Cost of Living in Angeles City

An Angeles City budget breakdown is not an easy thing to write because it is totally dependent on how much ‘entertainment’ a person is going to want.  More importantly maybe, it’s where they are going to want to have it.

cost of living in angeles city

Get numbers outside the bars to cut down on costs – Fields Avenue girls via Flickr

For me the cost of living in Angeles City is around $800/ month but I never pay barfines and don’t sit in the bars.  If you start doing that then your budget can skyrocket quickly.  So if thats your thing you need to add that to the numbers I put here.


There are a wide range of places to stay in Angeles from month to month apartments, to cheap hotels, or apartments that require a lease.  The closer you are to Fields Avenue the more of a ‘tourist tax’ you will pay.

I am fine paying a bit more to be in the heart of the city.  Actually I am paying more to be near SM than I am to be near to Fields Avenue.  The place I have stayed mostly was about $300 month to month but it wasn’t very nice.  It did have all the basic necessities I needed including quality internet.

If you are looking for an apartment I would suggest the area by Tiger Hotel and Kandi Suites.  You could stay at Kandi Suites itself but it is a bit overpriced at $500 a month for their cheapest rooms.  There are other apartments in that area that are of the same quality for $100 or more less that are also furnished.


The range of restaurants in Angeles is one of the best things about the city, and I think it is some of the best in Asia as far as good value for western food.  I usually spend about $250/month on food there and that is for 2 good meals a day and a snack.

There are so many places to choose from that have quality food for $5 or less a meal, and many are really big portions so are enough for 2 meals from 1 order.  Throw in some cheaper meals like hamburgers made at home for around $3 total for the meal, or a $5 pizza hut pizza that is enough for 2 servings and its quite easy to eat cheap in Angeles.


This is the part that is just so hard to predict in a city like Angeles City.  If you have no willpower then you will be spending a lot of money every night as the bars are very tempting.  If you have some self control you can have a great time in Angeles for less than $300 a month.

If you are living there then you don’t need to overpay for girls and can wait for the right spot.  Have some patience, don’t pay barfines, instead get numbers and set up meets on the side.  I never go into the bars so barfines aren’t even a consideration to me.

Of course if you are just there on a vacation and you see the chance to have a great night then forget what I just wrote and take it.


As mentioned I usually spend around $800 in Angeles but have had some boring months where I spent under $700, and some great months where I spent around $950.  I don’t think the cost of living in Angeles City ever broke $1,000/month for me.  If you are on a budget and have good discipline then it is a good city for an expat.  However if you lack self control it could ruin you and your bank account.

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  1. Skeleton Man says:

    So it sounds like Angeles can be cheaper than Snooky if you avoid the entertainment and want to stay in your room and work…

  2. kick2dantekick2dante says:

    they are actually both about the same, at both places i spent around $800-$900 a month, in both i overpaid to be in the nicer touristy area, i could have got cheaper apartments in both

  3. Has says:

    I’m going for 11 days. Was thinking of taking 30,000 pes (£500) and then use a debit card to take more cash out. Are there plenty of ATM around and are their exchange rate good or bad?

    • nomadphilsnomadphils says:

      there are plenty of atm’s but the exchange rate is quite terrible, don’t quote me on this exactly but i wanna say when i did the math I was paying $60 for every $1,000 i pulled out

      the money changers give a much better rate, it just comes down to how much cash you feel like carrying and if the risk of getting it stolen is worth the reward of getting a much better rate and saving money

      • mohammed rashid says:

        Well the room iv got will have a safe. I’ll leave 3/4 of my money in there and the rest ill keep with me…..know any good money changers that won’t rip me of lol

        • nomadphilsnomadphils says:

          ya great money changer down at the end of fields close to mcdonalds,
          if you are walking from mcdonalds up fields it will be on your left
          just pass an open air sports bar, wanna say the name is kabayan, its
          green, almost always has the best rates

          ive never had anything stolen out of a safe but some guys have
          reported it happening, you SHOULD be fine but…….

  4. Has says:

    Thanks for the advise!!! Iv checked on a few other blogs and they also say the money changers in the philippine give the best rate….. If I take £500 from here to UK I lose about £40 so iv decided I’ll take less from here and change my £ in Angeles. Now I just need to make sure the money changers accept £

  5. nomadphilsnomadphils says:

    ya they do, but you may not get quite as good of a rate

    kabayan down near mcdonalds is the best but i am not 100% sure they take pound (pretty sure they will)

    i have been told norma’s deals with pound (cant confirm)

  6. nomadphilsnomadphils says:

    your flying into clark? there will be a shared airconditioned jeepney that will take you from the airport right next to fields (get off at a stop that has a jollibee and a 7-11 right across the street from each other)

    outside of that the taxi will definitely overcharge you, a legit fair for that distance would be 150ish pesos maybe, i bet they would try to charge 400-500

    • Has says:

      Yeah I’m flying into Clark. My hotel should be picking me up but I have read that hotels can be unreliable sometimes so though I should just find out others ways to get to my hotel.

      Now I’m thinking way ahead but if I have a great time I’m thinking of going for longer…. If I rented a place out for a month or two do you think there are some women would spend time with me simply because of the free accommodation?

  7. Has says:

    And yeah I’d buy then breakfast and dinner lool

  8. nomadphilsnomadphils says:

    angeles isnt a place to be looking for freebies, if you want to give that a shot head to manila or cebu imo

  9. Has says:

    With the $300 dollars a month for entertainment is that every day having “fun”with a women? I’m guessing no as that’s only $10 a day……

  10. nomadphilsnomadphils says:

    about every other day

    this is a budget for living there, you dont need long time every day when getting it consistently, for a vacation you would probably want more

  11. Has says:

    It’s difficult to find apartments online and the cheapest hotel iv seen is about £350 per month which is about 500 dollars and that’s with AC.

    So the apartments you stayed in for 300 dollars did it have AC and is it possible to get them on a 30 day lease?

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