Getting Laid on Filipino Cupid on Day 1, Date 1

Hi guys, so I’m on a visa run in the Philippines at the moment while Dante is in Thailand, we’ve swapped places! I landed Tuesday, signed up for a membership on FilipinoCupid Wednesday and woke up with a 20 year old Filipina in my bed on Thursday. I love Asia!


I’d used ThaiCupid before but this was my first time on their Philippines dating site.

I made a profile a couple days before landing in Manila as it’s free to appear in search and get sent some initial messages / receive interests. Then I bought a membership when I was settled in and ready to reply.

If you put up pics of yourself in a nice place the girls should come over easier. I used Dante’s link for $35 off on Airbnb then found the studio room above in Makati for $40/night with good reviews.

knightsbridge-residences-makati-internet-speed-wifiI’m enjoying the room so far, happy to recommend it – wifi is ok (for the Philippines), and the owner provided everything I needed.

I’d also recommend not linking your primary email to FC as it will be rammed with several messages an hour. Pinays really aren’t shy and they don’t just message guys in their city, you’ll get messages like ‘hey, just giving this a shot, if you’re ever in Boracay let’s hang out’.


You can also try a Chrome extension called Auto Refresh to reload tabs while you’re AFK, it keeps your profile on top of the search results (pro tip). I haven’t checked it with Cupid sites but it definitely works with Pinalove and Thaifriendly. I ran that while I unpacked.

First Date

After a couple hours I saw I had an interest from an ok looking girl, so I sent her a message. Within a few messages she’d given me her number and invited me to some mall 20km away to meet her.

I was feeling adventurous to see different parts of the city so I didn’t mind going so far and ordered a cab on ‘Grab’ mobile app (cheaper and more safer taxi company).


The way she asked ‘you want party?’ made me think she might be after money but I didn’t mind giving her ‘taxi money’ if she wanted it.

I didn’t follow Dante’s advice of asking them if they’re a hooker before even meeting, lol.

She also said she’s with a friend, again I didn’t follow Dante’s advice of never letting Filipina dates bring a friend, I was tired so didn’t feel like making conversation one on one anyway.

Filipino Time

So I get to Alabang mall about 10pm, and it’s like something out of a Resident Evil movie, Manila is really ghetto outside of Makati and the Fort. Like Tijuana without the good food.

It turns out the mall closed at 9 (reminds me of Issan in Thailand), even though at 9.10 she’d said to text her when I got there. Mall workers sitting outside waiting for a bus home are staring at me like WTF is this white dude doing here in the middle of nowhere trying to get into the mall.


I find a security guard still standing outside the mall with his shotgun and stand around near him.

It takes 10 mins for her to reply to my message saying I’d arrived, then another 15 mins for her to show up, turns out she’d gone home to get dressed even though I’d texted to say I was on my way.

I ask her why she invited me here if it’s closed and she says sorry it’s near my place so it’s easy to meet. I let it go and we get in a taxi to go out, I have no idea where’s good to go as it’s my first night out in Manila, so asked her to suggest somewhere.



She suggests Ermita, which I know is right next to Makati so basically we’re going back to where to where I came from, I joke that she could’ve just met me there. The friend looks at me to ask if we can go on the skyway, basically asking if I mind paying the toll fee, 180 pesos. I say sure.

Then when we arrive they look at me and tell me the meter fare, 300, and I pay that.

We go to Exclusiv Club which was pretty dead at 11 on a weekday night. The service staff say something to the girls, then they look at me and ask if I want to sit upstairs in the VIP area, it’s 5000 pesos. I lol and say no let’s sit downstairs, the place is mostly empty anyway.

I order a drink and they order 3 beers between themselves, I ask why 3 and they say ‘it has to be 3’ for some reason, I say ok, thinking maybe it’s a buy 2 get 1 free deal or something. The bill arrives and they point to me. I pay it, 600 pesos.


Can I Order?

