Philippines Ladyboy Stories – Banging a Bakla in Manila

Manila ladyboy

I have nothing against guys doing ladyboys – more girls for me – but over the years it has surprised me how often I hear about it.

It’s almost feels as if eventually every expat will have sex with a ladyboy at least once? Many of the guys that do it are young and good looking, perfectly normal guys that also have sex with biological females.

Is it a rite of passage to eventually do it? Is it normalcy bias – you see them everywhere and one day just try one that is hot? YOLO, she’s sexy and I’ll try something new? Is it loving anal sex?

Maybe 1 in 100 transgenders look hot to me in real life, many do in pics but then in person when I hear their voice sounds weird, and look into their eyes, it turns me off. Also I like short girls, most LBs / baklas are tall.

You will be in the vicinity of thousands over the course of living in Asia though. There are so many. Eventually you’ll see one that catches your eye.

But when that happens you can just go and get a girl instead, they’re everywhere too.

Usually most ladyboys you come across are working as hookers, because although the general public doesn’t bat an eyelid at them they get discriminated against in the job market.

So you’re probably already in a P4P area and can just find a girl instead. Even one that is up for anal.

What guys have told me though is it’s the kinkiness of ladyboys. They’re as horny as men, if not more, and do whatever you want. This is confirmed by a story I recently read on the forums I follow.

Manila Bakla Story

I arrive in Manila, tired as ****. Still can’t sleep. Real girls not answering my texts, LB flooding me asking to go meet and promising to fuark hard. We meet at Taguig Strip around 3am, get a drink each and then go to a love hotel god knows where.

Pretty good room for 600 peso – 4 hours and that was the shortest they had (wtf?)

This is the LB (pictured), no implants just real tiny hormonal boobies, not a nice ass. Big-ish cock, slightly smaller than me (in Brazil every tranny has huge penis cause they tug it, get surgery etc).

LB had a tiny cute asshole and no lube. Cried when I shoved it in the first round, but didn’t complain. Asked me to spit in her mouth, which I did (new thing to me).

LB particularly liked to call me daddy and showed enthusiasm when I said I would make LB pregnant and said ‘gimme ur seed daddy’.

3 rounds, both of us came 3 times, love it when they cum on themselves.

Experience overall: Butt****ing is not nearly as pleasant as ****ing pussy, but the kinkyness of LBs make it up for it. They always do everything you tell them to, and also have better acting skills (this one is confirmed theater actor-ess).

Face also looks cuter than the average girl that I **** and they are way easier to score. I feel like 3 rounds drained me too much, better to have just 1 or 2 and save the energy for another bish

I’d really like to do a me-tranny-woman 3some, but the latest must be very hard to find… maybe a hooker in cambodia…

This guy is twentysomething, good looking with ripped six pack, outgoing, could bang Filipina girls without a problem and does do that too.

I know a lot of guys with similar stories. Sometimes they meet them on ladyboy dating sites like MyLadyboyDate or certain gogo bars are 100% ladyboys.

I looked into keyword traffic for ladyboys and there are millions of Google searches for it every month, e.g. ‘Thai ladyboys’ is searched for way more often than ‘Thai girls’.

Will I try it? I think with enough searching it’s pretty easy to find a kinky girl on the same level as ladyboys, so I don’t think I will.

Also I already rawdog tons of girls so I’d be adding extra AIDS risk by doing anal with baklas, the rectal passage is full of blood and the vast majority of HIV transmission apparently is from that.

