Free Sex on Burgos Street? Early Manila Mistakes

My first week after moving to Manila I headed over to Burgos to find a massage girl I met on day one. I had lost my phone so my only hope was bumping into her again.

Freelancers generally prowl the same areas, and Manila only has a few hooker spots so I figured I would see her again, but I never did. After walking hours and asking many massage girls and ladyboys (they were the ones that would start convos with me) I was about to give up.

Then a Pinay came up and said hi. She was also a freelancer and asked if I wanted her to come to my room. I told her I wasn’t interested in getting a girl that night.

P. Burgos ass

As she walked off I noticed she had a tight firm ass and got tempted…… but held back. 20 mins later after one last walk around Burgos I crossed her path again.

These pics aren’t her at the time I didn’t have a camera but luckily Jspill has hundreds of pics from his Philippines adventures. Anyway she asked if I wanted to go smoke with her, I said no thanks but asked what she was smoking. Oh sweet another m3thie. Why do all m3thies I come in contact with have great asses?

This was not long after I left Cambodia for the Philippines if you don’t know the m3thie story.

I comment on how she has a great ass and she takes my hand and puts it on it. We stand there talking leaning against the wall and I’m feeling her up. Then she says we can go back to my place and I don’t have to pay her, she just wants to ‘lay down’.

Opposite Plan B gogo bar

I ask if she has any drugs on her and she says no, and I make her show me in her bra. I had already confirmed there was nothing in her panties and she had no bag.

There are a bunch of the ‘Sir, viagra? Cialis?‘ touts standing around and it’s super awkward. She starts talking to her friend and I’m about to bail but I keep looking at that ass and call her back over.

Breaking Every Rule

So we hop in a taxi (after I confirmed ‘I not pay you’ and she said yes) and head to my room. We get there and she wants to text her friend. At this point I had mostly given up on the ‘don’t let girls text’ rule I had in Snooky, but she was a high risk character so I said no.

She begged and I said OK only if it’s in English. She said her friend won’t speak English and I countered with as long as I can read it first. As long as she didn’t say the name of my Airbnb condo everything was fine.

‘I’m at Gramercy send the cops’

She texts and I can tell she is really anxious about the reply. I ask her what it’s about and she said she was texting a guy and if he replied she would get to smoke.

She then starts asking me how much I am going to pay her for sex. I LOL and say what are you talking about you told me 3 times no pay and she says she wants 1500.

I’m like no I don’t even want sex tonight and don’t wanna pay that much so nvm. Then she gets her text reply and her face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning.

Now she really wants to leave but wants me to pay her 1500 to bang. I say no again and eventually I just rub one out while feeling her nice ass and give her 150 pesos.

Jspill even let her use his laptop

What I ‘Did Wrong’

Pretty much everything if you listen to some fear mongers on the sexpat message boards. Some will tell you that you should never be going with a freelancer in the first place.

Others will say freelancers are OK just don’t ever let them text because they may text police to come set you up. They also will say never to bring them back to your current home, instead get a short time hotel.

For my first two years I was in Asia I basically only went with freelance hookers. Whether it was in Cambodia, Philippines or Thailand I avoided barfines.

At first I did the no texting thing but I stopped pretty quick. I never once got a short time hotel. That seems like a huge waste of time and money.

Gramercy room

Even if you do happen to get in a scam once every few years whatever that’s going to to cost you will be less than paying all those barfines and short time hotels.

The main thing you need to do is make sure the girl you are with is above 18. If she looks too young and doesn’t have an ID then don’t go with her. As long as you follow that rule you will probably be fine.

If you somehow are the unlucky one that gets the scam that may happen on .01% of all freelancer hook ups in Asia then just smile and settle the score with the first cop on the scene.

But being worried about it and wasting money and time to jump through hoops to try and avoid such an unlikely situation is just silly.

And of course don’t expect to have free sex on Burgos street, that was dumb of me.

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  1. jspill jspill says:

    Lol I miss that room now.

    Haven’t had any serious problems with freelancers either just minor things like agreeing to the price I asked then wanting more, or leaving early. Never had anything stolen or any police setups.

  2. JayMD says:

    just found your guys’ blog. It is entertaining, honest and very informative. Thanks for all the great posts.

    • kick2dante kick2dante says:

      thanks for checking it out

      • JayMD says:

        As I am getting ready for a trip to Manila next week, reading the posts about Filipinas flaking out and radio silence – just totally triggered some old memories. Keep up the good work. If I ever run into you guys – first beer or whiskey is on me. cheers.

  3. This is why I don’t monger.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Hehe next post ‘how a Filipina girlfriend / dating site chick scammed me’

      Most SE Asia hookers are ok. I don’t like mongering anywhere else but this part of the world though.

  4. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Hey you really saw the girl type “come get the cops?”

    Was she underage ? I doubt she’ll be offering sex for 1,500 . That already is a red flag. Usually they charge 3k php for us locals then for foreigners way up high prices . I’m actually interested in picking up girls here just for the thrill of it. Do girls here use condoms ?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Nah was a funny caption.