The friend was also been looking at the food menu at this point – it’s a nightclub so obviously it’s really expensive finger food like a small plate of french fries for 300 pesos – and then looking at me for approval. She asks if she can order.

At this point I get a bit annoyed, and say no to the food. I don’t mind paying for stuff but normally girls would make some small token effort to chip in, or at least reach for their purse (at which point I’d say don’t worry about it). Especially in a group of 3, it’s not a one on one date, and it wasn’t my original idea to go partying.

I’m starting to think they’re freelancers as the friend has a pic of herself in lingerie on her phone home screen and kinda looks like one, although my girl seems more normal and cuter.

I had forgot to ask what she does for work as I hate getting asked that question myself. I ask her now, and she says ‘nothing, just party’ and that she was planning to study.


I ask how she’d have come to Ermita if I wasn’t there, if she’d have taken a taxi all this way as a student, and she said no she’d have taken a bus and a jeepney. She asks me ‘are you okay?’ (for about the 5th time).

I explain it’s a bit rude to tell a guy to meet you at a closed mall so you can get a free ride into town with a friend, and look at him everytime something needs to be paid, at this point I’m down 1000 pesos to her and her friend. I ask if she normally does this, and if she goes with guys for money.

I don’t mind, but just want to know so I don’t end up paying for a night out and then sex on top, I’d rather just skip the expensive 3 way night out if so.

She says sorry, and says no she never goes with guys for money. I suggest somewhere a bit more laid back than a nightclub so we get in a cab to Pasay area, and this time the friend pays, 150 pesos. The friend is a bit older, and has a Skype call with some old western dude in the U.S. during the cab journey, turning sideways in the front seat so I’m not in the shot.


The night starts going normally once we’re in Pasay, they both pay for their share of the food, and are really apologetic. We ate at Giligan’s restobar by the river. I swear every Filipino dish is fried and/or dripping in oil.

I’m having more fun though as it feels more like a relaxed date instead of taking a couple hookers to a nightclub. I liked the Pasay riverfront area (above), it has a ferris wheel and is near the Mall of Asia.

My girl keeps asking me if I’m ok (about ten times now) and ‘what do you want’. Then she asks if I want a massage. The same line Dante uses on girls 😀 . I say yeah sure and she asks where, I say why don’t you just come to mine, and she agrees.

We get home, shower then get into bed. After the massage I say thanks and go in for a kiss, and we bang.


Morning After

She takes hours to leave the next day, finally leaves at 3pm when I start working on my laptop. I’d asked her if she needs any taxi money before that, she said ‘no it’s ok, I’ll take a jeep – why, do you want me to go?’ Then another hour went by.

When she finally did leave, as I’m walking her out she announced ‘I’ll take a taxi’, changing her mind. I felt that was her way of saying ‘ok I’ll take that taxi money actually’ but being shy to ask.

I handed her 300 then logged back onto FilipinoCupid to do it all over again. Total cost about 1500 pesos to see a bit of Manila and get laid with a 20 year old ‘student’.

My read is she’s what Dante calls a gray area girl, happy to have sex on the first date if it she gets a night out, or some food / taxi money out of it, has fun, and freerolls the possibility of the guy becoming a boyfriend / husband one day.

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  1. jspill jspill says:

    your thoughts, dante? 🙂

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    thoughts are A) lots of work to get laid in the Philippines

    B) cost as much as a hooker

    C) probably was a hooker, a regular girl asking ‘want a massage’ randomly when you are out and about? never seen that before

    if you are willing to spend hours and 1500 pesos on girls u will get laid every night with no problems, or you could just pay a hooker and cut out the hours and hassle

  3. jspill jspill says:

    costs as much as a hooker in angeles/cebu, but not manila bro, from everything i’ve read on this blog. not for a 20yo longtime

    i spent about 1000 on them, i was counting my cab journey to get alabang in the 1500. wasn’t much effort to just go to a club and a restaurant, when i need to explore a new city anyway

    • Has says:

      What work do you do over there if you don’t mind me asking?