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  1. Going2Asia says:

    You even gave me a six pack lol, great post dayum

    I admire u bro, best poster on 2+2

    Funny that the guys in the forum liked the ladyboy story so much as well. I think this will help some guys get out of the closet lol

    Let’s keep drillin’em

  2. RumandCokeMan says:

    In a place like BKK, Jakarta, Manila-
    what would you guys say is the ratio of ladyboys vs p4p girls in the hooker after hours discos and bars , freelancer walking areas on the streets, and sex clubs-bar girl bikini clubs?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Indonesia hardly any ladyboys (waria) at all anywhere

      Gogo bars / sex clubs or anything like that are usually either 0% ladyboys or 100%, they don’t want to deal with complaints from customers that didn’t realize. So anywhere with some structure and a barfine you are safe

      With streets and discos about 50:50 split, although some freelancer bars won’t let them in either. Thermae in BKK they’ll all be standing outside

      Tons of them in discos and on streets but they’re pretty obvious in person. Bit more so on the streets compared to discos, some discos don’t want them either

  3. Reader says:

    I’m really into anal but could never do a ladyboy. Guys asses do nothing for me. Each to his own though.

  4. thibault says:

    so you only do not fuck them because girls are still easy? beware… this is a risky situatio … it means someday if its really easier, then…
    as for going2… he publishes too much of him for a so kinky blogging. he will soon learn to hide things, but it will be too late. perhaps its because in his coubtry they re less usex to censorship?. anyway never publush your face, remember tat vid.

  5. BangkokBaller23 says:

    Really the argument comes down to:

    Do you believe in the “third sex” (ladyboys)? It’s pretty explicit in Thai society. They have 3. Man, woman, and Katoey (LB).

    If you don’t, assuming you are heterosexual, then it makes sense to NOT F a LB.

    If after living in Thai culture for a while you do think of LB’s as a “third sex” (apart from men and women), assuming you’re heterosexual, you’d have no problem F’ing a LB occasionally.

    Definitely not something you really have to deal with unless you stay in Thailand for a while and “Go Native”. 🙂

  6. Normal Nomad says:

    Lets make something clear here: Anyone born with a PENIS is a MAN. Those born sans-penis and with a vagina are WOMEN. There is no “third sex”. There are two. If you have to get surgically altered to change sex, that’s proof it doesn’t exist, not under Darwinism, not under Christianity, not under anything.

    Now that that’s been discussed, if you fuck a MAN (anyone who was born with a penis) you are HOMOSEXUAL or BISEXUAL. You are not a STRAIGHT man. It’s ok for you to be GAY or BI, it’s 2017 for fucks sake, but stop calling yourself “straight” because you aren’t.

    Also, recognize that when you fuck a LB and then go and fuck regular girls, you’re putting everyone at increased risk for STDs, including the really dangerous ones like HIV/AIDS. So please, even though I know you won’t, wrap that shit up.

    I really don’t give a shit what anyone does in their personal life but when your behavior puts the rest of society at risk you need to think about your life choices

    • Jobo says:

      What sex are hermaphrodites?

      • BangkokBaller23 says:

        🤔 good ?

        • Going2Asia says:

          Labels work better in cans, bud. I’m attracted to girls and shemales. Not attracted to dudes or transsexual FTM. Am I straight? Not sure if most people would agree. I can’t care much at this point. Girls + trannies = bisexual?

          • Normal Nomad says:

            You like things that have a penis or a Y chromosome, you’re gay/bi.

            It’s really not complicated.

            Straight dudes are not interested in Y chromosomes. We have our own.

            It’s 2017. You’re bi. Own it.

    • -Cam says:

      Idk. I don’t think American prisons are full of gay gangbangers. Sometimes you got give a dude a good fucking to show them whose boss.

    • BangkokBaller23 says:

      So, I will take that as a “no”. In your world view, there isn’t a “third sex” as outlined in Thai law, society, and culture. 🙂

  7. Tyler Durden says:

    My problem with this is guys fucking ladyboys in the ass, getting hiv or who knows what, then casually fucking pinays and spreading the diseases to straight guys that only fuck pinays.

    • Spirit maze says:

      Most women get HIV from bi-sexual men. I think there’s hardly any straight guys with aids. It’s almost purely gay man’s and needle sharing junky’s affliction.

      Ladyboys are creepy. There’s no way I’d ever do it.

    • Normal Nomad says:


      That boils down to my ONLY issue with “straight” guys fucking ladyboys.

