Cebu City’s Bikini Bars – Mango Avenue

Cebu City’s ‘Mango Avenue’ (General Maxilom Avenue) is home to about a dozen bikini bars / KTVs where you can find a nice Filipina lady to keep you company for the night. All in all it’ll cost you around 3000-4000 pesos ($60-90) plus drinks. The bars are open from around 8pm – 3.30am or later if there are customers.


Does Cebu have Barfines?

In Angeles City or Manila you pay for sex in two transactions – the barfine paid to the bar, then the tip paid to the girl after sex. In Cebu though it’s one lump sum upfront to the girl that covers everything, and doesn’t really have a name.

In Cebu they seem to be keeping the fact that sex is on sale a little bit more hidden – on this trip I was often told ‘up to the girl, talk to her‘ most times I tried to ask the bar staff or mamasan how much the barfine was. Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, but Manila and Angeles seem a lot less shy about that fact.


Shooting pool at Kanbai bar

In some bars they still called it a ‘barfine’, or at least used the term once I did. In others they cagily replied ‘oh it’s not a barfine just pay the girl’, and one place even had a sign up ‘strictly no barfines’ but the mamasan assured me the girls were definitely available to take home for sex. Confusing.

Then in one place after I paid 4000 to the girl in the bar she left by a rear exit, walked around the building, and stood by a waiting taxi the security guard had hailed. Then he came in and gave me the nod to go out, ushering me quietly into the taxi. They seemed to want to keep things as discreet as possible. In other bars I just walked out with the girl though. It varies.


Dancer on stage at BG’s

Price of Sex in Cebu

You can find Cebu’s girly bars a short walk 300m East of the Mango Square area of discos. 600m from Fuente Circle. They’re easy to spot, lit by neon signs on either side of the street. Have fun dodging the ladyboys and child beggars that come up to you.

On a recent trip I checked out all the girly bars – below are the prices I paid or was quoted in each place. It’s fairly negotiable in every Cebu bar, it just depends on the girls’ mood. Buying a lady drink or two can make it cheaper, but not necessarily. Girls only keep about 80 pesos from each lady drink you buy them.


Planet X and Sisters seen from outside Dimples


In Sisters I paid 3000 to the girl after buying two lady drinks at 250 each. Going back another time, a different girl said ‘maybe 4000, maybe 3500, maybe 3000’ with a giggle.

This is the first bikini bar you’ll come across if you’re walking on the South side of the road. The door before Sisters is a karaoke place without girls, avoid that.

Usually only 1-2 girls will dance at a time on the podium in the middle, or none at all. Most girls will be sitting around on the long sofas. It’s an easy bar to pop your head then move on if nothing grabs your eye, as you can see everything from the door.


Girls lining up for a customer in Sisters bar

The guard outside Sisters picked up some Cialis for me too, apparently it’s really strict there for needing a prescription.

Planet X

Next to Sisters, Planet X bar has a better layout with 2-3 girls dancing, booths where you can sit with a bit more privacy, two bars and a pool table. I didn’t take a girl from here but was told it’s 4000.

Lady drinks were 200 pesos. It’s a bigger, darker bar with two entrances and you’ll need a bit more time to check if there’s any talent in there.


Girls on stage at Planet X

Erik D’Red

Past Sisters and Planet X you come across another row of three bars, the first of which is Erik D’Red. Here I was told 3000 pesos for the barfine and 180 for lady drinks.


Next door is BG’s. This is the place that had the security guard come in and give me the nod. I took 2 girls from BG’s over the week, both asked for 4000. Lady drinks were 180 again.


Another dancer on stage at BG’s


Viking has two entrances, one next to the door to B-G’s and then a basement door leads to a lower level of the same bar. I was told 3000 barfine here. Didn’t stop to buy a lady drink.

Da Pillo

Across the street from the strip of bars so far, is Da Pillo. 3300 pesos barfine and 230 lady drinks – sadly the quality of girl was even lower here so it wasn’t worth the more expensive drinks.


BG’s bar TV screens & waitress


Dimples is also a 3300 barfine, it has the same owner as Da Pillo. Around the corner from Dimples is a sports bar, that one isn’t a hooker bar it’s just a regular pub with some local expats hanging out.

Love City Belle’s

In between Da Pillo and Dimples, this is more of a KTV (karaoke bar) and this one had the ‘strictly no barfines’ sign. However when I asked the mamasan she told me the girls would go home with me if I wanted and the price was ‘up to the girl’.


‘Strictly no barfine’ sign by the door to Love City Belle’s

She then told me lady drinks were 292 and I had to buy her one too, as well as the girl who would sit with me for a set amount of time. They lined up 10 Pinays for me but all were old women.


A guy working outside Dimples put me in touch with a guide who said they’d take me to a ‘boarding house’ or ‘casa’ where girls are 2500. That was down in the Colon area and turned out to be just me staying in the taxi while a pimp took one girl out from some random house and walked her up to the cab window.

That seemed really sketchy and the Colon prostitutes were old and hagged, so I told them to take me to a bikini bar I hadn’t seen yet – that was Kanpai. It’s around the corner to the right past Viking and Jolibee.


Pool table area at Kanbai

The girls were cuter here, and 3500 barfine with 250 lady drinks and two pool tables. No customers as it’s a little hidden. I didn’t end up taking a girl but I’d recommend checking this place out.

‘Kanpai’ is ‘cheers’ in Japanese but the girls here like both Asians and Caucasian guys (‘American’ or ‘Kano’ Filipinas often call all white guys).