      Do you think she is now a potential fuck buddy on a regular basis lol

    • Normal Nomad says:

      Again, context.

      FOR THE PHILLIPINES, you might has well have built her the fucking Taj Mahal.

      Rules for dating Pinays:

      NEVER say yes to a friend coming along on a date.
      ALWAYS have her meet near your place.
      Don’t let her suggest someplace expensive. Always have a date spot picked out, preferably one within walking distance to your condo. Have every girl meet you there.

      These rules can be relaxed or ignored if it’s a girl you’re seeing regularly. You might not mind going out of your way or meeting her friend(s) if you’re dating her.

      These are just things I’ve learned to avoid wasting my time and money. Like Dante said, for the time and cash you blew, it would be easier to hire a hooker.

      • jspill jspill says:


        Thanks wise one. Thought you were dead against hookers.

        I may break ‘rules’ sometimes for blog content.

        • Normal Nomad says:

          I am, but you’re not.

          My point is, if you’re going to spend that much you might as well buy a hooker. Save time. “Time is money.”.

          I never suggested every man should follow my views. I’m personally against p4p but other men are not and I respect that. I don’t understand it—-but I respect it.

      • Spirit maze says:

        I’ve banged Filipinas who bring friends on dates. I tell the friend to wait in the mall so I can have alone time with the date, then take her to my condo and bang her. I’ve done this 5 or 6 times, but I agree that if a girl wants to bring a friend then it is bad news and I’ll only agree to it as an absolute last resort.

        I also agree that Jspill put way too much effort, and spent way too much money on this bang.

        Normal Nomad, i’ve read a lot of your recent comments. I think you are suffering from over exposing yourself to way too much filipina bullshit and it’s turning you into an angry man. I know how you feel because this happens to me too. I think the Philippines, ultimately, is bad for your head. All the flaking and shit tests we deal with builds up inside us like a pressure cooker….then you start rage-posting on Nomad Philippines. You’d be getting more rage than me because you are not prepared to tolerate any bullshit, and you must be noticing how many numbers you are having to delete. Numbers deleted = bangs lost.

        I have banged many girls who have flaked on me prior, and fucked me around in various ways. They tend to be the higher quality ones too. I think you should practice a bit more tolerance and view it as a spiritual exercise. The rage approach will start to eat you up, as it did me.

        • jspill jspill says:

          Yep I’ll start posting about different countries for a bit so it’s less triggering for him.

          I don’t mind a friend being there so I don’t have to make conversation and the friend often tells the girl oh he seems nice then the date wants to bang me. I just pay for an uber on my phone for the friend to go home (oh my god money spent on dates!). Going somewhere expensive is fine too, probably more interesting for me.

          There are no rules really, just guys who think they know everything.

          • Normal Nomad says:

            I pay for Taxis/Ubers for girls I bang. I’m not a cheap-skate, I just don’t like being used (like you clearly were).

            I had a scenario almost exactly like this play out in Cebu during my first 2 weeks. It only took that one situation to recognize the bullshit and never deal with it again.

            And hey man, I like the blog, like the stories, like the content. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m just entertaining myself. 🙂

        • Normal Nomad says:

          I’m not worried about lost bangs. There are a limitless number of Pinays who love young white foreigners. New girls turn 18 everday.

          • Spirit maze says:

            there may be a limitless supply of Pinays who are interested in foreigners, but we don’t have a limitless level of patience and time for burning through them/deleting their numbers. The more pinays you miss out on through your rage-quitting, the more it will wear you down. Also, you’re far from a pinay’s only options here. There are a huge pool of foreigners both in Manila and abroad who are contacting these girls. You will notice yourself how quickly most pinays move on after you bang them….they have options.

