Apartment in Cebu for Dating Pinays | Calyx Residences

Samar loop from Calyx Residences rooftop

Calyx Residences is a modern high-rise apartment in Cebu City, great for getting dating site girls round to your place when you invite them over to swim at the rooftop pool. It’s also walking distance to Ayala mall.

28th floor infinity pool with view of the city and mountains

Calyx Residences Review

I just spent a few days there on AirBnB and liked it although it has some drawbacks. There’s another Calyx in IT Park which is better, will stay there next time.


This owner put in nice furniture, others might not

The studios are a little small (26 sq.m) like most Philippines condos – they try to cram as many rooms in as possible to make more money, and then 1 bedrooms are overpriced.

Studio room with A/C and decent PLDT Wifi

This was the room, about $40/day (2000 pesos) which is fairly good value compared to hotels. In the Philippines hotels are usually expensive for what you get.

Desk/ dining table

If it’s your first time on AirBnb sign up here for $35 off your first booking. The best rooms get taken early so you need to book a bit in advance. One thing I didn’t like was the shower water not being very hot, that keeps happening to me in the Philippines.

TV, fridge, kitchenette

If I lived here on a long term rental I’d try to get a room on a higher floor, this was on the 12th and there was a little bit of rooster noise. No noise from other rooms though, the plus of high-end apartments is fewer noisy Filipino neighbors blasting music.

Balcony outside the window, if you climb out

The internet was ok, fine to stream Youtube videos while working. Although I didn’t get much work done 🙂 If you move in long term set up a PLDT package.


Cebu’s first rooftop swimming pool with infinity pool

The swimming pool is probably the best thing about Calyx Residences, long and deep with a nice view. Shame it’s only open from 6am – 8pm, earliest closing time for a pool I’ve ever seen in Asia.

Separate kid’s pool

Sky Lounge

Overlooking the city out to sea

Next to the pool is a sky lounge chillout area with a bunch of fancy seating. If taking selfies by the pool isn’t enough. There’s also a conference / dining / function room.

Like a Chiang Mai coworking space

Again it closes way too early at 8pm

Close to Ayala Mall

Korean chicks at Ayala

Calyx Residences is 500m away from the main mall in Cebu, Ayala Centre, with tons of restaurants, supermarket and shopping options.

La Tegola Italian restaurant is good, at Ayala Terraces

After lunch with a Filipino Cupid date suggest popping over to your condo for a ‘movie’ 🙂 If it’s really hot outside it can still be a bit of an annoying walk having to cross the road several times.


Calyx Residences gym

Calyx Residence’s gym might not be enough for serious lifters or if you like to work out at night. It’s open 6am – 10pm. There’s an Anytime Fitness branch just down the road to the right.

Zumba ball, sit up bench, dumbbells

It just has a smith machine, no free barbell, and dumbbells only go up to 25kg. There’s a few benches, flat and incline, Zumba balls, and some other basic equipment.

Calyx cardio machines

There’s a couple treadmills, step machine, and exercise bike by the ground floor garden area. Both the gym and pool were empty the times I used them, which was nice.

Area is a bit dead

There isn’t a 7/11 or any kind of convenience store / shop / streetfood nearby Calyx Residences, or a restaurant on site. You have to walk the 500m over towards Ayala, and stock up on stuff.

After a long night at J Ave

At night after Ayala closes it’s even worse. Calyx IT Park is way better, as soon as you’re downstairs everything you need is steps away. Calyx Ayala would be good for someone who prefers to cook at home or use Foodpanda delivery.

Making new friends

On the plus side it’s a quiet area and feels super safe. No beggars, ladyboys or kids sleeping on cardboard boxes like you see around Mango Avenue. A family-friendly Cebu apartment. Didn’t see any sex tourists apart from myself.

Building opposite, pic from Calyx rooftop 

It’s a nice place to live if you like jogging or aerobics outside, not many people around. Clean streets and a lot of green spaces / small park with a gazebo.