      I don’t care what people do in private, until it affects me in a negative way.

      Keep your incredibly higher risk of deady STDs the fuck away from normal Pinays, thanks.

      • Spirit maze says:

        that’s the worst thing about the Philippines. The easiness if the women here exposes them and makes them vulnerable to some of the creepiest men on the planet. That includes men that fuck trannies, animals, whatever..

      • Going2Asia says:

        I have wrapped up with all girls and the LB here in the Philippines. I’ve only barebacked a LB once in Brazil

        • Spirit maze says:

          Fair enough. I don’t even do anal with women. Getting shit on my dick makes me go limp. I have even had a few girls let out smelly farts while I’ve been doggy-stying them in the pussy. Even this is enough to put me off. I hate smell of shit, especially when I’m trying to bust a nut.

          I had a traumatic experience with a chinese hooker a few years ago. She was reverse cow-girling me with my dick up her ass. When I withdrew a big spray of shit went up my chest and on my face. Haven’t been into anal ever since.

  8. thibault says:

    you opened pandoras box with posts like that. no way in the world it wasnt going to degenerate into a societal discussion about homosexuality

  9. wolfgang says:

    Oh man, I’ve heard about this happening but never thought it would happen to me like this.

    I had sex with her last time I was in Manila. She’s really a great girl, I think about her fondly from time to time. Good for you man.

  10. Seth says:

    How common do you think it is that expats/tourists here end up banging a transgender on accident? I have that 1 experience that still really gets me. I was on a beach party and a pretty attractive girl starting hitting on me. She wanted to bring me to her room, the only thing that made me deny was that she said she was 17. I was 19 so I passed as I did not want any trouble. A guy I was with did end up banging her but that´s another story. Anyways she added me on FB and a few days later I found out that she was a transgender. Was shocked, couldn´t tell at all beside by the maybe too sexy pics on “her” Fb.

    Using tinder now I probably deal with transgenders every day. Some will openly tell you that they are but some claim they are not even though I can tell visually. I talked about it with a girl I recently met trough tinder how many transgenders and ladyboys there are on there and she also told me that there are a bunch of them in Cebu, even in her circle and how it´s impossible to tell for some of them. That stuff really creeps me out.

    • jspill jspill says:

      You’d see the dick, very few are post op, especially in the Philippines. Even then you’d probably sense something once they’re naked in your room close up.

      I’d say it’s rare and most that claim to have banged one without knowing, kinda did know

      But quite common to kiss one / take back to room before realizing, many get tricked on that but not full sex

      • Seth says:

        Yeah I´m worried about the post op ones, in the case that I talked about, the guy had no idea that he/she was a trans. So was definitely a post op. Whatever I hope there are indeed not many of them around here. Thanks for the reply!

      • NormalNomad says:

        I’d say that it’s only common to take one back to your room if it’s your first 2 weeks in Asia.

        After that, you’ve grown accustomed to them and know the warning signs.

  11. Steve says:

    I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and freely admit to being bisexual….. but for myself, I prefer ladboys as companions and in the bedroom. None of the ones I know are hookers or hang in bars, they are students, accounts, business people and such.
    Hard working and brutally honest people, and when they play, it’s the same, they love good sex and good hard. Contrary to many thoughts, most LB’s are versatile, meaning I stick my ass up in the air a lot too, which is fine by me.
    Outside of sex, they are all cool people, and popular… being seen with a ladyboy here is no big deal, before I went exclusively with them, my old girlfrien’s son was a ladyboy, a good kid, but he told me he knew from when he was around 5-6 what he was, as did his family, so they pretty well accepted here, not like the Phillipines with it’s uptight catholic society…
    Go find a ladyboy here that is not a sex service or bar girl and you’ll be pleasantly suprised…

    • NormalNomad says:

      At least you’re honest with yourself that you like dudes.

      It’s 2017, wish more men would just admit they have a thing for “feminine” dudes instead of denying it and claiming to be straight.

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