            You’re rating your foreign appeal way too high, especially if you’re based in Manila. Being foreign certainly is an advantage, but it’s in no way a fish-in-a-barrel type situation you’re making it out to be. Pinays I’ve met clearly have options and they have a limit to how much bullshit they will take from a white guy who starts barking orders at them.

            You say you’re a 6 out of 10 looking guy. I’m an 8.5 and it’s not a walk in the park for me. I can get a bang-a-day here, but it takes a huge effort to get that rate consistently across a month, and being an angry, impatient dude repels filipinas like nothing else. In my experience. You have to be nice to them or they will ditch you and move on. You can treat the 5’s like shit and maybe they’ll put up with it, but 7 and aboves tend to demand a bit of respect. Yes, it’s irritating, I wish all filipinas were as easy as the 5’s, but that’s the new reality now in 2017.

            • Normal Nomad says:

              WTF are you talking about man? Who said anything about treating Pinays like shit? How does “I expect women to respect me and my time and not play games” equal “treat them like shit”?

              Where the hell did you get that from?

              I treat all the Pinays I date/interact with quite well. I’ve never mistreated/abused any girl here. But I demand the same respect in return, and I do get it. If the girl refuses to give it to me, that’s fine—-bye!

              A girl can have all the internet boyfriends in the world but eventually she’s going to want a real live cock in her vagina. And even Pinays aren’t attracted to losers who allow themselves to be walked on. Trust me, I’ve banged plenty of girls I “rage quit” after I told them bluntly that I’m deleting their #’s because they’re playing games. If you want to keep chasing a girl, that’s your problem, not mine. I’ll keep letting them come to me.

              And I’m not banging a new girl everyday anymore. I stopped doing that after 3 months. It’s way to much effort for so little reward. Honestly I realized I already had a great selection of women I really liked who wanted to see me often and who I rarely had time for, and since I prefer meaningful relationships to shallow sex, I elected to date several girls at once and bang new girls about once a week. Right now I’m seeing 5 women consistently. Two of them are my “main” girls, I see them 2-3 times a week each. The other girls I see once every other week or so, sometimes before or after the main girls come over. Then one day I have free I bang a new girl. I don’t bang a new girl EVERY week either. Honestly my notch count is starting to approach triple digits, not sure the exact number because I stopped counting several years ago, but the bottom line is if I never banged a new girl for the rest of my life I wouldn’t be ashamed of my lifetime lay count. I don’t need the ego gratification to fuck new girls anymore. I do it for the variety but not for my ego. And I don’t require THAT MUCH variety. One new chick a week is fine for me, I get laid everyday regardless and I never sleep alone, which is really all I want.

              That, and not to put up with any bullshit.

              But hey, if you enjoy chasing bitchy entitled girls just to nail them once to boost your ego and theirs, more power to you. But if you’re an 8.5 like you said, there’s absolutely no reason you needed to leave your home country to do that. Maybe you should give that some thought.

              • Spirit maze says:

                Let me get this straight, Normal Nomad. You said you’re an average looking guy. You bang girls in the Philippines by not putting in any effort, just sitting back and ‘being white.’

                That’s not the way it works here. Either you are putting in way more effort than you let on (I suspect you are, judging by your hostile attitude. You have classic symptoms of Filipina Rage Syndrome.) OR you are not getting nearly as much action as you pretend. You may be running a wimpy harem of 5’s and getting 1 new slum bang every 2 months, which is the likely result of your ‘just sit back and be white’ game tactic. Being white is not that special, especially in Manila. You way overstate your market value here. Being white only helps if you back it up with game, especially if you are banging 7’s as you claim.

                If you are not putting in effort, dealing with flakes and shit tests, then you are not getting laid with 7’s in Manila. It’s that simple.

              • Spirit maze says:

                and yeah, you definitely have a shitty attitude towards filipinas. ‘Why come to the Philippines if you are an 8.5?’ Pretty much sums up your attitude to the women here. Personally, I think filipinas/asians are amongst the most bangable women on the Earth. I don’t agree with your low self esteem assessment that only ugly dudes are into Asians.