Annoying Security Checks

It’s girl friendly but every time you bring in girls the guard stops you, takes her ID and makes her fill out the guestbook, there’s no way to slip past them. Calyx IT Park doesn’t do any of that.

Walk of shame up to reception

Near Nightlife

Even though the immediate area around the condo is dead, Calyx Residences is well located in a sense for nightlife and other things to do, because it’s in the middle of everything. You just have to take $1 – $2 taxis.

Wishing there was room service

2km to the East is Mango Square, 3km West is MO2 club / Liv Club / Ferrari, 2km North is IT Park and Waterfront casino, and 3km South is the pier and Fort San Pedro. SM mall is 1km away.

Sea view to the South


Google site:airbnb.com Calyx Residences to find short term rentals, here are some other units:

For long term rentals (one year lease, or some owners allow 6 months) check Cebu Craigslist. Prices are about 25k pesos / month for a studio, or 45k for a one bedroom.

Calyx Residences Location

Remember there are two Calyxs in Cebu, ‘Calyx Residences’ and ‘Calyx Centre’. Calyx Residences is in Cebu Business park, South of Ayala mall. Not in IT Park where the other one is.

500m from Calyx (bottom right) to Ayala mall

Even when I told taxis Calyx Ayala they’d start driving towards IT Park 😀 So mention ‘Samar Loop’ off Cardinal Rosales Avenue, just past Chinabank (see top pic). Cebu taxi drivers don’t know most places.

Click here for the Google maps location.

Address: Calyx Residences, Samar Loop, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Central Visayas 6000

36 Responses

  1. jspill jspill says:

    Just needs a Ministop, deadlift bar, 24hr pool and gym, attached mall, hookers walking distance away, and it could be Gramercy

  2. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Is that red dress in the photo about the Italian Restaurant lol? Good write-up. The building itself is awesome its just in a dead location. That pool does most of the work getting dating site girls to come over.

  3. TC says:

    Good review. How was the wi-fi speed? Just a recommendation, but it might be useful to run speedtest.net when you review places.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Oh yeah my bad thanks for reminding me. It was decent in that Airbnb room, PLDT wifi, didn’t notice any disconnections. If you move in anywhere longterm you pretty much have to get PLDT

  4. Cam says:

    Killing it with pics jspill. I now feel like I’ve lived there myself haha. What’s the difficulty of traveling around in Cebu? Is the traffic shit/ are taxis/Ubers easy to get?

  5. thibault says:

    why se areas have proximity services and others not…
    is it because its a business area,is it because urbanism dont allow it… maybe irs ac tive protection in the area against shitty stalls beggars prostitutes…
    if there are only tall buildi g dedicated to one use small business cant own shop, or the proxiimity of malls kills small business?
    in fact the real questio is may that develop later or is it more a choice thing. you live in a calm area outside of too much animation and have to travel ( think suburbs in the us) , or you live i the center of everything but you re in the jungle as soon as you put a foot outside. guess your prefered area varies if you re a family with children or a viagracrazed sexpat in search of his next victim to suck the youth and beauty from with his hyperdevelloped appendix

    • jspill jspill says:

      Yeah it would be a nice condo if you had a family. If you like jogging outside it’d be pretty nice to run around the little parks or do yoga or something. I saw some residents doing aerobics.

  6. SouthernAdventurer says:

    FYI both La Guardia’s (Flats 1 and 2) have the annoying Security checks. It really sucks because a lot of these girls don’t drive and don’t carry ID. When I was staying at Flats 1 one of the girls forgot hers at the front desk and they wouldn’t give it back the next time she came over because she ran off with the pass they gave her. I mean it was just a laminated piece of paper sheesh.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for a great write up!

  8. RumandCokeMan says:

    JSpill do you think you’ll ever venture out to Latin America or Eastern Europe and report your adventures back to us?

