Are Filipinas Getting Fatter? (Fried Food in the Philippines)

The Philippines is definitely not known for its food and thanks to a lot of it being fried and oily, plus a lot of western fast food around, you’ll notice Pinays have more cushion for the pushin’ than other Asian girls.


None of the local dishes look particularly tasty and I have only ever tried one. It’s called pork adobo and it is actually quite good if you get it at the right restaurant. Then there’s Sisig which a lot of people like.


Pork Sisig

The majority of the street food though looks pretty dirty and sits out all day so I never eat it.

Eating food that is exposed to flies in a country where men will pee on any road or sidewalk is not for me.

That’s why I always try to get my food from malls or nicer restaurants. Luckily they are still cheap.

The body fat situation with Filipina girls is pretty bad compared to Thailand, sexy stomachs are hard to come by.

They’re not obese 300 pound whales like in the US of course, they’re still hot but they’ll just have a bit of a belly (bigger boobs though too).

Finding an in shape (not muscled, just fully in shape) body in PI is really hard, they are either too skinny or overweight, just a tad too much fat to be considered in shape.

It is kind of amazing though that they’re not even fatter when you consider how terrible for you most Filipino food is.  It seems like everything is either fried, loaded with sugar, or both.

One of the first foods I had in the Philippines was fried bananas.  Who would have ever thought to fry a banana? Another time I even saw some kind of fried leaves on the menu.


Fried Leaves (?)

Fast food chain Jolibee is probably the most popular restaurant in the country. When locals would prefer to eat fast food over nicer restaurants that should tell you something.

I offer to get Filipina women food from any restaurant and half the time they ask for Jolibee, or are happy to go on a date there.

It’s pretty funny to go into McDonalds and see the majority of people eating fried chicken with rice.  That is also the main thing sold at Jolibee, along with their sweet spaghetti.

The third most popular fast food place in the Philippines is probably KFC…. yay! More fried chicken.

There are so many bakeries around town that have donuts and cakes and cinnamon rolls and they are all super cheap.  5 cents for a cinnamon roll or donut is hard to pass up so be careful that you don’t get fat quick when you are here.



Since the beef is generally so bad in Asia I always try to get either chicken or pork.

The majority of chicken dishes here use fried chicken, so what may be a healthy meal other places is a fattening one in the Philippines.


Fried Eggplant in Oil

Overall food is definitely not one of the selling points for the Philippines.  You will be able to find some ok places to eat in any city, but in some cities there isn’t much to offer.

Angeles City has lots of good food, Cebu not so much.

Sisig is nice, and eggplant dishes, but they’re soaked in oil as well.

One plus point is they know how to cook western food, you can find good tacos and better Mexican food in general than e.g. Thailand.

One blog post about Filipino Food, called I’d Rather Go Hungry, went mega viral in the Philippines. Locals here are super sensitive about any criticism.

Similarly the 20 Things I Hate About the Philippines guy who got blacklisted included ‘the unsanitary preparation of food’ on his list.

4 Responses

  1. frank says:

    Thais are getting fat too. More money= more food

  2. Joe says:

    Is it true that Filipinos are so small and lightweight yet hate to walk for any kind of distance? Is this just the women or are the men that way too?

    As far as eating healthy- can you find as good of quality cuts of chicken, fish (ie Salmon and Halibut), etc. at the stores like you would at a decent healthy food grocery store chain in the US like Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc or are all the local meats ghetto quality?

  3. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    i dont know if you can find whole foods quality, but you can find good enough cuts of chicken and plenty of fish at the nicer grocery stores inside the malls

    yes all filipinos hate to walk, they think a 10 minute walk is something they need to post on FB about with a 🙁 so people will feel sorry for them over the horrible time they just had

  4. Guy says:

    I actually really like some Pinoy food. You can usually get tapsilog (shaved beef marinated in garlic and soy sauce, eggs, and garlic rice) for $2. Bistek is also good IMO. I like adobo dishes but don’t like to pick the meat off the bones. The only downside is the lack of veggies with most dishes, though you can find them occasionally (things like eggplant).

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