So There’s a ‘Christian Filipina’ Dating Site

You know that whole ‘you learn something new every day’ thing?  Well a few weeks ago that thing I learned was that there is a dating site called ‘Christian Filipina’


Was waiting for an excuse to use this pic

This was very surprising to me.  For the past 3.5 years I have been on many different expat (well, sexpat to be fair) messageboards and thought I knew all the Filipina dating sites.

The answer to why I had never heard of this site is pretty obvious when you think about it…… it’s for Christian singles and ‘good girls’ and that’s not really what I am after.  Neither are the other mongers on the forums I frequent.

Christian Filipina Review

christian filipina reviewI went to check it out because I had my doubts about the religious aspect of this site.  You always find the same girls on all of the sites here and I was thinking this would be the same.

To my surprise there were many fresh faces on it.  I did not see one girl that I had hooked up with yet.  I did not see any of the girls that I know to be hookers and have turned down in the past.

I also didn’t notice any ladyboys or any of the girls that are always asking to ‘borrow’ money on all of the other sites.  This site definitely looked to have a different type of girl.

If you’re coming to the Philippines and are just looking for some fun instead of a Christian relationship then there are probably better options like FilipinoCupid. If you are looking for a wife in the Philippines then maybe Christian Filipina is worth a try.

Sure most Filipina girls are Christian / Catholic / Seventh Day Adventist (whatever that is) so you’ll find those on every dating site, but you’ll have to weed through more naughty girls if you’re looking for a life partner.

christian filipino girl

Is she a good Christian girl?

For example this chick on Pinalove looks more like the horny Catholic schoolgirl type, judging by her choice of profile pic.  Nice bum though.

Browsing Christian Filipina though the Pinays look a bit older and more serious, more like wife material if that’s what you’re looking for. Other guys are just looking for Filipina friends, penpals or a Tagalog tutor without hopping in to bed right away. This site works for that too.

christian filipina login

Via the Christian Filipina Log in Page

Apparently Christian Filipina was started up by an American – Filipina married couple who are Christians themselves. It’s been around since 2009 so I’m a bit slow to hear about it. They run an active blog on the site for online dating advice (PG13 unlike this blog).

According to Christian Filipina reviews online they also check members to weed out scam profiles. The testimonials page on the site is full of happy guys raving about their Filipina brides.

Christian Filipina is free for basic messaging then has a paid version for more features.

Give it a try at (referral link) and let me know how it is.

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  1. kick2dantekick2dante says:

    maybe if i make it to 60 ill look for a wife……. only a hot one though

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