Top 6 Restaurants in Cebu

It takes awhile to get settled into any new place and Cebu is no different. Finding the right restaurants in Cebu took me quite awhile but eventually I was able to locate some good ones.

Restaurants in Cebu

Originally I was eating almost all of my meals at Ayala Center Cebu, but now I am down to only eating half my meals from there :).  Still just knowing that there are good restaurants at Ayala is not enough, you need to know the right ones to choose from.

Restaurants at Ayala

#6 Casa Verde

One of the most popular restaurants at Ayala Center Cebu so you will probably have to wait to get a table.  My favorite dish here is the seafood carbonara which is very good, but there are others to choose from as well.  Their ribs (called Bryan’s Ribs) give you a huge portion of good meat with a tasty barbecue sauce and some corn and carrots plus rice on the side.  I also like the Southwest Pasta as well.

#5 Banana Leaf

Located on the ground floor of Ayala terraces this Asian restaurant has a huge menu with many different types of Asian food to offer.  My absolute favorite meal from any Cebu City restaurant has to be the Malayan chicken curry from Banana Leaf.  It is the best chicken curry I have ever had and I get it more than any other food in Cebu City.

#4 Bigby’s

This is one of the more expensive restaurants at Ayala and most of the things on the menu are over my $5ish a meal budget.  However their grilled chicken carbonara is 200 pesos and if everything else on the menu is as good as it then I understand why it is so much more expensive than the rest.

There are other good restaurants at Ayala but those are the best that I have tried.  I always go to Dessert Factory to get cookies and cakes, however I was not impressed with the 1 meal I got from there.

ILuvCebu also has a good Cebu restaurants directory.

Tex Rex Cebu

Tex Rex, one of the best restaurants in Cebu for western food

Other Restaurants in Cebu

#3 Da Vinci’s Pizza

There are multiple locations for Da Vinci’s but the one I have been to most is in IT Park.  You can get a personal size pizza for under $3 that is great value and as good as any pizza as I have had in Asia.  I see people getting the spaghetti and chicken from their often but I have not tried them.

#2 Our Place

Located downtown just off Colon is a bar called Our Place that has one of the best value breakfasts you will ever find.  For under $5 you get Eggs, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, toast with jam, AND a pork chop.  It is almost like you get a free pork chop with your breakfast.

#1 Tex Rex BBQ

Located in Mandaue Tex Rex BBQ offers great barbecue at a very good price.  For under $5 I usually get a pulled pork sandwich, great fries, coleslaw, and a drink.  This is one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu for that meal alone.  I tried the Mexican once and was not impressed, but all of the BBQ options I got were very good.

8 Responses

  1. jspill jspill says:

    banana leaf the one where they give you unlimited rice for 70 pesos? think i ate there

  2. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    lol life fish buying rice from a restaurant bwahahaha

    how was your starbucks earlier that day?

  3. qattack says:

    Did you try the Mongolian grill on the third (top) floor of the recent outdoor addition? That was by far my favorite place to eat with regularity and the price was decent.

  4. kick2dante kick2dante says:

    not yet but ill look next time im in cebu, know the name?

  5. qattack says:

    I think it must be “KUBLAI KHAN.”

    I had to look it up, but it’s on the 3rd floor terrace and it has a fitting name. If that’s not it, then it’s probably not there anymore.

    • kick2dante kick2dante says:

      man i walked past that place 100 times and always said i would there and never did, i even went in one time and was all uhhh what do i do and turned around…… :p

  6. Chop says:

    For the curry, i assume it is a coconut curry and not an Indian one?

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