      Yes they try for 3000, will often accept 2 – 2.5k though. They should be less than 3000 because they’re freelancing on the street and girl in a Burgos bikini bar (usually much hotter) is 3000 short time (after barfine, which they don’t keep any of). So it makes no sense for them to be 3k.

      Haven’t been quoted over 3k by a street girl.

  5. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Also , even if you get set up what will the cops have against you ? I have lawyers friends that says that you can’t get harassed for picking up a girl . Unless of course she’s underage

    But if she isn’t . There’s nothing that can be used against you

    • jspill jspill says:

      I’d agree, just picking up a girl is tolerated unless underage.

    • Spirit maze says:

      all you need a is a false rape accusation and you’re fucked. Can get locked for years waiting for trial in PHP. Guilty unless proven innocent in this madhouse.

      • Normal Nomad says:

        You’re staring to sound like the incel/MGTOW redditors in Canada who use that as an excuse as to why they aren’t getting laid…..

        • Spirit maze says:

          You’ve never had a false rape allegation Normal Nomad, because you’re not fucking anyone.

          I have. There are vindictive women out there and it’s worth being aware of the risks in the Philippines. Women don’t like being pumped and dumped and some will try to exact revenge if you’re not careful.

          • Normal Nomad says:


            Or perhaps I haven’t had any false rape allegations because:

            1. I treat the women with well (not “like shit” as you purport to do).

            2. I avoid women who come across as crazy/dramatic. These types of women generally also like to play games (make you run around to meet them, don’t reply to texts, create drama, etc etc). Not EVERY crazy girl does this, but most do. Since I don’t entertain that bullshit, I naturally avoid a lot of the batshit ones (like ones that make up fake rape stories).

            I don’t believe your 29….I think you’re 19. I just cannot imagine a man approaching his 30s having this warped view. It’s pathetic.

            • kick2dante kick2dante says:

              you dont even need to avoid the crazy dramatic type, they are some of the best lays

              the reason spirit maze finds himself in the spots he does is because he is a POS, and hopefully soon those spots get worse and worse for him

              • Spirit maze says:

                Dante, i’m not the guy who is refusing to give my real name to Filipinas. Filipinas know my real identity, hence the reprisals I suffer.

                If Filipinas knew your real identity, I’d be willing to bet that you’d be finding yourself in just as much trouble as me. Possibly even more.

                • kick2dante kick2dante says:

                  dude they come over to my home where i live for months or a year on end, if they want to cause trouble they could easily…. but i am nice to them and dont lie to them so they have no reason to do so

            • Spirit maze says:

              Normal, you admitted yourself that all you do is ‘hold hands’ and ‘buy flowers’ for filipinas. This does not count as sex, and will never lead you to being accused of rape.

              Come on man! You’re 27 years old. You should know this already.

            • Mika says:

              Or I’d say the ones who treat them nice are the perfect victims for the rape stories because girls are not afraid of them and don’t respect them but are afraid of those that beat them etc and don’t report those. Like fox ex Pattaya filled with guys with mafia connections get the best service because of fear.
              It’s one thing in your home country but as a foreigner in Phils or Thailand you have no right and you do not get a fair trial or a trial at all.
              They don’t care, they hate foreigners but love their money.
              Murders turn into ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’.
              Most odd of them all the one (10+ years) where they found a foreigner hanging on a noose, hit 4 times on the back by an axe and shot twice with a shotgun… obvious suicide lol

          • IndianDude says:

            These blog comment wars are fucking hilarious

  6. Jasper Laguitao says:

    Damn it . I always pay 3k for Street girls

    I’ll try to Low ball them too lol .

    Problem with picking up from Burgos is . They prefer foreigners . So I always thought foreigners paid 3k to 5k. That’s why they prefer them

    Didn’t know you low ball them too hahahaha good one

  7. BangkokBaller23 says:

    If I’m “doing” P4P, Freelancers are definitely the way to go!
    – Cheaper
    – Eager (better performance)
    – Cleaner (arguably they are actually having LESS sex than a Bar Girl….besides, I only practice SAFE actual intercourse)
    – Better😁

  8. Joane Serquina says:

    No such thing as free sex in the ph . Unless they have AIDS . But usually they still charge you

  9. thibault says:

    “Why do all m3thies I come in contact with have great asses?”
    because it makes them lose weight? this shit should be mandatory, in fact

  10. BNE says:

    So basically if any girl says you’ve raped her based on accusation you’re fucked? Because the age of consent in the Philippines is 12? Does it vary according to your nationality?

    • jspill jspill says:

      18 for foreigners, and pretty much 18 for locals over 18, it’s complicated, with marriage / parental consent it can be younger. But any ‘influence or coercion’ by an adult on a 12-17 yr old then it becomes illegal too. Which could be anything they decide.

      If a girl makes something up there’d be a trial eventually but some guys can end up detained until court date.

    • Normal Nomad says:

      Theres absolutely 0 reason to go after women in the Phils who aren’t 18. There are PLENTY of pretty young girls. Find one who’s a legal adult and keep yourself out of trouble. 🙂

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