                Expecting Filipinas to fall over themselves for you because you are white…that classifies as treating them like shit. When a filipina isn’t worshipping your whiteness then you strike her off.

                I treat women here like shit too, but I don’t pretend otherwise. You’re a very confused dude and if you’ve really been in the Philippines for as long as you say, you offer virtually no useful insights into this place. I wonder what you really get up to here. I suspect maintaining a small harem of 5’s is most likely.

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  I’d argue that you’re the one with the shitty attitude. Earlier you said “we’re the only ones….qualified to make an assessment” regarding the Philippines, which I think is way overstating any “expertise” either of us have and way understating that of others, not to mention is incredibly arrogant.

                  Secondly, you make far too many assumptions. Not putting up with bullshit and “sitting around being white” are not the same thing. Of course I have profiles on multiple dating sites, I have really good photos (I’m not photogenic at all, so they are all high quality professional pics), my profile is well-written, and I reply back to the attractive girls who write me. When it’s time for a date, I tell them to meet me at a mall near my condo, grab a meal for 150 pesos, pay for both of us, then start walking back to my condo (which conveniently is slightly over a block away) to “watch a movie”. It’s really not that difficult, and if you’re an 8.5 like you say and are putting in more effort than that you’re really overdoing it.

                  Also, your incredible curiousity and attacks into the quality of the women I’m banging suggests an insecurity. If you read back on my posts, you’ll notice I NEVER attack another man on the attractiveness of the girls he’s banging. Any white guy here should be easily banging 7s. I see old dudes who are ugly as hell with girls who are 8’s regularly. I know many of them are paying, but I also know some guys personally who have been dating the same hot girl for years and who aren’t. It’s not nearly as difficult as you make it out to be.

                  Yes, if I wanted to bang a new 7+ every single day, I’d have to put in a LOT of effort. But that’s true ANYWHERE unless you’re a Hollywood actor. If you’re happy spending all your time trying to bang a new girl everyday, that’s fine, enjoy yourself, but for me I don’t need the ego boost anymore. I’m happy with my number and I have no need to inflate it any further (although I do, but as I said, because I enjoy the variety.).

                  I do run standard game, but I will NOT run around town to meet her in some bullshit place, I won’t deal with flakiness, drama, or games. I didn’t put up with that before I left the USA (where my SMV is MUCH lower) so I certainly won’t deal with it here.

                  And I don’t look at Filipinas as below me, white people, or other Asians, I just have a basic grasp over the market principle of supply and demand. No matter how many men contact her on the internet, there will ALWAYS be FAR more Pinays that want to meet a western guy than western guys who want a Pinay IN THE PHILIPPINES. She may get 3000 emails a month, but how many guys are actually LIVING IN or TRAVELING TO the Philippines? Probably 1-2% of them.

                  Honestly man, for an 8.5 guy, your self-esteem is too low. Not bashing you. Really, you should expect better from women than game playing, drama, flaking, and bullshit. A womans looks are no excuse. They will put out whatever you will put up with, no matter the nationality. Let yourself be a doormat and see yourself walked over.

                • Spirit maze says:

                  You’ve got an absolutely bizarre way of carrying your points across. There’s something quite feminine about the way you write in a kind of hysterical, vindictive tone, full of histrionics that are irrelevant to your points.

                  Serious question. Are you really a guy?

                  If you ARE a guy, which I’m starting to doubt, you’ve got a completely rose-tinted, unrealistic view of the Philippines. Your game is basically this: ‘I don’t put up with any bullshit and I get laid with as many women as I want.’ You’ve got a low sex drive, so your 1 lay a year would probably satisfy you, which explains why you’re happy with your current modus operandi.

