Ladyboys in Angeles City

Ladyboys love to flock to where foreigners hang out and ladyboys in Angeles City are no different.  Transgender women from all over the Philippines go to Angeles City because they know it is one of the main destinations for expats and tourists.

ladyboys in angeles city

Ladyboy dating site set up by a Western expat – Filipino ladyboy couple

Many of the Ladyboys in Angeles City will be wanting some money for their time with you but not all will.  They are quite horny and many just want to have some fun.  There will be plenty to choose from, although it’s not quite as common as in Thailand.

Where to Find Ladyboys in Angeles City

Near the entrance to Fields Avenue there is a restaurant called ‘Phillies’ and in front of this restaurant there will be as many Angeles City Ladyboys hanging out trying to talk to every foreigner that walks by. Sometimes dozens.

You won’t need to do much to get their attention, and they will be very aggressive at trying to chat with you.

Just walk past and make eye contact and that is all it will take for them to call out to you.

They really aren’t there during the day, but starting around 9pm they will show up and stay until late in the night.  Around 4am or 5am they may head home, or to one of the places below.

Angeles City Ladyboys in the Dark

Most ladyboys in Angeles will also be walking up and down Fields Avenue throughout the night.  Many will stop and stand in some of the dark locations on the street in hopes of tricking guys into thinking they are girls.

In particular the area between Kokomo’s and Dollhouse usually has quite a few waiting in the shadows.  Just look in their direction and they will be all over you.

There are no ladyboy bars in Angeles like there are in Pattaya so you have to meet them on the street. They will call out to you as you pass by and may even try and follow you. It won’t be hard at all to get one to agree to go to your room if that’s what you want.

There are a few that are allowed in High Society but they keep most of them out. The few that are allowed inside are there almost every night. If you are drunk they may be able to trick you, I don’t think they are as pretty as the ones I saw in Sihanoukville but they aren’t that bad.

Internet Cafes

Ladyboys are always trying to find new ways to meet men and one of the easiest ways is dating sites like Pinalove or any of the others linked to right of this page really.

There’s a specific one but they use all of them – you can filter them in or out of search unless they list themselves as female and don’t say anything in their profiles. I usually check first ‘sorry to ask but were you born a girl?‘ and they don’t get offended, some see it as funny or even a compliment given the amount of effort and surgery transsexuals put into their appearance.

Or you can just go into internet cafes early in the morning or throughout the day.  Pretty much any time I went into an internet cafe around the time the sun was coming up there was a ladyboy talking to some western man on Skype or a dating site. One time there were three guys all jacking off on webcam on her monitor.

Just take a seat at the computer next to them and eventually say hi and I am sure they will lose all interest for whatever is on their screen.  The bird in the hand so to speak.

You should probably assume that all ladyboys in Angeles City are P4P (pay for play) unless you ask and they say no.  I have heard they can have pretty bad tempers and they would not be the right people to try and get out of paying if they expected money.

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  1. Jay says:

    New ladyboy bar in Angeles on friendship called ladyboys. It is just past the Korean town turnoff

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    thanks for the tip jay!

  3. sam says:

    Wtf? You’re into ladyboys?

  4. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    will not confirm nor deny

  5. sam says:

    Would you mind sharing some LB stories? No joke I’m into them too.

  6. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    actually had my buddy swimmin write one up for me, should be posted in the not to distant future

  7. Has says:

    I’m guessing most lady boys charge less then bar girls and free lancers? Or does it more depend on the guy they are going to be with?

  8. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    its always negotiable, but they seem pretty desperate and don’t get many customers, shouldnt be hard to get a deal

  9. Has says:

    So around 1000 pesos for a night sound reasonable….. I’m guessing so if your saying some free lancers women can be had for 1000

  10. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    ya you should definitely be able to find willing ladyboys for 1000 no problem at all

    • Has says:

      Ok so I had no idea which article to ask this question on so I just chose this. It’s about dress code…
      Most guys I see on YouTube in angeles are wearing shorts and T-shirt….I was kinda hoping to go topless…..would that be seen as rude and inappropriate?…..I’m going in a few days time and it’s extremely hot there

  11. bohol says:

    pepper your angus Has

  12. Joe stangis says:

    Been to Angeles hundreds of times…shirtless is strictly for the beach and poolside, No bar will admit you without a shirt bud.

  13. Candy says:

    Ladyboys is better than girls lol

  14. FreshLB says:

    Not me im 3k minimum!

  15. Arci says:

    Hello as a ladyboy from angeles city Pampanga my name is RC the one who attractive in Walking streets let me guess thank u for stand to promote the ladyboy here in angeles city I hope soon I meet u in real thanks for concern 💋💋💋

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