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Filipina girls fall in love

Ones That Got Away

Filipina girls can fall in love so fast and it’s hard to keep them from doing so. I don’t like having serious relationships here for that reason. Filipina girls are so sweet and all they are looking is for someone to be kind to them and take care of them, and I can be kind but I don’t...

Where to meet Filipinas

Where to Meet Filipinas Out & About

If I was living in the US and was as aggressive about walking up to girls and giving them my number as I am with pinays I would possibly be in jail by now, and at the least I would be 86’d from all the malls surrounding where I lived. In reality there is nothing wrong...

Cute Filipina Women

Filipina Women & The Cute Things They Say

Sometimes Filipina women will say the cutest things without even realizing it at the time. Even though many Filipinas speak pretty good English they sometimes will say something that is just adorable that they didn’t really mean.  Below are my three favorite examples of this so far. The Moons I was talking to a Filipina when she started telling me...