Which Cryptos to Buy? ETH Hits $350, BTC $3000

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Since I bought some Bitcoin 7 months ago and did a post on it the value of BTC rose from $650 to almost $3000 today. In April Japan legalized Bitcoin which pushed the value up a lot.

I bought some Ethereum (ETH) / swapped some BTC for it, and that rose from $40 to $350 today. I sold at $100 fearing a crash then bought back in at $200.

Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin?

This article has a cryptocurrency hedge fund manager’s prediction that ETH will be worth more than BTC, as soon as 2019, so I have no plans to sell now. Even if it does crash I’ll just hold for the long term.

Singapore has just digitized their currency on the ETH blockchain whatever that means.

Ethereum graph

Will Cryptocurrencies Crash?

Many people do think cryptocurrencies will crash or at least see a large market correction, but long term they should still recover. Bitcoin crashed in 2013 then recovered.

Some talk of a ‘digital gold rush’ or compare cryptos to the dot com bubble, but the strongest companies recovered from the dot com bubble too.

There have been some small dips and minor market corrections back to the mean already. The question is which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and when, and when to sell. No one knows.

Which Cryptocurrencies I’d Buy

I’m still learning about cryptos, but some commenters have been asking which other cryptos I bought. I got some Golem (GNT) at 40 cents and it rose to 56 cents now. A bit of Dash and Augur and those went up too.

Some readers here mentioned Factom, Waves, and Stellar Lumens, also on the rise. I don’t know much about Litecoin or Monero but those get talked about a lot too.

A good Youtuber to subscribe to is the channel Boxmining on Youtube or his site Boxmining.com. Chinese – Canadian guy who breaks things down simply.

‘No one knows WTF is going on’

There are hundreds of coins but it’s best to stick to the main ones, all those listed above or mentioned by commenters are in the top 25 on Coincap.io, which ranks cryptos in terms of market share.

Research ones with high market share on Google and spread some money over a few you like the sound of. Some say Ripple is a scam though and Dogecoin was started as a joke so maybe avoid those two.

Only invest what you can afford to lose. I like ETH and GNT, they can both be stored in Exodus wallet, everyone is bullish on ETH and GNT is very cheap so the percentage gains are high.

Waves and Stellar Lumens are also cheap, there’s not much to lose by investing in those and seeing what happens. I haven’t bought any yet though.

The percentage gains with Bitcoin will be low because it’s already worth a lot, but you could hold some Bitcoin if you’d prefer low volatility, it likely won’t drop more than 30% overnight like Ethereum has before.

Some are saying BTC will stagnate now. At the moment I have 75% of my crypto funds in ETH and 25% in Golem, none in BTC.

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Bitcoin ATM in Manila

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies in the Philippines

The steps are basically the same for any country. Coinbase (link for $10 of free Bitcoin) charges 1% to buy BTC, ETH or LTC.

Or Coins.ph is a Philippines specific exchange (Coins.co.th for Thailand).

Or shop around for an individual trader on Localbitcoins, it will automatically show you traders in your country. Pick one with 95% or better feedback, ideally 100%, and at least 30 past trades, ideally hundreds.

Once you’ve bought bitcoin on one of those three exchanges get it off and into Exodus or Jaxx wallet.

Within Exodus you can swap BTC for other cryptos (Augur, Dash, Ethereum, Golem, or Litecoin) of your choosing. There’s an exchange function built in.

Or send Bitcoin from the exchange to Shapeshift.io, select which crypto you want to receive, enter your wallet address for that crypto in Exodus, and choose ‘precise’ option.

Put in the Bitcoin refund address you’re sending from in case anything goes wrong. Or the BTC address of your Exodus account. Exodus and Jaxx have shapeshift.io built in, you can use that or do it yourself.

Your coins are safe with a downloaded wallet like Exodus or Jaxx. Your info isn’t kept on any servers. Don’t store your coins on online exchanges which could be hacked.

You could open a wallet on each just for extra security, Jaxx has a few alt coins Exodus doesn’t, like Gnosis and Ethereum Classic.

$10 free when you buy $100+ of Bitcoin on Coinbase

9 Responses

  1. cuck says:

    cryptocurrencies are not real money and i don’t think it will last very long right now we have more than two dozens of cryptocurrencies and every few months we have a new one coming out but what can you buy with it ? nothing other than exchange it for real money so the only value of bitcoin is from people buying it but what will happen when everyone starts to sell ? we need dollars or euros or peso to buy stuff but we don’t need bitcoin. i think bitcoin is just a gamble rich people are holding on to their coins until people stop buying then they will sell it and never touch it again.

    • jspill jspill says:

      People probably said that back when bitcoin was in the low 100s… now we have entire countries making it legal tender.

      Paper money is only a representation of value too. There’s nothing inherently valuable about anything, we just decide certain things like a dollar, coin or a bitcoin have value. ‘Money isn’t anything objective’ – Ted Talk https://www.ted.com/talks/neha_narula_the_future_of_money#t-55480

      But this is a more convenient form. Lower transaction costs (no physical objects), more anonymous, and faster. Alt coins are even better. No banks, anyone can be a cryptocurrency miner. There are quite a few things you can buy with btc already (often you get a discount with it) and more businesses will accept other cryptos over time.

      I’d agree the random coins are pointless (there are over ~700 different cryptos). So just stick to the main ones… like some fiat currencies are worth more than others.

      I don’t think Ethereum is going anywhere. Golem isn’t really about buying stuff it’s a technology for sharing computer power – https://golem.network/

  2. John says:

    The governments and central banks have been dreaming of a digital monetary system for years and this may be how they get it. Cryptos are soaring in price, and represent great speculations but one should consider freedom implications should we all end up in a cashless society. They do have major risks in terms of security and privacy, and there is nobody to help you if your cryptos are stolen or hacked. The blockchain is NOT private as many falsely proclaim. So the IRS will know if you are not paying capital gains or if you want to use your bitcoins for anything the government considers illegal. Gold and silver coins are another option should our national currencies become worthless due to more “quantitative easing” and zero interest rate policies.

    • jspill jspill says:

      Alt coins Monero and Dash are more anonymous than BTC and better for black market things, so I hear. I wouldn’t really bother with BTC at this point.

  3. iamforeverteen says:

    Hope you still holding the 3k worth of eth 😂 cuz I got as much as I could back when it was $100.

  4. jspill jspill says:

    eth and golem up another 10%, 400 and 0.60

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cryptocurreny is the only way the Chinese can get their money out of the country. When they stop that It is all downhill. Governments acknowledged it so they can start taxing it.

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