They messed up the sign and wrote Kanbai but ‘b’ and ‘p’ are close in Tagalog (and Thai).


My guides then took me to Azami, but it was closed by the time we got there. I’m assuming 3000-4000 barfine like the others.


Volvo KTV & Bar has a small cover charge and I was quoted 5000 barfine. I called over my guide and that very quickly dropped to 4500 long time. I asked if short time was cheaper and the mamasan replied ‘same’.


Volvo KTV & Bar

Some 7/10 girls like in Kanbai but I didn’t end up taking one at that price. My guide ended up suggesting checking out the street outside Vacation Hotel Cebu where a lot of freelancers stand and wait for customers. Found a cute 19 year old there for 2500 pesos, paid upfront, and headed home.

I gave the guide and the driver 400 each for the mini tour they took me on, and they seemed happy.


Cebu Bikini Bars Review

Overall there aren’t many sexy Filipinas in the Cebu bikini bars, sadly. Many are on the older side and have a baby already, hence why they’re working in the bars. I saw maybe 5 hot girls out of 200. Of the three I took home one stayed long time for 3000, the others short time for 4000. Not great value for money compared to Angeles City or Thailand. Great personalities and GFE though.

I’d say the bars are maybe worth checking out as a pre-drinking spot early on before heading to J Ave disco in Mango Square for hotter freelancers. The later you leave it the worse the quality will get as the best bargirls get snapped up. If you were a regular customer I’m sure you could negotiate a discount too.


Cebu bargirls will look roughly like this

Bikini bars in the Philippines aren’t comparable to the ‘gogo bars’ of Pattaya or Bangkok – no nudity, no shows, just 1-2 girls doing a half-hearted ‘dance’ on stage while the rest sit around waiting for you to buy them a drink. You might be able to get a lap dance.

I can see why Dante mostly sticks to live game at the malls or sites like Filipino Cupid and Pinalove when he’s living in Cebu, as the regular local girls are much hotter there and happy to have sex with a foreigner for free. Online dating is big in Cebu as there aren’t that many foreigners so all the girls get on the internet. The bikini bars are more aimed at Koreans, and the prices reflect that.

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    • jspill jspill says:

      when this site is #1 in google for philippines barfines…. and your article was pitifully lacking in info cos you’re too nitty to go into bars… it’s a bit embarrassing.

      someone had to step up and actually get some details / pics 🙂

  1. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    or it all could have been summed up when i said cebu sucks for girly bars and it cost me 10k less then you to come to the conclusion :p

  2. jspill jspill says:

    That wouldn’t be too great for SEO though. No worries I’ll just skim some profits off the top to recoup losses 🙂

  3. Big_Jim says:

    Are you planning on writing about all the other bikini bars in Metro Cebu at a later date? I was hoping for a follow up on Silver dollar since they moved to Escario and how things are going at Lonestar since Graham sold out.

    IJM have been very active in Metro Cebu for several years, forcing the police to enforce anti trafficking in women laws. That is why no one in the bars want to talk about bar fines, unless they know you..

    • jspill jspill says:

      Interesting, I’m taking another trip to Cebu next month, I’ll try to check those out. Yeah to be honest you sound a lot more knowledgable than us, Dante sticks to freelancers and online dating, never bars, and as for me I’m mostly in Thailand. So Cebu bikini bars isn’t this blog’s strong suit at all. Now you’ve given me some ideas for my next trip though, I’ll see what I can do!

  4. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    i went to the new silver dollar bar, little smaller then the old one, pool tables right up next to the bar, same booths as before, only 1 cute girl inside

  5. rico says:

    hi guys,i heard that they change the opening times due to the new curfew?
    anybody knows about this?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Duterte’s new curfew? That only applies to minors under 18, no? Shouldn’t affect adults in bars.

      Edit: Just heard the rumor that as of July 1st all bars will close at 2am. That would suck, as Dante says we’ll have to wait and see. When Duterte did that in Davao bars aimed at foreigners still stayed open after 2am. Only Filipino street bars closed early.

      In Thailand officially bars have to close at 2am, that’s been the legal closing time for years, but afterhours clubs full of foreigners and bargirls stay open til 5am (places like Climax, Insanity, Shock 39, Swing, etc.)

  6. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    there could be a lot of changes coming in Phils or none at all, right now it is kind of wait and see

    hard enough to predict how and how quickly a government in a first world country will react let alone in third world

  7. bob says:

    Stay away from Planet X. After paying a 4000 paso bar fine for a girl, she split on me. When I went back to the bar the mamasan practically told me to go fuck myself. A total scam. Stay away

  8. Tim says:

    Are bartenders available for barfine too or only the dancers?

    • jspill jspill says:

      Many will be, if you talk to them a bunch, buy them drinks, and phrase it a bit more discreetly, rather than using the word barfine. Might take a bit more time but should be doable if they don’t have boyfriends.

      Quite often you’ll see from Facebook that the waitress are friends with the dancers, party together after work, are the same age range etc.

  9. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    in the philippines you never know, any girl might be available

    that said ive heard a lot about waitresses getting pulled, not so much about bartenders

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    Hey there, big fan of your site, we recently wrote up a blog post on the Cebu City nightlife and since we had read this great post on the girly bars we dropped you a link here:

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  11. coco says:

    CoCo Martin was here 1/14/17

  12. Johna says:

    Cam girl bar girl W /E Jonah magdali Cebu Philippines

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