  9. thibault says:

    btw, how do you find hot babes each times for the pics?
    do you wait specifically til’ you have a photogenic girl du jour? or do you take anyone you re with, get her naked and hope her body is visually up to the task? which would be a good advertising fof the phils if you ve no priblem finding hotties

    • jspill jspill says:

      Asians usually have hot bodies in terms on not being obese like western chicks, no manly hairstyles. They photograph well.

      Yeah it’s no problem to find them if you put in the time and/or drop some cash on them. I knew some of these chicks from previous Cebu trips.

  10. Bill says:

    Take the shortcut through the park, knocks 5 minutes off the walk from Ayala.

    Security guys were annoying indeed, especially with 3 pinays/day

  11. Reader says:

    You took the nicest pictures. All the AirBnB units look like crap when compared to better condos in BKK. Flips got shit taste and zero sense for design of any kind, let alone furnishing. 25k in a second rate 3rd world city is a lot for that but corruption is to blame I guess.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Yeah Thailand is way better for accommodation

      • Henry says:

        Phils sucks for accomodation and annoying security is everywhere. Last time at Manila airport my handluggage got checked 4 times by ridiculous security people who are pretty much useless.
        in every hotel and mall they stand around all day, doing nothing. when u enter a casino, they gotta body check you all over couple of times.
        really weird stuff.

        • kick2dante kick2dante says:

          i dunno man, security guards there have answered a thousand questions for me over the years, they seem to be the most reliable people to ask for just about anything

          • jspill jspill says:

            If we were walking around with a nokia 3210 then yeah they’d be helpful for asking directions

            • Henry says:

              Haha… Dante wont even invest in a smartphone? 😉
              Overall Filipinos are nice and helpful, i agree.
              But who needs 3 body checks before u get to play poker in City of Dreams. In Bkk its easier, security wont touch u whenever u enter malls like Terminal or Emporium. In Phils is too much hassle and its not really effective either.
              U can just enter Mall of Asia thru the Starbucks next to main entrance and get no check at all. While of course there is a gun wearing guy in every Starbucks and even McDonalds. So weird. Prefer Thailand or VN in this regard.

            • jspill jspill says:

              Yeah he was walking around with a nokia all those years. Finally got a smartphone in 2016, to take pics for the blog

              But paying for mobile 3g to check Google maps? Not even once

              Yeah in BKK they have metal detectors in Terminal 21 so you just walk through, don’t see many of those in the Phils

  12. Henry says:

    And he still gets virgin pussy?! Life just isnt fair 😉

    • kick2dante kick2dante says:

      got smartphone in 2015….. outside of phils i always have 4g

      never really found security guards to be a problem in any way, you just walk right past them same as in thailand… maybe they brush their hand over your back for a quarter of a second, not sure why that is a big problem

    • thibault says:

      since when telephone ownership is so much a social status giveaway that it relates to your sexual market value?
      ohgod. if you say so it must be true. its logical after all, who would buy a higher end phone when you gan do almost the same with some mid end crap. obviously its like the cars, everybody know buying a higher end brand new car is a waste of money, but having a used car that has the same efficiency value in terms of transport, doesnt have the same in terms of social status.
      but what people forget is that: social status is for losers. displaying money makes you a provider. the only way money is useful wirh women is by directly buying sex from rhem. displaying it just makes them want to exploit you financially. financial losers often get more pussy. they demonstrate worth outside of it.
      thankfully our asian pussy consuming friends demonstrate it perfectly. in asia you end up qaying you have no money to avoid being preyed upon by golddiggers. you re the chasee not the chaser.
      iphone have only one goal there: being a prize that girls are supposed to get from men. to give rhem a reason to sell their bodies. the biggest pimp of them all is a brand with a fruit name. thz kinda fruit that falls from appletrees.
      applies to thailand, poverty is perhaps more a factor in rhe phils

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