                  Read any literature from successful PUAs – Mystery (who is an 8), Heartiste, Krauser, Roosh. All they do is navigate shit tests and flakiness to get laid. That is the very nature and essence of getting laid. Your views are not congruent with people who are actually successful with women. Filipinas are easier than all other girls, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t require at least some amount of game, especially the 7’s and above which you claim is your market.

                  You’re not in a position to advise people on girls in the Philippines because you have a very low sex drive from what I can tell. Your views are much more consistent with a MGTOW, and I suspect that’s the direction you’re heading in.

                  You seem to desire fully-compliant, passive women who do whatever you want without any resistance. These women don’t exist, especially for a guy like you with low SMV. You’d be much better off with a sex bot.

                  You’re a self-admitted average looking guy, bitter gamma, no sense of humor and poorly developed game, and you’re trying to convince me that you meet 7’s near your condo for a meal and walk them back to your place and bang them. That’s not happening weekly for you. That’s happened maybe once a year and you’ve multiplied the experience in your mind and pretend it happens weekly.

                  Trigger alert!

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  Oooh, I like where this is heading.

                  PLOT TWIST: I’m actually a female lesbian who has an Asian fetish!

                  Tell me more about your strange fantasies.

                  You’re an angry little man who’s upset someone not nearly as good looking as you is getting laid with far less effort, time, money and energy.

                  I also said I get laid everyday, so I don’t see where the “low sex drive” comment comes from. Just because I repeat the same women multiple times doesn’t mean I don’t like sex….LOL.

                  Keep typing away at your keyboard little man, it’s ok, no matter how upset you are at me as long as you are still a white man in the Philippines there will always be someone who will be willing to keep your bed warm, even if you are extremely insecure. 🙂

                • Normal Nomad says:

                  Also every PUA you mentioned resides in North America, and that’s where their game programs originate from. They are entirely designed on gaming NORTH AMERICAN women. Are you Asian? Because if you try to game a Pinay 7 the same way you’d game an American 7, you will NOT get laid at all here.

                  Read Rooshs “Bang”, and try applying that to Pinays….these girls won’t want anything to do with you. Gaming a 7 in NA basically requires you to act like a disinterested dick and never reveal that you like her, until after you fuck her, and even then, only in small amounts. Pinays, on the other had, LOVE knowing you like them. They love feeling special. They love the stupid little romantic gestures—-holding her hand when you cross the street, flowers, taking her out to dinner, etc etc etc. Do ANY of that for a NA female and watch her pussy dry up like the Sahara desert.

                  Personally, I’ve always been a nice guy. I like treating women well. I like being kind to them, because I’m a kind person. So if I like a girl, it’s natural for me to tell her that. And guess what? I do tell the girls I like that I like them. And I do fuck them. In the USA, I NEVER revealed directly that I liked them. The only way they knew I liked them was because I stuck my dick in them. No sweet words, no hand holding, no romance. Nothing. Here small gestures mean the world to a girl.

                  Maybe we’re hanging out with different groups of women, lol, you seem to prefer the ones who play games. If that was how most Pinays acted there would be 0 reason to live here.

  4. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    different strokes……. sounds like an awful night to me until the end, as I said if you want to do stuff like that then you will have zero problems getting laid, but its a lot more effort and money then you need to spend

    hey im staying in makati at knightsbridge my pool is awesome you should come over to swimming na!!!

  5. frank says:

    Were you wearing your “I fuck on the first date” T-shirt?

  6. What a terrible night, your patience is strong on this one lol and WTF is 300 pesos worth of fries? A rip off (eating 40 pesos fries at my bar while typing this)🍟

  7. CannabisTourist says:

    And what about weed in Phils ? Can you score easily ? Thanks.

