels of trolls. There is the guy who hates his life (because he has no life) who opens up every thread and replies in an assholeish way in all of them.

This is usually done in an arrogant know it all kind of way. He is smarter then you and wants you to know it. This type of troll could actually be useful to the board if he didn’t always speak in a condescending way.

Then there is the guy that has no life and reads all threads and waits to come in with some one liners to slam on people. He never shares any info, he just comes in and disses people. No value whatsoever.

Then there is the funny troll that knows how to post things that will rile people up. He will post some things that are true, some half true, and completely make other stuff up just to watch the reaction of people.

This guy can be quite fun for the board. I don’t like to make stuff up, but I do like to post things that I know will get people riled up from time to time.

There was a good example of this recently. Maybe a year or two ago I was in Angeles City and saw one of the hotter girls I had ever seen in Angeles. She was at High Society with a date and when they finally split up for a minute I swooped in and handed her my number.

Later that night I asked on PI addicts if anyone of the guys on there was the one that was with her, and if so which bar she worked at. She was hot enough that I may have even paid a barfine.

When I posted this I mentioned how I handed her my number and this led to a lengthy thread and debate about if this was ‘ethical.’ LOL at ethics in whore mongering.

There was lots of OMG what an asshole how can you do that! You are such a loser you can’t find your own girl! Your ego is so big that you have to try and steal another guys girl! Can’t you wait until you see her without a guy jackass!

This shit cracks me up. This very likely wasn’t ‘his girl’ as High Society is filled with hookers, and a 20 year old with a 55 year old is clearly after money. If I was wrong and they were husband and wife she can throw away my number if she wants.

I also love the ego comments as if that had something to do with it. I couldn’t care less about the guy, I am not trying to get some ‘win’ over him. I am trying to fuck an extremely hot girl.

And it is Angeles City I could find another girl in 30 seconds. But this was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen in Angeles, finding another as hot as her would take 6 months.

Eventually the thread got locked because a bunch of people were going full retard. Sorry guys but when you are with a prostitute she isn’t yours forever, if I can possibly find a way to bang her in the future I will do so.

She was with another guy before you, you are with her now, why the fuck do you care who is with her after?

So when I was in Pattaya and saw some girl with perfect natural boobs dancing with some guy at Insomnia I wanted to give her my number also. They never split up for half an hour and my only chance to do so was when they were doing a lengthy hug, holding each other in their arms.

The guys back was to the path where people walked by, it was super crowded and I quickly went past them, slipped my number in her hand, and got lost in the crowd.

First thing I did when I got home was post about it on Addicts to cause another shit storm. As mentioned we all have a bit of trolling in us. Some of us just pick our spots better than others :).

Trolling When Not Trolling

When I post on message boards or on here I just sort of start typing and don’t really have a filter. I just post about my thoughts or experiences and hit submit.

I have some sort of natural ability to get under peoples skin by doing this. I just post about things I do and seem to always be beefing with someone. I never get into arguments in real life, but people ‘come at me’ constantly online.

It is odd because face to face I am quite good at making friends with people quickly. I am non threatening, open, and honest. People seem to feel comfortable with me.

But on message boards this being open and honest works against me more then for me. Because other people turn into assholes when they are behind a keyboard for some reason.

I also know that at times I come across as a know it all, but that is because most of the time when I am posting something I am sharing MY experiences. My favorite is when people try to argue with me about things that I experienced. Guess what bud, I was there and you weren’t.

10 Responses

  1. jspill jspill says:

    Lol I’m one of the most hated posters on thaivisa forums, surprised I haven’t been banned yet.

  2. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Preach Yo Gotti! “If you ain’t got no haterz, you ain’t poppin.” 🙂

  3. Storytime says:

    I found out about you on pattaya addict’s, they don’t allow flaming and Bryan Flowers is a great businessman and this is a great blog.

  4. RealGuy says:

    After observing the behavior on forums for a while, Ive come to the conclusion that they all end up turning into a cesspool of virtue signalling and groupthink.

    While I dont like to be armchair psychologist, they also seems like they attract a lot of psychologically unhinged people. Anonymity gives people a new environment to project their fantasies and ego.

    I used to try and point it out and fight it, but eventually realized it was futile without help from mods. Often the mods were complicit, happy to engage freely in what would get others banned.

    Trolling was fun sometimes. But ultimately its 90% a waste of time. Just get the info you need and get out. Youre not gonna convert anyone who doesnt want to be.

    • Jobo says:

      I’ve learned not to argue with stupid people whether online or off.

      When arguing with stupid people you cannot win, first they bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

  5. RumandCokeMan says:

    The worst thing I’ve seen online are the comment sections on YouTube videos. Who talks to other people that way online or in real life? The people who comment on YouTube are more often than not toxic scum. I’d like to know the demographic of who most of them are-my guess is spoiled brat punk ass Junior high and high school (maybe even now college aged as society continues to decline) kids in the West. The West is sick- that’s why guys go look for women overseas. Im with Henry Makow- the Rockefellers and Rothschilds have destroyed Western civilization from within via multi generational social engineering and they’d never been able to do it but for controlling the money supply via central banking. Crap like feminism and political correctness are just a byproduct of their grand social engineering scheme.

    • Jobo says:

      “Federal Reserve”

      Not federal… Not a reserve…

      What’s going to happen when this deficit bubble they’ve been blowing since 2009 pops? 20 trillion of govt debt…

  6. thibault says:

    should be a’ official ticket waiting system. oh, no, after all. uglies need customers too. you re not a fucktard in regard of the guy. you re an asshole tiward other girls. you dont play by the rules. you should bang whats available. there s a ticket system, its girls waiting for guys, you re presented with the girls that dont already have had their share. fresher,they are. less herpes.

  7. harley says:

    I been banned from almost every expat forum and group.. that’s why i’m here

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