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Avida Tower 1 & 2 (both share the same pool / garden) form a condominium complex in IT Park, the nicest and safest area to live in Cebu City. Tons of restaurants, cafes, shops all downstairs on your doorstep.

The best condo in Cebu is Calyx Centre, also in IT Park, but that gets booked up well in advance on Airbnb and if that happens Avida Towers is a decent alternative.

Studio room at Avida Tower II

Avida Towers Review

I spent a two nights in Avida Towers II and liked it but long term I’d rather live at Calyx for the better gym and less ID checks when taking a girl home.

No balcony in this room


Avida Towers is a cheaper and older building without a real gym (just outdoor park style equipment, pics below), so if you don’t need that it’s a good option to live in the best area and pay a bit lower rent.

Outdoor step machine, sit up bench

Prices are around 23 – 25k pesos on a one year lease (~$460) for a studio room at Calyx Centre or $35 – 40 daily on Airbnb, versus 20 – 22k at Avida Towers or $25 – 30 daily. Depending on the owner.


Like most Philippines condos studios are pretty small, 22 – 24 sqm. There are also 1 and 2 bedroom units.

Comfy bed

Internet was decent, if you live anywhere long term install your own PLDT on a 2 yr contract and just pay the ~$100 fee if you cancel. Hot water, air con, no construction noise on the 24th floor (top floor).

Window view, some construction

One window view is out to sea, on the other end are mountains. This was the room I stayed in. If you’re new to Airbnb get $35 off your first booking here.

Cebu mountains view

The Pyramid in that pic is a bistro restaurant modelled after The Louvre with international food, craft beers, wines, coffee, and morning yoga classes.

Pinay not included

There’s a small kitchenette, fridge, this room had an oven and extractor fan but not all rooms will. See more rooms here on Cebu Craigslist. At the time of writing I see a one bedroom on there for 28k.

Some owners might not put nice furnishings in

For a cheaper less nice apartment that’s still walking distance to IT Park you can try La Guardia Flats 1 for around 16k pesos (~$330).

Bathroom at Avida towers

Girl Friendly?

You can bring guests home but security asked for the girls’ ID when they saw me. One other time late at night the guard wasn’t at reception. At Calyx Centre they don’t ask so I’d rather live there long term.

Empty lobby at night

Daytime reception

Swimming Pool

The pool is on the 2nd floor in between the two towers only accessible for residents and their guests via the lifts. No charge to use it. Some areas of shade out of the sun.

Swimming pool

Not as nice as the top floor pool at Calyx Residences (the one at Ayala not IT Park) and less depth (4 feet) but it stays open later, 8am – 10pm. Changing rooms next to it.

Kid’s pool

Family friendly apartment


There’s a sorta garden, green spaces next to a footpath all around the two towers in a loop around the pool. Good for jogging around. Links to the outdoor gym.

Garden footpath

Outdoor fitness


There’s a car park and it’s easy to get a taxi, 50 pesos ish to Mango Square or book an Uber.

Avida Tower I seen from Tower II

Next to Avida Towers is a ‘Flame It’ burger van open late, til about 2am like many of the restaurants and cafes are. Some stores stay open 24/7.

IT Park Burger Van

Hand made burgers

It’s also next to McDonalds and Shaka restaurant which is a perfect date spot before inviting girls back.

Chicks hanging out by Maccas IT Park

Shaka Hawaiian Restaurant

Romantic spot to take dating site girls

Even the dogs are getting blowjobs

Cebu night skyline

Short Stay Rentals

To find the latest listings Google avida towers cebu. Make an account if you’re new for $35 off.


  • Avida Towers on Google Maps
  • Address – Avida Towers, Inez Villa St, IT Park, Apas, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

14 Responses

  1. A bit pricey for my needs. I’m still considering Cebu, but it seems like you need to shell out like 20k or no swimming pool. 🙁 I’m kind of cheap and wanna keep it at around 800 a month. Most important thing is to be central. La Guardia looks ok.

    so maybe 300-360 ish rent // 200-250 food and cheap dates // 200 visa/incidentals/occasional massage/fun/savings

    I don’t monger. I drink occasionally.

  2. SouthernAdventurer says:

    Some places of interest nearby:

    Army Navy is a chain of restaurants across from Avida and they have pretty decent food. A little mix of everything. I like the quesadillas 🙂

    Yellow Cab Pizza is the best and really only non-sweet (I didn’t know sweet pizza was a thing until I got here) pizza in IT park. They deliver for 30 pesos.

    Case Verde is about 2 blocks from Avida (but right next to me at Calyx C). The 2nd best burgers in Cebu (next to Zarks in SM City). They are an American style rest with a wide assortment of food for pretty cheap.

    Music One right next to Case Verde is a good karaoke joint but there are far cheaper ones outside IT park. I’ve yet to meet a pina that didn’t like Karaoke (and I like to sing as Jspill found out).

    Metro Sports is the closest gym (about 3-4 blocks away from Avida) not cheap though. I think I paid 1000 php for a month or it was 6000 for yr. Calyx C has a gym so I only got a month.

    Be forewarned there is little nightlife here as far as clubs/girl bars go. Mango square is where its at for that.

    • SouthernAdventurer says:

      Then of course all the chain restaurants. Jolibee, Chowking, KFC, Starbucks, McDs, etc. There are literally dozens of choices of eateries within easy walking distance.

  3. Curious Travel says:

    How’s the live poker in Cebu?

  4. A says:

    i give all my girls a fake name and its important for me that they will not know my real identity , my question is : will this “girls registration / ID checks” thingy at Avida cause my name to be revealed to the girls ?
    Or how is this process done ?

    • jspill jspill says:

      They wont know your name, security will just say hi Sir and ask the girl to sign the guestbook, she’ll write her name, you write your room number, that’s it

      And Asians often use nicknames so even if they find out, say one is your nickname

      Calyx centre is better though the guards don’t say anything at all and it’s a nicer condo

    • A says:

      very helpful …

      its interesting how there are so many foreigners there in Cebu, i hope that this wouldn’t lower the foreign value .. because i was living in Davao for 7 months and the foreigner value was just wow, in Cebu this wouldn’t be the case i think however based on my pipelining experience so far it seems that girls in Cebu are much more liberal than the shy, conservative Davao girls.

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