    • jspill jspill says:

      I keep reading it’s more risky than thailand, longer prison sentences / higher bribes, so I wouldn’t buy it myself, I’d ask a girl to buy it for me and pay her, that’s what I do in Thailand. Only place I’d buy it myself are cambodia/laos, easy and safe there

  8. Pedo says:

    1500 pesos and hours in the cab and on boring dates might as well get a freelancer and cut all the crap

  9. thibault says:

    if she is the girl eating on the restaurant picture, she s worth the effort and money.
    still a very good deal. you could have cut the spending a bit and not go to disco, all the rest is good.
    1500 for long time , date… and the peso cost less than the bath?
    here in europe my friend spend 300 on a short time with a ugly hooker the other day and it was still a good deal as she had great attitude.
    with the 300 for taxi she took jeepney and kept money as a payment… a ridiculous amount for her services. definitely worth doing those grey area party girls. i mean, she s not even a ladyboy!

  10. Virtuousvillian says:

    Ive been here for 6 months in makati greenbelt and had a ton of these fuckers from tinder, badoo, pinalove, dateinasia..etc.
    If you want sex go to badoo. That app is the king of them all with 1000’s to easily fuck, but every last one of them are all fucking retards and you have to be on drugs yourself or you will go insane from the absurd conversations you have to endure online..forget about live..omfg! But if all you want is just a hole to stick it
    in..go for it! ( but imo most asians/pinays/thais are shitty lays )
    If you want a better quality girl (loosely termed) the only place to go is tinder. Ive met “lawyers in training”, a dermatologist, corp. executives(so they say..but indicate at least that they can carry a half decent intelligent conversation…but of course forget trying to bring up someone like Brian Greene or Noam chomsky or even very basic economics or world events).
    Good luck to all.

  11. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    who is brian greene?

    i think ive heard of the second dude cuz i think chomsky is fun to say

  12. Thibault says:

    I just read a blog article that makes me think about this post. It seems to be older than this, so you theroretically couldhave been warned.
    Wellyoucould listen to dante, but he would not have paid transport in tbe first place haha
    At least for you it ended well, so. The advice of all dumping tbem immediately may be con terproductive. For beautiful ones at least

  13. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Must be better in Manilla. Cebu is a hell of a lot more work. Some come straight over but there usually 6’s and 7’s the ones that are hotter take a lot more effort (not close to as much as back home but still). I think guys coming in for a week or two are better off in Manilla or Angeles. Like you guys say Cebu is more for longer term stays.

    One thing I’ve noticed that really blows my mind is how none of them ever have load. I got a 250 peso plan that gives unlimited texts to all networks. I mean even after giving this one more then her 500 pesos twice for a taxi. A taxi to her place runs around 150-200 depending on traffic I know because I paid for it directly to get there which I have taken to doing just to get them to come straight to my place. She could easily have gotten enough to last a month but no. I have to wait on a reply for hours because she ran out. Its frustrating.

    • kick2dante kick2dante says:

      its the 6’s and 7’s in manila too for the most part

      show me an 8… no really i want to see one

      • SouthernAdventurer says:

        Ive seen some 8’s on cupid but they usually have high standards and want the whole marriage BS. One 9 in person but she was Korean and married. I can see what you mean though most Filpinas are in that range. The girl Jspill took a pic of in this article would be the best looking one nighter I’ve had. Not quite an 8 but a solid 7.5

      • jspill jspill says:

        with that Bitcoin wallet I mentioned you can send a girl 30 pesos load, from the app on your phone

        the hottest girls I’ve banged in Phils were all hookers, mostly from Kojax bar on Burgos

        • SouthernAdventurer says:

          Ditto that one I went home with that night we went out is still the hottest I’ve had. But I haven’t done much p4p since either. The hot ones on the dating sites have figured out whats up and stick to older white guys that they know want to marry. That is logical I suppose.

          I’ll check out the bitcoin wallet that sounds promising. I just find it strange they buy makeup like crazy and can’t afford load. A brand new mega million dollar mall next to shanty towns in a city with 3 already in it. Fillpinos prioritize all the wrong things lol.

  14. Bas says:

    How I would like to meet one here in The Netherlands!

    xxx Bas

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